The terrible times

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By Hailey Kirschman THE TERRIBLE TIMES

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The terrible times. By Hailey Kirschman. Death marches. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The terrible times

By Hailey KirschmanThe terrible timesA death march was the act of marching Jews out of their camps and toward Germanys labor camps. They did this because soldiers were closing in on the camps. Death marches took place between 1944-1945 in the winter. They were forced to march in the bitter cold with little to no food. If you couldnt keep up with the others you were shot on the spot.

Bachrach, Susan. Tell Them We RememberCanada: Little Brown & Company, 1994. PrintDeath marches first gas chamber was established in February 1942, after the Nazis discovered what Zyklon B could do. The Nazis would build them to resemble the showers so Jews wouldnt panic. When walking in Jews were forced to raise their arms so they could fit as many people as they could in the gas chamber. Some people suffocated because the room would be pack with people.

Holocaust. 2001. printGas chamber were isolated areas where Jews were forced to live in for a short period of time. There were walls around the ghettos and were heavily guarded. You were not allowed to leave unless you had a special permit. In the ghettos there was little sanitation and people would die from sickness and starvation. Thousands would be crammed in a small ghettos

Lawton, Clive. Story of the Holocaust. Franklin Watts, 1999. PrintGhettos began on the night of November 9th. Brown shirts raided the towns. They destroyed homes, businesses, and synagogues. Jews that were out were either beaten or killed on the streets. In the morning the streets were filled with broken glass, and so the night was named kristallnacht or night of the broken glass. 1000 businesses were destroyed 200 people were killed, and 3500 were sent to camps. Many fled after that night

Altman, Linda. The Jewish Victims of the HolocaustUSA, Anslow. 2003Kristallnacht