The Silver Beaver Award Page 1: The Silver Beaver€™s EDGE, Twin Arrows, and Wood Badge. He has...

The National Council, acting through its Executive Board, awards the Silver Beaver. This award may be made each year upon the nomination of the local council. It is made for noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth by registered Scouters within the territory under the jurisdiction of the Longhorn Council, Boy Scouts of America. Silver Beaver Award In 1931 B.S.A. President Mortimer L. Schiff recommended to the National Board that an award be devised for recognition of distinguished service to youth by local councils, and the concept of the Silver Beaver recognition was established. The Silver Beaver Award is the highest form of recognition that a local council can be- stow on a volunteer. The Longhorn Council has participated in this recognition program since its inception, presenting its first Silver Beaver Award since 1931. Currently more than 1034 adult leaders in our council have received the award. Although presentation is made by the council, all nominations submitted must be approved by the National Court of Honor before the award can be presented. Only those by their Scouting peers are considered by the local coun who have been nominated cil; in- dividuals may not nominate themselves. The selection process involves a Silver Beaver Selection Committee. The Silver Beaver Award April Twenty Fifth, Two Thousand Seventeen LONGHORN COUNCIL, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Hurst, Texas

Transcript of The Silver Beaver Award Page 1: The Silver Beaver€™s EDGE, Twin Arrows, and Wood Badge. He has...

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The Silver Beaver

The National Council, acting through its Executive Board, awards the Silver Beaver. This award may be made each year upon the nomination of the local council. It is made for noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth by registered Scouters within the territory under the jurisdiction of the Longhorn Council, Boy Scouts of America.

April Fifteenth, Two Thousand FourteenLONGHORN COUNCIL, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

Hurst, Texas

Silver Beaver Award

In 1931 B.S.A. President Mortimer L. Schiff recommended to the National Board that an award be devised for recognition of distinguished service to youth by local councils, and the concept of the Silver Beaver recognition was established.

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest form of recognition that a local councilcan bestow on a volunteer. The Longhorn Council has participated in this recognition program since its inception, presenting its first Silver Beaver Award since 1931.Currently more than 1010 adult leaders in our council have received the award.

Although presentation is made by the council, all nominations submitted must beapproved by the National Court of Honor before the award can be presented. Only thosewho have been nominated by their Scouting peers are considered by the local council;individuals may not nominate themselves. The selection process involves a SilverBeaver Selection Committee. Members of the 2014 Silver Beaver Committee are listedin the back of this book.

April Nineteenth, Two Thousand Sixteen LONGHORN COUNCIL, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

Hurst, Texas

In 1931 B.S.A. President Mortimer L. Schiff recommended to the National Board that an award be devised for recognition of distinguished service to youth by local councils, and the concept of the Silver Beaver recognition was established.

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest form of recognition that a local council can be-stow on a volunteer. The Longhorn Council has participated in this recognition program since its inception, presenting its first Silver Beaver Award since 1931. Currently more than 1034 adult leaders in our council have received the award.

Although presentation is made by the council, all nominations submitted must be approved by the National Court of Honor before the award can be presented. Only those

by their Scouting peers are considered by the local counwho have been nominated cil; in-dividuals may not nominate themselves. The selection process involves a Silver Beaver Selection Committee.

The Silver Beaver Award

April Twenty Fifth, Two Thousand SeventeenLONGHORN COUNCIL, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

Hurst, Texas

Scott Babcock

Scott has been involved in the Boy Scout program for much of his life. Growing up, he was a Cub scout from Wolf through Webelo earning his Arrow of Light. After a rough year of Boy Scouts, he went on to other activities during his teenage years including restoring a 65 Mustang with his dad. When his own boys were in elementary school, they came home wanting to be cub scouts and Scott most eagerly went to the Roundup with them. Even though he volunteered Mom to be the den leader, Scott was actively involved. It was no surprise when the pack was looking for an Assistant Cub master that his bride enthusiastically volunteered Scott. Within a couple of months, Scott became the cub master, inheriting unit of 9 cub scouts and no leaders. It was at this time that Scott decided to go to Wood Badge. He didn’t know anything about the program. All he knew is that it was going to take some radical action to get the pack going forward. As Scott worked his ticket, the pack grew! And leaders were eager to be trained. Within a year, the pack had grown to more than 40 boys and by the time his sons crossed over there were more than 60 cubscouts with trained leaders and involved families. The pack is still going strong today! Scott has served every unit level position. He works where needed for the good of the scouts. He has also served at the district level as Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, Camporee Chairman and led most every training offered. At the council level, Scott has been heavily invested in Wood Badge serving as Course Director in 2011. He continues to serve where ever needed. He’s been a WB committee member, Course mentor, data keeper, bead maker, special projects, cook, audio visual. In his professional life, he is known for building high performing teams which he credits to what he has learned through the scouting program. Scott and his bride of 27 years, Dianne, who is also an avid scouter, are the proud parents of their, soon to be 21, triplets Emily and Eagle Scouts Kevin and Mark.

Terry Bell

Terry has been involved in Scouting in LHC from almost the day that her son (now Eagle Scout) Ethan became a Tiger Cub. She initially thought that she would watch from the sidelines while her husband served as the Tiger Den Leader. She was excited at the prospect of having extra “me” time during den meetings. Time to read, shop, watch a movie, etc. That didn’t last long.

She initially served as a Committee Member for Pack 418, and soon was asked to serve as its Committee Chair. While serving in that pack, she and her husband started Pack 88 at their home church, where she was also served as CC. They went back-and-forth between units, all while swapping out patches on their uniforms, using Velcro.

She then served for about 3.5 years as Mustang District Membership Chair, where she brought an enthusiasm and focus to membership, the likes that hadn’t been seen in years. Through her efforts, and in her training of unit leaders, Mustang was one of the few districts to show growth over that time. She was a tireless proponent of the Rocket into Scouting program and was instrumental in helping that recruiting tool become a success. During that same time-period, Terry was key part of the rollout of the Lion Pilot Program. She created the unit application and was the liaison between units and Council, where she guided each unit through the application and approval process.

She now serves as the Visual Storytelling Chair for LHC. She uses BSA guidelines for social media usage to train units on how to promote Scouting and to recruit and retain youth. Using her “alter-ego” of The Networking Scouter, she continues to promote the benefits of Scouting to youth and adults alike.

Curtis Boerner

For more than 30 years, Curtis an Eagle Scout, has been an active and vital part of many of the Longhorn Council’s most treasured programs. He is one of only a small handful of people who have served on the Worth Ranch staff for 10 summers, more than 10 Aquatic School Staffs, and more than 10 Twin Arrow staffs. Curtis is the only person in the history of the Longhorn Council who has done all three of these things!

In addition, Curtis has served as one of the unofficial photographers for the Longhorn Council for over 25 years. If you are a Silver Beaver recipient, chances are your program photo was taken by Curtis! Many of Curtis’ photos are used in Council and National publications.

Curtis loves to share his knowledge of whitewater canoeing with others and volunteered at Tarrant County College for 15 years teaching the sport to youth and adults. His expertise and love of boating is now being shared with Scouts through the Longhorn Council’s Aquatic School program. He was instrumental in its return in 2013, and is a founding member of the Aquatic School Committee.

Curtis has been married to his wife, Diana, for 12 years and shares his house with 2 dogs and a cat.

David Brynell

David Brynell has modelled his adult life from the example set by his mother, a nurse, and father, a pastor. They taught him that life is best lived in service to others. The lessons learned from his parents enabled him to be willing to step up to roles that needed to be performed. David has done this faithfully when the need has shown itself and is currently an ASM of Troop 499, Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner, Merit Badge Counselor, and Council Committee member. It is obvious that service is a large part of who David is and he is very active in Staffing Leader Specific Training, IOLS, BALOO, Wilderness First Aid, In-person YPT, Trainer’s EDGE, Twin Arrows, and Wood Badge.

He has been recognized multiple times for his service and is very active in all aspects of Scouting. He is an Order of the Arrow member, District Award of Merit, and several Training Awards, and Presbyterian Celtic Cross in 2012.

David is very active in his community and was asked to be a Career Day Presenter for 9 years for 4 different schools, District Science Fair Judge for 4 years, Engineering Week Volunteer for 7 years, and Puppet Ministry Leader for 3 years for his church. He literally gives of himself for others and has been a donor to Carter Blood Care and has given over 10 gallons over a 35-year period. His life is one of giving back to make a difference in this world.

Martha Ruth “Ginger” Cornick

In Brazos Valley District, we call Martha Ruth-“Ginger”. She has been a very important part of our Scouting family since she moved here from Houston in 2006. Ginger is deeply involved in her LDS church here in the Weatherford Stake which covers several counties including Parker, Tarrant and Hood county. She was a den leader for her son 25 years ago in the Sam Houston Council, but became re-involved when she moved here and was “assigned” to work with the youth in her church.

Since the Church requires that their Cub Scouts attend Day Camp during the summers, Ginger discovered that Brazos Valley District did not have a planned Day Camp in 2009 due to not having a volunteer director she asked to attend National Camp School in order to not only qualify for her boys in church, for the experience but also traditional Cub Scout packs as well. She has continued to be involved for 6 summers. She only missed two years and that was because she was on a Mission assignment in St. Louis. Ginger has also held the positions of ADC for LDS units in the Santa Fe and Silver Star districts at separate times. She has been the Roundtable Commissioner for two years. She has asked the Church to allow our district to use their Stake Center for multiple and varied Scouting activities and, many times for District Committee and Commissioner meetings, Roundtable, Day Camp, various training sessions and Fall recruiting activities.

This summer she will again be Program Director for Day Camp for Brazos Valley and continue working with her church units as well. As District Commissioner her calm demeanor and common sense have settled and smoothed rough waters several times during the past two years of change and progress. Brazos Valley scouting district could not function without Ginger Cornick.

David R. Cox

David R. Cox has proudly served scouting in the Denton area since 2007. He became active as an adult leader in Pack 167 when his son Kegan was a wide eyed Cub Scout. David enjoyed the scouting program, it was only an hour a week after all, and along with his son, bridged into Troop 140 in 2007.

During the past 10 years with Troop 140 the adventure has continued, serving as Assistant Scout Master, Scoutmaster and currently as the Crew 140 Advisor. In addition David has served the Frontier Trails District as the Camping Chair, Unit Commissioner and is currently serving as the District Commissioner.

Living the adventure of scouting, David has had the privilege of serving as a National Jamboree Scoutmaster for the 2013 Jamboree and as an Assistant Scout Master for the 2010 National Jamborees, completed a 100+ mile trek at Philmont , Wood Badge, achieved Brotherhood in the OA and continues to support troops and crews.

Scouting has played a major role in David’s life over the last few years, creating opportunities to build countless memories not only my son and other youth as we camped, hiked and learned how to lead others as well as yourself.

Robert Dailey

Eagle Scout Rob Dailey has grown up in an active Scouting family his mother and dad were both very active in Scouting. He has held numerous leadership positions in Trailblazer district and is now active in Trinity Trails district. He was Assistant Scoutmaster for 15 years in Trailblazer district for Troop 335 and Troop 554. He has also held leadership roles in Longhorn Council such as Council Committee Member for 9 years and Council Committee Chair for 2 years. He is very active in staffing training courses; it just comes natural for Rob to teach Scouting. He has worked in National Youth Leadership Training for over 12 years. He has staffed Trainers EDGE, Twin Arrows, NYLT Course Director and Wood Badge. Rob has served as a Course Director for both NYLT and Wood Badge. He is a member of the Order of the Arrow since 1995, National Eagle Scout Association since 1999, and received the Distinguished Service to Wood Badge in 2007. Rob received Wood Badge Award of the Year in 2010.

Rob’s current position in the Longhorn Council is Chairman of Council Building Committee from August 2015 to present and the position he currently holds in Trinity Trails is ASM/Webelo’s Den Leader. He works as the IT Manager for National Door Industries, and yes, it is owned by a Scouter.

Ken Gordon

Ken Gordon is an Eagle Scout who is active in numerous areas of our Council. He is currently the Vice President of Administration on the Longhorn Council Board and Executive Committee. He is also championing Online Registration. In addition, Ken is involved at the national level with the Guide to Advancement and the Eagle, Summit and Quartermaster Issues Task Force. He also remains active with the Mustang District and Troop 32.

Ken has been an active community and Scouting volunteer his entire life. He was Lodge Chief of his home lodge in Illinois. He also served as SPL and Staff of Junior Leader Training in the Northeast Illinois Council. Longhorn Council was fortunate he brought his talents to our Council. He has been active in various Scouting positions, including Troop Committee Chair, District Committee Chair, District Advancement Chair, Dean of the Council’s University of Scouting, Wood Badge Staff, District Eagle Board of Review Team, and Merit Badge Counselor.

He has been recognized with the Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow and District Award of Merit. He earned the Arrow of Light Award. He was involved in the Jamboree as an ASM in 2010 and will be on subcamp staff in 2017.

Audra Hampe

Audra Hampe has a younger brother who eagled, so when her boys expressed an interest she knew she wanted to get the boys involved. Her Scouting started in Okinawa Japan, when her son wanted to join Tiger Cubs.

She is a proud mother of two Eagle Scouts sons, one of which is currently attached to a Navy Nuclear Submarine and the other is a Logistics Major at University of North Texas, Denton.

She works passionately for the Children’s Television Network, raising funds to support the various hospitals and research areas associated with children’s diseases. Audra was a counselor for five years with the US Navy Relief Organization, and has been a Host Family for Okinawa AB for five years helping families transition. She has raised over 1,000,000 for Children’s Miracle Network and remains involved in this charity.

Audra enjoys working with special needs Scouts who want to Eagle. Helping them find their way is one of her passions.

Helen Luckett

Helen Luckett has a long history in Scouting and she has a rare award prior to the Silver Beaver Award, she was honored as a Silver Fawn, and a Silver Antelope. She also received the James E. West Society Fellowship Award in 2010. Helen was a National Camping School Instructor from 1975-1985. She was very active in Trinity Trails in pack 26, and was a District Committee Member in Advancement for Trinity Trails. She ran the Cub Scout Roundtable as the Trinity Trails Cub Scout Commissioner for 15 years. Scouting was a family experience in Helen’s life, her husband also received the Silver Beaver Award and was very active in Scouting. Helen has been a registered adult volunteer for over 59 years and is a true inspiration to all of us.

She is currently a board member of Longhorn Council and has been to every meeting when ever possible for over 42 years. Helen was involved in all unit levels of Scouting, Den Leader, Den Leader Coach, Pack Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Cubmaster, and Pack Committee. Her Trinity Trails positions were Training Committee Chairman, Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, District Committee for over 15 years. Helen’s Scouting involvement did not stop there, on the Longhorn Council side she was Cub Scout Advancement Committee, Leadership Development Committee, Leadership Development Committee, organized Day Camp for disadvantaged Cub Scouts, Chairman Cub Scout Leader Training, Vice-Chairman Training Committee, Registrar Training Committee, and Council Training Committee. Helen Luckett has made her mark in Scouting and has changed many lives and as you can see her Scouting resume is very impressive, but not as impressive as she is!

David Pecora

Eagle Scout David Pecora is a lifelong scout. He first joined in 1982 as a Cubscout. Since then he has moved on to Boy Scouts, Venturing, Sea Scouts, District and Council Service. Currently, he serves on Mustang District Advancement Committee and is the Coordinator for Eagle Scout Board of Review. He is also a Unit Commissioner and is the Treasurer for Troop 336 in Keller, TX. David has one son, Ethan who is a Life Scout in Troop 336.

Prior to coming to Longhorn Council, David volunteered for Three Rivers Council where he was a Cubmaster at Pack 85 and Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 336. David Pecora is very active in Mustang district and his current position is District Advancement Coordinator, Merit Badge Counselor, and Committee Treasurer of Troop 336. Prior to Longhorn Council, David was extremely active in Three Rivers Council, his Scouting positions varied from Assistant Scoutmaster for 19 years with Troop 39, and Commander of Ship 5039 for 7 years. He enjoyed Scouting and he was part of the district leadership for Three Rivers Council as well, as a District Chair of Spindletop District, District Committee Member, and Unit Commissioner.

He enjoys Scouting with his 15 year old son, Ethan in Mustang district and they continue to find new adventures to enjoy in Longhorn Council. David graduated from Lamar University with a BBA in Management Information Systems & General Business. He also holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from University of Phoenix. David works for Tarrant County College as a Coordinator of Video Surveillance.

Lori Pope

Lori has been an adult volunteer in Scouting for 21 years. She was the Committee Chair for four years in Pack 431 when it was first formed, and a Committee Member of Troop 527 and Troop 11. All are in the Santa Fe District. Lori not only helped in the Santa Fe District, she made her mark in supporting the council as the Family FOS Chair for the Longhorn Council. She made changes in the system to make sure everyone had an opportunity to contribute which resulted in a record year of donations. Some of her ideas continue to be used in Santa Fe FOS.

Lori has staffed numerous Longhorn Council trainings, one of her favorites is Wood Badge. She was course director of S2-662-16-1. She is an Order of the Arrow member, and has been awarded the District Award of Merit. Lori has staffed LHC and Santa Fe District Camp-O-Ree’s, served on LHC National Jamboree Committees in 2001 and 2005, and chaperoned two groups of Scouts to Kandersteg International Scout Center, Switzerland.

Her desire to serve children is reflected in her professional career. While working at the Tarrant Area Food Bank she created programs to help feed children. Now employed at Praesidium Inc, Lori coordinates the Religious Services Team as they produce and implement child abuse prevention programs, worldwide.

Everyone could tell by Lori’s life that she wanted to make a difference for children in need. She worked relentlessly as a founding member of the committee that began the Tarrant County Back to School Roundup which serves approximately 5,000 under-privileged children each year, while she was heavily involved in Scouting. She is involved in many programs at her church, Crestmont Baptist Church of Burleson.

Lori met her husband Ken when she was 12 years old and they have been married for 31 years. They have one son, Matthew. He is an Eagle Scout and an Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 11. Matthew assists with shooting sports throughout the Longhorn Council

Lori Pope is a true servant not only to the Scouting Program, but to her church and community. Her service to children is particularly commendable.

Mark Rosenfield

Mark Rosenfield is an active member of the Longhorn Council Board of Directors and has been for 20 years. Previous to this same time period, Mark was the Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 497 for 18 years and a Unit Commissioner for Troop 497, Trinity Trails district.

He was a participant in Commissioner Fast Start and Unit Commissioner Basic Training and Exploring Training. Mark is also known for his bravery, as a youth he received the BSA Award of Merit, National Court of Honor for Life Saving while he was a scout in Austin, Texas. He is very involved in his community and was the President of Tarrant County Jewish Federation, and served on the Tarrant B’nai B’rith Senior Housing Board. He was selected to serve on the National Young Leadership Cabinet for the United Jewish Appeal, and he served on the National Jewish Committee for Scouting.

Mark has received the Scouter’s Training Award, Roundtable Commissioner, Scouter’s Key, and the Award of Merit from the Boy Scouts of America National Court of Honor in 1964 for Life Saving. He has been active in Woodbadge in 1977 and a member of Order of the Arrow in 1978.

Mark grew up in Austin, Texas and graduated from the University of Texas in 1970. He graduated from St. Mary’s University School of Law in 1973. After graduating from law school, Mark joined the law firm of Loe & Warren in 1973, and quickly developed a reputation as a competent and aggressive litigator and advocate. He has practiced law for over 45 years and has a reputation as one of the pre-eminent family law attorneys in Texas. Both of Mark’s children have been involved in Scouting. His son Adam earned his Eagle in Troop 497, and his daughter, Jennifer earned her Gold Award in Girl Scouts.

Hugh Underwood

Hugh Underwood is very active in Trailblazer district and is currently the District Commissioner. As an Eagle Scout, Hugh is very happy to help in many areas that he sees a need. He has been a registered adult volunteer for 17 years. He has Staffed National Youth Leadership training, and Powder Horn. He has continued to be staff as Climbing Instructor, Climbing Director and Baloo for the Longhorn Council. Prior to Trailblazer district leadership roles, Hugh was very active in Roadrunner district as Committee Member, Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 340 and Troop 144.

He has been very active in his community as well, he was a board member of Children Education Search and Rescue, North Richland Hills Amateur Radio Club, and FEMA instructor for Texas Task Force. Hugh is very active in Tarrant County R.A.C.E. with the City of North Richland Hills as a R.A.C.E. coordinator, and Storm Spotter. He has been a Hug-a-Tree Program NASAR Instructor (The National Association for Search and Rescue) for 8 years and the National Youth Finger prints project for 10 years.

Hugh has made his impact on Scouting and at the same time contributed to the safety of his town and continues to serve both.

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Longhorn CounCiL SiLver Beaver reCipientS

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Longhorn CounCiL SiLver Beaver reCipientS

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Longhorn CounCiL SiLver Beaver reCipientS

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Longhorn CounCiL SiLver Beaver reCipientS

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