The serpentine

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  • 1. SPEED AND SIZEThey are about two times the size of a normal Boa Constrictors.They all move at different speeds.

2. SOUNDS OR CALLSThey speak english, french, spanish and other languages. 3. COMMON OR ENDANGEREDThey are not common or endangered. 4. HABITATThey usually travel all over the place in groups and sometimes live in the Stock area which is the property of Destructor Magma.Stock Area 5. SKILLSThey all have different elemental powers depending on the weapon such as lightning, fire, water. 6. FEATURESThey are all kind of furry and are shaped like snakes.They are hunted when their skin is not poisonous and solid hard which is at night. That is why one guard stays up each night. 7. ALLIES, ENEMIES, AND RELATIVES The RollerRelatives: SerpenoidsAllies: Fire Con and The RollerEnemies: CywindCywindFire Con Serpenoids 8. DIETIn the spring and summer, they eat a diet of plants.In the autumn and winter, they eat a diet of meat.