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OUr employee Newsletter, The Pulse. Happy Reading!

Transcript of The Pulse - Issue 7

  • International Womens Day 2014

    The Pulse

    Volume 2 Issue 3 Leisure Inbound- Employee Newsletter April 2014

    In keeping with the official theme of the UN for International Womens Day 2014 Inspiring Change, Leisure Inbound celebrated Womens Day with Emerge Lanka Foundation (Home for battered and abused women) sharing with them a

    moment of inspiration which was brought to life by Dr. Arosha Adikaram Senior Lecturer, Human Resources

    Management at University of Colombo. Emerge Lanka Foundation supports Sri Lankan girls who have been removed from

    their homes due to abuse or threat of abuse. Every lady was gifted with a comfort pack while every kid was gifted with a loot


    Walkers Tours organized Klang der Rythmen, a German Choir Concert in order to strengthen bonds with the German Business Council, which has its existence over 30 years in

    Sri Lanka. This was a two legged combined choir concert where the German choir together

    with the local choir, Vocal Enigma and Sidath Jayaweera performed on the 14th of March 2014

    at Christ Church Galle Face and on the 25th April 2014 at Grand Oriental Hotel Colombo.

    Vocal Enigma consists of 20 members including Ashwin Subramaniam, while the award

    winning choir from Hamburg Germany consist of 65 individuals. The highlight of the event

    was where the officials from German Embassy including the German Ambassador who took

    the chair as the chief guest of the event, were present to witness a night of melody.

    We also celebrated Womens Day with all our 74 ladies of Inbound; they were gifted with a token of appreciation (a book

    which speaks about Women, Work, and the will to Lead Lean In written by Sheryl Sandberg).

    Inside this issue

    Thank You

    The Other Side

    The Market Say

    New Faces at Inbound

    Walkers Sponsors


    Winners of Puzzle 3

    Guess Who









    Klang der Rythmen

  • #Party Party!! We celebrated our achievements for the last financial year 2013/ 14 and geared up for an exciting year ahead at the Mount Lavinia

    Hotel, Private Beach on the 25th of April.

  • On days he is not creating art through the

    camera or playing rugby, he is an

    overprotective big brother to Yelani.

    Yelani his younger sister, schools at

    Ladies College and aspires to be just like

    her brother.

    Message to our readers Dont let

    anyone stop you from doing what you

    love, just grab your camera and start


    One might know this individual to be able to absorb unlimited amounts of

    spirits and who has found his one true

    love at Walkers Tours, but we know

    him for his elegant photographic skills.

    The editorial team of the Pulse met up

    with Sandeep Jayawardhana to get to

    know the other side of this individual.

    Hailing from St. Thomass College,

    Mount Lavinia, Sandeep was an all-

    rounder growing up. Whilst he was

    involved in many activities, just like

    many of his friends his sole focus was

    to play rugby. He started off rugby at

    the under 15 level and tasted

    immediate success. He eventually

    went on to play for the St. Thomass

    College 1st XV team. During his last

    year in school, he made a trip to Hong

    Kong with some of his friends. He

    purchased a camera with some extra

    cash he had lying around and thus

    began his enchanting love story with


    Since his younger days he was

    interested in the art of photography.

    While goofing around in the city of

    Hong Kong he started taking a few

    pictures, after which he suddenly

    discovered his passion for

    photography. Soon as he returned to

    Sri Lanka he immediately invested in a

    Cannon 550D, which he used to

    capture random moments which his

    friends and family were thoroughly

    impressed with. Since leaving school,

    he drifted his attention and focus

    towards mastering the technicalities of


    Sandeep joined Walkers Tours in 2010

    and has been sailing his ship in the

    Middle East market ever since. He

    works as hard as anyone else but once

    he leaves his work at office, and takes

    up his camera, a whole new world

    opens up. He says that photography is

    the greatest way to see the hidden

    beauty of life in a special and unique

    way. Even during his spare time he

    would take his camera and go for

    walks or just get online and go through

    photographs on flicker and see what

    other photographers have captured

    around the globe. He became an

    artistic photographer by just capturing

    anything and everything that came his

    way and when he got back home, he

    tries to bring out something unusual in

    the photograph since he wants it to be

    unique and different. Even though he

    took up photography he did not leave

    rugby behind. He has played every

    single Inter Company Rugby

    tournament and he has even

    successfully tried his hand at Carom

    and Football.

    Sandeep started utilizing his

    photographic skills by covering Parties

    and Corporate events. He got a

    breakthrough when he covered a

    homecoming and he wants to improve

    his portfolio and start covering

    weddings in the near future.

    The Other Side

  • Jayani Jayawardene

    Fondly known as: Jay

    Mostly heard saying : Oh its a

    faaaab / Why any doubt?

    Cartoon character that describes her :

    Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo)

    Song title that describes her : Halla Re

    Greatest Quality: Helping around

    and cracking jokes

    Message from the market: We love you sudu!

    The Market Say

    Riyaz Firdouse

    Fondly known as: Munnaah/ Sathapannah/ Firehouse

    Mostly heard saying : Adoooo naaahh / Maaaachan / BBQ Dinner?

    Cartoon character that describes him : GRU (Despicable me 2)

    Song title that describes him : Wada Mapala

    Greatest Quality: 24/7 emergency service, he is there when the company needs him

    Message from the market: Its time to use your Power World gym membership.

    Stop screaming, But we still love you.

    Saera Ismail

    Fondly known as: Syrus the Virus,

    Arabic, Sarah

    Mostly heard saying : Meek meek

    cheeeh / Awwright

    Cartoon character that describes her :


    Song title that describes her : Ass like


    Greatest Quality: Bringing yummy

    food and hosting us at her place and

    always ready to lend a helping hand

    Message from the market: All the

    best for your bright future. Party

    Party. Ps: Keep the yummy food coming

    For this issue of The Pulse we spoke to members of the China, Middle East and Finance teams of Walkers Tours and the Whittalls team to inquire about Jayani, Saera, Lasanthika and Riyaz. This is what their teammates had to say:



    Fondly known as: Lassi

    Mostly heard saying : Tea /

    Why dont you get us a cake

    Cartoon character that describes her

    : Scooby Doo The trouble shooter

    of Finance

    Song title that describes her :

    Chammak Chalo

    Greatest Quality: Puts a smile on

    one and all, Very helpful at all


    Message from the market:

    Certainly going to miss your

    presence around and All the best in

  • Maldini Wickramasinghe

    A dynamic and enjoyable work place!!

    New faces of Inbound

    Kalindu De Silva

    Its an honor to be part of a great positive working


    Shavinki Silva

    Its been a privilege working at Whittalls Travels and I'm happy to

    be a part of this organization

    Sithija Silva

    Its a great pleasure of mine, to work with lovely faces

    of a friendly culture in the greatest group.

    Tariq Shihamudeen

    Positive and Fun work environment. Overall Im highly


    Keshan Leitch

    Walkers has shown me how to work professionally and still

    have fun!

  • Romesh Gajanayake

    Friendliest colleagues and the happiest work environment.

    Priyantha Ratnayake

    Walkers Tours is a good place to develop my career skills and

    interpersonal skills day by day and having new experiences and coping

    with environmental changes.

    Anjelo Henry

    I work with enthusiasm and feel continuing the trend much


    Indrajith Jayasuriya

    Walkers Tours truly is, More than just a workplace.

    Nalin Sanjaya

    Its almost 2 months since I started my exciting carrier at this wonderful working

    place & Im really glad to give my best contribution to the company with my role.

    Suraj Fernando

    Its great experience to work with you guys!!!!!! Hope to continue

    my career with you.


    Walkers Tours is a place where I can work independently

    and I am honored to be part of it.

    Hirushi Komalage

    Its a great place to work.


    Its a pleasure to be working at Walkers Tours!

    Roshan Peries

    Walkers Tours is one of the best companies in Sri Lanka.

    Romesh Gajanayake

    Friendly Colleagues and the happiest work environment.

  • Walkers Sponsors

    Walkers Tours was the official transport sponsor for Daniel ODonnell and Yanni concerts which were held on the 23rd of