The Publishers Survival Kit - or - the 101 Digital eBook Strategy Kit

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The publishing industry is hit hard by a Digital Tsunami. Like the Music industry, like Video distribution and like physical bookshops... the whole market got turned upside down. This 101 survival kit indicates how publishers should adapt and implement critical change to survive as eBooks will be ruling the world in the very near future.

Transcript of The Publishers Survival Kit - or - the 101 Digital eBook Strategy Kit

  • 1. RIP or DIP ? Rest in Paper versus Digital Innovation Player

2. WHO AM I ? I AM PRESIDENT OF A PUBLISHING COMPANY PAPER + WEB + eBOOKS 3. 1. High pressure on prices and margins 2. New user behaviour (Tablet reading and I need it NOW) 3. High speed evolving business models but with BAD TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS 4. Winner takes it all dynamics like in the early Internet days) 5. Plug and Play business models from unexpected fields 6. All gets easy in the digital world but it is hard to recruit competent digital staff 7. National markets are dead all is now international supply and demand related THE TSUNAMIS7 4. SO PUBLISHERS FEEL SQUEEZED E-BOOK TSUNAMI PAPER EDITIONS 5. TODAY THERE IS NO e BOOK CHAMPION only those that tried and those that are still trying 6. PAPER eBOOK THE DITIGAL DILEMA 7. Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Albert Einstein 8. So how SEXY publisher Digital Tsunami ? 9. GOING DIGITAL = TAKING RISKS TO BE LONELY IN A HIGH DEMANDING MARKETPLACE 10. 1960196019601960 1980198019801980 2000200020002000 The INTERNET is killing our books. Do something NOW There is a glitch.. Hmm What is a book again ? 2014201420142014 11. As Einstein said :As Einstein said :As Einstein said :As Einstein said : "We can't solve problems by using"We can't solve problems by using"We can't solve problems by using"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we usedthe same kind of thinking we usedthe same kind of thinking we usedthe same kind of thinking we used when we created them.when we created them.when we created them.when we created them. 12. NEW GENERATIONS = NEW READING HABITS 13. NEW GENERATIONS = NEW NOTE TAKING HABITS 14. THE I GOOGLE SO I KNOW ATTITUDE TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION 15. THIS WAS ONCE THE BEST SEARCH ENGINE 16. THIS WAS ONCE MESSAGING 17. THIS WAS ONCE e MAIL OVERLOAD 18. To do ? 19. IS NEXT ? 20. SO WHAT WHY ? SO WHAT HOW ? SO WHAT WHEN ? SO WHAT WHO ? SO WHAT YOU ! 21. SO WHY DO WE BUY BOOKS ? TO READ FOR FUN TO OFFER TO LEARN THINGS TO GET INSTRUCTED TO KILL TIME TO SHARE 22. PUBLISHERS BLIND ONLY MAKING MONEY ON THOSE THAT READ FORGETTING ALL OTHER USERS 23. HOW COULD THEY AS IT IS ALL ABOUT SERVICE PORTFOLIO NOT PHYSICAL ITEMS 24. LESSON 2 MODELS CHANGE 25. TRUST eBOOK GURUS CONSULTANTS 26. eBooks will represent 28% in 2018 BULLSHIT SERVICES 27. The EVERYTHING WILL BE MOBILE revolution does NOT make SENSE ! Books are already mobile since ages Pocket edition = to be put in your pocket like your phone ! 28. None of us reads simulanuously several books so why profile me ? And it is not because I buy books as a gift that I read them ! The BIG DATA PERSONALISATION SERVICES do not exist ! 29. The SOCIAL NETWORK revolution does not exists ! People that read are POOR in sharing People that share just read the introduction so BAD references Sharing & Likes do NOT bring readers (so NO revenu) to you (shit) 30. THE DIGITAL WORLD IS THERE TO STAY is UNTRUE ! If I buy a hardcopy, I can still read it in 2 years time. Not for an e-Book Actual eBOOK formats are NOT RELIABLE just a TRANSITION to the future ! 31. The SHIFT revolution does not fit ! YES the Internet shifts to tablets and smartphones But revenues are NOT ! 32. WHAT IS YOUR REAL BUSINESS MODEL ? McDonald is in Real Estate Burgers are just marketing stuff ! Amazon is not in books they are in logistics ! McDonald always announces the numbers of restaurants they have never on the number of burgers they sold ! 33. SO PUBLISHER WHAT IS YOUR REAL BUSINESS MODEL ? Printing books = The Paper and Ink Co ? Selling books = The Logistics Co ? Educational books = The Knowledge Co ? Reading experience books = hmm you better fool yourself ! 34. CREATE YOUR OWN MISSION STATEMENT 35. One monk for texts One monk for outlines One monk for paintings THE FIRST INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 36. GUTENBERGS INVENTION THE SECOND INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 37. LEAD TO MASS PRODUCTION 38. AND WHEN I SAY MASS PRODUCTION IT MEANS CREATING REPEATABLE STANDARDISED PRODUCTS FOR A MASS AUDIENCE 39. THIRD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION AMAZON Traditional publishers were distribution champions and with the bookshops, they had a strong national sales network. It all changed with Amazon the best logistics company in the world. Amazon is not in books they are in logistics as they bring the books to you. 40. THEY GOT A TRUCK ON EVERY CORNER 41. THE NEXT REVOLUTION THE DIGITAL DISRUPTION 42. THE INTERNET WAVE MODIFIED 43. SO WHERE ISSO WHERE ISSO WHERE ISSO WHERE IS PUBLISHINGPUBLISHINGPUBLISHINGPUBLISHING GOING TO ?GOING TO ?GOING TO ?GOING TO ? 44. HOW MAKE MONEY DIGITAL PRODUCTS WEB 45. MONEY ADVERTISING like all others do ! 46. For Your quality products (pay yourself not Google Adwords) 47. On your USERS not on your READERS 48. HOW CAN YOU MAKE MONEY EVERYWHERE ? TO READ TO RELAX TO OFFER TO DISCOVER TO GET INSTRUCTED TO KILL TIME TO SHARE 49. PEOPLE BOOKS GIFT 50. e-VOUCHERS GIVE GIFT 51. WHAT READING EXPERIENCE DO YOU DELIVER WITH YOUR BOOKS ? 52. HOW IS THEIR BUYING EXPERIENCE ? SLOW WEBSITE(s) BAD SEARCH ENGINE POOR PREVIEW INTERFACE POOR PAYMENT INTERFACE HOW LONG DOES ITTAKETO DOWNLOAD AND OPEN A BOOK FLICKERING PAGESWIPES ANNOYING INTERACTIVITIES HOW EASY IS ITTO READ A 981 pages ANNA KARENINA BOOK ? 53. NICE SMOOTH EXPERIENCES 54. NEED TOC improve Extra 55. BUT DOES IT WORK ? 56. PEOPLE WRITE BOOKS 57. THE SELF-PUBLISHING TSUNAMI SELF PUBLISHING NEVER OPPORTUNITY NEW AREYOU READY TO DETECT IT ? 58. THE DIGITAL TEAM- PUBLISHING TSUNAMI 59. INTERNET ANALYTICS WRONG PUBLISHERS ! 60. SO WHY SHOULD YOU ? 61. If you click on an AD you lose the purpose of your Internet journey 62. conversion rates measurements Recent research mentions that people that share an article dont fully read it ! the peak of user shares/likes is at 7 seconds impossible to have read the text ! 63. 9 percent 64. Measure how much attention and time people are actually spending inside YOUR content 65. Learn from others like THEN FORCE SALES 66. 90 percent of all major publishers embraced native advertising - the practice of selling placements of brand- sponsored content longside its editorial. SO DO IT ALSO ! 67. Create your story ! 68. Many BRANDS do not speak to the world they created their own audience 69. ENGAGEMENT ! how long do they spend reading a book (those things can be tracked) 70. RETURNING READERS ! how many people are getting back to your collection of books ! (those things can be tracked) 71. Where does the experience finish ? (those things can be tracked) + This allows to tune your books + AVERAGE ENDING ! 72. GUEST 73. GUESTS VISITING YOUR BOOK 74. STRUCTURE DIFFERENTLY 75. Amazon is not longer a company it is a marketplace for all of its competitors. 76. LIKE A TOURIST AGENCY They visit a village = they know your brand They visit a street = they see your book series They visit a house = they enter a book If nice experience = they visit another house in the street (buy another book of your collection) If bad experience = they will leave and you lost a client ! 77. Social Networks My Portal Facebookdriven Social networks Amazon driven Social networks Distributiondriven Social networks My Business Partners driven social networks Digital Authors Multi-device story teller experts Integratorsof multimediacontent Book Musicians ?????? Blogs Own campaigns Articles Feedsfor influencers Book creation & distrib THIS IS THE NEW NETWORK FORGET THE OLD ONE YouTube as a blogJournalists MyDistribution network Historical printshops Amazon iTunes GooglePlay Mobile distribution 78. SO AIM AND SHOOT ! 79. First arrow : influence recommendations Make every book a price winner ! Second arrow : use CRM to reward book engagement (badges, points, reductions) Third arrow : analyse their behavior and tune their engagement (and opt-in %) Forth arrow : use your content to make them come back (you have gold in your hands, show it to them ! 80. Fifth arrow : create a service proposition Give them goodies (like videos, Tshirts) Sixth arrow : create eco-system exclusivity ! Make them part of your club of Reader Give them the opportunity to have a book before others Seventh arrow : use BIG DATA to become even BIGGER 81. JUST WRITE IT YOURSELF 82. THE 39 LASHES 83. LESSON 39 YES YOU WILL BE HURT 84. PREPARE YOURSELF! 85. NOMINATEYOUR JOCKEY 86. DESIGN YOUR OWN WORLD ORGANIZATION 87. GO FOR THE WORLD 88. DONT FORGET 89. IT IS ALL ABOUT WINNING As a lager is not to drink but to get drunk ! 90. THANKS FOR READING eMail : Most recent book : Transforming Dinosaurs into Vampires (available on all Amazon book stores) SHARE ME ! 91. AT YOUR SERVICE DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATIONS 92. AND I AM AT YOUR SERVICE FOR DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATIONS