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  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

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    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    Tampa REIA, LLC405 S. Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 114

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    P: (813) 358-8050 F: (813) [email protected]://


    Thursday, Jan 10th

    DoubleTree Tampa Bay3050 N. Rocky Point Dr. West, Tampa, FL

    6:00pm 9:00pm


    JAN 2013

    New Habits or a New YearBy Don DeRosa ........................................................................... 1

    Financial Calculator - A Wealth Builder sMost Valuable Tool

    By Bill Cook .................................................................................. 5

    Proving Lender Negligence and Fraud Part 1:The Paper Trail

    By Bob Massey ............................................................................ 7

    Dierent Things You Can Use to Buy Real Estate

    Other Than CashBy Larry Harbolt .........................................................................8

    WARNING! Short Sale Lender Has Mandated DeedRestrictions On Deed For Closing!

    By Kimberlee Frank ..................................................................10

    Your Ground Game or Generating LeadsBy Dustin Grin .......................................................................11

    Pre-Screening Sellers For Your Real EstateInvesting Business - Part 1

    By Kathy Kennebrook .............................................................13

    The Five Critical Steps to SuccessBy Ron LeGrand ........................................................................14

    Real Estate IRA Investing Technique. . .By Jim Hitt ..................................................................................16

    The Best Deals To Do in Real Estate in2013 & Beyond! - Part 1

    By Tony Pearl .............................................................................17

    Tampa Real Estate Market Has Hit BottomBy Russ Hiner.............................................................................19

    The Winners and The LosersBy Erven Kimble........................................................................21

    Membership Application.....................................................22

    Meeting Calendar ..................................................................24






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    Wow. What a year! The tur-key leftovers are gone.There are just a few pine

    needles left in the carpet. And your AuntMiriam, thank goodness, has gone hometo Indiana and has taken the fruitcakewith her. Now its time to reect.

    I dont know about you, but I reachedmany of my goals in 2012, and that feelsgreat! Still, I know 2013 will bring plen-ty more challenges and opportunities. It

    would be boring, wouldnt it, if we werecompletely nished witheverything by theend of the year. I mean, what would wedo then?

    So we carry our unnished business intothe following year. Thats what NewYears resolutions are for, right? For ev-ery single day of 2013. Im going to eatjust 700 calories and jog six miles!

    For many of us, new years resolutions aremade to be broken. In fact, for some ofus, the best way to make sure somethingdoesnt get done is to make a new yearsresolution to do it. Its the kiss of death!

    Thankfully, though, we live in the digitalage where help is as close as your iPad.So this month, Ive got two apps to rec-ommend.

    Before I tell you about them,though, this is a great time for aquick review about the impor-tance of setting and writingdown your goals.

    Yes. I said write down yourgoals. Think you dont need

    to write them down? Letstest that. What if I offer you amillion dollars to drive to SanDiego, California, but with a

    New Habitsfr a New YearBy Don DeRosa

    Time and health are two precious assets that we dont recognize and

    appreciate until they have been depleted. ~ Denis Waitley

    Join Don at Tampa REIA on Thursday, January 10th and he will

    share many o his real estate insider secrets, strategies, tactics

    and the state-o-the-art tools he uses to evaluate deals and make

    oers ast. See or more inormation.
  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

    2/242013 Tampa REIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprint not permitted without written permission from publisher.

    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    Tampa REIA is very excited to announce that

    our good riend rom Atlanta, Don DeRosa will

    be our keynote speaker on Thursday, January

    10th at our next Tampa REIA Meeting to be

    held at 6:00 PM at the Doubletree Suites

    located at 3050 N Rocky Point Drive West

    in Tampa, FL. Don is a part time real estate

    trainer, author and mentor and ull-time real

    estate investor who actively buys, sells and

    holds properties each month or huge prots

    and long term cash ow.

    Join us on January 10th and Don will share

    with you, many o his real estate insider secrets,

    strategies and the state-o-the-art tools he

    uses to evaluate deals and make them work

    or him, the seller and everyone involved in

    the deal.

    As Don unveils his secrets, hell share with

    you the buying and selling strategies that are

    working or him right nowin this economy. Yes,

    hell show you the secret tools and strategies he

    uses every day to create protable deals, even

    when there appears to be nothing to work with.

    Don will show you how to create an abundance

    o deals to choose rom! Plus hell show you

    how he gets the inormation to evaluate a deal,

    wherever he is, so youll never waste time with

    leads you shouldnt spend time on and beat

    other investors to the most protable deals.

    By the end o the meeting, youll know -

    How to evaluate any lead and decide

    whether this is a winner or you andhow

    much money youll make beore you make

    your oer

    How to combine buying strategies and

    exit strategies to make a deal work you

    and the seller

    The Secret to creating passive income

    deals o $350 + per month without

    any o your own money and with NOmanagement on your part

    How to structure a deal in less than 10

    minutes, so that you make a minimum o

    $20,000 on it, choosing rom purchase and

    exit multiple strategies

    How to become a mindreader, to nd

    exactly what the sellers hot buttons are

    so you can crat a deal the seller is dying

    to take

    How to use Dons Green means GO, Red

    means NO tools to negotiate or you, so

    you never let your emotions talk you intomaking a bad deal!

    And is this is not enough, Don will be back with

    us on Saturday, January 12th or a ull day

    workshop to really drive these points home and

    give you all the details you need to succeed.

    Once you are armed with Dons training and

    the tools he uses every day, you will be able

    to make 2013 your best year ever starting


    PLEASE NOTE: Guests can Join Tampa REIA

    as a Silver Member or a ull year or only $100,

    now through January 12th and attend DonDeRosas How to Make $20K in 30 Days

    Workshop on January 12th at NO CHARGE.

    Main Mnthly Meeting

    MEETING AGENDA*6:00 pm

    Meet & Greet, Networking

    6:30 pmIntroductions, Haves & Wants

    7:00 pm


    7:30 pm

    Don DeRosaon RE! Tools, Tactics & Strategies

    9:30 pmLate Night Networking & New YearCelebration at Whiskey Joes

    *Please Note: Meeting agenda is subject to change.

    Real Estate Investr Tls, Tactics &Strategies fr Creating Winning Deals

    with Dn DeRsa








    Doubletree Suites Tampa Bay3050 North Rocky Point Dr West

    Tampa, FL


    Tampa REIA Members & Guests Can AttendThis Mnths Meeting fr FREE!

    Please RSVP at


    January 10th

    @ 6pm
  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

    3/24 us on Meetup and RSVP or the meetings you will be attendin

    2013 Tampa REIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprint not permitted without written permission from publisher.

    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    Join Don at our

    Tampa REIA Meeting on

    Thursday, January 10th

    and Saturday, January 12th

    or his Real Estate Investor

    Tools, Tactics & Strategies or

    Creating Winning Deals!

    See page 2 and 4 in this edition oThe Prot or more inormation.

    Real Estate Investor Happy Hour

    Every 3rd Thursday at 6PM

    with Matt & Courtney Larsen

    See Website or Location

    catch: Im going to drop you off in themiddle of nowhere, on a road without anysigns pointing the way. You have threedays get to San Diego, but you are notallowed to get out of your car or ask fordirections. And you arent allowed to use

    a map. What do you think? Could youdo it?

    At the very least, its going to be really, re-ally difcult to do. Youre probably goingto spend the next three hours just trying togure out where the heck you are.

    But lets change that offer: This time I of-fer you $1,000,000 to drive to San Diego,but I give you a map and point you in theright direction. It would be a very differentoffer, dont you think?

    I write down goals every day. Its a keypart of my success both in real estate andin my personal life. I teach my studentsthat goals should be SMART: Specic,Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, andTrackable.

    But if all you do is write down your goalsand stuff them in a drawer, theyre not go-ing to do you much good. Which bringsme to my rst mobile app for the year:Make It Happen! by Cobalt Techno foriPad and iPhone.

    This clever little program is right up myalley. The software is easy to use, and it al-lows me to plan overall goals, dene mile-stones, and track my progress, too. It evenlets me set up monetary goals with specicdollar amounts, so I can save for a vacation

    or build up private nancing for a largereal estate deal. With my goals clearlywritten, updated and always close at hand,I can just about ensure success for 2013.

    But I told you I had two app recommen-dations for January, not just one. Im alsorecommending MyFitnessPal. MyFitness-Pal tracks exercise, diet, and much more.And because its Internet based, you donthave to have an iPad, iPod or iPhone to useit. This recommendation may seem frivo-lous, but success in every aspect of your life

    including your business -- depends onmaintaining your physical health.

    Besides, we both know that even thoughAunt Miriam took the fruitcake home,she left behind two dozen of her famousdouble-dark-chocolate-butterscotch-and-cookie-dough-pecan brownies. Andtheyre calling to me.

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    New Habits for a New Year cont. from p1

    Don [email protected] REIA

    Don DeRosa was recognizedas one o the nations top 21real estate investors in theNew York Times bestsellerThe Millionaire Real Estate

    Investor. Don, who is a ull-time investor,trainer, and mentor, is the rst to oer hiscomplete investing system on a mobileplatorm. Don teaches investors how toMake More and Work Less by being moreefcient, productive and competitive,leveraging mobile technology and appson the iPad, iPhone, Android and othermobile devices.[email protected]://[email protected]://
  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA


    PLEASE NOTE: Workshop price is good or 2 people limited to spouses, children, partners & signicant others. Guests

    who join Tampa REIA between now and January 12th, 2013 can attend the workshop or FREE. When joining Tampa REIA,please indicate you want to attend the workshop at no charge.






    2 fr 1 EarlyRegistratin Special

    Wuld Yu Like t MakeMre by Wrking Less?

    Is this really possible? Real estate expert, Don DeRosa says 15 hours a week is all you need to buildshort term cash ow and long term wealth by investing in real estate.

    Imagine taking any seller lead and creating a protable, winning deal making thousands odollars in proft where you thought there was none. Wouldnt this be nice? No more wastedmarketing dollars. No more wasted phone calls. No more wasted time.

    I you want to learn how to make more and work less by investing in real estate, be sure to joinDon DeRosa or a ull day workshop How to Make $20,000 in 30 Days Tools, Tactics & Strategies

    to Create Winning Dealson Saturday, January 12th rom 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM at the Doubletree Suites located at 3050N. Rocky Point Drive West in Tampa, FL.

    Don will share the state-o-the-art tools and techniques he uses to evaluate and structure dealsso you can work less, earnmore and spend your quality time doing what you want, when you want and with whom you want. Youll learn

    HHow to get your phone to ring o the hook with HOT leads

    within 60 seconds or less than $25

    HHow to put a tenant in a house and still make $20,000 beore

    you even buy the house!

    HThe number one thing that will get your houses sold FAST!

    HThe Secret to creating passive income o $350 or more per

    month without using any o your won money and with NO

    management on your part

    HHow to become a mind reader to nd exactly what the

    sellers hot buttons are so you can crat a deal the seller

    wants to take!

    HHow to use Dons patented Green means GO, Red means

    NOtools to negotiate or your so that you never let your

    emotions talk you into making a bad deal!

    H All this and so much more!

    Hw t Make $20,000 in 30 Days WrkshpTls, Tactics and Strategies t Create Winning Deals

    January 12th frm 8:30 AM t 5:00 PMDubletree Suites, 3050 N. Rcky Pint Drive West, Tampa FL

    Register Online at

  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

    5/242013 Tampa REIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprint not permitted without written permission from publisher.

    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    Financial Calculator - A Wealth Builders

    Most Valuable ToolBy Bill Cook


    Youre probably asking Are youreally gonna talk about nancialcalculators? and thinking:Yawn,

    yawn, yawn wake me when its over!

    Heres the thing: Our real estate investorsgroup is geared for experienced investors.To master creative deal structuring and -nancing, we all need to know how to speakthe same language. A great communica-tion device that accomplishes this task is a

    nancial calculator.

    Remember, a nancial calculator is aboutMONEY, not math! Knowing how tomake it sing and dance is critical to achiev-ing nancial freedom. I promise, once youknow how to use a nancial calculator,your real estate investing world will neverbe the same. Plus, you will be head andshoulders above most any investor youmeet including the so-called gurus!

    Lets use a nancial calculator to answerthis interesting question: Can you becomea millionaire by delivering pizzas part-timefor ve years? If you think you cant, thenyoud be W-R-O-N-G!

    Follow along with me. You get a part-time job delivering pizzas that pays about$125 per week. You invest your $500 innet monthly earnings ($125 x 4 weeks =$500) at 8% interest for 5 years. Howmuch will you have at the end of 5 years?Using a nancial calculator, we easily learn

    that the answer is $37,738.43.

    Now you invest your $37,738.43 at 12%interest. How much will you have at the

    end of 30 years? Go ahead, I dare youto guess. After plugging the numbersinto our nancial calculator, we learnour investment would have grown to$1,320,733! Thats right, youd be a mil-lionaire all because you delivered pizzaspart-time for ve years and then investedyour earnings for 35 years!

    Youre probably thinking: Good point, cal-culator boy, but dont you know you cant get

    an 8% yield much less a 12% yield on asavings account? After all, right now, my bankis only paying me 0.5% interest.

    Folks, dont you know you cant SAVEyour way to nancial freedom? To benancially free, you must INVESTyourmoney and let things like compound in-terest, appreciation, amortization and timework their magic.

    So you think its impossible to nd returnsof 8% to 12%? What if I told you thatreturns of 119% are all around you?

    Back in 2008, there was no way Kim andI would ever consider a trailer as an invest-ment. Its safe to say we wouldnt touchone even while holding a ten-foot lengthof underpinning. That changed when westarted running the numbers through ournancial calculator.

    Heres a pretty typical deal: Buy a single-wide mobile home in a trailer park with

    an all-in cost of $3,000. Then sell it for$9,500 giving the following terms: $500down, 18.549% interest, at $250 permonth for 53 months. Want to guess

    what your yield is on this deal? Wouldyou believe a whopping 119%!

    Just for grins, what if you invested the$37,738.43 you made from your parttime pizza delivery job at a yield of 119%for 30 years? Ready to have your mindblown? Youd have over and I swear Imnot making this up $22sextillion dollarsI dont know about you, but I want mesomesextillion dollars!

    Please tell me again why nancial calcu-lators are boring! And while youre at itexplain why they dont teach kids howto use this wonderful, wealth-building tooin school?

    Want to learn how to make your nanciacalculator sing and dance? Gary Johnston( is an incredibleteacher. His classes are beyond life changing! WeLOVE this guy!

    Comment on this article online at

    Bill Cook727-420-4810

    [email protected]

    Bill Cook is a ull-time real estate investor, speakerand author. He specializes in single-amilyhomes and mobile home parks. Bill believes

    that real estate investing, especiallythe act o buying and holding rental

    property, is the surest way to nancialindependence and wealth. Bill and hiswie Kim run North Georgia REIA where

    they teach others how to successully invest inreal estate. up to date with our latest videos by subscribing to our YouTube Channel
  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

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    Matt & Courtney LarsenLeaders of Real Estate Investors' Happy HourP: 813-546-5716E: [email protected]
  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

    7/242013 Tampa REIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprint not permitted without written permission from publisher.

    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    There are two approaches you cantake to determine whether or notthere has been negligence or fraud

    in the loan process. Both paths can beequally effective in uncovering lender mis-conduct and providing you with leveragefor negotiations with the bank. One pathfollows the documentation from mortgageapplication through foreclosure documen-

    tation, and the other approach follows themoney trail. This article will examine howthe documentation can lead to a damagingcase against a pretender lender. Our nextarticle will cover the money trail method.

    In order to prove that they have the rightto foreclose on a property, it is becom-ing standard for lenders to be required toproduce the original note on the property.The note is required before a court will al-low a lender to sell a property. It mustshow that the lender is named with a re-corded economic interest in the property.However, in many cases these originalnotes have been either lost in the securi-tization shufe or purposefully destroyedas the note bounced around from entityto entity. The note could even have beenPhotoshopped or otherwise forged to makeit appear that the entity trying to foreclosehas the standing to do so. Fortunately, thelenders are being called on it by the courts.

    Other documentation issues are found by

    examining the original mortgage applica-tion and what the homeowner was origi-nally told or promised by the mortgagebroker. If they were promised one kindof loan and received another, or they weresold a high risk mortgage on the basis ofrace, ethnicity or the neighborhood theywere moving to rather than nancial qual-ication, then there may be a case againstthe lender based on the Fair Housing Actor RESPA violations.

    The note as submitted by the lender in aforeclosure hearing may clearly be fraudu-lent because it was notarized after the factwith a stamp that was not even valid atthe time the mortgage was taken out.Many times the note was signed by a so-called Robo Signer (someone who couldnot swear in court that they had personalknowledge of the documents in the origi-

    nal mortgage package). Likewise, assign-ments and other afdavits presented afterthe initial mortgage was signed may havebeen to lenders who were in bankruptcyat the time the assignment was made, orcompanies already out of existence. Thedocument trail is often just a sham con-structed to give the impression of legiti-macy for the court. With an experiencedfraud investigator working on your side,you would be amazed how simple it can beto nd clear cut examples of fraud.

    We all know about the many fraudulentactivities that surround foreclosure docu-mentation. Often these records weresigned by a ctitious bank ofcer who wasrobo-signing documents for several lend-ers at one time and signing thousands ofdocuments each day, none of which wereread or could be attested to in terms of ac-curacy of the facts by that fake ofcer.

    For securitized loans the documentationtrail is also usually a sham. Some exam-

    ples are missing or incomplete records,not showing specic notes being placedinto specic securitized trusts, or recordsmay show that these notes arrived afterthe trust was closed out. The Poolingand Servicing Agreements that guidethe performance and servicing for thetrust may require a higher performancelevel than the notes included in the trustwould warrant. The terms in the noteswill almost certainly not match the termsthat the investors in the trust agreed to.

    One of the key forms of fraud in thelending process it that the name(s) othe true lender(s) will never appear onthe note for a mortgage that was securitized. Therefore the buyer never hadthe opportunity to know who actuallyprovided the funds for the loan.

    A huge percentage of the loans written

    from the late 90s until about 2008 arefull of these sorts of fraudulent activitiesWhile it is extremely galling to see whatthe banks have been getting away withfor so long, it also creates a huge opportunity for real estate investors. Noonly are we able to use this informationto help underwater homeowners get outfrom under their homes with no shorsale, no deciency, and no coming out opocket, but we are able to pick up prettyhouses at incredibly low prices.

    If you would like more information onhow you can get involved in helping un-derwater homeowners while doing someawesome deals, give my ofce a call a706-485-0162.

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    Proving Lender Negligence

    and Fraud Part 1: The Paper TrailBy Bob Massey

    Bob Massey

    [email protected]

    Bob Massey is a recoveringcorporate executive who isnow living the dream runninghis own real successul estateinvesting business and

    teaching others how to do the same. Inthe process he has become the nationsleading educator on the oreclosureinvesting the oreclosure process.

  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

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    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    Different ThingsYou Can Use to

    Buy Real EstateOther Than CashBy Larry Harbolt


    This month I want to give you anexample of different ways anyinvestor can use notes to buy

    houses instead of using CASH. Onceupon a time I knew an investor who wastrying to structure a deal with a sellerwho wanted the money from the sale of

    his property to buy a motor-home so heand his wife could travel the country. Theinvestor asked the seller if he was able tond a motor-home of the sellers liking,would the seller use the book value of themotor-home in exchange for the downpayment on the property the investor wastrying to buy from the seller. This was re-gardless of what the investor had to payfor the motor home he would be tradingto the seller for his property. The sellertold the investor exactly what he wanteda motor-home to have, that he would ac-cept. Once the investor knew what thesellers wanted, he then immediately setout to nd a motor-home he could useas catalyst to complete the transaction tobuy the sellers house.

    After a few days of searching the inves-tor found a motor-home exactly like whatthe seller of the house wanted. The inves-tor approached the owner of the motor-home and asked if he would be interestedin selling the motor-home. The owner of

    the motor-home was eager to sell becausehe and his wife could no longer travel asthey had once done because of their ageand some health issues. Because of thisthe motor-home had been setting in theowners barn for over ve years, not be-ing used. The investor offered the ownerof the motor-home four promissory notesthe investor had taken back from sales ofproperties and had been collecting fromhis buyers he had sold that were a fewyears old and each promissory note had a

    payer with a good payment history in ex-change for the motor-home he needed tocomplete the other deal he was trying todo. All four of the promissory notes had aremaining balance owed almost exactly to-taling the exact amount of what the ownerof the motor home was asking. The owner

    of the motor-home gladly accepted theinvestors offer and exchanged the motor-home for the performing promissory notesthe investor had.

    The investor then had the motor-home heneeded as partial payment for the propertythe investor was trying to buy. The seller ofthe property the investor was buying alsoagreed to accept monthly payments fromthe investor for the balance of the purchaseprice of the house instead of the investorhaving to go and get an institutional loanfor the balance of the purchase price ofthe property.

    Now, let me ask you, who was the win-ner in that deal? Everyone was a winnerand here is why. The investor got theproperty he wanted without giving upcash out of his savings account or havingto get institutional nancing to buy theproperty. The investor gave up four smallincome streams (the promissory notes) hehad. The seller of the property got what

    he wanted. He and his wife got a nicemotor-home exactly like they wantedand a retirement income every monthfrom the investor for the next 30 years.The seller of the motor-home got what hewanted, a monthly income from a motor-home he and his wife could no longer use.That motor-home was costing the ownermoney every year for insurance, licensesand maintenance costs even though theywerent using it and hadnt used it for over5 years. The seller of the motor-home was
  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

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    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

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    very happy receiving the payments fromthe promissory notes the investor tradedhim for the motor-home. At least he wasgetting some of his money back from theno longer used motor-home every monthhe and his wife could surely use. Everyonewas a winner and in that deal two differentcatalysts were used, the motor-home and

    the investors promissory notes to makethat deal happen. Remember, every dealyou will ever do will always have a cata-lyst involved that makes the deal happenand that catalyst doesnt have to be cash!Always nd out what the sellers REALLYneed and use that item as the catalyst tomake the deal happen!

    Comment on this article online at

    Larry Harbolt727-420-4810

    [email protected]

    Larry Harbolt is the nations leadingcreative Seller Financing expert aswell as a popular national real estatespeaker and teacher whose time-

    tested strategies and nuts and bolts teachingstyle has helped thousands o aspiring real estateentrepreneurs realize their nancial dreamswith little or no money and without the needor credit. Larry has been successul creativelybuying and selling real estate or over 30 yearsand has written numerous popular articles andreal estate courses. Larry also has been running ameetup group in St Petersburg, FL or real estateinvestors or over 13 years.

    Keep yur Tampa REIA Membership current andenjy big discunts frm these suppliers andmany thers in the Cmmunity Buying Grup.

    For more information, see
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    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    We meet at Whiskey Joes Bar & Grill,located at 7720 West Courtney Campbell

    Causeway in Tampa, right ater ourTampa REIA Main Meeting

    Join us or



    WARNING! Short Sale Lender Has Mandated

    Deed Restrictions On Deed For Closing!

    By Kimberlee Frank

    The Short Sale lenders are gettingcrazier and crazier. That is whyyou need to stay current with the

    short sale changes. Approximately 3 yearsago, Bank of America was the rst shortsale lender to start requesting that thenew buyer of the property consent to notresell the property for less than 30 days.This statement was included in their shortsale approval letter. This statement alone

    caused a lot of challenges to investors whowere still looking to close back to backon transactions. A few short sale lend-ers thereafter, such as GMAC and WellsFargo, started adding 60 to 90 day resaleclauses on their Arms Length Afdavits,but not their short sale approval letters.

    Recently, I was in the process of purchas-ing a property where I needed to get anextension on the short sale approval letter.The reason was that the Homeowner As-sociation advised us that, pursuant to theirby-laws, their 35% ownership of invest-ment properties had been reached and onlyhomeowner occupants can purchase theproperty. The servicer for the lender wasSeterus. I received a brand new approvalletter for the same exact buyer as before,but with a few different statements:

    1. The purchaser cannot resell the prop-erty within 30 days of the short salesettlement date. The purchaser cannotresell the property for greater than 120

    percent of the short sale price within 90days of the short sale settlement date.

    2. The deed conveying the property tothe purchaser should be amended, incompliance with applicable state law,to include the following provision:Grantee herein is prohibited fromconveying captioned property for anysales price for a period of 30 days from

    the date of this deed. After this 30 dayperiod, Grantee is further prohibitedfrom conveying the property for a salesprice greater than $88,800.00 until 90days from the date of this deed. Theserestrictions shall run with the land arenot personal to the Grantee.

    WOW! Now the short sale lenders arereally placing a deed restriction on theproperty, as it is being included with therecorded deed because previously the pur-chaser or seller would have to sign a docu-ment either a short sale approval letterand/or arms length afdavit acknowledg-ing this agreement. This allowed manyinvestors to do two closings using two dif-ferent title companies and literally ignor-ing the deed restriction thinking that noone would know about the deed restrictionsince nothing was led in public records.Well, the game is over ladies and gents, ifyou played that game, which I never rec-ommended. Some of the lenders are nowrequiring it on the deed which also con-

    trols your prot. This particular loan waan FHA loan.

    Am I saying that all lenders are going tofollow suit with these new restrictions? would assume a few will jump on boardsuch as Bank of America, Wells Fargo andGMAC. You will need to be sure on youshort sale deals that you know how longyou will have to hold the property and

    make sure you have enough prot there tohold it. Please take the time to read everylender document thoroughly and if theris wording that you would like removedask them to remove it. I cant guaranteeyou that they will, as they did not do so onmy transaction, but you wont know if youdont ask.

    What this really means is that you wilneed to buy at the right price and hold fothe right number of days in order to proBIG in the short sale arena! Howeverthere are ways around getting your buyein at the time of closing, which I will sharein my next article. Until then read youpaperwork!

    Comment on this article online at


    Kimberlee Frank407-888-3255

    [email protected]

    Kimberlee Frank is a MasterNegotiator who has closed over600 deals since 1998. She is aMentor, Trainer, Author and RealEstate Broker teaching Investors

    and Realtors how to creatively purchase andsell short sales with her Step-by-Step System.She has helped Investors and Realtors earnhundreds o thousands o dollars.
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    11/242013 Tampa REIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprint not permitted without written permission from publisher.

    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    Are you tired of making offers onhouses listed in the MLS only tohave the price bid up by other

    investors and hedge funds? Well, thatswhat happens when there is an inven-tory shortage and everyone is chasing thesame leads. The minute a new listing hitsthe MLS, there are often multiple offerson the home by the end of the day.

    Instead of competing for the same smallpool of leads, you need to generate yourown leads leads no one else knows about

    but you. You can do this by using manyof the same methods and techniques thathave been working for years such as

    Bandit Signs Putting out we buyhouses signs with your phone num-ber and web address in and aroundthe neighborhoods where you want topurchase will get the leads coming inalmost instantly. Be sure to be awareof the sign ordinances in your area toavoid nes.

    Flyers You can distribute we buyhouses yers virtually anywhere to getthe leads pouring in almost as soon asyou put them out. You can yer park-ing lots, neighborhoods and houses forsale. You can also have your yers dis-tributed with the local paper, on pizzaboxes or by the postal service for about14 cents each.

    Business Cards You should havesome attractive business cards printed

    up with your contact information onthe front of the card and your eleva-

    tor speech describing what you doon the back. Make a point to handout at least a dozen cards every day toeveryone you meet. You never knowwho has a house for sale or who mightknow someone else who does.

    Vehicle Signs If you are a seriousinvestor, you should consider gettingsome magnetic we buy houses signs foryour vehicle. Alternatively, you couldput semi-permanent vinyl lettering onyour vehicle or get your entire vehicle

    wrapped with your marketing mes-sage.

    We Buy Houses Apparel Youshould get some clothing such asshirts, hats and jackets screen printedor embroidered with your marketingmessage and contact information sothat where ever you go, people willknow you buy houses and strike up aconversation with you.

    Dialing for Dollars Find housesfor sale or rent in the local paper oron online classied ad sites like Craig-slist, take down the owners numberand then call them. It never ceases toamaze me how few investors are will-ing to actually pick up the phone andcall anyone anymore. If you take thetime to call, chances are, you will beone of the few who do.

    Driving for Dollars One of myfavorite methods to nd deals is to get

    in my truck and drive the neighbor-hoods where I want to buy houses. I

    look for listed houses, FSBOs and rentals, especially the ones that have beenon the market for a while. I will yerthese houses or get out, knock on thedoor and talk to the seller. I also lookfor vacant properties and ugly houses

    that arent necessarily for sale andtrack down the owner to see if theywant to sell. I often put out signs andyers while I am driving for dollars toget sellers to contact me.

    These are just a few ways to generate leadsThere are many more techniques such asusing direct mail, bird dogs, networkingetc. The point is to pick a few of thesemethods and use them consistently to gen-erate all the leads you can handle. If you dochances are you will have very little compe-tition for the leads you generate.

    And remember, most of the house leadsyou receive you will not purchase immediately for one reason or another. Just besure to keep your leads and follow up withthem repeatedly, month after month, untithe houses are sold to you or someone elseYou and your sellers will be glad you didHave a prosperous New Year!

    Comment on this article online at

    Abut the Authr: Dustin Grifn is theExecutive Director o Atlanta

    REIA and Tampa REIA andis also an entrepreneur, realestate investor, website

    developer, internet marketingenthusiast and a husband andproud ather o two.

    Your Ground Game forGenerating LeadsBy Dustin Griffin, Executive Director of Tampa REIA

    Keep up to date with

    our latest opportunities by

    joining us on Facebook at
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    American IRA Wants to

    be a Value Added Serviceto You or Your Business!

    Contact our ofce for any self-directed IRA questionsyou have or for a free consultation

    1-866-7500-IRA(472) or [email protected].

    PWe do business the old ashioned way.At American IRA, we pick up the phone.

    PWe ofer personalized service catered to eacho our clients needs.

    PWe provide educational articles, live webinars,

    and many other resources.

    PWe have experienced IRA instructors who areavailable or speaking engagements.

    PWe provide joint webinars which allows you tohigh-light your services.

    PWe provide ree copies o your webinar in CD/DVD ormat or you to promote your services.

    PWe have a resource page on our website to list

    your services on (certain restrictions apply).

    PWe are experienced in investingwe understand your investment language.
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    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2


    Istrongly believe that pre-screening sell-ers is one of the most important tasksyou will undertake in your real estate

    investing business. The more quickly youlearn to pre-screen prospects, the moremoney you will make in your Real EstateInvesting business. This article is focusedon teaching you how to tell a good dealfrom a time waster in 30 seconds or less.

    If you dont learn to pre-screen prospects

    quickly and efciently, you will get burnedout of the real estate investing businessby working with sellers who wont sellyou their house, no matter what you say.Your job as a real estate investor is to veryquickly determine the difference betweena prospect and a suspect, meaning some-one who needs to sell versus someone whojust wants to sell their property.

    People who just want to sell will eitherreject you immediately (dont take this toheart, it just helps you move on quicker)or they will jerk your chain with a bunchof excuses as to why they wont sell to you.Dont waste your time with these folks!!

    I know from rst hand experience that mo-tivated sellers will make themselves knownto you quickly and they are a whole lot morefun to work with. Their attitude is more likePlease take my house off my! They are usually pretty easy to iden-tify once you ask the right questions.

    This is why I suggest using a specic letterwhen you are mailing to these sellers and a

    specic telephone script when speaking tomotivated and non-motivated sellers. Theanswers to the questions you need to askwill very quickly identify for you whetheryou are working with a motivated seller ora time waster. And if you did your directmail campaigns correctly in the rst place,you usually have most of the informationfrom these sellers already in order to makethat determination. So that just removesone more obstacle for you.

    When speaking with sellers, dont worrytoo much about being perfect. In fact, ifyou are not perfect or totally profession-al, you are probably more likely to builda better rapport with a motivated seller.They are much less likely to feel like theyare being taken advantage of, even whenthey arent. So relax and enjoy your con-versations with these motivated sellers.

    When you are working with a truly moti-vated seller, they will hang on your everyword and do pretty much whatever youneed them to do in order to get the dealdone. They will be glad you came intotheir lives in order to relieve them of thestress the property is causing them andthey are counting on you to help them outof their current situation. This is your jobas a real estate investor.

    Remember, usually you will be contactinga seller who has already contacted you inanother way, such as responding to a direct

    mail piece you may have sent them or sometype of advertising you have implemented.

    If the seller contacts you rst, you are muchmore likely to make a better deal.

    As a Real Estate Investor, when you dospeak to a motivated seller, make sure totake plenty of good notes so you donhave to try to remember what they toldyou later. It will be important for you tohave all the facts when you get to the poinof actually structuring the deal.

    In my next article I will discuss the ba-sics to determining whether or not a selleis truly motivated. In the meantime, feefree to visit my website at to check out all of theproducts I have available for nding andfollowing up with motivated sellers.

    I also have a wonderful product to help youcalled Kathy Kennebrooks Magic SellerConversations which is a group of recorded conversations with both motivated andnon-motivated sellers to help you learn toquickly pre-screen sellers. I actually analyzeeach deal for you to show you the specicreasons why I did or didnt buy the property. This is an incredible tool for the ReaEstate Investor just starting out or the seasoned investor looking for a really effectivetraining tool for your business.

    Comment on this article online at

    Pre-Screening Sellers For Your RealEstate Investing Business Part 1By Kathy Kennebrook, The Marketing Magic Lady

    Kathy Kennebrook

    [email protected]

    Kathy Kennebrook is a speaker,author and has been activelyinvesting in real estate since 1999,Kathy currently resides in Bradenton,FL and is known as the Marketing

    Magic Lady because she is the countrysleading real estate marketing expert on ndingmotivated sellers using direct mail.SARASoTAREIA.CoM

    Join us at the

    SARASoTA REIA WEEKLY MEETINGEvery Wednesday at Noon

    at the Oriental Bufet, 4458 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL
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    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    Slutins that helpyu Make Mre.

    Wrk Less.

    Use your iPad, iPhone,or other mobile device,anywhere, to

    H Find comps andrental rates

    H Sign and send contractsH Plan your entire rehab

    H and so much more!

    Check it ut NoW!5 Day Trial fr only $1

    Make More. Work Less.Go To:

    The Five CriticalSteps to SuccessRon LeGrand

    Theres a lot of ways to make a mil-lion bucks, but most involve somekind of business, and that busi-

    ness must have the potential to achievea high income, or all one has is a lowpaying job he/she happens to own. Weall have a choice. So, why not choose abusiness that can make you rich?

    I know a dentist who spent $400,000on two sandwich shops which his fam-ily runs and can barely break even.Theres no way to sell because there arehundreds on the market and a businessmaking no money isnt worth much, es-pecially when it has no upside potential.Hes headed for a $400,000 seminar,but hey, we all take them and look howmuch smarter hell be the next time.

    In 1982, I was bankrupt broke, workingas a mechanic, 35 years old and clueless. Igot into a heated argument with my wife

    over a washing machine. She wanted anew one and I wanted to x the old onebecause I didnt have the $150 to spend.

    That night, there was no sleep. All Icould think about was how big of an ahole I was for arguing with a mother offour whom Id already been married tofor 17 years because she wanted to washclothes for her family. The next day, Istarted looking for a way out. I didntwant to live like this for the rest of mylife. There had to be something I coulddo to make a better living.

    My way out was real estate. I startedreading books and attended a seminarto get me started. Greed and hungertook over from there. Before I knewit Id bought and sold several hun-dred houses without using my moneyor credit, and still do it today, over2,000 now.

    I tripled my income easily the rst year,and it continued to climb for years there-after until I started creating courses on

    what I know, and selling them in 1987.Then my income tripled again.

    Today, my company continues to mar-ket information products to real estateinvestors and those who want to tripletheir income on the internet or learnhow to start and grow any business.Since that has become my chosen eldand hundreds of thousands have gonethrough our training, it puts me in agood position to see what people doright and what they do wrong.

    One lesson I learned the hard way hasbecome my credo:

    The Less I Do,The More I Make

    No, that doesnt mean you get paid fornot working. But, it does mean youmust do only the things no one else can

    and let other people do what they dobest and get out of their way. If your lifeis never-ending minutia and every daygoes by with no activity to grow yourbusiness, itll never be more than a joband soon be one youll want to quit. Theboss must stay focused on revenue andspend every day increasing it. No oneelse in the company cares about it morethan the boss, the owner, the receivingthe major benets of a business.

    Most waste time the same way, day-in and day-out and not one productivething gets done.

    These are ve steps to any business, re-gardless of its product or service. I buy andsell real estate, own a restaurant, have sev-eral online businesses, develop real estate,own an information marketing company,a consulting business, speak at events anda few other odds and ends. These ve stepsapply to all of them. FYI, I dont have tobe present for any of these businesses tooperate and, in fact, Im not present much.
  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

    15/242013 Tampa REIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprint not permitted without written permission from publisher.

    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2


    1. Locate Prospects Without themthere is no business and this is wheremany owners fail. Theyre great atdoing the thing they sell, but suckat marketing. Id rather be greatat marketing and suck at the thingI sell. It can and should be hired

    out anyway, not done by you. Ima lousy cook, so its a good thingIm not my own chef. Im great atbuying houses, but not one thing Ido cant be done by someone else.I love internet marketing, but theday you nd me building my ownwebsite you have my permission toshoot me. My time is spent gettingbusiness until I replace myself, thenI watch my replacements. Focus onrevenue, not cost control.

    2. Prescreen Prospects Theres abig difference between prospects andsuspects. Until you receive money fora product or service you have a pros-pect, not a customer. Until a prospectshows serious interest and is predis-posed to do business with you becausethey know what you can do for them,you have a suspect. Your objectiveis to get suspects to prospects to cus-tomers ASAP cost effectively. Thatmeans 20% of the budget shouldbe spent on getting suspects and 80%on converting to customers, the ex-act opposite that most businesses do.Usually 80%-95% of any suspect poolwill never buy so dont spend timetrying to make chicken salad out ofchicken manure.

    3. Construct and Present Offers With no offer, there is no sale. Inreal estate, its the offer to purchase.In a restaurant, its the menu anda waiter upselling. Online, its the

    sales letter. In retail, its the inven-tory proudly displayed or on sale.In all businesses, there better be anoffer and the owner must learn topresent it in the form the consumerwants to receive it. That usuallymeans multiple media. A businesswith only one way to get customersis a business on its way out. One is abad number in business.

    4. Follow-Up 82% of the revenuein most businesses comes from thesecond to the seventh contact witha prospect. No doesnt mean no. Itonly means see me later when timeand circumstance change my mind.That means a business that doesntfollow up with a sequential cam-paign to capture customers will loseup to 82% of its potential revenue.Ask yourself, whens the last time a

    business, any business, followed upwith you? The key is to work hardconverting prospects and a little onsuspects, but neither can be donewithout a database of both. Im ap-palled at how few businesses evenkeep a list of their customers, whichis their largest and most valuableasset. Have you seen a restaurantlately even ask your name, muchless do any work to capture yourcontact info? I can assure you, minedoes. You aint getting out the door

    until we give you a shameless bribeto get on our newsletter list.

    5. Close Quickly That means getthe money. Im shocked at howmany businesses get the bride rightto the altar and never ask for a callto action. You must ask for mon-ey, fully expect to receive it and notquit until you do. Theres no shamein swapping products and servicesfor money. Its how businesses sur-

    vive, and the better you get at it thefaster youll triple your income. Lethe staff handle the minutia whileyou focus on closing sales and training others to do the same, untiyoure not needed anymore.

    Lets recap! If you want to have a successful business and triple your income

    you must:

    Put yourself in a position to do so ina business where it can happen.

    Second, build a marketing systemto attract suspects, convert to prospects and then to buyers.

    Third, repeat, repeat, repeat

    Its not rocket science: Its the ChunkaTheory the chunka comin in must belarger than the chunka going out.

    Comment on this article online at

    Larry Harblts WeeklyReal Estate Investr Meetup

    Every Monday at 7:00pmHibachi Bufet7610 49th St N, Pinellas Park, FL



    Ron LeGrand is the worldsleading expert in residentialquick turn real estate and hasbought and sold over 2,000single amily homes over

    the past 30 years, and currently owns

    commercial developments in nine statesranging rom retail, ofce, warehouse,residential subdivisions and resorts.

    Ron is an active teacher, author andwriter with a best selling book in storestoday and a new one recently released.

    Ron is a ormer mechanic that hashelped create millionaires numberingin the thousands and has hundreds othousands o students all over NorthAmerica and numerous other countries.

  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

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    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2


    Real Estate IRA Investing The PurchaseA young couple found a home theywanted to purchase with their real estateIRA. The purchase price was $50,000.They borrowed $55,000 and had $800worth of repairs. I know that $800 worthof repairs for a house purchased with1,400 square feet, three bedrooms, andtwo baths through a short sale sounds

    absurd, but these are actual numbersfrom an actual deal.

    Real Estate IRA Investing The Repair BillIve personally never seen $800 worth ofrepairs in my entire life and Ive been inthis business for 40 years. I cant even walkthrough the house for $800. I dont knowwhat it is but Ive never done that, so thatwas phenomenal to me. The deals greatbut how did you get $800? They actuallygot a little cash back at closing since theyborrowed $55,000 for a $50,000 purchase.

    Real Estate IRA Investing Net EquityThe market value was $90,000 at thetime of closing and the loan was $55,000,so they had a net equity of $35,000.

    Real Estate IRA Investing Net MonthlyIncomeThe couple borrowed $55,000, from a selfdirected Ira at 8% amortized for 20 years, all

    due in seven years. The rent on this propertyis $875 a month, and their monthlyexpenses, including their loan payment anda vacancy allowance, are $665.00.

    They are netting $210 a month on thisdeal. Thats correct, positive cash owwith no points.

    Real Estate IRA Investing Re-stealingThe reason that they got this property isthere was a lot of bidding going on and a

    lot of offers being made, but because ofthe marketplace everyone was trying tore-steal the property.

    Do you know what re-stealing is? Itsalready a fabulous deal and its not goodenough so investors place offers that arebelow the already great price in an effort tore-steal the property. It was on the marketfor $50,000 and the other investors were

    offering $42,000 and $43,000 in anattempt to re-steal the property.

    Sometimes, as an investor, youve got totake a step back and say Id rather havethe deal. Its a good deal. Suck it up thatyou didnt get $2,000 off or you didntget $5,000 off. Youre already buying itcheap 55% Loan to Value. The youngcouple realized they already had a gooddeal and offered the asking price. As aresult, the young couple walked awaywith the deal and the investors that weretrying to re-steal the property were leftempty handed.

    Real Estate IRA Investing Re-stealing, the Double EdgeRe-stealing can lead to some greatdeals in which investors can maximizetheir prots by placing low offers onproperties that are already listed wellbelow market value. On the other edge,as you saw in this deal, re-stealing canalso lead to lost deals. When using this

    technique, it is important to weigh thesituation and determine whether youare willing to chance losing the dealfor a lower price or whether it is timeto seize the opportunity and pay theasking price.

    The moral is if the deal is good enough dont letgreed get in the way of PROFIT!

    Comment on this article online at

    Real Estate IRA Investing TechniqueRe-Stealing Properties A PotentiallyProfitable Technique with a Double Edge!Jim Hitt, CEO of American IRA, LLC

    Jim Hitt800-750-0472

    [email protected]

    Jim Hitt is the Chie ExecutiveOfcer o American IRA, LLC

    and has been committed to allaspects o investing or more

    than 30 years, using seldirected IRAs or hisown investments since 1982. Jims orte is thenancing and acquisition o real estate, privateoerings, mortgage lending, businesses, jointventures, partnerships and limited liabilitycompanies using creative techniques.

    Domain Names or just

    $1.99*or rst year with new,

    non-domain purchase. Domain Names

    Web & Wordpress Hosting Email & Exchange Accounts

    SSL Certicates Marketing Tools and much more!

    *Certain terms and conditions do apply.See website for details.

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    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2


    Subscribe t


    Meets n the 3rd

    Thursday f eachmnth frm


    Winter Park Civic Center

    1050 W. Morse Blvd.

    Winter Park, Fl 32789

    FoLLoW IRC oN:

    As I write this, its coming up on theend of 2012. The real estate marketis still crazy, and there are a lot of

    questions in peoples heads as to what themarket is going to do. What else is new?

    Ever since I rst got in to real estate invest-ing, back in 1996 (wow!), the market hasALWAYS been changing. So thats NOexcuse not to get involved & do some deals.The KEY is to just recognize WHAT the

    best strategies are to use at the moment,then learn all you can about them, and -most important of all ACT on what youlearn!

    Winners with tiger blood runningthrough their veins will tell you thatCHANGE (and chaos!) just creates moreopportunity, and the real estate mar-ket right now is certainly no exception.It used to be that the hot things in realestate were: Wholesaling, Short Sales,Rehabbing, and of course, the related Get

    the Deed system, where you take overexisting houses Subject To the existingmortgage.

    While those methods still certainly work,theyve denitely changed.

    One example of how those changes havehappened is: Who would want to getthe deed on a property thats declining invalue or is underwater in value (owedmore than the house is worth)? Notme, thats for sure! I doubt your would,either. But wait a minute! There IS

    a way to still help people in those situations and still make money! Keep reading

    Wholesaling is still a good business mod-el. But how many junkers can you dealwith? And how many are there in yourarea? Whos still buying them right now?

    Then you have your Rehab deals. I dontknow about you, but Id rather danceGangham Style for 5 hours straight thando another rehab. Dealing with contrac-tors, retail buyers, and BANKS (not tomention title companies, appraisers, etc.)

    almost made me quit real estate complete-ly a few years ago. Im not kidding. Ofcourse, YOU might like to do rehabs. If so,more power to you.

    And then there are Short Sales. Lordknows Ive done more than my fair share.Got pretty good at em, too! Believeme, there was nothing like sticking it tothe banks by negotiating asuperdiscounton a property, then getting a huge, fat

    check when the deal closed by selling itto a buyer! But while that scenario is stillpossible, our so-called leadership in Wash-ington, D.C. has changed a crapload oflaws that pretty much make it a crime insome states to help people in certain situa-tions. I used to live in Maryland, and thatwas one of the rst to screw us investorsover, all because of a handful of idiots thatmessed it all up for us. Theres a bunch ofother things that make doing short salesextremely challenging in todays nancialenvironment. And theres a LOT of hoops

    to jump through.

    So the big question remains: What dowe do NOW to make money in real es-tate? If all those other kinds of deals basi-cally suck these days, what type of dealsshouldwe focus on? (Again, if those are thetypes of deals youre doing now & theyreworking for you, then stop reading now &keep doing what youre doing. Nothing tosee here, folks!)

    Let me get right to it. I believe that thebest types of deals to focus on for the fore-

    seeable future is:

    WHOLESALING PRETTY HOUSES!Thats right. But what the heck doesthat mean, and HOW do you wholesale aPRETTY House, right?

    So let me explain

    Wholesalingpretty houses is very similarto our ol fashioned, tried & true methodof wholesaling ugly houses, with a fewnoticeable differences. (See table on thenext page.)

    The Best Deals To Doin Real Estate in 2013 &Beyond! Part 1By Tony Pearl

  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

    18/242013 Tampa REIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprint not permitted without written permission from publisher.

    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    Heres what it means to wholesale apretty house: Get a house under contract.Find a tenant-buyer who will live in thehouse. Get your money from the tenant-buyer & assign the deal. Done.

    Lets break that down. You nd a mo-tivated seller, typically one who doesnthave much equity, or is even underwater.

    If youre familiar with Subject To, or GetThe Deed deals, this should sound veryfamiliar. But heres where it gets a littlebit different

    You explain to them that you can helpthem get their house sold with minimalhassle and without having to come outof pocket (pay) much, if anything at all,to help them get the peace of mind theycrave. How will you do this? By nding alease-purchase tenant buyer to live in theirhouse & make the payments until such

    time as the property value goes back upand/or they are in the position to securenew nancing and buy. You further ex-plain to the seller that thisis their best situation, be-cause it solves their prob-lem while at the same timeproviding an opportunityto someone who desper-ately wants it that every-one else is ignoring.

    Of course, not everyonewill go for it. But many

    will, trust me. What aretheir other options? Shortsale, foreclosure, cash forkeys, or do nothing & ride

    it out. So you explain their options tothem, and the advantages & disadvantagesto each one. Then you show them whatyou can do for them, and how it makessense, and get the deal done!

    Hey, were just getting warmed up! Ididnt realize that this article was goingto run so long, so MAKE SURE you join

    us next month for Part Two of this article:The Best Deals to do in 2013 & Beyond

    Well cover a few of the important detailsyoull need to know, such as how & whereto close your deals; How to Sell these typesof Deals; How to get PAID; WHEN toDO these deals; and when NOT to dothese deals and much more!

    So wont you join me next month to readPart Two? Itll be worth your while,I guarantee!

    Until Next Time,Tony Pearl

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    2012 Atlanta REIA, LLC All Rights Reserved. Quotation and reprint are not allowed without written permission of the publisher. http://TampaREIA.com2013 Tampa REIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprint not permitted without written permission from publisher.

    When youre ready to get started, call Christine Grifnat 813-358-8050 or email [email protected].

    Tampa Real Estate Investrs Alliance

    Get Your Business Noticed!I youre looking to reach the Real Estate Industryhere in the Tampa Bay Area and throughoutFlorida, you cant do better than The PROFIT.

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    Tony Pearl202-556-0670

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    Tony Pearl is an entrepreneur,copywriter, proud ather, mentor,marketing consultant andtalented teacher who residesin the Washington, DC area. He

    has traveled to over 26 countries, speaks 4languages, and continues to travel extensively.He has been a proessional Ballroom and Latindance instructor, competitor, and exhibitor orover 19 years. As a Real Estate Investor, Tonyhas bought and sold over Ten Million dollars

    worth o real estate, and has been educated byand associates with the best.[email protected]://[email protected]://
  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

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    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2

    Isnt that a great headline! Wouldnt itbe great to have hit the real estate bot-tom in Tampa?

    We all know that the real estate marketin any city is micro economic. This meansthat you can pick an area that is whitehot and within one mile of that loca-tion you will nd an area that is dead likeweek old sh. You need to know where thewhite hot areas end and the dead sh areas

    begin: these are micro-niches. You needto nd the micro-nichesYOU NEEDINFORMATION, information that I canhelp you nd.

    If you are an investor who is determinedto buy real estate immediately, then thisinformation is for YOU.

    Okay, youre determined, but you donthave $200,000 stuffed in your mattress,and youre nervous about investing. Ev-eryone is, but the good news is that themarket is looking betterand there areexperts like me in the eld with good in-formation. The Tampa market is movingforward with investors who have a businessmodel of buy and hold. The buy x andsell is being done on a very limited basis.The end product for your buy x and sellhas to be priced aggressively and have su-perior nishes.

    In the Tampa area, investors are buyingproperties at a rate of 60% of the total

    sales. 50% of the total sales in the hot zipcodes are cash sales. This is a buyers mar-ket. You need to get in the game NOW!The wholesale business strategy is workingbut they have to be priced right!

    If you want the keys to your dreams andto your wealth machine, keep reading.Right now, you may not even know whatyou need to know! Below Ive provided thekind of information that you will need tocollect and, as your mentor, I will teach

    you how to nd it and how to use it toyour benet.

    I know what you need to know:

    You need to know that the fourth quarter g-ures are in: the Tampa market is lookingmuch better than it did earlier this year.You need to know that the phantom inven-tory is still there, and that the bank ownedsales are not keeping pace with the foreclo-

    sure rate. The Phantom inventory is grow-ing ever so slightly (3%). If you are a land-owner, the bank is on your side. You need toknow that the banks are keeping the pricesarticially higher and that the absorptionrate of houses in the Tampa market below$100,000 is at. (see Table 1)

    You need to know that right now, the whitehot areas of the city are in the zip codesbelow. These are areas where you can cashow. You can do the buy x and sell busi-ness model and most denitely the buyand hold. The zip codes outlined belowhave the highest number of properties be-ing sold below $175,000. The price pointbelow $50,000 is shrinking and prices aredrifting up. (see Table 2)

    You need to know that the dead sh areasare those located in the zip codes. The zipcodes have the lowest number of homessold below $175,000. If youre looking tobuy or sell in these areas youre going to bewaiting a long time.


    Tampa Real EstateMarket Has Hit Bottom!By Russ Hiner

    TABLE 1


    33573 Cypress, Del Webb, W, BFH

    33578 BFS, BFH

    33610 W, BFH, BFS

    33511 BFS

    33647 BFS

    33604 W, BFH

    33570 BFS

    33614 W, BFH

    33594 BFH

    33612 W, BFH


    34698 Ambrelea, Barrington Hills

    BFH, BFS33710 Sheryl Manor/ LakePasadena/ jungle BFH, BFS

    33756 BFH, BFS

    33702 W

    33709 W, BFH

    33707 BFH

    33763 W, BFH

    33705 W, BFH

    33771 W, BFH

    BFS= Buy Fix Sell, W= Wholesale, BFH = Buy, Fix and Hold

    TABLE 2











  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA

    21/242013 Tampa REIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reprint not permitted without written permission from publisher.

    Tampa Real Estate Investors Alliance JAN 2


    The Winnersand The LosersBy Erven Kimble

    As a business person, have you everconsidered that honesty producesa substantial nancial gain? Or,

    that dishonesty inherently produces hugemonetary losses? I realize that everyonemight not agree with this conclusion.

    However, the biblical evidence suggeststhere are many advantages to being hon-est and there are dire consequesces to dis-honest practices in business and in life.It is clear that ethics do have a profoundimpact on the bottom line. An even morebasic thought, indicates that our businesspractices dictate our relationship withGod! The Book of Proverbs contrasts thenancial outcome of the honest versus theeconomic decay of the dishonest. Lets ex-amine some of these profound truths.

    Wealth Accumulation vs.Inevitable Losses

    There is treasure in the house of the godly,but the earnings of the wicked bring trouble.(Pr 15:6, NLT)

    To be sure, personal integrity, honest prac-tices and high moral standards are associ-ated with nancial wellbeing. The house-hold of the honorable person contains

    great treasure

    because it is es-tablished on wis-dom and a properresponse to God.Even though aparent may not

    be afuent or nancially wealthy, they canleave their children a spiritual heritage ofgreat value.

    The treasures that exist in the house of thevirtuous individual consists of things like

    happiness, harmony, friendship, kindness,and nancial security. In contrast, the un-scrupulous man or woman that acquiredassets dishonestly or illegally brings trou-ble and nancial ruin upon himself and hisfamily suffers as well. The wicked nevergain enough to be satised, and eventu-

    ally lose what they have because of theirdishonest ways.

    Wealth gained by dishonesty will be dimin-ished, But he who gathers by labor will in-crease. (Pr 13:11, NKJV)

    The simple truth is wealth gained bydishonest means is not sustainable. Ac-quisitions using such means will even-tually produce long-term consequencesof cheating and illegal activities. Peoplewho lack integrity may gain short termnancial gain merely to postpone theirinevitable ruin.

    The day will come when their cheatingcatches up with them. Cheating doesntwork! The wealth of the dishonest is re-duced. Conversely, diligence and hardwork produces lasting scal return.

    Wealth that comes from telling lies van-ishes like a mist and leads to death.(Pr 21:6, NCV)

    The nancial gain that is the result ofdeception is short lived and ultimatelydestructive. Some prosperity is good andsome is bad, but the important thing ishow the assets are obtained. Deceitfulspeech produces a negative return. Goddesires that riches be accumulated in anhonest way.

    If the getting of riches is by lying, decep-tion and robbery, God will see to it that

    those riches will not be enjoyed. Do youget the impression that there are somerich men and women today who are notreally enjoying life to its fullest? So yousee, how you get there determines thewinners and the losers!

    Thoughts to Ponder

    I. Honesty has a denite monetaryvalue.

    II. What are your core principles bywhich you operate your business?

    III. Do these core values embracehonesty and integrity?

    Comment on this article online at


    do have a


    impact on the

    bottom line...

    Such wicked people are detestable to the Lord, but he offers his friendship to the godly.

    (Pr 3:32, NLT)

    Erven Kimble404-606-8909

    [email protected]

    Erven Kimble is an accomplished

    pastor, teacher, author, communityleader, licensed Christian Counselorand Real Estate entrepreneur. Ervenis a visionary that has aithully

    served as the Senior Pastor o a local church inLilburn, Georgia or twenty years.

    The author searched the Book o Proverbs andPsalms and extracted wisdom that reerencebusiness and nances to produce the serieso articles called Business By The Book. Thepurpose o these articles is to present timetested and proven Biblical principles in a waythat is practical, relevant and benecial to theaverage business person.

  • 7/30/2019 The Profit Newsletter January 2013 for Tampa REIA


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