The power of open cross-institutional collaboration for connected professional development in...

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Transcript of The power of open cross-institutional collaboration for connected professional development in...

  • Chrissi Nerantzi, Manchester Metropolitan University - Sue Beckingham, Sheffield Hallam University

    Dr Diogo Casanova, Kingston University - Dr Catherine Hack, Ulster University - Sheila MacNeill, Glasgow Caledonian University

    The power of open cross-institutional collaboration

    for connected professional development

    in higher education

    #ALTC 2015

  • Overview

    Our understanding of open

    cross-institutional development

    BYOD4L: January 2015 iteration

    Exploring opportunities and challenges of open cross-

    institutional professional development

  • BYOD4L the open event

    add existing bits Site

    Related research and BYOD4L iterations, including January 2015

  • BYOD4L January 2015 (3rd iteration) 9 participating institutions + 2 further partners

    Snowballing approach (Nerantzi & Beckingham, 2015b)

    5C Framework (Nerantzi & Beckingham, 2015a)

  • The BYOD4L January 2015 Team

    2 organisers

    21 facilitators (without organisers)

    9 institutions

    2 additional partners (US, Germany)

    7 mentors

    1 peer reviewer

    1 artist

  • Overview of our research project

    Aims Explore perceived benefits and challenges for participating institutions for open

    cross-institutional initiatives and recommendations for sustainable professional

    development solutions

    Methodology Action research

    Methods Survey instrument, web analytics

  • Findings: WordPress views and


    Data created using @mhawksey's TAGS Tool by Peter Reed

    460 twitter users across the week

    Data created from wordpress statistics by

    Kay Hack 1553 unique visitors across the week

  • Method

    Survey: Google form

    Sent to: all 23

    BYOD4L facilitators

    and organisers

    Responses received: 9

    (39 %)

  • Profiling

    Initial expectations: Share best practices

    Enhance the use of TEL in their practice

    Evaluate new CPD opportunities


    Being part of something innovative

    Involve colleagues in something innovative

    Expectations met: Networking

    Learn about TEL and its use in Learning and


    Level of openness and collegiality (sense of



    Usefulness of the course

    Personal realisation

    Buzz around the course

    Disengagement from my institution

    Easiness or not of course design

  • Strengths Share practices


    Activities and course design


    Sense of community

    Find expertise elsewhere


    Safe environment

    - To create opportunities for colleagues and students to learn more about how they can use their smart devices

    for learning and teaching with peers from other institutions as this would widen their horizons and could potentially

    extent their network.

  • Weaknesses Level of institutional support

    Too many tools/spaces

    Lack of recognition

    Monitor engagement




    Lack of structure

    Level of institutional engagement

    Course design (last synchronous activity)

    Because it is so flexible its not clear how to get the best out of it

  • Opportunities

    new internal CPD opportunities

    personal development

    building networks and collaborations

    new cross-institutional CPD opportunities

    new approaches for professional development

    research opportunities

    extend recognition opportunities


    Create sustainable solutions through joined development and sharing of expertise with

    cross-institutional teams that can experiment with new approaches to professional


  • Threats recognition by institutions and management

    learning design paradigm

    monitoring quality and recognition

    alignment with professional frameworks

    level of commitment


    lack of institutional support


    data protection and intellectual property

    Some may struggle with the flexible approach to learning and seek the structured

    approach a traditional course may take

  • What was valued

    It has been a

    great experience

    for us and one that

    will participate on


    Open CPD is the future, provided a

    great opportunity to engage with

    like minded and inspirational

    colleagues across the UK.

    I enjoyed developing this course with my

    colleague from another institution.

    Together, we created something for

    others and this helped us all develop and

    create new professional relationships,

    push our own thinking and practice into

    new directions and carry out research


  • Benefits and challenges of using

    open courses for CPD


    Develop new shared CPD provision

    through collaboration with other

    institutions could provide an effective/

    efficient use of time and resources for

    staff development teams

    Potential to develop new CPD offers

    in areas where there is limited local


    Use these resources to provide local

    F2F provision

    Enables colleagues to experience a

    'course' in an free open and time

    limited as a learner.


    Need for local support to supplement

    online opportunities

    Breadth of activities can be daunting for

    novice online learners

    Need a lot of confidence to take part

    Because it's is so flexible it's not clear

    how to get the best out if it

    Uses many optional social media and it

    can feel like you're in the wrong place or

    other things are happening elsewhere

    Participation is rewarded with badges but

    is this recognised?

  • BYOD4L in January 2016: What will be

    different as a result of this project?

    - Recruiting facilitators: more balanced representation by support staff (Ac. Dev and

    TEL) and academics in the disciplines.

    - Recruiting student facilitators

    - Improve institutional engagement and support, work more effectively within our own

    institutions, also communication and marketing of BYOD4L

    - Identify opportunities within collaborating institutions to link BYOD4L with CPD

    schemes, institutional teaching qualifications and informal offers to gain recognition

    locally and more widely (MMU example)

    - Improve engagement monitoring, consider registrations at least at institutional level.

    - Identify further non-UK based collaborating institutions to enrich the learning


    - Continue the research we started to further improve BYOD4L and similar activities...

  • Recommendations

    start small

    collaborate with colleagues and students across your institution and


    use expertise and resources already available, including OER, repurpose

    and reuse

    identify effective ways to integrate cross-institutional CPD offers within

    your institution, collaborate with the L & T teams, including TEL

    secure buy-in and support from management

    make explicit connections to UK PSF or other institutional CPD

    programmes and initiatives

  • Join us for the next learning adventure

    BYOD4L January 11-16 2016

    We are looking for institutional partners,

    staff and student facilitators

    Follow @BYOD4L and for updates

  • What I will do within my institution in preparation for

    BYOD4L in Jan 16 Make more explicit links to existing CPD

    opportunities to gain credits and work towards

    professional recognition within MMU while

    participating/facilitating in BYOD4L.

    Review MMU marketing of BYOD4L.

    Review MMU BYOD4L registration process.

    Review face-to-face event and find a more

    effective way to attract more participants.

    Connect with the Student Union at MMU and

    identify students who are interested in

    participating and facilitating BYOD4L.

    Chrissi Nerantzi

    Manchester Metropolitan University, Principal Lecturer Academic CPD,

    Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

  • What I will do within my institution in preparation for

    BYOD4L in Jan 16 Work with our Head of Innovation and

    Professional Development on a parallel

    face to face programme at SHU

    Develop a communication strategy with a

    wider reach to include email and social


    Build a local team of mentors to support

    face to face as well as online during


    Create further multimedia getting started

    resources (e.g. Twitter, a blog) plus a

    virtual tour of the #BYOD4L website

    Sue Beckingham Sheffield Hallam University, Educational Developer and Senior Lecturer, Department of Computing

  • What I will do within my institution in preparation for

    BYOD4L in Jan 16

    expand the provision of CPD including

    more social media workshops

    include one ho