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The Offbeat. Revising the website of MSU’s undergraduate literary magazine. Overall Goal of the Website. To inform students about the magazine To encourage students to get involved To find out how to purchase the magazine. Current Website. Usability Testing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Offbeat

The Offbeat

The OffbeatRevising the website of MSUs undergraduate literary magazine

Overall Goal of the WebsiteTo inform students about the magazineTo encourage students to get involvedTo find out how to purchase the magazineCurrent Website

Usability TestingInterviewed several of our peers who might be interested in The OffbeatHad them answer a five question surveyMost had the same answersFor first impression, many said it looked nice/ was pleasant to look atSeveral said the top heading/picture is pretty and draws you inOne person wished there was a list or bullet points on home page instead of paragraphOthers said there should be a better explanation of what The Offbeat actually is and the link to the MSU Press should be bolded or highlighted to make it easier to find for purchasing reasons

Mock Ups

Initial Makeover

Initial Design PhilosophyShow past issues of the magazine in a visually appealing way An archive would allow students to get a *taste* of the magazine before they buy it in order to encourage them to purchase itPurchasing Information would be more readily accessible (it currently is hidden under the FAQ)Changing the cover photo to something more relevant Final Result

Final Design PhilosophyThe design should represent the Offbeat aesthetic: avant garde, cool, hip, offbeat, etc. The purpose of the website is to attract writers, artists, and creative thinkers, and to encourage their submissions to the magazineImplement updated design, including bright colors and more accessible purchasing information, including past issuesUpdated social media links, contact information, whats new, and staff listing

Our Goals/ConclusionsWorked with the design drafted by the staff and implement content changesCreate a style guide so the website can continue to be updatedCSS and format issues can be solved, and information can be updated often