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  • VOL.2|ISSUE: 7|AUGUST 2014`20

  • VOL.2 ISSUE: 7, AUGUST 2014 `20


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    The News You Like | August 2014 3

    It appears the rift between the chiefministers of two states Telanganaand Andhra Pradesh will neverpatch up. While Telangana chiefminister K Chandrasekhara Rao hasbeen aggressive in his talk, his AP counterpart N ChandrababuNaidu too is talking tough in a mild tone.

    KCR seems to be in a mood to divide everything and have anupper hand, while Chandrababu wants to go slow since anywrong decision would badly affect the common people. KCRwants an immediate solution for allotment of employees, feereimbursement, division of Assembly, Secretariat, RTC and otherpublic sector units, revoking PPAs and changing the name of NGRanga Agricultural University.

    There are also apprehensions on the survey ordered by theTelangana government on August 19. It is rumoured that thesurvey is aimed at identifying the people from Seemandhra andRayalaseema regions so that future plan could be chalked out tosend them back on one pretext or the other. An off the recordstatement said to be made in this regard by the Telangana chiefministers PRO Mr Vijay has gone viral on social media.

    The aggressive talk by KCR and other TRS leaders has beencreating insecurity among the people of Seemandhra andRayalaseema region. Taking advantage of the political bosses,lower level employees from the Seemandhra and Rayalaseemaregions working in various departments including policedepartment in Telangana are allegedly being persecuted.

    This type of atmosphere may lead to rising tensions betweenthe people of different regions thereby disturbing peace andtranquility, particularly when the Ganesh festival is due. It is timeboth the chief ministers sit with the Governor ESL Narasimhanand sort out the differences and concentrate more on the welfareof the people of all the regions.


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    Dhyan Yog Society

    The News forecastnow becomes a reality

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    Politics forPeople

    The LogisticsMan

    Success throughService

    Why do we needSachin, Rekha inparliament anyway?

    This motorbikecan fly in air

    First Bonalu in Telangana Statecelebrated

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  • The News You Like | August 2014 5



    It appears the decades old YMCA(Young Mens ChristianAssociation) is bogged down byinternal strife. A group of membersallegedly forced their way to becomeboard of directors through unfairmethods and resorting toembezzlement of the associationsfunds meant for poor and needypeople.

    The YMCA mobilizes funds fromdonors for service activities such ashelping the victims of calamities,disasters, identifying communityneeds and helping needy people. But

    it is now being alleged that a groupof members of the YMCA includingMani Kumar, Regional Secretary forYMCA South East India, RobertSurya Prakash, John Ravinder andChristopher Satya Raj and a fewothers had conspired together andusurped association funds worth overRs 2 crore.

    A full member of the YMCAGreater Hyderabad society, G BoazPaul lodged a complaint with the citypolice commissioner seeking athorough probe into the financial andother irregularities allegedly carriedout by Mani Kumar and others.

    In his complaint, Paul alleged

    that the association funds weremisappropriated and spent onluxuries such as hiring luxury cars,flying costly airlines to attendmeetings abroad, staying at luxuryhotels and spending on partying,boozing and other lavish things.

    The complainant alleged that theboard of directors had committedcriminal breach of trust by spendingthe funds for the purposes notenvisaged in the constitution andmemorandum of YMCA. The boardof directors, being custodians of theassociation, are required to protectthe property, assets, money andinterests of the association and the

    Internal bickeringcripples YMCA

  • The News You Like | August 20146


    members, which they did not do at any givenpoint of time, the complainant said.

    Paul says the accused resorted to fraud,forgery, embezzlement, misappropriationand criminal breach of trust. He also saidone of the accused, Robert Surya Prakash,had manipulated his life membership detailsregister by impersonation of his name andaddress over the details of another existinglife member named Khanna by of insertinghis details vide receipt No. 3999.

    According to Pauls complaint, SuryaPrakash and others were restrained by alocal court from functioning as board ofdirectors and an advocate commissioner wasappointed to oversee the affairs of theassociation. However, the group managed toget back the reigns of the associationthrough unfair methods and allegedlycarried out illegal acts causing hugewrongful loss for the association. It isalleaged that the accused have been able tocompel the police to keep under wraps theprobe in to a similar case earlier with thehelp of a DGP rank officer.

    Meanwhile, sources in the YMCA toldThe News that the accused are hand-in-glove with some tenants and constructioncompanies to alienate the prime propertiesthe YMCA has been able to acquire with thehelp of philanthropists over decades. Thesources assets like YMCA land inNarayanaguda, Secunderabad and Aushapurin Ghatkesar mandal, which are worthseveral crores of rupess in the currentmarket, are in danger due to the illegal actsof people such as Surya Prakash, ManiKumar and others.

    A quick look at the amounts taken bycertain board members or the amounts paidto different people and agencies over acouple of years makes clear theextravagance of the accused. The followingtable could be of immense help inunderstanding the misappropriation of fundsby the accused, YMCA sources said.

    In his complaint, Paul urged the city policecommissioner to direct the officials of the Central CrimeStation (CCS) to register a case under various provisions

    of the Indian Penal Code and investigate the same toensure action against the culprits who have duped theYMCA to the tune of over Rs 2.2 crore.

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    Bonalu, the folk festival ofTelangana, wascelebrated with gaietyand religious fervor. Hundredsthronged the Mahankali templesin Hyderabad on July 20.

    This is the first Bonalufestival after the formation of theTelangana state. The festival isbeing officially celebrated as theTelangana government hasdeclared it the state festival.

    Chief Minister KChandrasekhar Rao prayed at theMahankali temple at LalDarwaza in the Old City andmade offerings to the presidingdeity on behalf of thegovernment.

    He visited Akkanna Madannatemple at Hari Bowli, also in theOld City. Speaking on theoccasion, the chief ministergreeted people and promised toallot land for the templesexpansion. Deputy Chief

    First Bonalu in telang ana state celeBrated

  • The News You Like | August 2014 9

    Minister Mahmood Ali, HomeMinister N Narasimha Reddyand senior officials were alsopresent.

    The festival, which reflectsthe rich culture of Telangana, wascelebrated in a traditional manneracross Hyderabad. It is celebratedto ward off evil and usher inpeace and harmony. Womenmade offerings in the form offood to goddess Mahankali inspecially decorated pots.

    Attired in their best, womencarrying Bonalu on their headsand accompanied by drumbeaters made their way to thetemples to worship the goddess.The celebrations in Hyderabadculminated on July 21 with thetraditional procession in the OldCity. The month-long festivitiesin the state capital began earlyJuly. Similar celebrations wereheld in Golconda andSecunderabad. The festival wasalso celebrated in the nine otherdistricts of Telangana.

    First Bonalu in telang ana state celeBrated

  • The News You Like | August 201410


    Election petitions filed against Asaduddin Owaisi,Akbaruddin and six MLAs of AIMIMPetitioners allege MIM candidates resorted tosuppression of facts, corrupt practices and rigging

  • The News You Like | August 2014 11

    Election petitions filed against Asaduddin Owaisi,Akbaruddin and six MLAs of AIMIMPetitioners allege MIM candidates resorted tosuppression of facts, corrupt practices and riggingThe motive behind filing election petition is not to fight just an individual.The election petition is only the beginning of a fight against bogus votingand poll irregularities being carried out by the MIM for long.

    The MIM leaders, in collusion with some corrupt officials, have beenenrolling bogus votes and even casting the votes of those who are alreadydead and those who are working in foreign countries. I will fight on behalf ofevery individual whose vote to right has been violated by the MIM leaders.

    I will also fight against the MIM leaders, who have been usurpingAlmightys properties meant for the welfare of the poor and needy people. Iwill not rest until the culprits are brought to book.

    Mohd. Feroz Khan

  • The News You Like | August 201412


    Perhaps for the first time in thehistory of Hyderabad, electionpetitions had been filedagainst All India Majlis-e-IttehadulMuslimeen (AIMIM) leaders,challenging their election to LokSabha and Telangana StateLegislature.

    It has been alleged in thepetitions that the MIM candidatesresorted to suppression of facts,corrupt practices and pollirregularities during the 2014general elections. According to thepetitioners, while Asaduddin and allthe seven MLAs commonly resortedto corrupt practices and pollirregularities, four of them had alsoresorted to suppression of facts.

    The petitioners alleged that someof the MIM leaders deliberatelyconcealed certain properties ownedby them which is violation of theprovisions of Representation of thePeople Act, 1951. Also, there is aprecedent set by the Supreme Courtin a recent case - Kisan ShankarKathore Vs Arun Dattatray Sawant& Others.

    The apex court inits May 9, 2014 orderdismissed the appealfiled by Kisan ShankarKathore andconfirmed the August16, 2007 order of theBombay High Courtsetting aside theelection of theappellant to 56-Ambernath Assembly Constituencyin Maharashtra on the ground ofnon-disclosure of assets and duespayable to Maharashtra ElectricityBoard. The petitioners claim thesame order would be applicable forsome of the MIM legislators.

    Further, one MIM leader wassupposed to have been disqualifiedand his nomination rejected by theReturning Officer since he wasconvicted in a criminal case.According to Supreme Court caselaw - Lily Thomas Vs Union of Indiaand others and Lok prahari, VsUnion of India and others - datedJuly 10, 2013, a legislator would bedisqualified from the moment he isconvicted and cannot contest theelections for the next six years.

    However, thisparticular MIM leaderwas allowed by theReturning Officer tocontest the elections forthe reasons best knownto him.

    The petitionerscommonly contend thatthe MIM managed toinclude large number of

    bogus votes during the enrollmentdrive taken up by the electioncommission prior to the generalelections. Since Greater HyderabadMunicipal Corporation (GHMC) isunder the control of MIM party asthe Mayor belongs to the same party,bogus votes were enrolled on a largescale at the instance of MIM leaders.

    According to the petitioners, theelection commission did not takeany action either to preventenrollment of bogus votes or toremove the bogus votes enrolledprior to the election despite writtenand oral complaints by severalpeople.

    The petitioners also alleged thatan advertisement was published inUrdu daily Ethemad on April 29,

    Dr. Bhagwantha Rao Asaduddin Owaisi Moullim Mohsin Bin Hussain Alkasary

    Mustafa Mahmood


  • The News You Like | August 2014 13

    2014, a day before the polling inwhich a group of Islamic scholars,Muthawallis and Sajjadaganappealed to the Muslim electorate tovote for MIM candidates. Issuingand publishing such advertisementafter the conclusion of the campaign

    is violation of code of conduct andagainst the provisions of theRepresentation of the People Act,1951.

    The petitioners further claim thataccording to Section 101 of TheWakf Act, 1995 (43 OF 1995),

    This is for the first time in the history of Hyderabad that electionpetitions have been filed against MIM candidates. This is goingto remain in the annals of history because a sincere effort is being madeto put an end to the corrupt practices and poll irregularities beingcarried out by the MIM for decades.

    The MIM has been in the practice of enrolling bogus votes andcarrying out rigging in the elections. Also, the MIM has been trying tomislead the community in the name of religion. A majority of educatedMuslim youth oppose MIM, which has been evident from the poorpolling percentage till 3 pm on April 30, 2014.

    But the MIM began bogus voting and rigging after 3 pm in connivance with the poll staff resulting in sharpincrease in the percentage of voting. The MIM leaders got polled the votes of even dead and NRIs who hadbeen working in Gulf countries.

    I am sure the legal fight launched by some of the contestants would set a precedent for the coming electionsat all levels and put an end to bogus voting and rigging.

    -SYED SALEEM, Social activist

    We have faith in Judiciary

    If everything goes according to law of the land, the Electronic VotingMachines (EVMs) will speak the truth in the court. The EVMs cangenerate a printed report of - the result of poll, event log data, hourly totaldata, voter map data and voter time stamp data. This report will clearlyestablish the rigging carried out by MIM in the 2014 general elections.

    EVMs to speak the truth

    Moazam Khan

  • The News You Like | August 201414

    Muthawallis and Sajjadagan arepublic servants and the Indian lawbars public servants fromcampaigning in favour of anypolitical party and incite communalfeelings. Also, local cable televisionnetwork 4tv and Ethemad newspapertelevised and published innumerableadvertisements and news in favourof the MIM candidates during theelection campaign, which comesunder the category of paid news.However, the same has not beenincluded in the accounts of electionexpenses incurred by the MIMcandidates, the petitioners alleged intheir election petitions.

    The petitioners also alleged thatthe MIM party members under theleadership and directions ofAsaduddin Owaisi and the sevenMLAs resorted to rigging after 3 pmon the day of polling. Thepercentage of polling till 3 pm wasnot more than 28 percent but therewas a sharp increase in thepercentage in several polling boothssoon after 3 pm.

    The MIM party indulged inbogus voting and rigging inconnivance with the polling staffafter 3 pm as the Central

    Majeedullah Khan Farhat Mumtaz Ahmed Khan C H Roop Raj

    Syed Ahmed Pasha QuadriM A Basith

    B Venkat ReddyAhmed Bin Abdullah Balala


  • The News You Like | August 2014 15

    Form 17-a registers toreverse the result

    Form 17-A registers containing thesignatures of each and every voters,which are available with the electioncommission in sealed covers, are likely toreverse the results after they are subjectedto judicial scrutiny. The electionpetitioners have urged the court tocompare the signatures available in Form17-A registers with the original signaturesof voters. Since the MIM resorted tomassive rigging and the signatures areforged, the results are bound to bereversed after the trial in the court.

    Paramilitary Forces (CPF) personnel were not seen at any of theentry points to polling booths though it is mandatory according tothe Supreme Court orders for the authorities to post CPF personnelto prevent poll irregularities. The petitioners urged the court to callfor records related to the elections to Hyderabad Lok Sabha andseven assembly constituencies Chandrayangutta, Yakutpura,Malakpet, Charminar, Bahadurpura, Nampally and Karwan forjudicial scrutiny.

    The petitioners urged the court to direct the election authoritiesto furnish before the court for judicial scrutiny a detailed printedreport of the result of poll, event log data, hourly total data, votermap data and voter time stamp data which can be taken from theEVMs. According to the petitioners, the report generated from theEVMs would be sufficient to establish the fact that the MIM didcarry out rigging. The petitioners also urged the court to call forduty log of the CPF personnel posted at each polling booth inHyderabad Lok Sabha constituency and seven assembly

    constituencies, call for Form 17-A registers fromthe election commission for judicial scrutiny of thesignatures of the voters and set aside the election ofthe MIM candidates.

    According to the petitioners, Form 17-Aregisters and the printed report that can be generatedfrom the EVMs would be more than enough toprove the corrupt practices and poll irregularitiescarried out by the MIM candidates. Besides, someof the MIM candidates had also resorted tosuppression of facts. The petitioners are confidentthat they would be able to prove the guilt of theMIM candidates and put an end to corrupt practicesand poll irregularities at least in Hyderabad.

    Jaffar Hussain Mohd Feroz Khan

    Akbaruddin Owaisi Dr Khayam Khan

  • The News You Like | August 201416

    If a candidate contesting from anAssembly Constituency or LokSabha Constituency resorts to non-disclosure of assets or due payableor provides misinformation, suchcandidate would be liable fordisqualified.

    In Kisan Shankar Kathore VsArun Dattatray Sawant & Others,dated 09/05/2014, the SupremeCourt confirmed the Bombay HighCourt order dated 16/08/2007setting aside the election of theappellant to 56-AmbernathAssembly Constituency inMaharashtra on the ground of non-disclosure of assets and duespayable to Maharashtra ElectricityBoard.

    The election petitioners claimthat this judgment is applicable for

    four elected representatives of theMIM.

    In another case - Lily ThomasVs Union of India and others andLok prahari, Vs Union of Indiaand others dated 10/07/2013 theSupreme Court held Section 8(4)of the Representation Of thePeople Act as ultra vires. Thematerial part of the said order readsas under:

    ..However, If any sittingmember of parliament or a statelegislature is convicted of any ofthe offenses mentioned in sub-sections (1), (2) and (3) of section8 of the Act and by virtue of suchconviction and /or sentence suffersthe disqualifications mentioned insub-sections (1), (2) and (3) ofSection 8 of the Act after the

    pronouncement of this judgment,his membership of Parliament orthe State Legislature, as the casemay be, will not be saved by sub-section 4 of the section 8 of theAct which we have by thisjudgment declared as ultra virusthe constitution notwithstandingthat he files the appeal or revisionagainst the conviction and /orsentence.

    According to the electionpetitioners, this judgment isapplicable for MIM legislatorMumtaz Ahmed Khan, who hasbeen declared as elected fromYakutpura Assembly Constituencyby the election authorities despitewritten complaints seeking hisdisqualification on the basis of theapex court judgment.

    sc orders to deal severe Blow


  • The News You Like | August 2014 17



    This story appears to be aTollywood potboiler. A manallegedly cheated his femalebusiness partner and also tried toportray her as a woman of loosecharacter. The woman, in an attemptto take revenge and recover themoney from her business partner, gotkilled the latters wife with the helpof a typist working for the policedepartment.

    Kolthur Krishna of Bapunagar inAmberpet had been working in theBihar branch of Vedavaag SystemsLimited for quite some time. He usedto visit his family wife Sunitha, sonUday Kiran and daughter Shravani once in two months. On April 16,2014, i.e. a month after his visit tocity, Krishna received a message onhis mobile from his wife saying shewas eloping with her lover and askedhim to be happy and take care ofchildren. A similar message was sentto Krishnas son Uday in whichSunitha purported to have asked theboy to take care of his sister.

    Immediately, both Krishna andUday tried to contact Sunitha but hermobile phone was switched off.Krishna asked his son and relativesto search for Sunitha and he himselfhurried to airport to reachHyderabad. He could land inHyderabad on June 18. Since his sonand relatives could not trace Sunithaby then, he lodged a complaint withAmberpet police.

    It took about a month for the

    investigators to identify the suspectwith the help of technology. Soon,the suspect P Jagannadham Naidu,who worked as typist in Sanathnagarpolice station on temporary basis,was picked up for questioning onJuly 9. During questioning he spilledthe beans. He narrated how Sunithawas lured to a hideout and then killedat the behest of Vijaya Reddy, theformer business partner of Sunithaand her husband Krishna.

    Naidu told police that he gotacquainted with Krishna, his wifeSunitha and Vijaya Reddy when hewas working as typist at Kukatpallypolice station. The trio went toKukatpally police station inNovember 2011 following financialdisputes in their partnership businessrelated to VK Drugs. However,Krishna managed to get a stay on allproceedings in the case filed byVijaya.

    Naidu disclosed to police that

    Vijaya approached him for help insettling business disputes withKrishna. She reportedly told Naiduthat Krishna took away Rs 2 crorebank loan sanctioned to VK Drugsand then began assassinating hercharacter in an attempt to swallowthe money. Vijaya offered to givehuge amount if I help her inrecovering the loan amount fromKrishna and also for damaging hisfamilys reputation, Naidu toldpolice.

    Accordingly, Naidu was waitingfor an opportunity to foist trouble forKrishna and his family which camein the first week of April. Hehappened to visit a crime scene inSanathnagar police station limitswhere an unidentified man wasfound murdered. Naidu quicklyscribbled in a slip saying KolthurKrishna warned me and threw it inthe crime scene. Subsequently, policequestioned him but could not findany evidence for his involvement in

    Revenge ofa BusinesswomanVictim Sunitha

    Venkata Ramana (Inspector)

  • The News You Like | August 201418

    the crime.As his plan turned out to be a

    flop, Naidu thought of another plan.He stole a SIM card from a seizedmobile phone in Sanathnagar policestation and contacted Sunitha usingthe stolen SIM. Naidu lured her fordrinks as the latter was fond ofconsuming toddy. Within few days,he became so close to Sunitha that hecould invite her for drinks at hisoffice-cum-guest house in Attapur.Before picking up Sunitha fromAmberpet, Naidu informed Vijaya ofthe developments and asked her to beready on April 16, 2014. He pickedup Sunitha from Amberpet in hisMaruti car and reached his office atAttapur at around 11.30 am. Once

    there, Sunitha began consumingtoddy and went into semiconsciousstate. At this point, Naidu strangledher to death using her saree andrelieved gold ornaments from thebody. He then chopped the body intopieces using a butchers wife hepurchased for the purpose and stuffedthe parts in plastic bags, police said.

    Naidu then met Vijaya to updateher with the developments. Later, hesent lewd messages to Krishna andhis son using Sunithas mobile phonebefore turning it off and abandoningit on the road side. He alsoabandoned the mobile phone inwhich the stolen SIM was inserted.Subsequently, Naidu and Vijayacleaned the office to wipe of the

    blood stains and dumped the plasticbags covered in bed sheet along withbutchers knife in an isolated place inAttapur area, police said.

    The gold ornaments taken fromSunithas body were sold away alongwith the ornaments of Vijaya as thelatter wanted money to send her sonto US. Sanathnagar Sub-InspectorRamesh Naik helped them sell thegold ornaments at ShankarlalJewellers in Basheerbagh. Theinvestigators traced the murdererwith the help of call data record ofthe victim, police said.

    Based on Naidus confession,Vijaya was arrested on July 7, 2014and both were sent to judicialcustody.


  • The News You Like | August 2014 19


    There has been a lot of talkover setting up new film citiesin Andhra Pradesh andTelangana ever since the erstwhileAndhra Pradesh was divided into twostates.

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Ministerand Telugu Desam Party (TDP)

    supremo N Chandrababu Naiduannounced that a new film citywould be developed inVisakhapatnam. Film industrypersonalities like D Ramanaidu andothers have also been talking aboutthis for quite some time.

    On the other hand, TelanganaState Chief Minister and TelanganaRashtra Samithi (TRS) chief K

    Chandrasekhara Rao also announcedthat a new film city would bedeveloped on the lines of Bollywoodin about 2000 acres of land.

    It may be recalled here that anews report was published in thesecolumns way back in September2013 saying a new film city was onthe cards for Seemandhra. And it isturning into reality today.

    THE NEWS forecastnow becomes a reality


  • The News You Like | August 201420


    An advisory committee hasbeen constituted by thegovernment of AndhraPradesh to examine the variousaspects of building a state capital and

    suggest a plan ofaction for itsdevelopment.

    The ninemember committeeis headed byMunicipalAdministration and

    Urban DevelopmentMinister P Narayana.

    Majority of the members happento be industrialists.

    The state government issuedorders on July 20 constituting

    the committee which will advise onconceptualization of a vibrant,diverse and inclusive city, creation ofa highly liveable urban eco system,efficient use of natural resources,urban planning policies and otherissues.

    The committee includes rulingTelugu Desam Party (TDP)parliamentarians Y.S. Chowdaryand G. Jayadev.

    G.V. Sanjay Reddy, vicechairman of the GVK Group,Bommidala Srinivas of the AGMRGroup, M. Prabhakara Rao, chairmanof Nuzveedu Seeds Ltd, andChintalapati Srinivasa Raju,chairman of Peepul Capital, areamong the other members of thecommittee.

    Under the Andhra Pradesh StateReorganisation Act, 2014, whichcreated a separate Telangana state,the Centre has already constituted acommittee to identify and suggestwhere the new capital of AndhraPradesh shall come up.

    The Andhra Pradesh governmentis currently functioning fromHyderabad, which has been declaredas the common capital of both thestates for a maximum period of 10years.

    AP constitutes committeeto develop new capital


  • The News You Like | August 2014 21



    It appears trouble torn days are backfor the customers of Bharat SancharNigam Limited (BSNL). The publicsector unit, which managed to come outof its snails pace of activities some timeago, plunged back to the olden days.

    Trouble began after the BSNLauthorities took certain decisionsfollowing the division of Andhra Pradeshin to two states. One of the decisions wasto shift the server to Kerala. Ever sincethe server has been shifted to Kerala,customers have been facing serioushardships in paying their monthly billsand also for reconnection of thedisconnected phones.

    Sources said the server has been veryslow or not responding ever since it hasbeen shifted to Kerala resulting inserious delay of confirmation ofpayments made through online or theMee Seva Centres.

    Customers were able to getconfirmation of payment made throughonline or Mee Seva Centres when theserver was placed in Hyderabad andBangalore. However, after the server isshifted to Kerala, it is taking 48 hours forconfirmation due to which customers areforced to face interruption in servicesthough they pay the bills on time.

    Further, customers are compelled tospend a lot of time refreshing the BSNLportal page as accessing BSNL serverhas become a herculean task after it hasbeen shifted to Kerala. Even the MeeSeva Centres are not inclined to entertaincustomers approaching them to pay theBSNL dues because of the server issues,sources said. It is time the BSNL, whichsome time ago managed to survive thecompetition from private operators byintroducing 3.5G services, revise itsdecisions and streamline the system toensure better services for the customers.



    customers were ableto get confirmationof payment madethrough online orMee seva centreswhen the server wasplaced in Hyderabadand Bangalore

  • The News You Like | August 201422


    Who is doing disservice to parliament: celebs who skip it infavour of their scheduled presence elsewhere, or those who agree tonominate them despite an inkling of that packed schedule?

    In Indian parliament, you are either angry or you are absent. OnFriday (August 8), some members of parliament were angry oversome of their colleagues being regularly absent.

    Two of those colleagues got special mention from fellow rajyasabha members: Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Shri SachinRamesh Tendulkar and Padma Shri Rekha.

    Questioning the absence of their celeb colleagues, CPI MP PRajeev said, "If they are absent for 60 days, their seats can bevacated."

    The issue, of course, has not come to that pass, as rajya sabhachairman Hamid Ansari reminded the esteemed MPs. "No violationof the constitution has occurred," he said.

    Lyricist Javed Akhtar, who sports a 48-percent attendance record,said, "Membership of parliament is not a trophy, Sachin should cometo Parliament. Congress MP Rajeev Shukla pointed out that neitherTendulkar nor Rekha had taken a single MP privilege. They shouldattend parliament more frequently, he said.

    So whats the issue that has made MPs worry about attendance offellow MPs? Rekha, Bollywood grand dame, has an attendancerecord of 5 percent. Tendulkar -- who BJP leader and former Indiabatsman Kirti Azad reminded, rarely ever missed even practicesessions during his two-and-half decade career -- has fared worse: 3percent. For the record, the national average for attendance in thepresent rajya sabha is 77 percent. Quite impressive, but not outshiningthe 16th lok sabhas national average of 88 percent attendance,according to watchdog PRS Legislatives MP tracker, which has

    wHy do we need sacHin, rekHa in parliaMent anyway?

  • The News You Like | August 2014 23

    compiled statistics till August 6. While the average Indian can onlydream of being at a job with that kind of attendance in office,Tendulkar and Rekha will, however, get more grace marks. Forrajya sabha deputy chairman PJ Kurien, the absence of thecelebrity cricketer and actor is yet to register. They have not beenabsent for more than 60 days, he reminded.

    Some more: "As per rules (rules of procedure and conduct ofbusiness), if a member is absent from meetings of either house ofparliament without permission for a period of 60 days, the housemay declare his/her seat vacant," Kurien said. "The absence ofTendulkar is around 40 days at present and that of Rekha is lessthan that. In both cases, there has been no violation of theprovisions."

    Pity, an average Indian employee does not have bosses likethat. While many would point out that Tendulkar has not taken anyprivilege enjoyed by parliamentarians he refused an officialbungalow in Lutyens Delhi, as was widely reported in the mediawhen he was nominated a couple of years ago the bigger questionis why he agreed to be nominated to parliament if his calendar waschock-full. No one forced him to become an MP. It is an honour,he had said then.

    What is it now?So why get the celebrities into parliament, knowing they will

    have little time to spare. One can, of course, keep the likes of HemaMalini out of the equation. For, though the actor has a poor 14percent attendance record and was busier travelling abroad as partof a 15-show North American tour than attending budget-relateddebates, she is an elected member. For good or bad, people choseher. And for good or bad, they would retain or dump her.

    wHy do we need sacHin, rekHa in parliaMent anyway?

  • The News You Like | August 201424


    Banks in India are facing aliquidity crunch due toincreasing number of of badloans, poor recoveries and non-performing assets. Most banks havefailed to come up with ideas toensure higher recovery of loans. Butthey have been extremely creativewhen it comes to charging customersfor the various services they provide.

    The latest idea beingcontemplated by banks is to chargecustomers for withdrawing money atATMs after they have been asked toraise security measures at over the1.65 lakh ATMs across the country.

    The move comes after a womanwas attacked inside an ATM inBangalore in November which wascaptured on CCTV cameras and thestate governments have been in talkswith banks and the RBI to providebetter security arrangements ofcustomers at ATM kiosks.

    Banks may now be required toinstall CCTV cameras inside andoutside all the ATM kiosks, deploysecurity guards who will be presentround the clock, remove posters fromthe kiosk windows to ensure bettervisibility to ensure that theNovember episode is not repeated.

    Bankers have already begunpunching numbers on theircalculators to arrive at the total cost,cost per transaction, cost per month,cost per customer, and a whole list ofcosts that is set to hurt the

    profitability of their banks if andwhen these measures are introduced.

    Banks have already begun intalks with the Indian BanksAssociation (IBA) and might sooncome out with their catalogues of thisnew set of service charges thatcustomers will have to cough up.

    Hiring trained guards for threeshifts a day, procuring arms licences,installing cameras inside and outsidethe ATM and connecting alarms tothe nearest police station will havehuge cost implications for banks, asenior public sector bank official wassays.

    Better securityfor ATMs at the

    cost of customers


  • The News You Like | August 2014 25



    Leaders of the BRICS countriessigned the long-anticipateddocument to create a $100 bndevelopment bank and a currencyreserve pool on July 15 in an attempttowards reshaping the globalfinancial system, dominated by theWest.

    They also set up a $100 billioncurrency reserves pool to helpcountries forestall short-termliquidity pressures. The long-awaitedbank will be called the NewDevelopment Bank, to be based inShanghai, Chinas financial hub.

    India will preside over the bankfor the first five years followed byBrazil and Russia, who will have afive-year tenure each under anagreement reached after intensenegotiations among the five country-

    grouping BRICS.The announcement about the

    bank and a $100billion CurrencyReserve Arrangement (CRA) thatwill help countries to deal with short-term liquidity pressures was made atthe conclusion of the 6th BRICSSummit in Fortaleza, Brazil.

    The summit was attended byPrime Minister Narendra Modi,Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia,Xi Jinping of China, Jacob Zuma ofSouth Africa and Dilma Rousseff ofBrazil.

    A period of six months had beenprovided for ratification of theagreement by respective Parliamentsof the member-nations except in thecase of India, where noparliamentary endorsement isrequired.

    The member-countries have sixmonths thereafter to pay the first of

    the seven installments. Given thistime frame, the bank is expected toget going in about two years, officialssaid.

    "It will help contain the volatilityfaced by diverse economies as aresult of the tapering of the UnitedStates' policy of monetary expansion.It is a sign of the times, whichdemand reform of the IMF," DilmaRouseff said.

    It is the first major achievementof the BRICS countries - Brazil,Russia, India, China and SouthAfrica - since they got together in2009 to press for a bigger say in theglobal financial order created byWestern powers after World War Twoand centered on the InternationalMonetary Fund and the World Bank.

    The BRICS were prompted toseek coordinated action following anexodus of capital from emerging

    India to head BRICSDevelopment Bank

  • The News You Like | August 201426

    markets last year, triggered by thescaling back of U.S. monetarystimulus.

    The new bank reflects thegrowing influence of the BRICS,which account for almost half theworld's population and about one-fifth of global economic output.

    The bank will begin with asubscribed capital of $50 billiondivided equally between its fivefounders, with an initial total of $10billion in cash put in over seven yearsand $40 billion in guarantees. It isscheduled to start lending in 2016and be open to membership by othercountries, but the capital share of theBRICS cannot drop below 55percent.

    The contingency currency poolwill be held in the reserves of eachBRICS country and can be shifted to

    another member to cushion balance-of-payments difficulties. Thisinitiative gathered momentum after

    the reverse in the flows of cheapdollars that fueled a boom inemerging markets for a decade.


  • The News You Like | August 2014 27


    Around one in every 50Catholic priests is apaedophile. This alarmingdisclosure was made by none otherthan the Pope Francis.

    The Pontiff was reported asclaiming that even bishops andcardinals are among the two percentcarrying out child abuse.Condemning the issue as a leprosywhich infects the Church, he also saidthat many more in the Church areguilty of covering it up, adding: Thisstate of affairs is intolerable.

    In an interview with the Italiannewspaper La Repubblica in thesecond week of July, Francisdenounced the abuse of children asthe most terrible and unclean thingimaginable and vowed to confront itwith the seriousness it demands.

    Damning reports by the UN thisyear have accused the Vatican ofsystematically adopting policies thatallowed priests to rape and molestthousands of children over decades,failing to report allegations to theauthorities and transferring offendersto new dioceses where they couldabuse again.

    The Popes comments come asArchbishop of Canterbury JustinWelby warned that fresh child abusewould be uncovered in the Church ofEngland. Asked on the BBCsAndrew Marr Show whether morecases would emerge, he said: I wouldlove to say there werent but I expectthere are. There are in almost everyinstitution in this land.

    He added that the Church needed

    to apologise and explain how utterlydevastated it was about its history ofchild abuse. He said: It is becomingclearer and clearer that for many,many years things were not dealt withas they should have been dealt with.We must show justice to survivors ofabuse.

    While Pope Francis has carriedout sweeping reforms to the Vatican,he has been accused of not doingenough to tackle the child abusecrisis. In his interview, Francis wasquoted as saying: The Church isfighting for the eradication of thehabit and for education thatrehabilitates.

    But this leprosy is also present inour house. Many of my colleagueswho are working against it tell methat paedophilia inside the Church isat the level of two per cent.

    He said that the figures suppliedby Church officials were supposed to

    reassure him, but added: But I haveto say that they do not reassure me byany means. On the contrary, I findthem deeply concerning. Among thetwo per cent who are paedophiles areeven bishops and cardinals.

    However, Vatican spokesmanFather Federico Lombardi said thenewspapers report had captured thespirit of the conversation, but deniedthat Francis had said there are somecardinals who are paedophiles.

    The first cases of abuse at thehands of priests came to light in theUS and Canada in the 1980s. In the1990s, revelations began to emerge ofwidespread abuse in Ireland, beforecases were exposed in more than adozen countries in the last decade.

    In 2009, two damning reports intoallegations of paedophilia in Irelandrevealed the extent of cover-upsspanned decades and involvedthousands of victims.

    Two percent priests in CatholicChurch are paedophiles

  • The News You Like | August 201428



    Anew technique has beencreated by scientists whichcan cause cancer cells toself-destruct by injecting them withsalt. Researchers from the Universityof Southampton are part of aninternational team that has helped tocreate a molecule that can kill thedisease by carrying sodium andchloride ions into the cells.

    Synthetic ion transporters havebeen created before butthis is the first timeresearchers havedemonstrated how aninflux of salt into a celltriggers cell death.These synthetic iontransporters could pointthe way to new anti-cancer drugs while alsobenefiting patients withcystic fibrosis.

    Professor PhilipGale, co-author of theStudy, of the University ofSouthampton, said: This workshows how chloride transporters canwork with sodium channels in cellmembranes to cause an influx of saltinto a cell. We found we can triggercell death with salt.

    Cells in the human body workhard to maintain a stableconcentration of ions inside their cellmembranes. Disruption of this

    delicate balance can trigger cells togo through apoptosis, known asprogrammed cell death, a mechanismthe body uses to rid itself of damagedor dangerous cells. One way ofdestroying cancer cells is to triggerthis self-destruct sequence bychanging the ion balance in cells.

    Unfortunately, when a cellbecomes cancerous, it changes theway it transports ions across its cell

    membrane in a way thatblocks apoptosis. Theresearchers have overcomethis by developing thesynthetic way fortransporting the ions butunfortunately this alsodestroys healthy cells whichwould have to be overcome

    for it to be useful in treating cancer.Prof Jonathan Sessler, at Austin's

    College of Natural Sciences at theUniversity of Texas, said: We havethus closed the loop and shown thatthis mechanism of chloride influxinto the cell by a synthetic transporterdoes indeed trigger apoptosis. This isexciting because it points the waytowards a new approach to anti-cancer drug development.

    Big leap in cancertreatment

    this work shows how chloride transporters can work withsodium channels in cell membranes to cause an influx of salt into a cell.

    we found we can trigger cell death with salt.

  • How did you begin your journey?JAIN Well, my fathers decision to migrate to Hyderabad forced me for the shift. This was after

    obtaining my degree in Bachelor of Legislative Law from Meerut University in UP. As I didntknow English that well, I did not try for a job seriously. Since I come from a business family, Ithought why not start educational institutions in Hyderabad, where Jain community lives in areconsiderable numbers and need some support.

    Why educational institutions?JAIN In our community, less importance is attached to professional courses. A majority of the

    parents expect their wards to join the family business after completion of their graduation. I

    Politics for PeoplePrem Kumar Jain

    Born and brought up in uttar pradesh but migrated to Hyderabad to eke out his bread, premkumar Jain is all set to don a responsible role in telugu desam party, sooner than later.Believe me. tdp chief chandrababu naidu is a fascinating man. He is my inspiration totake a plunge into active politics, though i hob-nobbed with some congressmen in the past,says Jain in an informal talk with the news. excerpts from interview;

    The News You Like | August 2014

  • sincerely wanted to break that jinx.

    Were you successful in breaking the jinx?JAINOf course, yes. I could establish medical and

    engineering colleges under minority status and helpmy community as well as others way back in 1998. Iestablished a Medical College in Karimnagar andtwo Engineering colleges in Hyderabad.

    What are your achievements as anentrepreneur?

    JAIN In fact, I failed to mention that I started my careeras a businessman at Hapur in Uttar Pradesh in 1991by establishing Andhra Agrovet Associated Pvt Ltd.Since then I never looked back. Later, started AshishInfra Developers India Private Limited and executedmajor projects in Hyderabad. God has been so kindto me and success became part of my life.

    Well, the Congress seems to have recognizedyour work and given respectable position.Why then resign and join TDP?

    JAIN I have utmost respect for Mr Chandrababu Naidu.He is a great visionary. I am fascinated with his disciplined life and work culture. He has greatrespect to minority communities and their institutions. He did help me set up the medicalcollege in Karimnagar despite stiff resistance from influential leaders of other parties. Simplyfor that very reason, I thought I shall join hands to strengthen Mr Naidu.

    Will you accept any party post, if offered by Mr Naidu?JAIN Of course, any post either in the party or elsewhere, I am willing to serve the party as well as

    the people with dedication and sincerity.

    From here, where you like to go?JAIN Wherever I am or whatever office I hold, I wish to be in the midst of the people serving them,

    especially the minority community, which needs moral support in education and other spheres.

    What are your hobbies?JAIN Serving people, cultural activities and reading books.

    Tell us about the awards and rewards in your kitty.JAIN Received Excellence Award in 1993 from the government of Andhra Pradesh. Recipient of

    honours and recognitions from various organizations for untiring social service activities.

    Tell us about your family.JAIN My father Mr Champalal worked as a senior officer in the Government of Uttar Pradesh. My

    wife Sangeetha is a home maker and I am blessed with two sons Mohit Jain and Ashish Jain.

    What is your philosophy?JAIN Understand the society better. Honestly, I keep myself busy interacting with people who come

    to see me, try and understand, besides respecting their point of view. That not only helpsunderstand them better, but also enhances my own knowledge about the society.

    The News You Like | August 2014

  • The Logistics Man Sanjay Gupta

  • Tell us about your journey so far?GUPTA I was into different businesses related to automobile industry since 1998. However, I was not

    satisfied with any of them since I am passionate about logistics industry. It was out thispassion; I started a logistics company in 2010 along with a partner and developed it fromthe scratch. However, I had to start afresh after being backstabbed by the business partner.In May 2013, I started my own company Pride Logistics. The very first year, I could getcontracts from reputed companies Amazon and Genpact. Later, I have added Google andBACS and several other reputed MNCs.

    What prompted you to start Pride Logistics?GUPTA Frankly speaking, passion for logistics and experience in this area of business gave me the

    idea of starting Pride Logistics.

    What are the challenges in your line of business?GUPTA Being service industry, logistics business requires round the clock operations, effective

    tracking and control over the drivers, punctuality and providing highly fit and hygienicvehicles to make the travel experience of the customers hassle free.

    How are you different from others in logistics business?GUPTA We have a very good team of employees which ensures perfect synchronization in

    transportation and logistics activities. Our dedicated and motivated human resources ensureon time arrival thereby preventing wastage of time for the customers. We provide luxurytravel experience for the customers at all times.

    What are the safety measures you adopt?GUPTA We ensure periodical health check up for the drivers and random inspection of drivers to see

    that drivers are not on alcohol. We also keep the vehicles clean and hygiene besidesensuring periodical check up to maintain the fleet fit for comfortable travel.

    Tell us about your personal life hobbies and friends.GUPTA I am fond of collecting coins and stamps. I love music, dancing and playing chess and table

    tennis. I have a lot of friends since I am a friendly man.

    Where do you draw inspiration from?GUPTA My father and father-in-law are the inspirational figures for me. They are there for me

    whenever I need their guidance.

    What are your future plans?GUPTA Well, I want to see my company have Pan India operations within a short span of time.

    His passion to provide logistics for multi-national companies made young andenergetic sanjay gupta start a logistics company along with a partner in the year2010. He developed it from the scratch to a company with a turnover of rs 1.25crore in just 19 months. But he had to quit the company and start afresh followingbackstabbing. in an interview with the news, gupta shares everything about him

    The News You Like | August 2014

  • Mr. Gupta, tell us about your successful journey in this business?ANAND Success comes with hard work, quality service and customer satisfaction. And we stuck to

    quality and best service despite stiff competition, which earned goodwill for us. Our reliableservice appealed to the customers over a period of time and the number of customers grewby the day.

    How did you step in to this business?ANAND Well, this is not our family business. My father is into construction industry. I started this car

    accessories business in 1980s along with a friend when I was doing my graduation. A fewyears later my friend left the business. But my passion for cars and a strong desire to do abusiness on my own kept me going.

    the moment you buy a car, you invariably approach a car accessories outlet to havebeautiful exteriors and make the interiors comfortable. the news speaks to Mr anandgupta of carsonics, who has been into car accessories business for 25 long years.

    Success through ServiceAnand Gupta

    The News You Like | August 2014

  • You started the business 25 years ago when there were very few cars. How did youmanage to sustain so long?

    ANAND True. When we started, there were only a few models like Ambassador, Fiat, and later TataSumo, Maruti etc. However, our dedication to work, prompt delivery, best service and qualityproducts brought us more and more customers.

    What is your USP?ANAND We never sell products that come without the facility of service from the makers. We advise

    the customers to go for best products that offer service. Also, we educate the customers aboutdeluxe lining, audio systems, speakers, amplifiers, interiors and the best possible fabricationto make the car comfortable and beautiful. There is huge competition out in the market.Also, makers of certain car brands are providing the accessories along with the vehicle.

    What makes CARSONICS the best?ANAND We keep tracking the latest products hitting the market and evaluate their quality. The best

    among them would be introduced in CARSONICS for the benefit of our customers.

    These days manufacturers are seeling fully loaded cars. Is it not hurting your business?ANAND Not really. Only high end models like BMQ, Audi and Mercedes etc. are being sold with all

    the accessories. But there is no such facility for mid segment cars and basic models and suchcustomers keep coming to us for upgrading their vehicles.

    What keeps you going?ANAND Hard work, customers support and quality consciousness. Now, my two sons are helping me

    in the business. My elder son has finished engineering and coming up with online caraccessories business portal. And my wife helped me a lot in bringing up the kids as I wasbusy with the business most of the time.

    Given a chance, which celebritys car would you prefer to decorate?ANAND For me every customer is a celebrity. It is because of them CARSONICS has been able to

    become a proud brand.

    Given a chance, which car would you prefer to decorate?ANAND I would love to decorate Innova, Scorpio and Swift because there is lot of scope to use more

    accessories and make the vehicle look beautiful.

    What according to you is an unforgettable experience for you?ANAND Well, I opened the store in July 19, 1989. Anybody who opens any business, sells something

    or the other on the opening day. However, could not sell a single product on the inauguralday. I cannot forget this all my life.

    Tell us about your future plans?ANAND I made a mark in the business offline till now. Now I want my sons to make a mark through

    online. Online business has been my dream since digitisation is ruling the globe and thedream is going to be a reality with the support of my tech savvy sons.

    Tell us about your hobbies?ANAND I am a badminton champion in college days and now in our association. I also go to gym to

    keep myself fit.

    The News You Like | August 2014

  • The News You Like | August 2014 37



    Eating baked or broiled fishonce a week is good for thebrain, regardless of how muchomega-3 fatty acid it contains,according to researchers at theUniversity of Pittsburgh School ofMedicine.

    Scientists estimate that more than80 million people will have dementiaby 2040, which could become asubstantial burden to families anddrive up health care costs. Somestudies have predicted that lifestylechanges such as a reduction in ratesof physical inactivity, smoking andobesity could lead to fewer cases ofAlzheimer's disease and otherconditions of cognitive impairmentin the elderly. The anti-oxidant effectof omega-3 fatty acids, which arefound in high amounts in fish, seedsand nuts, and certain oils, also havebeen associated with improvedhealth, particularly brain health.

    "Our study shows that peoplewho ate a diet that included baked orbroiled, but not fried, fish have largerbrain volumes in regions associatedwith memory and cognition," Dr.Becker, professor of psychiatry, PittSchool of Medicine said.

    Lead investigator Cyrus Raji andthe research team analyzed data from260 people who providedinformation on their dietary intake,had high-resolution brain MRI scans,and were cognitively normal at twotime points during their participationin the Cardiovascular Health Study(CHS), a 10-year multicenter effortthat began in 1989 to identify riskfactors for heart disease in peopleover 65.

    "The subset of CHS participantsanswered questionnaires about theireating habits, such as how much fishdid they eat and how was itprepared," Dr. Raji said. "Baked orbroiled fish contains higher levels ofomega-3s than fried fish because the

    fatty acids are destroyed in the highheat of frying, so we took that intoconsideration when we examinedtheir brain scans."

    People who ate baked or broiledfish at least once a week had greatergrey matter brain volumes in areas ofthe brain responsible for memory(4.3 percent) and cognition (14percent) and were more likely tohave a college education than thosewho didn't eat fish regularly, theresearchers found. But no associationwas found between the braindifferences and blood levels ofomega-3s.

    "This suggests that lifestylefactors, in this case eating fish, ratherthan biological factors contribute tostructural changes in the brain," Dr.Becker noted. "A confluence oflifestyle factors are likely responsiblefor better brain health, and thisreserve might prevent or delaycognitive problems that can developlater in life."


  • The News You Like | August 201438



    Cancer cell growth may bestopped using the venom ofscorpion, snake and bee. Ateam of scientists at the Universityof Illinois, headed by Dipanjan Pan,discovered this in their lab.

    The work is in very early stages,but has shown success in stoppingbreast cancer and melanoma cellgrowth in lab tests. Dipanjanstechnique uses nanotechnology to

    deliver a synthesized elementsimilar to the venom found in bees,snakes and scorpions.

    Ancient texts show doctors haveused venom to treat aliments foryears. In 14 BC, the Greek writerPliny the Elder described the use ofbee venom as a cure for baldness.Doctors used beestings to treat theEmperor Charlemagne's gout in the700s. Traditional Chinese medicinehas used frog venom to fight liver,lung, colon and pancreatic cancers.Alternative doctors in Cuba have

    used scorpion venom to fight braintumors. The general problem withinjecting someone with venom isthat there can be harmful sideeffects. Beestings, for example, hurtand become inflamed becausemelittin, the main toxin in a bee'svenom, destroys cell membranes. Itcan also cause blood to clot, damage

    the heart muscle and hurt healthynerve cells. But Dipanjan's lab hasdeveloped a technique to separateout the important proteins andpeptides in the venom so they can beused to stop cancer cell growth. Hislab has found a way to synthesizethese helpful cells.

    "Since it is synthetic, there's noambiguity in what the substancecontains. The synthetic material isthen delivered to cancer cells usingnanotechnology. In camouflagingthe whole toxin as a part of the

    nanoparticle, it bypasses healthycells and is attracted to only thecancer cells. In other words, it is sotightly packed into the nanoparticleit does not leak out and cause otherproblems, Dipanjan said.

    These nanoparticles with thesynthesized venom can either slowdown or stop cancer cell growth,

    and may ultimately stop the cancerfrom spreading. Unlikechemotherapy, this more targetedtechnique would, in theory, onlyaffect cancer cells. If it is successful,this natural agent found in venomcould become the basis for a wholelegion of cancer-fighting drugs.

    Dipanjan's lab will try thesynthesized venom andnanotechnology combination oncancer cells in rats and pigs. Ifsuccessful, they will then try thetechnique on humans.

    Snake venom tocure cancer

  • The News You Like | August 201440

    Neyveli Lignite CorporationLimited has earned a netprofit of Rs 1,501.88 crore inthe year 2013-14 and registered an alltime record in the history of theorganization.

    The company has also created anew record on the production frontand power generation. NLC, aNavratna PSE, has witnessed asustained growth since its inceptionin 1956. NLC is a pioneer among thepublic sector undertakings in minecum energy sector.

    Sales turnover for the year 2013-14 stood at Rs 5,967.23 crore asagainst Rs 5,590.07 crore in theprevious year 2012-13, registering agrowth of 6.75 percent. Total incomefor the year 2013-14 stands at Rs6991.99 crore as against Rs 6173.02crore in the previous year 2012-13registered a growth of 13.27 percent.

    The company earned Rs 2,209.13crore for the year 2013-14 ascompared to Rs 2,047.65 crore in theprevious year 2012-13, registering a

    growth 7.89 percent. Profit after taxstands at Rs 1,501.88 crore for theyear 2013-14 as compared to Rs1,459.75 crore in the previous year2012-13, registering a growth of 2.89percent.

    production performance during2013-14

    The year 2013-14 has been asuccessful and eventful year forNeyveli Lignite as the company hascalled new heights in its physicalperformance ever since its inceptionin the areas of lignite mining andpower generation.

    All the products registered agrowth, over the performance ofprevious year. Lignite productionregistered a growth of 1.47 percentand Power Generation registered agrowth of 0.43 percent during theyear. Total overburden removal fromall Mines put together at 1681.72 LM(1674.85 LM in 2012-13) and totalLignite production from all mines puttogether at 266.09 LT (262.23 LT in

    2012-13) achieved during the year of2013-14 were the highest for anyyear since inception. Total powergeneration from all Thermal PowerStations put together at 19988.73MU (19902.34 MU in 2012-13)achieved during the year of 2013-14was also the highest for any yearsince inception. Total export ofpower from all thermal powerstations put together at 16953.73 MU(16841.51 MU in 2012-13) wereachieved during the year 2013-14.

    inauguration of new yards/ shedsin the nsu complex

    NLC Limited CMD, Mr BSurender Mohan recentlyinaugurated central workshop thatincludes fitting shop, fabricationshop-II, foundry shop, pipe slottingshed, auto yard and a over headreservoir held in the New ServiceUnits (NSU) complex (B & C area)at Neyveli recently. Mr RakeshKumar, Director/Finance, Mr SRajagopal, Director/Power and Mr MS Ravindranath, Director/Mines andMr S Boopathy, Director/P&P werealso present on the occasion.

    To add the availability of ligniteresource 142.24 MT in Mine I,shifting of yards offices and sheds

    `1,501.88 crore net profit `6991.99 crore total income`19,988.73 Million units of electricity generated

    `266.09 lakh tonnes of lignite excavated


    NLC earns record profit

  • The News You Like | August 2014 41

    contemplated and relocated at nonmining area of Mine I, Mine II andB&C area. Earlier, 25 sheds/yardswere shifted to new places andinaugurated.

    an ideal planB Surender Mohan, CMD, NLC

    inaugurated the new conference halland while addressing said that themanagement takes pride in providinginfrastructure like this conferencehall built at a cost of Rs 10 lakh. Hesaid the federation can use the hallfor education and social activities.

    CMD also lit the traditional lamp tocommence the 14th anniversary ofthe federation.

    The CMD and directors SRajagopal, MS Ravindranath and SBoopathy distributed special prizesto 10th and 12th standard students,the wards of the members of theassociation who secured first threeplaces. Office bearers of tradeunions, associations and welfareassociations also participated in theprogramme. TS Thrimarban, legaladvisor of the federation felicitatedstate leaders of adivasi and tribal

    welfare organizations. Members ofthe federation from various unitsattended the function.

    K Kanagaraj, president of thefederation thanked the managementfor the infrastructure and said, NLCwill be a role model for the otherPSUs of the nation. The federationwhich registered in the year 2000with 96 members has 430 membersin 14 years.

    B Kanagaraj, general secretary,welcomed the gathering. LJayaraman, treasurer delivered theinaugural address.

    NLC has been organizing book exhibition for thelast 17 years in the name of Neyveli Book Fair inan attempt to encourage book reading among schoolchildren and also common people. This years book fairwas inaugurated by Madras High Court judge JusticeM M Sundaresh at Neyveli Book Fair Grounds on July4. Speaking on the occasion, Sundaresh said knowledgeshould be acquired by one and all. NLC CMD SurenderMohan said the organization is aware of its social

    responsibility and the book fair is one of the many waysof discharging the social responsibility.

    Book reading helps acquire knowledge anddevelop creative skills and I wish India would becomethe knowledge engine for the entire world, SurenderMohan said.

    As many as 15,000 entry passes had been distributedfree of cost for the book fair and a free medical checkupwas held for the students.

    neyveli Bookfair 2014 inaugurated

  • The News You Like | August 201442

    NMDC Limited has achieveda record production andsales of iron ore for the year2013-14 at 30 MT and 30.50 MTrespectively. Also, the productionand sales for the 4th quarter (2013-14) has been 9.86 Mt and 9.40 Mtrespectively representing an increaseof 3 percent and 14 percentrespectively in comparison to 4thquarter of 2012-13. This was

    NMDC achieves longcherished dream

    touches 30 Mt iron ore productionsales registered at 30.50 Mt

    total dividend for the year 2013-14 is 850%turnover for the year 2013-14 is rs 12,058 crore

    capeX for the year 2013-14 is rs 2,518 crore


  • The News You Like | August 2014 43

    accomplished inspite of the slurrypipeline not being available forconsiderable time.

    The company also recorded agrowth of 21 percent in the turnoverof the 4th quarter (2013-14) at Rs3,884 crore compared to CPLY of Rs3,204 crore. For the year 2013-14,dividend @850% per equity sharehas been paid which is the highestever paid dividend so far.

    The production and sales of ironore for the year ended 2013-14 was30.02 MT and 30.50 MTrespectively which is higher by 10percent and 16 percent respectivelyas compared to CPLY. The turnoverfor the year ended (2013-14) is Rs12,058 crore which is higher by 13percent compared to Rs 10,704 crorein 2012-13. This was possiblemainly due to increase in salesquantity by 4.23 MT.

    The PBT and PAT for the 4thquarter 2013-14 is Rs 2,998 croreand Rs 1,962 crore in comparison toCPLY of Rs 2,245 crore and Rs1,465 crore. The PBT and PAT forthe year ended 2013-14 is Rs 9,759crore and Rs 6,420 crore incomparison to year ended 2012-13of Rs 9,465 crore and Rs 6,342crore.

    The capital expenditure incurredduring the year under variousschemes is Rs 2,518 crore. NMDChas planned to spend an amount ofRs 3,495 crore in the FY 2014-15.

    The annual accounts for 2013-14were approved by the Board ofDirector of the Company under thechairmanship of Mr NarendraKothari, in its meeting held recently.On this occasion, the Board ofNMDC commended theperformance of the Company andhoped that all its stakeholdersincluding shareholders, employees,customers and government wouldcontinue their support and bringlaurels for the company.

    Speaking on the occasion,NMDC Chairman Mr NarendraKothari said, NMDCs longcherished dream of touching 30 MTproduction of iron ore has beenfulfilled this year. NMDCs role inproviding raw material security forthe steel industry has strengthenedfurther. Though NMDC is producingaround 22 percent of the countrysiron ore production, it would be ourendeavour to touch 50 percent of thecountrys iron ore production in thenear future.

    NMDC was awarded the best company under the mining category of the prestigiousDun & Bradstreet - Mannapuram Corporate Awards 2014. Shri Narendra Kothari,Chairman - cum - Managing Director, NMDC Limited received award for the topIndian company under the Mining Sector from Dr. Arun Shourie, Journalist andFormer World Bank Economist on 28th May 2014

  • The News You Like | August 201444


    Born into an agricultural family inGuntur district, N SambasivaRao, through his hard work andcommitment, rose to become themanaging director of worlds premierfertilizer producing cooperative -Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited(KRIBHCO).

    He took charge as the managingdirector of KRIBHCO on April 2. TheNews presents the growth trajectory ofSambasiva Rao.

    Rao did his schooling from ZillaParishad School and finishedintermediate from JagarlamudiKuppuswamy Chowdary College inGuntur in 1973. He lost one valuableacademic year due to Jai AndhraMovement.

    It was at this point of time, his elderbrother Koteswara Rao suggested himto take admission in Sam HigginbottomInstitute of Agriculture, Technology andScience in Allahabad of Uttar Pradesh.Accordingly, Rao joined the instituteand opted for BSc Agriculture. He tookthe degree in 1977 and completed MScin Agriculture-Economics from thesame institute in 1979.

    He began his career as a qualitytesting officer with Food Corporation ofIndia and then joined EID Parry inTamilnadu in marketing wing. Eighteenmonths later, he joined public sector

    A dutiful mancommitted to

    farmers welfare

    N Sambasiva Rao


  • The News You Like | August 2014 45

    unit Pirates, Phosphates andChemicals Limited as the area officerfor Andhra Pradesh.

    Later, he joined NagarjunaFertilisers as a senior marketingofficer in 1986 and worked there for24 long years in various capacities asarea manager, zonal manager, salesmanager, senior general manager.Later, he worked as marketing headfor six years.

    After his 24 years successful stintwith Nagarjuna, Rao got theopportunity to join KRIBHCO as itsmarketing director in 2009. Heaccepted the challenge of workingwith employees of the cooperativesector. He motivated the employeesfrom grassroots level for six months,introduced certain systems of privatesector, implemented review andmonitoring system on companypolicies besides introducing newproducts for the customers. Within ayear, change began to appear inKrihbco. Raos efforts resulted inimproving the net profit from a

    minimal to around Rs 100 crore. Thisbrought laurels and recognition forRao within the organisation.

    As it is said, hard work alwayspays, Rao got the opportunity tobecome the managing director of theorganization as KRIBHCO beganscouting for a right person for thepost of managing director. Heapplied for the same and wasinterviewed by the board of directorson March 10. Rao was selected forthe key post and he took charge asMD on April 2.

    Rao is the first person from southIndia to become the managingdirector of KRIBHCO. He believesin commitment and hard work andbelieves that opportunities comesearching for such persons. Thosewho know him say commitment andintegrity are the secrets to Raossuccess. He is non-partisan and thereis no favoritism in him.

    After taking charge, Rao saidfinancial growth of the company washis primary objective. He believes

    that farmers will be benefited withthe growth of KRIBHCO. He saidpriority will be given to supply offertilizers and seeds to farmers withbest quality standards. Running theexisting plants in India and abroad,starting new plants and joint ventureswere the targets before him, he said.

    He also said steps will be takento speed up the setting up ofPhosphate unit in Krishnapatnam inNellore district by acquiring therequired land.

    A simple man he is, Rao humblysays he was happy to become themanaging director of KRIBHCO. Itis an honour for a man like me whocame from a small village.

    There are several people behindthis success. I thank my maternalaunt, uncle, grandparents whobrought me up, sisters, daughters, in-laws, villagers and employees fortheir support. I believe that thecooperation extended by my wifeKrishna Rani and her poojas helpedmy growth.

  • The News You Like | August 201446



    Agricultural & ProcessedFood Products ExportDevelopment Authority(APEDA), an autonomousorganisation under the Department ofCommerce, provides assistance toexporters of scheduled products ofAPEDA for promotion of exports.

    Funds to the tune of Rs 56.68,Rs 2.55 crore, Rs 14.93 crore and Rs0.11 crore have been provided underthe Transport Assistance, QualityDevelopment, Market Developmentand Development of Infrastructureschemes, respectively in 2013-14,said Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister ofState (Independent Charge), Ministryof Commerce & Industry.

    The Department of Commercegives grants for Market DevelopmentAssistance (MDA) and MarketAccess Initiative (MAI). TheDepartment is also providingincentives on export of variouseligible products of agriculture sectorunder Vishesh Krishi and GramUdyog Yojana (VKGUY), FocusProduct Scheme (FPS), FocusMarket Scheme (FMS) andInternational Export IncentivisationScheme (IEIS) in the form of dutycredit scrip, she said.

    APEDApromotes agri exports

  • The News You Like | August 2014 47

    However, the Governmenthas not provided any subsidy forimport of sugar and foodgrainsduring last three years. TheGovernment is also providinggrants, assistance to exportpromotion councils, authorities,associations, federations andGovernment bodies under MDA& MAI schemes, the ministersaid. The beneficiaries under theabove schemes receiving morethan Rs 5 crore once or moreduring 2011-2014 are ApparelExport Promotion Council,Basic Chemicals,Pharmaceuticals & CosmeticsExport Promotion Council,Council for Leather Exports,Engineering Export PromotionCouncil, Export PromotionCouncil for Handicrafts,Electronics & ComputerSoftware Export PromotionCouncil, Federation of IndianChambers of Commerce &Industry, Federation of IndianExport Organisation, Gem &Jewellery Export PromotionCouncil, Pharmaceuticals ExportPromotion Council, , Carpet

    Export Promotion Council,Confederation of IndianIndustry, India Trade PromotionOrganisation, AssociatedChambers of Commerce &Industry of India, CMAI andCotton Textiles ExportPromotion Council.

    "The export, import rates ofagricultural products depends onvarious factors including globalstock position, internationaldemand and supply situation,quality standards in theimporting countries, varietiestraded and pricecompetitiveness," she added.

    Currently, the Government isexporting only wheat throughCentral Public SectorUndertakings (CPSUs) ofDepartment of Commerce. Nowheat is being imported onGovernment Account.

    Similarly, Government isimporting edible oils and pulsesmeant for Public DistributionSchemes through PSUs.However, no export of pulsesand edible oils is being done onGovernment Account.

    Functions of apedaDevelopment of industries relatingto the scheduled products for exportby way of providing financialassistance or otherwise forundertaking surveys and feasibilitystudies, participation in enquirycapital through joint ventures andother reliefs and subsidy schemes;Registration of persons as exportersof the scheduled products onpayment of such fees as may beprescribed;Fixing of standards andspecifications for the scheduledproducts for the purpose of exports;Carrying out inspection of meat andmeat products in slaughter houses,processing plants, storage premises,conveyances or other places wheresuch products are kept or handledfor the purpose of ensuring thequality of such products;Improving of packaging of theScheduled products;Improving of marketing of theScheduled products outside India;Promotion of export orientedproduction and development of theScheduled products;Collection of statistics from theowners of factories orestablishments engaged in theproduction, processing, packaging,marketing or export of thescheduled products or from suchother persons as may be prescribedon any matter relating to thescheduled products and publicationof the statistics so collected or ofany portions thereof or extractstherefrom;Training in various aspects of theindustries connected with thescheduled productsSuch other matters as may beprescribed

  • The News You Like | August 201448

    APEDA is mandated with theresponsibility of exportpromotion and development ofthe following scheduledproducts:- Fruits, Vegetables and their

    Products- Meat and Meat Products- Poultry and Poultry Products- Dairy Products- Confectionery, Biscuits and

    Bakery Products- Honey, Jaggery and Sugar

    Products- Cocoa and its products,

    chocolates of all kinds- Alcoholic and Non-

    Alcoholic Beverages- Cereal and Cereal Products- Groundnuts, Peanuts and

    Walnuts- Pickles, Papads and

    Chutneys- Guar Gum- Floriculture and Floriculture

    Products- Herbal and Medicinal Plants

    In addition to this, APEDA hasbeen entrusted with theresponsibility to monitorimport of sugar


    Nirmala Sitharaman joinedBhartiya Janata Party in2008, and was made amember of the National Executive.She was nominated as partyspokesperson in March 2010, fromwhen she has been a full time partyworker.

    She was inducted in the UnionCabinet in the Government led byPrime Minister Narendra Modi onMay 26, 2014. She was made aMinister of State (Independentcharge) for Commerce and Industry.In addition she was also madeMinister of State for Finance andCorporate Affairs.

    Nirmala Sitharaman was born on18th August 1959 in the temple townof Madurai, Tamil Nadu. She did herschooling and her graduation inEconomics, from SeethalakshmiRamaswamy College inTiruchirapalli. She went on to do hermasters in Economics fromJawaharlal Nehru University, NewDelhi. Indo European Textile Trade

    was the focus of her draft Ph.D.thesis.

    She served as an assistant toEconomist in the AgriculturalEngineers Association, UK inLondon. She subsequently worked asa Senior Manager (Research andAnalysis) with Price Waterhouse,London. During this time she alsobriefly worked with BBC WorldService.

    On her return to India, she servedas the Dy. Director of the Centre forPublic Policy Studies at Hyderabad.Her interest in education led her to laythe foundation of 'Pranava' a reputedschool in Hyderabad. She was amember of the National Commissionfor Women from 2003-05 andinstrumental in voicing various issuesof women empowerment.

    Nirmala Sitharaman is married toDr Parakala Prabhakar, alumnus ofJawaharlal Nehru University andLondon School of Economics, andthey have one daughter. She is an avidreader and maintains a personaltwitter handle @nsitharaman, and canbe reached at [email protected] in

    Niramala Sitharaman,Economist turned politician


  • The News You Like | August 2014 49



    Growth in human brain is so rapid that they reachhalf their adult size within three months afterbirth, according to a study in JAMA Neurology,The study also found that male brains grow more

    quickly than those of female infants. Areas involved inmovement develop at the fastest pace, while those

    associated with memory grow more slowly.Scientists say collating the data may help

    them identify early signs of developmentaldisorders such as autism. For centuries doctorshave estimated brain growth using measuringtape to chart a baby's head circumferenceover time.

    Any changes to normal growth patternsare monitored closely as they can suggest

    problems with development. But as head shapesvary, these tape measurements are not alwaysaccurate.

    Researchers at the University of Californiascanned the brains of 87 healthy babies from birth tothree months. They saw the most rapid changesimmediately after birth - newborn brains grew atan average rate of 1% a day. This slowed to0.4% per day at the end of the 90-day period.

    Researchers say recording the normalgrowth trajectory of individual parts of thebrain might help them better understand howearly disorders arise. They found thecerebellum, an area of the brain involved inthe control of movement, had the highestrate of growth - doubling in size over the90-day period.

    The slowest region measured was thehippocampus, a structure that plays an

    important part in how memories are made. Scientistssuggest this could mirror the relative significance of theseskills as a young infant. This is the first time anyone haspublished accurate data about how babies' brains growthat is not based on post-mortem studies or less effectivescanning methods. Scientists will now investigatewhether alcohol and drug consumption during pregnancyalters brain size at birth.

    Human brains grow rapidlyresearchers at the university ofcalifornia scanned the brains of

    87 healthy babies from birth tothree months. they saw the mostrapid changes immediately after

    birth - newborn brains grew at anaverage rate of 1% a day.

  • The News You Like | August 201450



    Worlds first flyingmotorcycle is all set to hitthe markets. The flyingmotorcycle - Pal-V One Helicycle -is a two-seat hybrid car andgyrocopter. It costs $3,95,000.

    Owners will need a Sports PilotCertificate to fly the gyrocopter,which has the potential for makingrush-hour delays a thing of the past.

    The two-seater vehicle can bebought through luxury gadget retailerHammacher Schemmler whichadvertises it under name TheHelicycle, yet its design andspecifications are identical to the Pal-V One's.

    Despite its helicopter-likeappearance, like many flying carprototypes, including the TF-X fromAustin-based Terrafugia, the Pal-Vneeds a 540ft runway in order to

    take-off.When in flight mode, the vehicle

    looks like a helicopter, however, it isknown as a gyrocopter or autogyrobecause the main power comes fromthe rotors at the rear of the vehicle.Its rotors spin considerably slowerthan a helicopter's blades, too, andcan't stall.

    On the ground, the machinehandles somewhere between amotorbike and a racing car - its

    this motorbikecan fly in air

  • The News You Like | August 2014 51

    chassis is built to lean into turns, andthe two-seater can reach speeds of upto 112mph.

    Unlike most fictional flying cars,it can't just extend its rotors thenhurtle skywards - the process takesabout ten minutes. Once the enginestops, the propeller folds itselfautomatically into the drivingposition. Pushing a button thenlowers the rotor mast into thehorizontal position. Rotor blades andtail have to be stowed away by thedriver.

    On the ground the vehicle driveslike a sports car. Within minutes itsrotor is unfolded and its tail isextended: then it is ready to take offthanks to the advanced gyrocoptertechnology.

    With these successful test resultsit is proven that it is not only possible

    to build a flying car but also that itcan be done within existinginternational rules for both flying anddriving. The Pal-V One features a230hp, four-cylinder engine poweredby petrol.

    Its 27 gallon tank means pilotscan fly for up to 220 miles at lowaltitudes - around 4,000ft - or drivefor up 750 miles. It is made of carbonfiber, titanium, and aluminum andweighs 1,500lbs.

  • The News You Like | August 201452


    Awoman is the embodiment of shakti,pure energy. It is this shakti fromwhich the entire Creation derives itsstrength and stimulus. The magnitude of thisenergy is beyond measure. After all, the entireCreation manifested from the womb of MataAdi Shakti. However, if this shakti or energyis not channelized properly, it can movetowards destruction. Our ancientsacknowledged this and hence in the Vedictimes women were given highest regard.There is a Vedic saying, Where women areworshiped, there the gods dwell'. The ancientshave also given practices like Sanatan Kriyato access and enhance this shakti. Theardhchandra asana is one such tool, practiceof which not only makes you healthy andgives a desired shape and form, but alsoensures that the practitioner has a glowing andgraceful body.

    Ardhachandra: Squat on the floor, inhaledeeply and gently stretch the right legbackwards, right knee and right toes touch theground. The left leg holds the squattingposture. Now raise your arms above yourhead, exhale and gently archbackwards, so that your arms,back and leg take theshape of a crescentmoon. Hold the posturefor as long as comfortablewhile breathing in ujjai. Repeat onleft side. This asana tones the back,thigh and abdominal muscles andstretches the entire spinal column,bringing flexibility and strength in thespine and legs.

    People with spinal injuries, sciatica, weakheart and pregnant women should avoid thisasana.

    ArdhachandraAsana for Glow

    and Grace YOGI ASHWINI

  • The News You Like | August 2014 53

    dhyan yog society

    Dhyan Yog Society is aninitiative that has beenworking towards providing abetter, self-reliant future to theunderprivileged sections of societysince 2005. Officially registered inthe year 2009, Dhyan Yog Society isa Not-for-profit body that has beenfunctioning informally since the year2005. We primarily focus onproviding free, quality education tochildren and empowering womenthrough vocational training. Theunique structure at Dhyan Yog

    Society is run entirely throughvoluntary services.

    Anand Vidyalaya is aneducational initiative of the DhyanFoundation run under the aegis ofDhyan Yog Society. A uniqueinitiative to educate underprivilegedchildren who have immense potentialbut not enough opportunities, AnandVidyalaya not only equips them for abrighter future, but also takes care ofthe short-term requirements like foodand clothes.The firstAnandVidyalaya School was set up

    in Gurgaon in a basement with about15 children. Today, we have 16schools running across the countrywith an average of about 60 childrenin each school.

    Our entire structure is based onthe undying dedication and persistentefforts of our volunteers. Ourvolunteers come from different walksof life to offer their time, resourcesand passion for the cause. We caterto all children that approach usirrespective of age, caste or creed. Infact, we take education closer tothem. Our volunteers find clusterslike construction sites or slums andstart teaching the kids there,providing them with basic necessitieslike books, stationary, clothes etc.Even a small thought or act has thepotential to make a big difference.

    Presently Dhyan Yog Society wehave centers in Delhi (8centers),Hyderabad (5 centers), Ludhiana (1center), Banglore (1 center). We havebeen able to reach to 1000's of kids.The kids who prove their abilitiesand have shown amazing results arealso given a sponsorship for furtherstudies.

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    Afew tribes in Papua New GuineasMorobe highlands still prefer tomummify their dead. As a result,charred corpses snicker at passers-by fromthe cliffs of remote villages.

    Their flesh is stained red, and they seemto be imprisoned within cages of bamboo,as if to keep them from leaping down anddevouring any explorer who strays tooclose. This is not a macabre practice for theAnga people in the remote parts of PapuaNew Guinea, but they believe it is thehighest honour they can bestow on theirdead.

    Dead men, women and children areeffectively smoke cured in the same way as

    smoked corpses:guardians of the village

    A Papuan man looks at the cliff-side watchers who are believed tobe the guardians of the village

  • The News You Like | August 2014 55

    a kipper. First, experienced embalmers make cuts in the feet,knees and elbows of the cadavers, to allow body fat to drainaway, before jabbing bamboo poles into their guts andcollecting the drippings. These are smeared onto the skin andhair of surviving relatives in a ritual believed to transfer thestrength of the dead into the living. Any leftovers are used ascooking oil, for the same reason. They then sew shut the eyes,mouth and anus of the body they are working on, to reduce theair intake in an attempt to prevent flesh from rotting.

    The soles of the feet, palms of the hands and tongue aresliced off and presented to the surviving spouse and then whatis left of the body is smoke cured over a fire pit, before beingcoated in clay and ochre to det