The Napoleonic Era

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Causes and Effects

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The Napoleonic Era. Causes and Effects. Napoleon’s Rise to Power. 1799 overthrows the weak Directory 1802: names himself consul for life Crowns himself Empower!. Napoleon’s Reforms. ORDER to France! Strengthened central government - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Causes and Effects

  • 1799 overthrows the weak Directory1802: names himself consul for lifeCrowns himself Empower!

  • ORDER to France!Strengthened central governmentControlled prices, encouraged industry, built roads and canalsMade peace with Church in Concordat of 1801Opened jobs to all based on talent!Napoleonic CodeEnlightenment ideas (but not for ALL women)

  • Brilliant military leader! Conquered most of Europe by 1812TRIES to take Britain: Battle of Trafalgar 1805Then tries to hurt their ECONOMY: Continental SystemNationalism starts to tear empire apart!Russian winter kills 5 out of 6 as he doesnt retreat soon enough!Russia uses SCORCHED EARTH POLICY

  • Kept France from taking Britain! 1805

  • 1813: Abdicates, and France recognized Louis XVII as King of FranceNapoleon sneaks away from island of Elba and comes BACK to France! March 1815Nap. Finally crushed at WATERLOO June 1815

  • Napoleonic Code still around in some form!France becomes a centralized state with a constitutionRights to property and education increasedSparked NATIONALIST feelings among EuropeU.S. impact? Louisiana Purchase 1803War of 1812 related to Napoleonic Wars!