The Music of Scotland

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The Music of Scotland. Features of Scottish Music What makes Scottish music sound Scottish?. Instruments Melody Scales Grace notes Rhythm. Bagpipes. Listen to the sound of the bagpipes. Pipe Band. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Music of Scotland

  • The Music of ScotlandFeatures of Scottish Music What makes Scottish music sound Scottish? Instruments Melody Scales Grace notes Rhythm

  • Bagpipes

    Pipe BandListen to the sound of the bagpipesListen to the sound of a pipe bandA pipe band includes drums as well as pipes. Most commonly marching bass drums & snare drums.

  • Bagpipes Drones Chanter ReedStyles of Bagpipe music Pipe Band Pibroch

  • InstrumentsFiddleAccordionThe fiddle, is just a Scottish word for violin.Listen to this example of Scottish fiddle musicThe accordion is very much associated with Scottish music.Listen to the sound of an accordionThis fiddle is accompanied by which instrument?This bass chord, bass chord style of piano accompaniment is called a vamp. Listen out for it in future excerpts.

  • InstrumentsClarsachThe clarsach is a Scottish harp. It comes in a number of sizes, but is smaller than an orchestral harp.Listen to the sound of the clarsachSee a Clarsach being played here

  • Scottish Vocal Music used to tell a story to work to to dance to to entertain

  • Scots Ballad Tells a story Handed down through word-of-mouth Often through travelling people UnaccompaniedListen to this Scots BalladListen to another

  • Waulking song Working song Listen for the Thud Thud Call & Response technique Singing in UnisonListen to this waulking songListen to another

  • Puirt-a-beul(mouth music) Music to dance to No instruments (Unaccompanied) Very rhythmicListen to this Puirt-a-beulListen to another

  • Gaelic Psalm Singing Eerie sound Slow Congregation follows minister Singing in UnisonListen to some Gaelic Psalm singing

  • Bothy Ballad Sung by men Tales of Farming Often humorous UnaccompaniedListen to this Bothy Ballad

  • Diddling(another type of mouth music) Music to dance to No instruments Very rhythmic Sounds like diddledididdleListen to some diddling

  • Scottish Dance Music Played by a Scottish Country Dance Band Heard at a CeilidhListen to the sound of an Scottish Country Dance BandClick the picture above to viewClick the picture above to view

  • The Reel A quick dance In Simple time 2/4 or 4/4 Straight rhythms (quavers / crotchets etc.)No jumpy rhythmsSounds like Running Reel, Running ReelListen to this reelHeres another one

  • The JigAnother quick danceIn Compound time 6/8Jumpy, Skippy rhythms (triplets & dotted-sounding.)You can hear: Straw-ber-ry Straw-ber-ry one-and-a-two-and-a or skippity-skippity skippity-skippityListen to this jigHeres another Jig

  • The March A dance at a marching pace Can be in 4/4, 2/4 or 6/8 time Sounds like you could march to the strong beat. Listen to this marchHeres another one

  • The Strathspey A more slow dance (at a walking pace) In Simple time 4/4 The only dance to contain Scotch SnapsListen to this strathspeyHeres another one

  • The Waltz A slow dance In 3/4 timeCount 1,2,3 1,2,3Listen to this waltzListen to another one

  • MelodyPentatonic ScaleGrace NotesThe easiest way to find the pentatonic scale is the black notes on a piano keyboard.

  • RhythmScotch SnapAlly Bally BeeStrathspey

  • Modern Folk music Folk music is still very much alive & wellHeres an example of modern folk musicHeres another

  • End of Scottish Music Unit