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Transcript of The Moral Person

  • 1. So God created man in His ownimage; in the image of God Hecreated him.Gen 1:27
  • 2. Everything has been created as a gift oflove for us and we have been created as agift of love for the others!
  • 3. Image of God = LOVE
  • 4. CREATION: starting pointof Morality
  • 5. Morality- Science of what we oughtto DO by reason of who we ARE
  • 6. Being created through GodsLove, man is capable ofdirecting herself toward what istrue and good.
  • 7. What is Moral Life?
  • 8. Conduct Behavior Attitudes Right or Wrong?
  • 9. The experience of Peter, Jamesand John with Jesus changedtheir perspective, attitudes, advalues about people and things.
  • 10. Christian Moral LifeWhat I just did is to give you example: as I have done so you must do. John 13:15
  • 11. Christian 1. 2. Moral Following Centered Life Christ on the Gospel
  • 12. Minds Heartsredirection Actions Towards His direction Walking To new direction of life: Jesus the Way Turning
  • 13. Love of Process ofGrow in others becoming the personfaith and we truly prayers are
  • 14. Life commitment to liberate and transform others to become Christs followers LIFE Courage, commitment and Holy Spirit
  • 15. Simply following Jesus Christ on His person and His values laid down for us in the Gospel and continuing His saving mission here and now
  • 16. Characteristics of a Person Rational Relational Embodied Being by Being Nature Spirit Unique, yet Historical fundamentally Realities Equal
  • 17. Unique, yet fundamentally equalDifference: appearance, talents, abilities, way of thinking and reasoning out, perspective and attitudes Each of us plays a special role for the good of the community
  • 18. Unique, yet fundamentally equalEqual: All are endowed with rational soul and are created in the image of God; have the same nature and origin, and being redeemed by Christ, enjoy the same Divine calling and destiny We should work together to build the world in genuine peace
  • 19. Rational Being Conscious being We possess this self-awareness through our knowing and free willing Think decide act We image in our small way the Creators infinite knowing and loving
  • 20. Relational Beings by Nature Social beings In the context of others we come to the full realization of who we are as individuals Influence the way we think, act and feel
  • 21. Embodied Spirits Human with body soul Soul animates human Body Human Body essential part of being human; not merely an instruments we use according to our whims
  • 22. Historical Realities We are pilgrims on-the-way, who gradually, become our full selves We decide and form ourselves
  • 23. In love we express our identity as person
  • 24. Love Requires conscious decision Encounter of two persons interpersonal
  • 25. What is love?
  • 26. Virtue Habitual and firm disposition to do good Makes the person not only perform good acts, but also give the best of himself Developed capacity of the mind or will to accomplish moral good. CCC, 1803
  • 27. Cardinal Virtues Play an essential role in disposing one to freely act the good from which all other virtues are grouped
  • 28. Prudence JusticeFortitude Temperance
  • 29. Theological Virtues Directly related to God Dispose Christians to live in a relationship with the Holy Spirit Infused by God into our soul Enable us to respond to His Divine Revelation
  • 30. Charity/Love Hope Faith
  • 31. The Father desires nothing than the best for us. We can actually pray for virtues. The Lord will help and strengthen us develop the differentvirtues that we may continue to live a moral life.
  • 32. Prayers Strengthens us to live Christian Moral Life Communication to God Deepens our relationship with Him which allows us to understand more fully the Truth of Christ
  • 33. Prayer and an active sacramental life are the necessary means not only for clarifying the Christian vision, butalso for motivating responsible moral decisions and acts. CFC 844
  • 34. What are the things that you cando to life a moral Christian life? Have faith and entrust yourself to God Think positive Love and be happy Think before you act Treat others with respect and understanding Control your desires and passions Dont quit Participate in the Eucharistic celebration Visit the Blessed Sacrament everyday