The Moral Journey of Huck Finn

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Transcript of The Moral Journey of Huck Finn

The Morality of Huck Finn

The Moral Raft trip of Huck FinnBy Adrian Galer. and Ryan MoralityWhat does it mean to be moral?

Law or CompassionThen and Now

NOTICELets hope the Chief of Ordnance does not hear of this presentation.

Mark TwainFather of American Lit.Challenged social norms

It is curious that physical courage should be socommon in the world andmoral courage so rare

Beginning:Departing from society

Pg 147page 1165Beginning:Questioning SocietyWell, I blieve you, Huck. II run off.Jim!

Well , I did. I said I wouldntPeople would call me a low-down Abolitionist and despise me for keeping mumbut that dont make no difference. (43).

Beginning:Forging new moralsMornings before daylight I slipped into corn-fields and borrowed a watermelon, or a mushmellon, or a punkin, or some new corn, or things of that kindJim said he reckoned the widow was partly right and pap was partly right; so the best way would be for us to pick out two or three things from the list and say we wouldnt borrow them any more (66).

Beginning:Corollaries in lifeBlame de pint! I reckn I knows what I knows. En mind you, de real pint is down furderits down deeperYou take a man dats got ony one or two chillen; is dat man gwyne to be wasteful o chillen?(78).

Middle:Questioning SocietyWhich I has as good as helped to run away saying he would steal his childrenchildren that belonged to a man I didn't even know; a man that hadnt ever done me no harm.(88).Loyalty The question of propertyMiddle:Questioning society(slide 2)Jim wont ever forgit you, Huck yous de bes fren Jims ever had; en yous the only fren ole Jims got nowWell, I just felt sick. (89).

Rejection of southern morality.Does what his conscience tells him to do

Middle:Road of trialsDuke and Dauphins influenceon Huck

twerkFinale: Accepting raceAnd I do believe he cared just as much for his people as white folks does for theirn. It dont seem natural but I reckon its soHe was a mighty good nigger Jim was. (155).

Jim creates a profound effectMaturingFinale:Total BreakAll right, then, Ill go to hell.and I tore it upAnd for a starter I would go work to steal Jim out of slavery again (214).Moral ClimaxBreak from all codes around him.

Finale:Last wordsBut I reckon I got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest, because Aunt Sally shes going to adopt me and sivilize me, and I cant stand it. I been there before (294).