The Mobile App Business: New opportunities in a changing world

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Transcript of The Mobile App Business: New opportunities in a changing world

  • The Mobile App Business New opportunities in a changing world Emmanuel Carraud CEO MagicSolver [email protected]
  • MagicSolver in a few words Winner of Cambridge University Entrepreneurs in 2009 Sudoku Magic Solve any Sudoku puzzle with your iPhone
  • Try to solve a big PROBLEM: The App Store too many apps! How to find good apps? How to be visible? How to target my audience? Global Brands Users Developers
  • SOLUTION: MagicSolver Apps Discovery Surprise users every day Targeted Promotions Developers Global Brands Daily apps deals and Daily apps recommendation expertise
  • The Advent Calendar 2009 Our first big success 300,000 downloads in 2009 over 3 million downloads in 2013 Topped App Store charts in 30 countries
  • World Football Calendar 2010 to World Football Calendar 2014 News, live results, push notifications, national anthems and A new free app to discover every day 1.5 million downloads! Very successful 2014 edition
  • Free App Magic: helping millions of fans save money with their iPhone every day Free App Magic video on BBC Click 1 million daily active users who: Receive a daily Push Notification Can discover up to 3 paid apps for free every day Have already saved over 60 million
  • 2013 New Innovations: Partnership with key brands
  • Diversification with Blue Panda Apps Entertainment, Game, and Utility Apps
  • Diversification with Blue Panda Apps Match 3 Puzzle Game
  • 5 years on the App Stores 50 iOS apps + 15 Android apps #1 on App Store in 50 countries 50 million downloads for our apps Specialist in apps discovery 500 developer partners 100 million downloads for our partners MagicSolvers 5 Years expertise with mobile apps
  • App Store: a $35 billion market: .will double again by 2017 8,318 18,559 26,683 34,988 45,366 58,207 76,517 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 80,000 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Revenues($million) Year Total revenues App Store Source Gartner
  • It is a complex ecosystem: global and fragmented
  • Google Play surpassed iOS in Worldwide apps downloads but iOS still generate 2/3 of revenues Source AppAnnie
  • Asia= 40% of apps revenues in 2013 vs 23% in 2012 Global revenue distribution by region: 2012-2013, Source Distimo
  • US, Japan and Korea top the app revenue table
  • South Korea, China and Japan enjoy the highest growth of revenues
  • On iOS, China and Russia in the Top 10 Source AppAnnie
  • On Google Play, 5 emerging countries in the Top 10 in volume, none in the top ten in value Source AppAnnie
  • iOS dominant in Western countries, Android in Korea, Japan and emerging countries
  • The Fremium model become dominant on the App Store iOS App Store 2013, source Distimo
  • Games and social networking leading the Freemium trend while Productivity and Navigation keep a paid model
  • Freemium model won: Freemium apps generate 93% of the games and 57% of the non-games revenues Source AppAnnie 2013 report
  • Games get the lion share of downloads (40%) on both iOS and Google Play Source Distimo
  • Games represent 77% of revenues (vs 64% in 2012) up to 94% Google Play revenues in Korea
  • Candy Crush Saga and Puzzle & Dragon are topping the game category Source AppAnnie
  • Facebook and Line are topping the non games categories Source AppAnnie
  • Thanks for Listening Contact for questions, new ideas, and partnership [email protected]