The lexical approach to pedagogical grammar

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THE LEXICAL APPROACH TO PEDAGOGICAL GRAMMARIn this approach priority is placed on the word and how it may be exploited to construct sentences and build texts.The Collins COBUILD English Grammar (1990) places emphasis on nominalization coupled with the concepts of synonymy and collocation, all of which have to do with vocabulary building, may serve as the take-off for sentence construction. A type of word formation in which averbor anadjective(or other part of speech) is used as (or transformed into) anoun.

What is Nominalization? Intransformational grammar, nominalizationrefers to thederivationof anoun phrasefrom an underlyingclause

"A noun derived from a verb or adjective has a technical name: nominalization" According to Joseph M. Williams, Take a look at the sentences below.(a) A re-examination of the evidence led prosecutors to a reconsideration of the defendant's guilt.(b) Prosecutors re-examined the evidence and reconsidered the defendant's guilt.

NominalizationVerb FormAnalysisAnalyzeBeliefBelieveComparisonCompareConclusionConcludeDeterminationDetermineFailureFailReactionReactSuggestionSuggestNominalizations and Their Verb Forms1. Change the verb to a noun.Process to observe2. Determine which part of the sentence it may now occupy.3. Consider the modifiers of the word in the original sentence and determine what other changes will have to be made.4. Finally, come up with a verb to replace the one you nominalized. Be sure it collocates or goes together with the word you nominalized.Our band performed twice at Shangri-La HotelExample:Our band gave two performances at Shangri-La Hotel.Nominalize the underlined verb in the following sentences and make all other necessary changes to come up with a sentence similar to the original sentence.EXERCISESeveral costumers ordered the diamond ring that was on sale at the jewelry shop.Several costumers made an order of the diamond ring that was on sale at the jewelry shop.The sales clerk ordered the names of the costumers alphabetically.The sales clerk recorded the names of the costumers in alphabetical order.Finally the police were able to catch him and try him in secret.The Ambassador received the delegation warmly.-END-