The Lazarus Effect

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Voiceover and On-Screen TextOther films made shown genre clues: horror fans will be intrigued due to the good critical reception of the films listed, such as Paranormal Activity being one of the most famous horror films in the modern day. Evil will rise individually cut into the sequence: a short slogan for the thrill horror genre to be driven into the audiences, showing that the films narrative will involve evil taking over lives.

The production company is first thing seen: a horror orientated company, allows instantexcitement and buzz to be created. The background of this on-screen text is dark and dirty, adding to the uneasy beginning of the trailer. A summary clip at the end: ensures audiences can remember the name, showing the main character that viewers should be interested in. The red theme is conventional to have connotations with horror.

Voiceover and On-Screen Text

EditingMostly short cuts are used this is conventional of a horror film as it builds adrenaline in audiences due to the fast, increasing pace. Not too much is given away with shorter cuts, and audiences are left confused and are questioning who/why/what etc.

LightingEither bright artificial light or low, eerie light the bright light causes disruption and a sense of things going wrong in a technological aspect, bringing the haunted style and the scientific element of the film together. The low light is conventional and builds anticipation for jump-scares and audiences to feel the same fear in their own dark environments.

Sound non-harmonic sounds and discordant musical notes are common in horror films as they make audiences feel uneasy, nervous and prepared for something bad to happen. This can be seen as an action code for a thrilling scene. Diegetic sound = characters speak in a low and distressed manner. This contrasts to the pitch of the evil in the rest of the trailer. Audiences feel concern, and work through the narrative with the characters. The low sound will enhance the scariness of the high pitched screams and chords.

Sound Scientists have found that many of the emotionally-evocative moments in some of the most popular films are enhanced with a sound score that exploits the human brain's natural aversion to the "non-linear" sounds widely used in the animal kingdom to express fear and distress.Sounds are classed as non-linear when they become too loud for the normal musical range of an instrument or an animal's vocal chords. Alternatively they can be produced by the sudden frequency changes of acoustic instruments.Scientists who normally study the non-linear alarm calls of marmots an American ground squirrel have found that the use of similar, non-linear sounds in the musical scores of films is widespread as a way of enhancing the most emotionally evocative moments of a cinematic story.Their study of more than 100 film soundtracks has found that film makers appear to exploit our natural aversion to non-linear sounds in order to get the most out of a moment of drama - The Independent

CameraZooms: these are quick and regular, which can provide an enigma code of sudden, unexpected movement due to the supernatural control. Fades: creates uneasiness and relaxes the pace which ensures audiences are kept on the edge of their seats. Creates an even flow for the trailer. Close ups: creates an enigma code of intensity and drive.