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Looking for some cool and fun projects to do with the kids this summer, this Kids Crafts guide has 5 fabulous projects that can be made quickly and easily to keep them amused for hours.

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  • 1. 5 Great Kids Craft Projects! Here are five fantastic kids craft projects that you can make quickly and easily! Cotton Ball Animals Festive Stick Figures Easter Decorations Recycled Buildings Felt Pencil Case Cotton Ball Animals You Will Need: - STYROFOAM BALLS, 50MM (Pack of 10, 1.99) - WIGGLE EYES, 10MM (HERE) - ASSORTED COLOURS OF POSTER PAINT (HERE) - CRAFT KNIFE - ASSORTED BRUSHES (BRUSHES) - SMALL GLUE GUN, HIGH TEMPERATURE (GLUE) - GLUE STICK (GLUE) To Make Your Animal: 1. Glue cotton balls together to make an animal using a glue gun.
  • 2. 2. You may cut cotton balls in half for ears and a snout. 3. Glue these onto the animal.
  • 3. 4. Paint the model of the animal in its ground colour. 5. Then paint details or dots. 6. Then Glue on the eyes using the hot glue gun.
  • 4. Festive Stick Figures Click on links for templates: Template1 (273 kB), Template2 (277 kB) You Will Need: - CORRUGATED CARD (CARD) - TINSEL - WIGGLE EYES (HERE) - FLOWER STICKS (OR COLOURED WOODEN CRAFT STICKS) - BELL ASSORTMENT (OPTIONAL, CAN USE POM POMS) - ELASTIC CORD 1MM (HERE) - MASKING TAPE (HERE) To Make your Festive Stick Figure: 1. Draw the heads (two pieces) on corrugated card using the chosen template and cut out.
  • 5. 2. Attach a small bundle of lametta onto a flower stick approx. 10cm from the top. Tie a bell on top using elastic cord. 3. Glue the front and the back of the head around the flower stick using clear multi glue gel or a glue gun.
  • 6. 4. Decorate the head with 3D liner in neon colours, wiggle eyes and lametta. Easter Decorations You Will Need: - TULLE ASSORTMENT (TULLE) - ORGANZA FABRIC (FABRIC) - POM POM MAKER (POM POM) - FUNNY EYES, 2-3CM (EYES) - CONES, 2CM (CONES) - MINI GLUE GUN, HIGH TEMPERATURE (GLUE)
  • 7. - GLUE STICKS, 8MM (GLUE) - BRAIDED SATIN CORD (CORD) - COLOUR BEADS, 10-20MM (BEADS) To Make Your Pom Pom Decoration: 1. Cut approx. 4cm wide strips from tulle and organza fabric. 2. Wind the pom pom maker with the strips, close it and cut open. 3. Thread approx. 15-18 beads onto a satin cord and tie a knot at both ends. Leave approx. 1cm of cord in the middle.
  • 8. 4. Now tie the pom-pom together and insert the cord with the beads (the legs) before tightening the cord for the pom-pom. 5. Glue on the beak a small painted papier-mch cone and the funny eyes with a glue gun.
  • 9. Recycled Buildings Recycled materials (boxes and tubes) and papier-mch cars and flowers have been painted with Acrylic Paint and then decorated with cut-out, self-adhesive foam rubber and marker pen. You Will Need: - RECYCLED MATERIAL (MILK CARTONS, BOXES, ETC) - ACRYLIC PAINT (HERE) - WHITE ACRYLIC PRIMER (GESSO) - SELF ADHESIVE FOAM RUBBER PADS. (YOU CAN ALSO USE STANDARD FOAM RUBBER AND GLUE IT ON) - PAINT BRUSHES (BRUSHES) Instructions:
  • 10. 1. Put some Acrylic Paint into an inking tray together with some Primer (Gesso). Adding paint to the Primer (Gesso) achieves high colour intensity and excellent opacity. 2. Now paint the recycled packaging and let it dry for approx. two hours. Also paint the trees and cars.
  • 11. 3. Cut out self-adhesive foam rubber for doors, windows, roof tiles and other decorations. Attach onto the recycled boxes/tubes when these are dry. 4. Paint the figures with Markers or Acrylic Paint. Felt Pencil Case
  • 12. You Will Need: - FELT (HERE) - EMBROIDERY THREAD AND A NEEDLE WITH A LARGE EYE (EMBROIDERY) - BUTTON (HERE) - SCISSORS (HERE) To Make Your Felt Pencil Case: 1. To make a pencil case, cut a 2 1/2-by-18-inch rectangle of felt; fold up bottom 6 inches. 2. To sew, use embroidery thread and a needle with a large eye. Stitch up the sides with a running stitch: Pass needle up from back to front, then reinsert needle to back; repeat making short stitches. Finish with a knot in back. 3. Fold over flap; add a button, and snip a buttonhole. 4. To cover a 3-by-5-inch notebook, cut an 11-by-5 1/2-inch rectangle of felt with scissors. Center open book on felt; fold ends over covers. Sew top and bottom edges with a running stitch 5. For a closure, sew a button to front and add a thread loop to back. Have Fun Making Crafts with Kids! These are just four fun and creative kids craft ideas that you can make yourself. All of the materials can be found at your local craft shop or online for an affordable price. Click the link below to visit our online shop, where all materials used are available to purchase. Vibes and Scribes Arts and Crafts Supplies Specialists