The Internet of Compassion

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Slides from a keynote presentation I gave at the BDigital Conference in Barcelona in June of 2012.

Transcript of The Internet of Compassion

  • 1.The Internet ofCOMPASSIONMary JoyceBDigital Global Congress 2012 Barcelonaimages: Flickr/

2. Can social media make usMORE COMPASSIONATE? 3. MYMORNING ROUTINE images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 4. MYMORNING ROUTINE1: My RSS Feeds images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 5. THE WORLDS MORNINGROUTINE1: My RSS Feedsimages: Flickr/scottfeldstein 6. MYMORNING ROUTINE2: My Email images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 7. MYMORNING ROUTINE2: My Email images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 8. MY MORNINGROUTINE3: My Social Networkimages: Flickr/scottfeldstein 9. MYMORNING ROUTINE images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 10. MYnot just my friendsMORNING ROUTINE images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 11. MY not just my friends MORNINGROUTINEbut their friendsand their friends friendsand their friends friendsand their friends friendsand their friends friendsand their friends friendsimages: Flickr/scottfeldstein 12. THE WORLDS MORNINGROUTINEimages: Flickr/scottfeldstein 13. THE WORLDS MORNINGROUTINEimages: Flickr/scottfeldstein 14. THE WORLDS MORNINGROUTINEimages: 15. THE WORLDS MORNINGROUTINEimages: 16. SOCIAL MEDIAIS CHANGINGOUR CULTURE images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 17. OUR CULTURE ISopinions CHANGINGimages: Flickr/scottfeldstein 18. OURCULTURE ISopinionsCHANGINGconversations images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 19. OURCULTURE ISopinionsCHANGINGconversationsemotions images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 20. OURCULTURE ISopinionsCHANGINGconversationsemotions images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 21. OURCULTURE ISopinionsCHANGINGconversationsemotions images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 22. OUR CULTURE ISopinionscare about CHANGINGconversationsemotionsimages: Flickr/scottfeldstein 23. OUR CULTURE ISopinionscare about CHANGINGconversationsthinkemotionsimages: Flickr/scottfeldstein 24. OURCULTURE ISopinionscare aboutCHANGINGconversationsthinkemotions feel images: Flickr/scottfeldstein 25. care about think feel 26. Because of social media we know more about what otherscare about think feel than ever before in human history. 27. How will weREACT? 28. OPTION 1:APATHY images: Flickr/gcfairch 29. OPTION 2: HOMOPHILYBirds of a feather ock together.images: Flickr/Smabs Sputzer 30. OPTION 3:COMPASSIONExpand your empathy to network scale. images: Flickr/ 31. Expand your empathy to network scale.SOCIAL MEDIA IS GLOBAL. SOCIAL CONCERNSHOULD BE AS WELL. 32. APATHYHOMOPHILYCOMPASSION Social media cannot make this CHOICE 33. Social media gives usNEW OPTIONS 34. We makeCHOICES 35. We changeCULTURE 36. An argument forCOMPASSION 37. COMPETITION CULTURECOMPASSION CULTURE 38. COMPETITIONCULTUREYour loss is my gain. images: 39. COMPASSION CULTUREYour loss is my loss too. images: 40. COMPETITION ISBASED ON SCARCITYimages: The Economist Magazine 41. COMPETITION CULTURE ISBROKENimages: Flickr/daquella manera 42. AND EVERYONEKNOWS IT images: 43. THE ERA OFSCARCITY ISENDINGimages: : Geoff Deldereld 44. DIGITAL CULTURE IS ABUNDANT images: 45. DIGITAL CULTUREIS ABUNDANTThe nature of digital is perfect copies, freely made. -Larry Lessig images: 46. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABUNDANT images: Flickr/VinothChandar 47. DIGITAL ABUNDANCECHANGES PERCEPTIONSOF COMPETITION. 48. WHEN THERE ISENOUGH FOR EVERYONE,IT IS EASY TO BE COMPASSIONATE 49. ...AND COMPETITION SEEMS IRRATIONALAND SELFISH. 50. THE DEFAULTHAS CHANGED 51. FROM BUYimages: Flickr/Roberto Garca Fadn 52. ... TOSHAREimages: Flickr/Bert Heymans 53. LETS SHIFTour culture 54. Social media gives usNEW OPTIONS with which we createNEW CULTURE 55. LETS SHIFTour cultureCompetition Compassion 56. LETS SHIFTour cultureCompetition CompassionX 57. LETS SHIFTour cultureCompetition CompassionX 58. What does this mean for BUSINESS? 59. A New Principle for Business in the Digital Age 60. A New Principle for Business in the Digital AgeCREATE MORE VALUETHAN YOU CAPTURE- Tim OReilly 61. Now lets have a conversation. CREATE MORE VALUE THAN YOU CAPTURE.Mary Joyce | The Meta-Activism Project | Mary@meta-activism.orgimages: Flickr/