The Indiana Jones Mind-blowing Adventure Extravaganza!

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By: Alec Lawrence. The Indiana Jones Mind-blowing Adventure Extravaganza!. Slide Three: Plot Development Explanation Slide Four-Six: Transitions throughout Plot Development Slide Seven: Dangling Causes Explanation Slide Eight-Ten: Dangling Causes Slide Eleven: Motif Explanation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of The Indiana Jones Mind-blowing Adventure Extravaganza!

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Indiana Jones Mind-blowing Adventure Extravaganza!By: Alec Lawrence Table of ContentsSlide Three: Plot Development ExplanationSlide Four-Six: Transitions throughout Plot DevelopmentSlide Seven: Dangling Causes ExplanationSlide Eight-Ten: Dangling CausesSlide Eleven: Motif ExplanationSlide Twelve-Fifteen: Patterns of MotifsSlide Sixteen: ConclusionSlide Seventeen: Works CitedPlot Development ExplanationSet Up: In the set up, the audience meets the characters, learns their traits, and establishes the double-goal structure of the movie. Complicating Action: The action goes in a new direction; a new situation arises that the protagonist needs to conquer in order to progress on his mission.Development: All the goals are in reaching distance, and different situations arise, allowing for suspense, action, and delay in completing the original goals of the film.Climax: Considered the highest point of action, where all the work of the protagonist pays off, or doesnt. Epilogue: The resolution of the film; nothing new is happening, and the protagonists life goes on.

Transitions throughout Plot DevelopmentSet Up to Complicating Action: We meet Indiana Jones in the jungle searching for an ancient gold artifact, which allows us to understand his archeological career and traits. Later, we meet Marion in her bar when suddenly, after Indiana walks in to tell her to help him look for the Ark, the Nazis come.Transitions throughout Plot DevelopmentComplicating Action to Development: When the Nazis arrive, they ask for the Medallion which would allow them to find where the Ark is buried, but then have a showdown once Indiana comes back in to save Marion from them.

Transitions throughout Plot DevelopmentDevelopment to Climax to Resolution: The search for the ark ensues, which is found by Indiana Jones. Later the Nazis capture Indiana, and take the Ark. After Jones escapes, he high-jacks the truck which has the ark, leaving the Nazis no choice but to chase him. Jones has the Ark back in his possession after taking out the Nazis temporarily, and puts it on the boat with him to go back to America, only then he is met by the Nazis again. The Nazis take the Ark, kidnap Marion, and leave him no choice but to follow, so Jones hitches a ride on the Nazis submarine. Once the Ark is opened and kills all of the Nazis who looked at it, Jones takes the Ark, and Marion, to the United States where it is kept safely in an unknown location.

Dangling Cause ExplanationDangling Cause: Something you see or hear early in the film, but takes a while to return in the film to show the true importance of it.Dangling CausesThe Medallion: When Indiana is having is fighting at Marions bar, the Nazi leader grabs the fire-warmed Medallion, leaving an imprint on his hand. Later, we see the Nazi with the imprint of the Medallion on his hand speaking to Nazi generals, showing them the imprint, so they can make their own.

Dangling CausesSnakes: In the beginning of the movie, Indiana Jones has an encounter with a snake in his airplane seat. He then states I hate snakes!Later in the film, Jones is trapped by the Nazis in the corridor where he found the Ark. The corridor is filled with snakes slithering all over the floor.

Dangling CausesMarions Drinking: Marion shows that she can hold down their alcohol; she does this by drinking shots with a man in her bar in front of all of his friends.Later, Marion is captured by the Nazis, and in an effort to escape, she gets the guard drunk.

Motif ExplanationMotif: A repeated idea, image, or pattern that is shown/heard throughout the film in order to help reveal the theme of the text.Patterns of MotifsColor: Throughout Raiders of the Lost Ark, all of the colors consist of beige/brown sandy colors, but when something potentially connected to the Lost Ark appears, the color red is spotted on the object or person.

Patterns of MotifsIndiana Joness Theme: Throughout the film, Indianas theme song consists of heroic sounding rhythms and loud blasting instruments.Whenever the theme is played, Indiana is about to do something heroic.

Patterns of MotifsMarions Theme: Throughout the film, Marions theme song consists of quite, melodic tones.Whenever a romantic scene is coming up, or Indiana is thinking about Marion, her theme song is played.

Patterns of MotifsThe Arks Theme: Throughout the film, the Arks theme song consists of melodic, creepy, slow and quite tones. Whenever the the Ark is mentioned, an artifact is pulled up, or anyone is close to the Ark, the theme song is played.

ConclusionThe entire film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, consists of both enjoyable action and also numerous motifs and dangling causes that the audience can pick up quickly on in order to follow the storyline of the movie better. The movie is both easy to watch, but keeps the audience on the edge of their seat, wondering what is going to happen next, (most of it because of the motifs spotted throughout).Works CitedRaiders of the Lost Ark. Dir. Steven Spielberg. Perf. Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, and Paul Freeman. Lucas Film/Paramount, 1981. DVD."Raiders of the Lost Ark." IMDb., 1990. Web. 20 Sept. 2012. ."Film Guru Lad - Film Reviews." : Raiders of the Lost Ark Review (Updated)., May 2011. Web. 21 Sept. 2012. .