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The House of Advanced Photography & Videography

Catalyst Cinema is a well reputed Canada based-company which serves the professional photography services to all its customers across Mississauga and the entire Greater Toronto Area. The company has a huge experience in the various aspects of video production, right from capturing high quality video or audio.

Catalyst Cinema and Offered ServicesVincent founded the Catalyst Cinema with the objective of deliver the most advanced photography and videography technologies for, which now produces the best in Mississauga & Great Toronto Area. Vincent aims at delivering the best quality of products to every single client.

Wedding Photography A day of wedding is a very special occasion and the priceless moments at ones wedding cannot be missed at any cost. This requires the service from a professional wedding photographer who is capable of capturing the finest wedding moments in beautiful pictures. By implementing the cutting edge photography technology, the company promises to capture the most beautiful wedding moments, be it taking the wedding oath, exchange of rings or simply walking down the aisle.

Website: www.catalystcinema.comAddress: 611 Phoebe Crescent,Burlington, ON, L7L, Canada