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Por: Betnia Alves Diego Fonseca Fabiana Gomes Kayse Giles Thiago Oliveira

Life is too important to be taken seriously.

Oscar Wilde

I ASPECTS OF THE STYLEOscar Wilde was born in October 16, 1854 in Dublin, Ireland. Was alphabetized in Trinity College, in Dublin, and later on in Oxford. There was influenced by Walter Pater and the doctrine of the art for the art. He was a dramatist, writer and Irish poet. An icon in English literature during the Victorian period, he suffered enormous problems for being homosexual, such as being arrested and humiliated in front of the society. Years later he was arrested under the accusation of homosexual behavior, and sentenced to do 2 years in prison, where several diseases led him to his death in November 30 of 1900.

Author of the Symbolism, generally his work depicted various aspects. In a single romance he deals with art, vanity human manipulation. In your novels, he criticized the societys patriotism. Your child tales always left a moral message. He wrote 9 dramas for the theaters. Stood out as a poet especially in his youth. He was a master in creating phrases, marked by his irony, sarcasm and cynicism.

II THE HAPPY PRINCEThe title from the tale of Oscar Wilde and the Happy Prince is contradictory. Seeing that your happiness was temporarily, because it was only real during your life inside the palace. Although, when a statue of your figure was raised above the city level, on the top of an enormous column, the prince found out that your happiness was not real by observing the world around you. The story develops during the summer, in North Europe. Also through Autumn and Winter, where it can establish a connection between this last Winter and the typical coldness in North Europe.

The Prince has two main characters, the Prince himself (adorned statue) and a jealous and possessive Swallow. Inanimate beings that perform a great roll inside the story, fitting and changing as the prince realized the miserable situation of the people that are around you. With the help of the swallow he changed the sadness of the people into joy. The plot is about the relationship between a Swallow And a Prince that, after his death, had a statue raised in a high column in the center of an imaginary city. The first part of the tale shows the relation that the people from this town had with the Happy Princes statue, such relation was marked by the shallowness and the appearances.

The second part is the presentation of the other main character of this story: the Swallow that used to fall in love with creatures different than your species, and that falls in love with the prince. The Prince feels that he cant help the poor, he counts with swallows help to achieve his goals, where she is, she wants to stay, but the love she feels for the prince holds her back, and in the end he asks her to kiss him in the mouth , who for our surprise, was also in love with the swallow.And this tie that they sealed, ended up causing their death. In the end, God asks for one of his angels to bring to him the two most . precious things of the city, and so, the . angel took the bronze heart of the prince and the little dead body of the swallow.

In his tale Happy Prince, we can see the use of metaphors between the lines of the text. The parallelism also present inside the paragraphs that combine between them. The value of charity, love and compassion are prevalent in the plot, as seen in this phrase: I am glad that you are going to Egypt at last, little swallow said the Prince you have stayed too long here; but you must kiss me on the lips, for I love you. It is not to Egypt that I am going, said the Swallow. I am going to the House of Death. Death is the brother of Sleep, is he not? And he kissed the Happy Prince on the lips, and fell down dead at his feet. At that moment a curious crack sounded inside the statue, as if something had broken. The fact is that the leaden heart had snapped right in two. It certainly was a dreadfully hard frost. The tale is narrated in 3 person. Although the Prince was a statue and was the owner of a heart of lead, he had feelings. Different then humans that are egocentric and dont help the others.

The story surprises any reader by the fact that he deals with the primordial feelings to human existence. Seen that in the actual society people dont prioritize these kinds of feelings, and this tale comes with the intention to awaken the readers to the essence of love to the other and bring poetry to it.

Oscar Wilde reminds us of an author of Brazilian literature, Castro Alves. Because the poet brings out a language fulfilled with figures and styles as metaphors and personification. He wrote the romance: The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Novel: Cantervilles Ghost. For childrens tale he wrote: The son of the Star. And poems: Mystic Rose, Flowers of Gold.