The Great Chain of Being PPT

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The Great Chain of Being Greek Origins Order and Correspondence in the Universe
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The Great Chain of BeingGreek Origins Order and Correspondence in the Universe

Great Chain of Being

Great Chain of Being

Great Chain of Being

Great Chain of Being

Great Chain of Being

Great Chain of Being

Angel Hierarchy- Byzantine Icon


Fiery angels with six wings and many eyes said to encircle the throne of God

Archangel GabrielName means God is my strength. One of three named angels in the Bible.

Associated with the Water Element. Gabriel rules over the day of Monday and the Moon and the Alchemical Metal Silver Colour: sea green ; Enblem: the Lily

Archangel MichaelArchangel Michael is said to be the closest to God and heaven's greatest defender and mightiest warrior against evil. His symbol is a fiery sword.Michael - Associated with the Fire element and the Alchemical metal Gold Colour: Red

Archangel RaphaelAngel of Healing and the Sciences Name means God had healed. Oversees Guardian Angels Regent of the Sun. Raphael has the happiest disposition of all the angels even said to have sense Of humor.

Raphael = Associated with the Air element Raphael rules over the day of Wednesday and the Planet Mercury

Archangel Metatron

Metatron- Angel of Sacred Geometry

Archangel UrielArchangel Uriel's name means Fire of God, and he is known as The Angel of Repentance. Associated with the Earth element Colour: White, Gold, Earth tones.

Guardian AngelsBelief in Guardian Angels dates back to ancient Babylonia and Assyria ..early Church Fathers believed each soul was assigned an angel to guard it .

Demons- BeelzebubAncient Philistine god Satan or Prince of Demons One of seven princes of Hell

Demons- Belial

Ancient demon and a prince of Hell Mentioned in Dead Sea Scrolls- Known as angel of destruction

Demons- AsmodeusOne of seven princes of Hell Demon of Lust


Once appointed by God to test mans faithlord of fallen angels


One of the Watchers, or fallen angels

Demon- AbaddonAbaddon was known as the angel of death and destruction. Abaddon is often identified with the Destroying Angel of the Apocalypse

Demon- Mammon

Prince of Hell.. god of greed

Great Chain of BeingGod Angels Kings/Queens Archbishops Dukes/Duchesses Bishops Marquises/Marchionesses Earls/Countesses Viscounts/Viscountesses Barons/Baronesses Abbots/Deacons Knights/Local Officials

Ladies-in-Waiting Priests/Monks Squires Pages Messengers Merchants/Shopkeepers Tradesmen Yeomen Farmers Soldiers/Town Watch Household Servants Tennant Farmers Shepherds/Herders

Great Chain of BeingBeggars Actors Thieves/Pirates Gypsies Animals Birds Worms Plants Rocks

Correspondence- Zodiac Man

Zodiac Man