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The Geology and Tectonics of the Oman Region, The Geological Society UK; Explains Oman Ophiolite geology and mountain formation

Transcript of The Geology and Tectonics of the Oman Region, The Geological Society UK

The Geology and Tectonics of the Oman Region

Geological Society Special PublicationsSeries EditorK. COE







The Geology and Tectonics of the Oman RegionEDITED BY

A. H. F. R O B E R T S O N Department of Geology and Geophysics Grant Institute University of Edinburgh, UK M. P. S E A R L E Department of Geology University of Leicester, UK A . C. R I E S Earth Sciences and Resources Institute University of Reading, UK

1990 Published by The Geological Society London


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Printed in Great Britain at The Alden Press, Oxford

ContentsAcknowledgements Preface ix x xi

ROBERTSON, A. H. F., SEARLE, M. P. & RIES, A. C. IntroductionEvolution of the Oman Tethyan Continental Margin ROBERTSON, A. H. F. SEARLE, M. P. The northern Oman Tethyan continental margin: stratigraphy, structure, concepts and controversies

3 27 39

BLEND1NGER, W., VAN VL1ET, A. & HUGHES CLARKE, M. W. Updoming, rifting and continental margin development during the Late Palaeozoic in northern OmanLEE, C. W. A review of platform sedimentation in the Early and Late Permian of Oman, with particular reference to the Oman Mountains RABU, D., LE METOUR, J., BECHENNEC, F., BEURRIER, M., V1LLEY, M. & BOURDILLON-DEGRISSAC, CH. Sedimentary aspects of the C o - A l p i n e cycle on the northeast edge of the Arabian Platform (Oman Mountains) PRATT, B. R. & SMEWlNG, J. D. Jurassic and Early Cretaceous platform margin configuration and evolution, central Oman Mountains SCOTT, R. W. Chronostratigraphy of the Cretaceous carbonate shelf, southeastern Arabia

49 69 89 109 127 139 161 189 203

HAAN, E. A., CORB1N, S. G., HUGHES CLARKE, M. W. & MABILLARD, J. E. The Lower Kahmah Group of Oman: the carbonate fill of a marginal shelf basin WAGNER, P. D. Geochemical stratigraphy and porosity controls in Cretaceous carbonates near the Oman MountainsWATTS, K. F. Mesozoic carbonate slope facies marking the Arabian platform margin in Oman: depositional history, morphology and palaeogeography

COOPER, D. J. W. Sedimentary evolution and palaeogeographical reconstruction of the Mesozoic continental rise in Oman: evidence from the Hamrat Duru Group BERNOULLI, D., WE1SSERT,H. & BLOME, C. D. Evolution of the Triassic Hawasina Basin, Central Oman Mountains TOZER, E. T. & CALON, T. J. Triassic ammonoids from Jabal Safra and Wadi Alwa, Oman, and their significanceBECHENNEC, F., LE METOUR, J., RABU, D., BOURDILLON-DE-GR1SSAC,CH., DE WEVER, P., BEURRIER, M. & V1LLEY, M. The Hawasina Nappes: stratigraphy, palaeogeography and structural evolution of a fragment of the south-Tethyan passive continental margin

213 225 239 251

DE WEVER, P., BOURDILLON-DE-GRISSAC, CH. & BECHENNEC, F. Permian to Cretaceous radiolarian biostratigraphic data from the Hawasina Complex, Oman Mountains K1CKMAIER,W. & PETERS,Tj. Manganese occurrences in the A1 Hammah Range -- Wahrah Formation, Oman Mountains ROBERTSON, A. H. F., BLOME, C. D., COOPER, D. W. J., KEMP, A. E. S., & SEARLE,M. P. Evolution of the Arabian continental margin in the Dibba Zone, Northern Oman MountainsROBERTSON, A. H. F., KEMP, A. E. S., REX, D. C. & BLOME, C. D. Sedimentary and structural evolution of a continental margin transform lineament: the Hatta Zone, Northern Oman Mountains MANN, A. & HANNA, S. S. The tectonic evolution of pre-Permian rocks, Central and Southeastern Oman Mountains

285 307



LE M~TOUR, J., RABU, D., TEGYEY, M., BECHENNEC, F., BEURRIER, M. & VILLEY, M. Subduction and obduction: two stages in the E o - A l p i n e tectonometamorphic evolution of the Oman Mountains

327 341 361 375 387 397 419 429 447 459 473 495

HANNA, S. S. The Alpine deformation of the Central Oman MountainsSEARLE, M. P., COOPER, D. W. J. & WATTS, K. F. Structure of the Jebel Sumeini-Jebel Ghawil area, Northern Oman DUNNE, L. A., MANOOGIAN, P. R. ~: PIERINI, D. F. Structural style and domains of the Northern Oman Mountains (Oman and United Arab Emirates) MICHAELlS, P. L. & PAUKEN, R. J. Seismic interpretation of the structure and stratigraphy of the Strait of Hormuz BoovE, D. R. D., Mou, D. & WAITE, R. I. Structural evolution of the Suneinah Foreland, Central Oman Mountains

WARBURTON, J., BURNHILL, T. J., GRAHAM, R. H. & ISAAC, K. P. The evolution of theOman Mountains Foreland Basin CAWOOD, P. A., GREEN, F. K. & CALON, T. J. Origin of culminations within the Southeast Oman Mountains at Jebel Ma Jhool and Ibra Dome COFFIELD, D. Q. Structures associated with nappe emplacement and culmination collapse in the Central Oman Mountains SUELTON, A. W. The interpretation of gravity data in Oman: constraints on the ophiolite emplacement mechanism EL-SHAZLY, A. K. & COLEMAN, R. G. Metamorphism in the Oman Mountains in relation to the Semail ophiolite emplacement NOLAN, S. C., SKELTON, P. W., CLISSOLD, B. P. & SMEWING, J. D. Maastrichtian to early Tertiary stratigraphy and palaeogeography of the Central and Northern Oman Mountains SKELTON, P. W., NOLAN, S. C. & SCOTT, R. W. The Maastrichtian transgression onto the northwestern flank of the Proto-Oman Mountains: sequences of rudist-bearing beach to open shelf facies MANN, A., HANNA, S. S. ~: NOLAN, S. C. The post-Campanian tectonic evolution of the Central Oman Mountains: Tertiary extension of the Eastern Arabian Margin

521 549 565

MAIZELS,J. & MCBEAN, C. Cenozoic alluvial fan systems of interior Oman: palaeoenvironmental reconstruction based on discrimination of palaeochannels using remotely sensed data Geology and Tectonics of South Oman GASS, I. G., RIES, A. C., SHACKLETON,R. M. SMEWING, J. D. Tectonics, geochronology and geochemistry of the Precambrian rocks of Oman WRIGHT, V. P., RIES, A. C. & MUNN, S. G. lntraplatformal basin-fill deposits from the Infracambrian Huqf Group, east Central Oman MATTES, B. W. & CONWAY MORRIS, S. Carbonate/evaporite deposition in the Late Precambian-Early Cambrian Ara Formation of Southern Oman

585 601 617 637 653 665 673

HEWARD, A. P. Salt removal and sedimentation in Southern OmanRIES, A. C. & SHACKLETON, R. M. Structures in the Huqf-Haushi Uplift, east Central Oman

MOSELEY,F. The structure of Masirah Island, Oman SHACKLETON, R. M., RIES, A. C., BIRD, P. R., FILBRANDT, J. B., LEE, C. W., & CUNNINGHAM, G. C. The Batain Melange of NE Oman

CONTENTS FILBRANDT, J. B., NOLAN, S. C. d~; RIES, A. C. Late Cretaceous and early Tertiary evolution of Jebel Ja' alan and adjacent areas, NE Oman


697 715 725 745

SHACKLETON,R. M. & RIES, A. C. Tectonics of the Masirah Fault Zone and eastern Oman MOUNTAIN, G. S. & PRELL, W. L. A multiphase plate tectonic history of the southeast continental margin of OmanPRELL, W. L. and the shipboard scientific party of ODP Leg 117. Neogene tectonics and sedimentation of the SE Oman continental margin: results from ODP Leg 117

SHIMMIELD, G. B., PRICE, N. B. & PEDERSON, T. F. The influence of hydrography, bathymetry and productivity on sediment type and composition on the Oman Margin and in the Northwest Arabian Sea. Regional Tectonic Setting GLENN1E, K. W., HUGHES CLARKE, M. W., BOEUF, M. G. A., PILAAR,W. F. H. &REINHARDT, B. M. Inter-relationship of the M a k r a n - O m a n Mountains belts of convergence STONELEY, R. The Arabian continental margin in Iran during the Late Cretaceous SENGOR, A. M. C. A new model for the late Palaeozoic-Mesozoic tectonic evolution of lran and implications for Oman I