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Transcript of The Frick San Francisco - Alumni and Development · How the Challenge Works The $500,000 Frick San...

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    Alicia M. Lifrak Senior Director, Leadership Annual Giving and Regional Eliot Society ProgramsWashington University in St. LouisCampus Box 1210One Brookings DriveSt. Louis, Missouri 63130-4899877-215-2727 or [email protected]

    Robert and Barbara Frick

    Bob Frick, BS 60, MBA 62, earned his undergraduate degree in civil engineering and a masters degree in business administration from Washington University. Since retiring from Bank of America as vice chairman of the board and head of its World Banking Division, he has invested in numerous entrepreneurial startup ventures in the San Francisco Bay area and currently serves on the boards of five companies in the area. He is a trustee emeritus of Washington University and a member of the National Council of the Olin Business School. He serves as co-chair of the San Francisco Regional Campaign Committee and chair of the San Francisco Bay Area Eliot Society Committee.

    Together Bob and Barbara Frick created K.E.S. Management Company in the 1980s to provide quality apartment communities for low- to moderate-income residents. Barbara, a former teacher at the high school and college levels, was responsible for the rehabilitation and management of more than 1,000 rental units in ethnically diverse

    neighborhoods. In keeping with their motto, You can do good and make money, the Fricks provided extensive services for residents, including Head Start, tutoring, and job preparation programs.

    Barbara has been widely recognized for her outstanding service to the community. Both she and Bob are active volunteers for Habitat for Humanity in East Bay/Silicon Valley. Bob serves on the board and is chair of their foundation board. In addition, he has ridden his bicycle across the U.S. three times since 2008promoting awareness of Habitat for Humanity and raising more than $600,000 for the organization.

    The Frick San Francisco Bay Area Challenge


    Bob Frick, BS 60, MBA 62, and Barbara Frick

  • How the Challenge Works

    The $500,000 Frick San Francisco Bay Area Challenge will match new and increased gifts to the Washington University Annual Fund by donors in the San Francisco Bay Area. Your gift may be directed to the school, academic department, scholarship, or program of your choice.

    Recognition Levels for Annual Fund Gifts:*

    Annual Fund donor $1 $99

    Century Club Member $100 $249

    Century Club Fellow $250 $499

    Deans Committee $500 $999

    William Greenleaf Eliot Society

    Eliot Society Member $1,000 $2,499

    Eliot Society Fellow $2,500 $4,999

    Eliot Benefactor $5,000 $9,999

    Donors may establish a named annual scholarship for each gift of $5,000 or more. Alumni age 35 or younger may establish a named annual scholarship for a gift of $2,500

    Eliot Patron $10,000 $24,999

    Danforth Circle

    Deans Level $25,000 $49,999

    Chancellors Level $50,000 or more

    *Your recognition level is based on your gift and will not include the matching dollars from the Frick Challenge.

    Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by U.S. and Canadian law.

    The Frick San Francisco Bay Area Challenge

    Bob and Barbara Frick have established a $500,000 challenge to inspire fellow alumni, parents, and friends of Washington University in the San Francisco Bay area to increase their support for the Annual Fund. This challenge fund is in addition to the Fricks generous $1.5 million commitment to support facilities at Olin Business School. Donors to the Annual Fund challenge may direct their gift to the school, department, or scholarship of their choice. All gifts will support Leading Together: The Campaign for Washington University.

    The Fricks have contributed more than $7 million to the university since the launch of Leading Together, contributing greatly to the progress of the campaign.

    We believe in the value of learning, says Barbara Frick. A great education is more than the sum of its partsits the quality of the entire experience. Bob adds, Washington University gave me a terrific start. We want to help make that experience possible for the next generation of students.

    Tuition alone cannot cover all costs associated with a top-tier education. The Annual Fund provides essential resources for scholarships, outstanding faculty, academic programs, student research, career preparation, libraries and technology, athletics and cultural programs, and a vibrant learning experience.

    Yes! I/We will help meet the Frick San Francisco Bay Area Challenge.Please direct my/our gift to (designate school, scholarship, or program):___________________________________________________ Please print.

    r My/Our gift of $__________________ is enclosed. Please make checks payable to Washington University.

    r I/We pledge* a total of $ _______________(not including any matching funds) to be paid as follows: Year 1 $________ Date______ Year 4 $______ Date______

    Year 2 $________ Date______ Year 5 $______ Date______

    Year 3 $________ Date______ (Fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30.)

    r My/Our first pledge payment of $ ___________ is enclosed. (Please send reminders for remaining pledge payments.)

    r Please charge $___________ to the following credit card:

    r AmEx r Discover r MasterCard r Visa

    Acct. No. ________________________Exp. _______

    Name on card _______________________________ Please print.Signature ___________________________________

    This is a r one-time r monthly r quarterly r annual gift._____ Number of payments for a total gift of $___________or r until canceled**

    r I/We intend to recommend a gift via: r a donor advised fund r a family foundation

    Name of fund or foundation: _________________________

    r My/Our employer will match this gift. ________________________________________________Name of company please enclose matching gift form.

    My/Our Name(s) ___________________________________

    Address ___________________________________________

    City _______________________ State _____ Zip ________

    Telephone __________________________________________ r Home r Business r CellPreferred email _____________________________________r I/We prefer no listing in the Honor Roll. *If your gift or pledge will be paid from a donor advised fund or private foundation, your gift will be an intention and not a legally binding pledge.**You can change or discontinue your recurring gift at any time by simply contacting Alumni & Development at 877-215-2727 or [email protected]

    Education is an investment in the future of our country.

    Bob and Barbara Frick


    Printed on recycled paper containing 10% postconsumer waste.

    Your gift

    Match provides

    First Annual Fund giftFor donors making their first Annual Fund gift

    $1 $1

    Multi-year pledgeFor three- to five-year commitments

    $1 $2

    Increased Annual Fund giftFor donors who increase their current Annual Fund support, the challenge will match the increased gift amount.

    $1 $2