The Ethical Landscape of User Experience (Bill Albert)

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1/7 of the UXPA 2014 Ignite session "Ethical Dilemmas in UX" Ever wondered if you should ask THAT question? Join us for a series of passionate speakers sharing their thoughts on ethics, what difficult situations they have faced, what they did, and why. Topics will cover lab situations, field situations and business situations. You will gain tactics to use in the future when issues arise.

Transcript of The Ethical Landscape of User Experience (Bill Albert)

  • 2014 The Ethical Landscape of User Experience Bill Albert Bentley University User Experience Center (UXC)
  • 2014 Who am I? Executive Director of Bentley UXC Co-Editor in Chief of Journal of Usability Studies Adjunct Faculty at Bentley HFID
  • 2014 Caveat My world is small I rarely confront ethics I am just one voice
  • 2014 My Belief We each have our own ethics Who am I to judge? Ethics evolve
  • 2014 UX Ethics Playing Field How we do our work Working with others The way our work is used Our role in the UX community
  • 2014 How We Do Our Work Planning our research Collect data Interpret results Make recommendations Design
  • 2014 Ethics of Sample Size
  • 2014 Losing Objectivity Photo taken by Brian Baxter, March 13, 2010, St. Paul, MN
  • 2014 Working with Others Participants Clients Team members Stakeholders
  • 2014 Stressing Participants
  • 2014 Choosing Clients
  • 2014 How our results are used UX data to sell a design or make a point We dont agree with larger mission We know it is just a box to tick
  • 2014 Politics of Video Clips
  • 2014 Conflicting Mission
  • 2014 Role in the UX Community Member of the UX community Impact on the UX field
  • 2014 Risk of Offending Someone
  • 2014 What Do I Do? Look at issue from all sides How does my decision impact others When in doubt, go to the IRB Do I feel a need to shower?
  • 2014 Biggest Ethical Challenge How do we balance the needs of the client/stakeholder with best practice? Ultimately, who do you answer to?
  • 2014 Moving Forward Share stories Seek advice from multiple perspectives Dont be too hard on yourself or others
  • 2014 Thank you Bill Albert [email protected] @UXMetrics | @BentleyUXC
  • The Lineup Richard Bellaver - Development of the Code of Conduct Cory Lebson - The Ethics of UX White Labeling Donna Tedesco - Ethics when moderating in UX research Bill Albert - The Ethical Landscape of User Experience Michael Rawlins - Increasing Conversion rates without comprising UX Ethics Elisa del Galdo - UX and Ethics in Healthcare Kara DeFrias - Breaking out of the Lab: UX Ethics in the Wild