The East Asian World 1400-1800

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The East Asian World 1400-1800 Chapter 16 Test Review

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The East Asian World 1400-1800. Chapter 16 Test Review. This dynasty was founded in 1368 when the Mongol dynasty was overthrown. What is the Ming Dynasty?. The founder of the Ming dynasty?. Who was Ming Hong Wu?. This man-made barrier was strengthened during the Ming Dynasty. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The East Asian World 1400-1800

The East Asian World1400-1800Chapter 16 Test ReviewThis dynasty was founded in 1368 when the Mongol dynasty was overthrown.What is the Ming Dynasty?The founder of the Ming dynasty?Who was Ming Hong Wu?This man-made barrier was strengthened during the Ming Dynasty.What is the Great Wall?Government officials in Ming China were selected using this system.What is the civil service system?Renovation of this canal made it possible to ship grain and other goods from southern to northern China.What is the Grand Canal?He replaced his father as emperor in 1398.Who is Yong Le?Construction of this city in Beijing began in 1406.What is the Imperial City, or Forbidden City?Court official sent by Yong Le to lead seven voyages of exploration.Who was Zheng He?This country was the first to have direct contact with the Chinese empire.Who is Portugal?European Christian missionaries that made the long voyage to China.Who are the Jesuits?!!!Three Points!!!Name three factors that led to the decline of the Ming Dynasty.Weak Rulers ---CorruptionHigh Taxes---Peasant UnrestCrop FailuresEpidemicPeasant RebellionIn this year, a peasant revolt led by Li Zicheng (LEE DZUH CHUNG) took the capital of Beijing and the last Ming emperor committed suicide.What is 1644?Farming and hunting people who lived northeast of the Great Wall in an area known today as Manchuria.Who are the Manchus?The name of this dynasty means pure.What is Qing?Island off the coast of China seized by rebels.What is Taiwan?This pigtail helped distinguish Manchu supporters from the rebels.What is a quequ?True or False.

The Qing maintained the Ming political system.True.These were the chief fighting force of the Qing empire.What are bannermanMany consider him to be the greatest emperor of Chinese history.Who is Kangxi (KONG-SEE)?Qing ruler from 1736 to 1795. Who is Qianlong? 1796 1804 Rebellion sparked by economic hardship for the peasants.What is the White Lotus Rebellion?Between 1500 and 1800, 85 percent of the Chinese did this for a living.What is farming?The ideal family in Qing China was the _____family, in which as many as three or four generations lived under the same roof.What is extended?This consisted of dozens, or even hundreds, of related families.What are clans?This common traditional practice severely limited the mobility of Chinese women.What is footbinding?Probably the most famous of all the arts that flourished in the Ming Era was blue and white _____.What is porcelain?An immense compound surrounded by 6 miles of walls. It includes a maze of private apartments and offices as well as stately hall for special occasions.What is the Imperial City?Heads of noble families in Japan in fifteenth century.What are Daimyo?Modern day name for Edo, Japan.What is Tokyo?250 separate territories of Japan, each ruled by a Daimyo.What is a han?The Shogun used this as a means to control the daimyo.What is the hostage system?!!!Four Points!!!Put the following in the correct order!RoninShogunDaimyoSamuraiShogunDaimyoSamuraiRoninJapans outcasts.Who were the eta?Korean dynasty founded at the end of the 14th century.What is the Yi dynasty?Name given to Korea because of its isolation from the outside world.What is the Hermit Kingdom?