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  • 1. El da despus de maana

2. 3. Type

  • science-fiction disaster filmthat depicts the catastrophic effects ofglobal warmingin a series ofextreme weatherevents that lead toglobal coolingwhich leads to a newice age .
  • Score:

4. Star Actor Character Jake Gyllenhaal Sam Hall Dennis Quaid Jack Hall EmmyRossum Laura Chapman Dash Mihok Jason Evans Jay O. Sanders Frank Harris SelaWard Dra. Lucy Hall Austin Nichols J.D. IanHolm Terry Rapson 5. Directors y producer

  • Directed by :Roland Emmerich
  • the cast:Deniss Quaid
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Emmy Rosumm
  • Sla Ward
  • Ian Holm
  • Dash Mihok
  • The music:Harald kloser

6. What is it about?

  • Jack Hall ( Dennis Quaid ) is apaleoclimatologiston an expedition inAntarcticawith colleagues Frank ( Jay O. Sanders ) and Jason ( Dash Mihok ). They are drilling for ice core samples on theLarsen Ice Shelffor theNOAAwhen the shelf breaks off and Jack almost falls to his death. Later inNew Delhi , Jack presents his findings onglobal warming

7. 8. Describe what happened in your favorite scene.

  • For example:in the scene of, Across the world, violent weather causes mass destruction, including a massive snowstorm inNew Delhi , a powerful hailstorm strikinginTokyo , Japan, and a series of devastatingtornadoesin Los Angeles President Blake (Perry King) authorizes the FAA to suspend all air traffic due to severe turbulence. At the International Space Station (ISS) three astronauts see a huge storm system spanning the northern hemisphere, delaying their returning home

9. 10. Who was your favorite character? Why?

  • My favorite character werethosewho explained howpaleoclimatological weather model shows andhow climate changes caused the first Ice Age, and they couldpredict what will happen ; why newglobal warming issues and phenomena are caused.

11. What did you think of the ending?

  • l found it very good but a little differently than I expected.

12. Your opinion

  • The action is striking,ithassoftmusic, special effects are excellent and striking and the costumes seemed to benormal.

13. 14.

  • Trabajo practico de ingles
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