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Transcript of The conflict of conscience. 1581 - Duke University · 2015. 1. 8. · Dateofthefirstknownedition,...

The conflict of conscience. 1581(British Museum. 162. e. 24.)
Reproduced in Facsimile, ign.
The original of this facsimile reprint is in the British Museum
(Press-mark, 162. e. 24.); two leaves, A. iii. and A. iv., are wanting,
being there supplied by a typographical reprint : see the volumes
" Dramatic Fragments," s.v. " Conflict of Conscience,''' where facsimiles
of these four pages, in their original state, from another copy, will be
No other edition is known. It was reprinted for the Roxburghe
Club in 1851.
Nothing is known of the author save what is stated on the
title-page. The D.N.B. makes no mention of him.
Mr. J. A . Herbert, of the Manuscript Department of the British
Museum, after comparing this facsimile with the original copy, says:
"An excellent facsimile. The only fault is exaggeration of the printing
often showing through from the other side of the leaf. 11 An explanation
of this defect insuperable under existing mechanical conditions, I fear
will be found in the earliest issues of this series.
linge, termcd,txtjicnamcof PHI LoLpc YS, who forfQokc the
priaate houfes,or oth
Prologue, I
The Prologue? Hen whirling ivindes which blor/c with bh ft -in
Shall ccafc their courfc, and not the Ayre tuooue, But fhll vnftirred it doth fanJ, it chaunceth at the '*&
To be infcft, the tructh hereofeuen day by day we prooue,'
For deepe within the Caues ofearth, orforce it doth behoue, Sith that no windes do come thereto, the Ayre out to bcate,
By {landing ftil the dofed ayre,doth brcede infc&iom great*
^The flrcame or flood, which runneth yp and downe, Is far more (wcete ,
then is the (landing brookc.
Iflong vnworne, you Icauc a Cloakc or Gcwnc, Moathes will it mane, vnlcflc you thereto looke:
Againc, if that vppon a fticlfe, you placc,or fet a booke, And futfer it there (till to ftand, the wormcs will foone it caret
A Knife likcwifc,in fhcarh layde vp, the ruft will nurre and freat.
rtfad horlTe, if ftill at racfcc he ftand,
To rciry lade will foone tratuTorined be,
Iflong vnuld, you Icauc a rertile lande,
From ftrccke,and weede, no place wilbe left free:
By thefe examples,and fuch like, approoue then well may wee, That idlenes more cuills doth bring, inro the minde of man, Then labour great in longer tyme, againe expell out can.
fWhich thfng our Author marking well, when weried was his imindc, From reading graue and aunctent workes, yet loth his time to loofc,
Bethought hirnfclfc, to cafe his heart, (omt recreance to fyndc And as he'mufcd in his minde, immediately arofe,
A (rraunge example done of late, which might as he fuppofe, Stirrc vp their mindcs to godlines, which flioulde it fee or heare, And therefore humbly doth yon pray, to gcue attentiue care.
^The argument or ground wheron our Author chefcly frayed, Is (fare) a Hyftory ftraunge and true, to many men well knowne, Ofone through loue ofworldly wealth, and feare ofdeath difmaide,'
Becaufc he would his lyfc and goods, haue kept ftill asJus owne, From ftate ofgrace wherein he ftoo'dc, wasalmoft ouerthrownc:
So that he had no power at all . in heart firmc faych to hauc,
TyliM |he laft, God chaungd his mynac his mercies for to craue. *
A.ij. And
The Prologue.' fAnd here, oitr Author, thought it rnrcte, the true name to omit, And at this tim j, imagine Kim pmLOtocvs to be,
FiHt, for becaufc.a Comcdie, will hardly him permit, The vices ofone priuare man, to touch parti culcrly,
Againe, nowc Hull it ftirrc them more, who Hull it heare or fee,
For ifthis worldling had ben namdc.wc wold ftraight dccme in mindc, That all by htm then (poken were, our iclucs we would not findc.
fBut fyth PHI totocvs is nought clfc.but one that loves totaJkc, Aod common of the wordc ofGod, but hath no further care,
According as it teachcth them, in Gods feare for to walkc, Ifthat we praclife this in deede, PHILO LOOI we are,
And fo by his dcfcrued fault, we may in time beware,
Nowc.ii a Aurhor firft it meant,you heare it with thi j gaync, la good behilfe he will cftccmc, that he be/lowed his pay ne.
^And fen- beeaufe we fee by proofc, that men do foonc forget, Thofc thmgcs for which to call them by, no name at all they knowt, Our Author for to helpe fhort wittes,did thinke itrery meetc, Some name for this his Comedy, in preface for to fhowe, Nowe names to natures muft agree, as eucry man do knowe, A fitter name he could intnynde, no where excogitate,
Then, THI cornier or coNitiiNc*, the fame to nominate.'
4 cruell Conflift certai nly , where Con fdencc takes the foy Ic,
Andisconftrainedby theflcfh, toycldc to deadly finnc/
Whereby the grace and loue ofGod, from him,his Cone doeth fpoyle,
Then (wretch accurft)fmal I power hath,repcntancc to bcginne, This Hyftorie here, example fliowes, ofone faft wrapt therein,
A i i n difcourfe before your eyci,flull plaincly prooued be,
Yet (at the laftJGod him re ft'oardc,cucn of his mcrcie firce
fAnd though thcHiftorie oFit felfc, be too'too dolorus,
And would conftraine a man with teares of blood,his cheekes to wtct,
Yet to rerrefh the myndes of them that be the Auditors,
Our Author intermixed hath, in places fitt and meete, Some honcft mirth,yct alwaici ware, DICOR.V M ,to exeeede:
But bft, I heare the players preft, in prefence foortk to come, I therefore ceafe, aad jakemy 1 caue, my Meffage I haue doac^
#no DOO m? beff, imj hingDom to maintains :
3fw totJP , 31 to of enemies a rougrjt :
Wrjicrj all mp Iaujc0, anD &tatute0 DOO Difbaine :
#gamff mi? date, DOO ffgfjt anD ffrtbe amaine
OTjorm, in time if 31 too not Dtulpate,
31 fljall repent it, torjrn it i0 to late*
Wy mojtall foe, tfje Carpentrr0 poo?e forme,
imj C&itoren, t^e pbarito 31 meane>
ibraiDing tljem, DiD bfc t^i0 comparifon,
in t[je flo.iic of I)i0 Ipfe, map be feene,
;0 a man, urtjidj Ijao a tiinvarD greene :
^2li|o letting it to fcuCbanDmen unfcinDe,
31n fieaDe of fruite, tmtl^anU&ilneffe DiD finDe.
feo tljat |)i0 feeruantr0, firfilp tfjep DiD beate,
il?i0 ^onne Irhetoifr, trjru affenuarD DiD hill,
#n& hereupon tbat man in furie great :
foulDier0 fenD, tfcefe c^uibanDmen to fpill,
flSotone to burne, be DiD t^em alfo toilU
out ala0, ala0, for tooe 31 eric,
2Co ofe ti)e fame, farre iuffer caufe tjatje 31-
jfor totjere t^e JiinejDome, of tl)i0 tooiloe 10 mrnc,
j9inD rji0) on tn^ont 31 ^ill ttje fame befioUj,
^I0^rmee hereof, 31 DiD mpfelfe afligne:
$V Darling fteare* totjofr faitljfuU lobe 31 tmofo,
^all netjer faile from mee, but Davlir floiu : ;
H5ut toljo trjat i0 : perrjap0 fome man map Doubt,
3{ toill trjerfoze in b?eefe, purtraitt anp paint Ijim out.
$L\)t mo2tall man bp nature rule 10 bonnD
2T-r>at Crjilu to fauour, mo?e tban all tlje red,
Witytii to rjimfelfe in face, i0 l^Hefi fonnD :
^o $at ty tyall toit^ all Jji0 gooDes be bleft :
Cfcnm fo two 31 eflecme anb l^te &im beff,
Dortl) mod neare iro> Deatong* imitate,
3nt> Drtl) purftie <0oD0 iatof 0, toitlj DraDlp tjatc .
tfjerrfae 31, tofjrn once in angete Gate,
31 toa0, DiD tljinhe mpfrlfe, toitf) &OD a* matt to bet, -
>o Doeth mp fonne t)imfclfe t noto elruatc,
#boae mancf nature, in rule ana Dignittc.
$&0 t^8t in terris Deus fum, fait^) Ije :
3In rartlj 31 am a &oD, Initt finnrc( fo? to Difpence,
fo^ retoaroest, 31 toill fo^gibe eclje maner of ofima.
31 faice to Eue, tufl^, am), tljou l^alt not Die,
rather ffjalt atf oo, bnoto euerie ttjing:
fonne li*rtoife, to maimaine 31oolatrie,
hjfiatfjurt, ran carucu 31folfi bring ?
5lnin of 6oD, ttjc i^eauenl^ Ring: fet ttjnn in tljr Cljurc()f , foi men thereon to loote,
31ooll Doty mur|) gooo, it is a la?man* booke.
Nembroth tf)3t Tyrant, fearing #OD0 i)anDf,
mee ioajt perfuaoeo to builDe up fjigfy Babeli :
reb^ !jc p^fumet) 6oD0 tt^att) to tD't^flanoe t
l)&ttl m? bop, DruiffD berp fcorll,
to heepr men0 foule from Ijell :
Hliae ttjf^ ncuer fo euill t^eere, ano tuitncrjlp^ ^affi^', trrntallejf, ^araonsr, ano Scaia coeli.
31 eggeD on Pharao of Egipt tfce king
%ty Ifraelites tO kill, fo fOOne 30 tljq' iPCVC bO^U !
^ narlin?, liUctuitr, Doet^ t!je felfe fame t!)ing:
^nD tljfnfo:e caufe iaingccf, and printed to be ftoo;nc,
JDtjat iJDitl) migl)t anD maine, tljcp fljal Kc^pe
f^all teftro? toitt) fire J3lpe ant) toonx, as againft i)im fljall fprafte but one lDo;or.
n a& 31 iua0 fometofpt to floto,
fa?o tt-st notUKtyftanoing, tbe Kraiites DID augment :
$>o fo? tack of murdering, &OD0 peopU Doo groto,
53nD Da?lp imuafe, at ttjis tune pzefent :
fonne ftjali fcele incontinent,
tuili to iuuJjflano,
The ConflteT: of Confcience.
315ecaui> ttjae 1)e fo? of tlje ilo?d appointed,
2Co b;ing rtje people (torn ttjraldome to iog :
31 did riot cetfe, toljilff 3! fad inuented,
.an ortjer meaner to ijaue fcim p?euented :
yfy accompting Ijimfelfe tjje fonne of Pharao,
2Do mafee f)im lotlj Egipt to fo?goe
SDftr fame aduife 31 alfo attempted,
#gainft ttjr fonne of 000, ujljen l)e toa0 incarnate,
Doping tljere b^ t to fjane Ijinr relemeo.;
^nD fo^ promotion fakr, ^imfelfe to profttntep
Di5efo# m^ feete to^en 31 *to Demonfttate,
2Cf)e fcDljolc tDo:lQc unto Ijint, ano ail ttje glo?p,
^0 it iflt reco^Deu in Matheus j^ifto^e.
0o fjatl) tfje pope, U)f)o id mp Daring orare,
j^p doefl bop, in fetyom 31 ooo neligtyt :
Hleatt ty fl)oulo fail, urfiicij tljing lie greatly feare,
Dut of f)ic S>rac, of tjono: pompe and mig!)t t
J^atfj got to ijim, on ^is bcljalfe to figtjt :
2DU30 Ctampione! (tout, of toljict) tlje one is Auarice,
2Dfje ottier if called Tyrannicail p^attife.
jFo? ajf 31 faide, dttymtf) 3 claime bp rigljt,
2^e hingdome of tljte eartlljlp too?lde fo romtde :
&nd in mp fiead to rale toitt) fo^ce and miojfyt,
31 Ijaue affigned tlje pope, tofjofe mattb 3 no toljer found,
i^is tjart toitl) !oue, to mee, fo muclj abounde :
^et diners men of late, of mallice mofi tonhinde,
HDD ffud^ to difplace ut? fon, fome tua^luarDe meaner to find,
OTjtrfo? 3( maruell mucfj, iubac tanfe of let t^ere id,
2Dtjat Ijert^rto, tljep Ijatje not rtjeir office put in ure,
31 totU go fee, fo? toft?, 31 feare tijat fomebtyat in amiji,
3f not, to raunge abroad, tfje tuo^lde, 31 toill tljem flraigljt procure, But needed ttjep muff, !)aue one to fjflp, mend ijartfi fo? to allure :
32nto tijeir traine, toljo ttjat l^ould bee, 31 cannot Ct efpie,
$o meeter mate!) 31 can finde out, tt)en id Hypocrifie.
3KHl)o can full toell in time and place, diftemble eitljerd partr,
^o man ujall eafel^ perceiue, toitl; ujljic!) fide ^e doot^ beare,
3Ent ttrtjen once fauour Je lt!) got, and credit in mand Ijart :
The Conflict pf Confcience.
ty trill not flack in mine affaitrr, 3 DOC &im noting feare :
ffiut time 00$ nmne, too faff atoaj?, for me to tarie fcem, jfor none toill be enamoured, of mp fyape 3] ooo tmoln,
31 toill rtjerfojf , imjne imped feno oat, from tjrll ttjeir fl,ipr$ to
Afte fyrft. Sceane 2.
M|0 nnjnD? Doetfy tfjirff Dearc fnrnoc Phiiologus, 4Df former talke to make a final! rnoe :
0nD totjere brfo:c toe gan fo: to ftftfouf,
JCljc caufe tot)? (9oo Dotlj ftu^ afRtohnu frnor,
Into fy0 <It)urr|), vou looutofome more tim? fpenoe.
3ln tJje fame caufr , tfjnt tljcteb? pou migbt Uarnr ,
!5etU)irt t|)e toratfj and lour of OD, a rigfce fo; to Difcrrne.
Mitt) rigfjt gooo tuill, to pour rrqueff, tyttin 31 ooo content,
30 toll becaufc, 80 31 pcrcnur , rou take tfjrrrin oeliajt t
00 alfo fo; becattfe, it is moff c^iefdv pertinent,
ftnto mine office, to inflrutt, ano tcac^eclje Cljridian toigfjt,
2Crue goolrnfffr, ano fljeto to tt)rm, ttjrpattj t^at IraDett^rigiK,
tElnto 00D0 fcingDome> Inhere toe fljall, in&erite oar faluation,
euen unto us; from <3oD. bv Ctpifi our true propitiation.
15ut tljat a better ozorreD courfe, fymin toe map obferfce,
nunj uirral? to tfje firff, applr ttjnt inljicl) infue,
fpeafee tf$t ^atl) brne faior, before, 31 toil a time refcrte :
To p^oceeDe, from to^ence toe left, bp courfe and o#er our,
tnnto tljc enDe : t firft therfoir , pou DID lament ano rur,
2C|je miferie of tfjefe our Daie0, ano great calamptte,
Wljif!) tfjofc fuflaine, lotjo Dare gainfap, tljc Komiu) ^ppocnCe- Mathetes.
31 ijatit iuft caufe, a0 ^ath rclje Cfciffian ^arc,
loaile anti toeepe, to fljfD out teare0 of blouD :
a0 31 call to minoe, rtjc to;ment* ano tlje fmart,
ic tfcofe Ijatje bo?ne, to^o Ijoneft be anD gool),
jFo? nought el0> but becaufe, tljeir crro?0 $e? tDittjGooo ;
ioteo 31 muc&, to fee l)ptD pacuntlp
? t^ crofe of C&ift, toitti conttancif.
3(ncc^po^ate, tofjerofC^ttt ts t&e liuel? jjeaoe,
#0 members ofour boDte0 forf)ici) foee fee :
Mtt) to^nte0 of loue together bee comotnea:
8nD mud neeoe0 fuiftr,tmleffe fyat tljey be oeao t
$ome part ef grtefe in m^noe tutfld) ot&er feele,
3jn boDte tfjougb not fo muc|) b^ a great Deale*
W[)erfo?e b"v ting tt is mott apparent,
SOjat ti)ofe ttoc into one boote are not touted,
fl)fti)e ivljtc!j,ft)c one Dotfj fuffer,tlje otljer Dotlj torment :
3nom t^e loounoes or Ijw UBiot^er i* Deltgrjtco :
^iolx/ to^tcti is Chutes boDie,ma eafel^ be oeao^: j?o: tf)c llambe is Deuonreo oft&e Molfc alioa^,
^ot tfje Molfe of tfje !i ambe as Chrifoftom uott) fa^.
0ga^ne of tnrtstjtcous Cayne muctiiereo Ioa0 Abell, S5v fofjom flie Ctjurclj of<Doo luas figure!) :
Ifaac I^kctoifc toa0 perfecuteo ofIfmaclb'
00 tn tfje Babe of Genefis is mcncioncu :
Ilracll ofPharao luas alfo temfyeo, Dauid ttc ^atrat,U)as atfliftcn b$ Ijis Jfeonne,
^no put from !jw birtgtjome 3( meane b? Abfolon,
Elias ttie Theft>it,n)^ feare oflezabell,
JSDio fl? to Horeb,ano |ito f)im m a Caue :
Micheas tlje p^opt)et,a0 $e^to^ ocot^ tell,
H>io Ijaroli? ^is l^fe from Baalles pjtetts (aue :
Icrcmy of t|jat fatocc tatteD Ijaue :
^0 DiO Efay,Daniell^nD t&e Ctiitojen tfytfl,
jano tijoufanucs mo?e,tof)tci)m ffo;ics toe ma^ f& Mathetes,
3(n t^e netu Ceffament,fDe mas alfo reoe,
2T!jat our &autout Ctj^tft, enen in ^is 3Rnfancp,
^DfHerod tf)e !^mg mtgfjt ftano in great ojeaD :
Wfyo fougrjt to Detttop |jtm, fuc^ toas ^t0 tntblen^:
jaftertoarD of flje p^arife0,lje tto toitij conftancr,
Buffer C^amernU Dearl),!)i0 ^ipoftlcs alfo, 4
jfty teftimonte of t^e truct|),DiD tljetr croflfes tmoer go.
The Conflict of Confcictice.' "^
K\)t reft of tfjc #pottJe0,Dio fuffer mart) turmopte :
CDaiD Paul toas nuirtljcrco bp Nero f)i0 too;De :
Domitian DeuifcD a IBarrell full ofiDplc,
2E|)c boo? of John flje Cuangcltft to boile :
O)c pope at this intrant fontmc to:mcntc0 p;ocurc,
5fo.i fuel) a0 bp 000 fjolp UJO;D U)ill immrc.
115g tf)cfe fb;mer fto;ie0,ttDO flnngea toe mat? learnc, 0no pjofptablp rero^De tn our rememb^unce :
nt tp^ft if C?OOB C&urd) from rfje EDtuclB to Dtfccrne :
SE^e fccono to marbc,to!)at manpftft reCftaunce ,
2Ehc Sructlj ofCoo tiat^anD lu^at mcomb:aunce:
3t b^ngetfi tjpon r^em tijat toil! it p;ofc(fe,
CCl[)frfo;e,tt)ep mutt arme tljem felue,to fuflfer otftretfe
Jt is no nclu tying, 3 DOJ nolu pcrcc tuc,
^Qljattgtfjecaufcjbppoureftimatidn: n.i> v
2D[)at CDoo oot!) fuCFer,^i0 people be in t&:aU ; -
?ct I;clpc tjictn fo fame as tljcf to Ijim rail.
Philolo^iu. ZC&e chicfcft tfjm0,ui!)if!r miglit tu; caufc o: mcuc,
Mitt) conftant mim}e0>C^tfte0 erode fo: to fuftainc :
3J0 to concetue of ^eauen,a fattfjfuUloue .:
CClher to toe map not come,afl Paul oort) p;oue it platnc :
tanietTc toitf) Cfuiff toe fuffer ,t!ja t tuitt ftim toe map raine:
flgamc 0tf) tijat it is our ^eauenlp jratbere totll,
)l5p too^tolp tooe0 our camail lutta to bill . :
cpo:eouer,toe Do bfe to loaty tljat ttjing toe altoap Iwuc,
0no DCD Delict rfje mo?t in ttjat totjic^ mofltlp toe we front,
0mutiont;geti)t)0al^mo^earneiUptojcrattr: '
0nD tolpn toe once releetteD be,true fatrl) in t it plant,
^o ttjat to call in *4* Diftrelfe on <>oo toe toill not faint :
ito -
<,rperienee,from experience l^ope,of tjealtlj ri;e anUoj true.
<agamc,ofttmes,0oD Dorb pjouiDe,affliction fo; our game,
00 lob foljo after loflfe ofga)De*,l)ai> tfoice Co mucj) t&erefoje :
Sometime affliction is a meane0,to tjomnto attaine :
00 tou mat fe,iflofephcs ltfe,tou fet tour ete0 before t
Continually it oott) fcs \varne,ffontfinnmg ant mo;e :
Mfjcn as foe te flic tuDgenienf iuft,fot)icl) ^OD our iieauenl? hing,
mpon officncers tjeerc in eartb,fo.: tfjetr offences b? ingc,
Sometime dDoo oott) it ts to p;oue,ifconffant foe foil I be
00 Ije Dio tnto Abraham ; fomtimc I)i0 foljole intent,
30 to Declare i)i0 [jeauenl^ nugt)t,a0 in lohn foe mat foe :
mfyn ttje E)ifctples DID affee C^tt,fo|)i? CDoo tl;c bttnonette fent
^Unto tljat man ttmt foas bo^ne blinDc ? to foljom incontinent,
C^ift faioc :neitt)er fo; parentes finnc0,noi fiD> i)i0 ofone offence,
^la0 [je bo;ne blinoe,but tijat dDoo migi;t i^cfo tjw magnificence*
STtjts t0 tbe fumme ofall your talbe,tf that HI geflie a riglit,
2O;at CDoti Dot |) punniu) I)t0 electt to heepc tljeir faitlj in tje,
fl)? lead tljat ifcontinuall eafe,ano reft eniot tijet migfjt:
COD to forget t^ouglj fjautinefffe,frailc nature O^oulD procure:
J2D^ eI0 bt feeling puniu)ment,our Cnncs fo; to abture $
D.i e(0 to p:oue our conftanct,o; iaftlp t!)at foe mat, D6c inffrumenfs in fofjom |)U( migi)t,C3oo mat abjoan Otfplat*
jjloto muff 31 nccDes cxjnfeflTe,to tou mt former igno:auncc,
tK3l)iclj Uncfo no caufe at all,fot)t OOD u)oulo trouble tits elect,
51But tl)ougf)t amtrtions all, to be retoaruw fo^ our offence :
0no to pjocecDe from fojatljfull 3iuDgc,DiD alfoat it fufpect :
00 Doe t^e common fo;t ofmen,fol)0 foill ffraigljtfoat Direct
0nD point tljcir fingers at fuel) mcn,as CDoD Dotl) cljafftre l;ccrc,
C-ffeeming tijcm bt tuff Defcrt,t!)ctr puniujmcnt to beare.
Philologus* &utl) is f|)e nature ofmanfeino^imfelfe to tuffifte,
0no to contcmnc all orjjcr men,fol)cras
foe ougttf of rigtjt :
teitjo in fits merct Dot^ 1)0 fjwire,folierea0 lie alfo mtgftt, .
^itf) tijat foe Do tjic felf$ fame gung0,foi$ liUc plagues tw renuig^t
The ConfLd of Confcience.
tKJfcid) tying our>auiour Cfjnft Dotl).teac&, a* tcffifpcfh Luke, We thirteenth Chaptcr,fohere be Dent!) toaine crto;ious men rcbube :
3l5ut fo: this time let this fufftce,ncto lets bomeUwra goc,
flno further talbe in p jiuat placc^f neeDe be,toc toill fjaue :
ou,rpnr fjonfe tmto:
)j cl goe ra totty nice to mme.fyc longer tourney fane :
5ro; it is notu fjtg!) Dinner time,mp ttomacb meat OiDtt) crauc :
3 am fame bionen to m^ frtenoc,come on let tw Dcpartc ,
<5oe ?on faefo&ant> 3 toill come bttyni* toitti all t twrtc,
A&e fccond. Sceane ryrft .
V-J t)c mightie Ichouah pyrtetf t>on from til :
31 before ttje l^uing CDomtyat he Uwulo giue,
Eo ect of^ou piefent, fartp goo tuill,
tClitti flcftj to contcnoe,pour (lift to: to fe^ll *
j:i)at b^ tljc aiDe of Cp^ittuall aHulance,
^ou mar fuboue ^our carnall concupurna. Coo j^aunt pou all foj bw rnmpea fobc,
Clje Ivst)t of !)IB tuo:a to pour tjartes iop:
31 bumblp befeecfje him a ronfuuon to mate flDf erronioofl fetr^lD&ichc migtjt poii annot :
earneftlp requiring edje one to implope,
i^ts totjole inoeuour CDotjfl tuo:o to maintain^
ano from ftraunge ooetrme pour farted to reframe,
Oraunt lo:o | p:ap tf)er,furi) p:eacl>er0 to bee,
3(n ttjp congregation.t^p people to Icarne :
00 map fb: Confcience fabe^ano ofmore Cnccriric,
ISeing able ttoirt Co;ne ano Cockle to Difcerne.
0pplp their ttuoie to repteniO) the IBerne.
STtjat is th? Churct),b? their Doctrines wcrcale,
TfrcO>nfli& ofConfeicnce.'
)But foft let mfc fiMi$6MQ met atyett,
Jfirff Ouggify Saturn ofnature fb cotoe :
25cing placet) in Tauro,mp beametf do retetf,
0no -Luna in Cmcro in fertile fje befcoulD : ,
31 Will fye effect Jjareafter tmfbuloe.
/ptoU) lupiter tt)e gentil,oftemperature meant,
pujje Mercury ttje turncote^tt fo?fobe clcane,
^otu murtljertng Mars retrogaroe in Libra,
Wltti),amtable tr^ne,appl? to m? beame,
<anD fptenoant Sol Qe ruler oft^e oa^ :
&fter tyte CDdtp0 to lupiter toill leane,
SC^e dDoDOefle of pleafure,SDame Venus 3 meane,
SCO me ber po;e fernaunt (erne frienDl? to be,
^o alfo ooti) Luna otljertwife calleo Phebe,
25ut noto 31 fpeabe mifct)euouap,3l Uxnilo fa?,in a miffer^
Mljerfozc to interpret it,31 Ijoloe it bctt Done,
Ifoj teere be a gam fo;t 31 belaue in Qt* company :
SCfjat bnoto not m? meammg,a tljig man fb; one,
Wfyate faluf^ not at it,^ou are not alone :
lare is an otfjcc Qat ttnoto not m^ nrpnoe,
jj*o; f) in mp too;oe5,0ret fauour can ft>no.
ne planet Mecainus, to neither toljot no; roloc,
^ettiier 0oo no; ^et tjem baa of bis oUme nature,
y&ut oon) alter ^0 qual^tDtt^ ttjem tofnctj DOS ijoloc:
0mj frienolp afpcct to |iuit,euen To H affure :
Me Mercunahrts 3| meane l^tpocrtts cannot long enoure
Bin one conDieion,but oco alter our m^noe, Ko ttjetrB tfjat tatbe tottf) t)0,$ereb? frtenu^tp to f^noe.
SL^e litle Camelyon b^ ^ature tan cfraunge
9er fclfe,to ttjat colour,t^e toljict) u)c betjotoe :
Wfa l^oulD it fben to an^ fame ftraunge *
fC^at tue 00 tfju0 alter,tol)P are toe controuloe ?
^itrj onel? ttje rule ofnature toe &oloe :
Wb fake to pleafe all men,^et moll oo t)0 fjate,
3no toe are retoaroeo fb; frientftjip Debate*
Satumus is enutoit^^otD then can t) loue^.
STbc lomfh being go>o Dm Imke fngb abouc :
Sinn 00 not rcgart) the reft of tije company: /*oto Mars being retrogartj/ojetellett) mtfcrie:
So ty:anmcall p.\utifc,to happen cftfronc,
80 fl)albr apparent before all be cone.
CUbtcb SDirannte imtb flattcric \s cafelp pacif^cD, tObcraB ilom tell troth I^all felc of bis >U3o;D,
&o that tot tb fuel) men 10 full v 1 Uerifrco,
2Cf)at olDe faic fato,anD common bp too^o:
Obfcquium ;iinicos,b^ flatcrtes frtenD0 are p.:epareD :
iBut veritas odium pant,as commonly is feene,
5fo; fpeaUing the tructb,manf batcD bauc bccnc,
15^ Sol tjnocvftanD,popi(^ p:mctpalrtie,
15ut being erlipfco nj all fljetu fo: tb \)is qualities
Sben fljall I9ipocriftc be bttcr lv DifbaineD:
Wjofe to:ctcl)cu enlc though greatlp compla^ncD :
^no lucpt fo; ofman&fljalbe Vottbout hope,
Wat tn fuel) pompe fl^all cuer be pope.
Wy Venus ttje riotu0,b^ Luna tfje Variable,
23ettmrt tubom ano Mercury no Variance can fall,
5?o: tbcv tujncl) in too^De0 be ntott tnftablc':
WoulD be tbougljt fatn)fuU,anD tbe riotous liberal! :
^o tljat ^ipocriCc tt)etr ootngs cloabe tyall :
15ut tuljiff not a too;D,fb; ^onoer come fontr,
CClf)ile 31 hnoto toljat t[je^ are,5 twill be oombe.
A&c fccond. Sceane . i.
$>o long a0 ffrengtlj remainetf) in
0nD pluck tip tb^ r;art rfiou faint rjarted momc, 00 long 00 31 l^ue,ti)ou fljalt tabc no barme:
$ut& ns contr oil fc*,3| toil! tijcir tongues rtjarme,
TheConflia: of Confcience.'
UBy jftrc o: ftuo:D o c: otycr lifee fo >ment,
>o tyat euer tfjey DID it tyey fljall it repent
l^att tyou forgotten vo&r.t fatfjan Ota fare,
JOjat tye &, Hipocrify our Doings tyouto Jnoe,
>o tyat tnaer Ijis Cto'aUc our parfes toe fljouto playe,
0no of tljc ruDc people u)oulo neuer be fpiDc,
HYP. Ambo
flgaynft futy a* imftyife to you u)ould p^etenD* Auarice.
3noao futy Uianus our )!Bel6re DID fpeafee,
Z&tyity being remcmbjeD Doty matte my tjeart glaD,
iStit yet one tying my courage ooty bjeahe,
#rtD foljen 31 tyinfee of it ,it malted me full fat),
31 meane tye cuil lucfee toljirtj Hipocrify IjaD,
tifctyen fjc toad erpelleo out oftyia lano
Jfoj tyen loity me tye matter euill DID ffattD.
5?o? 31 by i)im fo tya&otoeft Uias from Ugtjt,
SOjat alniott no man coulo me out efpye,
513ut ije being gon to euery mans fiojt,
1 toad apparent eel) man mo oefrrye,
fl|Biy pilling ano poling fo tyat glao toas 3f,
j?rom my'nature to ceafe a tying mod merueilou*, ^no Hue in frcrct tye tyme tuas fo oaungeroiia.
Tyranny* Cun) Auarice tyou feared a tying tyat i* fcayne,
jfo; by me alone boty you tyalbe ttayeft,
0no iftyou marbe tbell tyou^alt perreiue playne,
SDljat if 3) Tyranny my parte ^ao toell playeo, 0no from killing of^eretifee0;my liantj ijao not ttayctj,
SOjey ijao neuer grotoen to fuel) a great rolwt,
^eityer tyoulo t)aue bene able to tmue baniC^t l)im out :
HBut fero fapiunt Phrigcs,at lengty 31 toill take tjUe;
0no toity blouo enougi) tyi0 euill ton" l p?euent>
jfo^ if 3| ^ere ofany tyat in too^o 02 in OCED,
^ea if it be poulble to bnotoe tyeir intent,
3?3 can p^oue tijat in tyoug&t tl)ey it ment :
HYP. tut Fa-
il! paic ttjcm t&cir t)ire,a0 ec&e one Dcfcruc.
cucr hcarcaftcr,bcluarc of tije bmfec ,
&>tictj 00 tofc tninttiuj Unll fptc the t)arc ftratgfjf ,
Ooiigt) othci- Difccrn: ftcr not,yct on Ijtr fljall loKe :
agamc,tt)c IcarncD can rcao in a Bmfec,
Stiougfj the \)nfliilfull feeing equall Uictti ttiem,
Cannot oifcerne an F from an M. ^o tbofc to^tct) tjauc tattcD,ft)c fruttc t^at toe bcarc
0no finoe it fo fotoer,toill not t)0 implant :
Tyrannyc. Curt) Auarice,3l toarrant rfjee tljou netfcft not fcarc, vtilitu
Hn-r^e clears 3 bnoto,no frtenD0 toe fl^al toant : eflc Dco$
^l^irj) fo: l;opc ofgamete fructtj totil recant:
0no giue them fcluc0 to^ol^ to fet out Hypocrific,
iScing ego on toit^ Auahce,anO oefcnDcb bn Tiranny. Auaricc.
Mel ma^ ti^e Clcrgte on our 0oe [jolDe,
jfo; $e? b^ tos no fmall gaine DID reape,
15ut all tpc tempo^altie,3l Dare be bouloe,
Ko benture in toager ofd&otoe a goo Ijeape,
^t our preferments toill mourne toatlc ano toeepc,
Tyranny. SDi^ongb mDccDc no iuff caufc of iop rbct? can finoe,
^et fb; feare ofm? ftoo^o,t^ tottl alter tbeir minue. g]?- .
15ut I maruell mud),tDi)crc Hypocrific 10, mences.
S^a ttiinb it is long fmce,ftom be ie Dio goe,
i^oto fa^a Qou Tyranny ooett not tljinfee Co
3ln fair^ if 3 tf)ougtjt tfjat fje mig^t bee fpareD, HYP.yoarkjn<i 0nD toe [waeoar purpofe be^^toma if3 carto.
3|tgraue0m to liearefjoto faint !wtcD^e<, litle tuoulo caufe me to bill tfjee,ttwu ftfcoutte :
t*,fe,foj tooe &e 10 Ipfee foz to ptflfe :
jCo gtue an attempt,tofjat a felloto foere fyte *
15ut tj)t0 i* tije gojD rfjat ecmmett) ofCcuetoufnefle
i^e Ituettj altua^ tn ftare to lorfe Ijw rtrtjeg.
0gatn0,marUe |ioU) |ie rcgaroctij ttje Deaty of [jw fticna
^o[)e tiatlj #0 purpose cares fo; no moe,
^perfect patierne ofa coucf0110 nqnto,
^icfj ncittjer efteemet^ l)td frtenQ m&i* foe,
13ut rattier Auaricc mtj^t 3 |iaae fatocfo :
CClt)0 if |)c loerc gone,m? ftlfe cotifo Defence,
QCa^re rljou b^ tjia abfence toert fcne at an enue
Adc fccond. Sceanc . 3 .
f~\ 31oufng jfarljer anu merdfull (Coo, vy B8iie ttwougti our Cnncs tfit pant^ment Dcfcrue>
3no Ijaue^ouoUeo to beat Uittlj tfrc roo:
t36 0ubbo;ne Ctj-JD;c,lD!)tt^ from tl;ce DO ftperne :
We tost^eo rJ;y toojoe,but noto toe fyall tterue :
^o^ Hypochfie is ploceo againe in tt)i* lanoe,
Him t$2 true (Dofpell a0 ertle Dot?) IranDe.
tfyitte tty tuft iuD0ement fb: our crfftnrr,
itl;o ^auvn^r ttc lig^f,tn Darbncffc DID draie,
3Bot note if tjjpa
toouiDtfl; of% fatljerlp beneaolence :
3D tuitt) bitter teare* before tl)a troulD fall,
#no in true repentaunre fcj mere? toonto call
Bin our pjofperitie toe toouloe not reoarD,
$fyt U)o;oe0 of ttje pieacljci0,U)!)o ^eatneo tfje fame, 35ut flattering one auie09ttouj^t J Ujoulocft jiauc fpareo
The Conflift ofConfcicncc,
13ut fo mud) p:ouohcD tijtt.bp blafptjempnge tlj$ name :
3note to Denp,tbat in too:os toe mayntainc,
Chat from rb? Juftice tfcou cou'ott not refratne.
&o that Uontifl) Pharao a ZCtrant mod crutll,
l\ith b:ougtit ts agatne uito capfiuptic,
ano mftcao of the pure fiouo of tf)^ Oofpell :
Ipatl) porfoncn our fonlca tuitt) btuelu^ ^pocrifie :
Unable to maintains it,but by uuirttjcrmg Ctrannp: ^otbing rather the flctcc,thcn ttjc health ot tl;c &>[)ape,
CClljicf) are appomteo fo: him fo; to Uccpc.
Tyrann)'. Hoe Auaricc^arhe tnfot a SCratto^ is Ixitre, Hyp ,
^gainft our Ijolp jfatljcr tljis language to tofe : jj^ 31 might haue haroc mo;e tf3 tooulo him fo:bearc: tyn. 15ut fo; grcefc m? earca burne to hear c him abufc
tyia tongue tn this maner:U)^erfo:e no ereufe,
&|jall purct)a(e fauour but that ittttj ad fpocDc,
i3v fetoo;D 3 totU renDcr ,to tjun l)is Due maoc.
cafjerfo,>e,r!)oti mtfrrcant,lul)tle tljou batt time,
P ia^ to tfje fe>atntc0,th^ fpobefmen to ba,
SCfjat at OODS fjano ,from fyis t|n? great crime:
35^ flwr intercctTton,tt)ou map be fet free :
/rtvft cut of hi0 heaD,anD ti^en let !>tm p:ar,
^o u)all he be uire,t)0 not to belu^. Hypocrifie*
) iDtelJCD Tyranny,tt)OU tmpeof t!)C 2>CMll,
SCco tot>f^U tioingcs,to ti)oc Ijaue 31 b.wug^t,
Jfo; noto tijou art imboulDcncD,to p;aatfe all euilL:
sparrv tljou O^alt not gtue mdc ifa fetutce fo; noug&t:
23ut fo; tljr pawe* to plcafc t^ee 31 rfjoug&t.
Hypocrific. Chou art norfjing Co reao^ to DO anr goft,
3fi ttiouart to U)CD p;e 3innocent0 bloud*
$t Tyranny faflfer$10 raffeall to pjafe, HYP.aayow
SCiU (bme man come b&ana fyen ije is gone, &ec v r*
SOjen tuilt ttjou repent it, fatten it 10 to late :
Pifpatrfj turn tberfo;c,foi>ile toe are alone :
SKldl mas tfjc Cottetou0 be l^bcncfi to a D?one,
mtyfy of ttje 25KS labour&toill fpoile ano toaft mafec,
0nt> pet to get lpnr,no labour luitl tafee.
&t)E Coucttous ltbeU)tfc,from pci3:e men erto^f, .
Eljeir ptne0 to encrrafe,^ onel? DOJ feefte :
$nd fo ttjer mat fjauc it of tijcm a great fozte :
Wlfat meane0 ttjcv bfe fbj tt,t^ev ^rc not a tebc:
^et IviU tf)efe n^fcra fcarce once a Uiceh e :
i^aue one goo meale, at ttjcir otune table,
fro by Auarice,to ^clp rljcm fctucs tljcp are triable.
Auahce to a j?ire ma^ loell comparcU bee,
Co tip totucl) tfjc mo^e ton aooe, ftjc mo;e ffiU it craw*
&o Ivbclutfc tfje Couetottt mrnue toe Do fe :
$Et)ougt) rtd)e0 abouno,M) totO) ftill mo;e to Ijauc
flntj to be fto&tour rcuercncc to fane :
Co a filtt? &>Uifnejfuci) mt&rs are comparable,
mfjlcl) tojiile tbet be neao are nothing p^ofgtable. Auarice.
^at farctac II Tyranny,! tame |)it^er to Tone,
31 percctue a(reapt3! &m fo toell Unotune :
31 lucre not belt in ftetr rlafoes fo; to come :
t^nlede S toere Uilitng to be cieane oner^lone : '
Tyranny, 5Bt t]de p^eacinng
ofaotis uiozDjal t!)i0 mifcijifc is groto
mibicl) ifHypocn fie mirjljt bappelt erpelt, (en:
ail toe in fafetie ano plcafure mtgl^t uiuell.
3Di(Jwtc^ tfjen fyia {Barc^ant,leaft our counfell Ije tell,
Hypocrifie; 3? am content fo; (2Do&* wufe,tin* croflfc fo? to beare.
3* i* beff felling !)iin ,nolu hi* m pnoc IB fet toclu
Tyranny. ca,t>ocff thou pcrfta,t)s It til thus to rf;ceb,
3>r fpwrli 31 toill t)iDcr,bt> cutting oft^ neck.
Hyppcrific, ^a^^loe t^t? bano Cadby,f^ou Iw0 hill)ma cnou0t)
tKl^at neuer ttv Coner Co; a mcrp U)o:if
31 meant not gcon rarncft,fo vour mat^ tp 3 bofo:
31 D^o but tcft, ano fpabe but in bo:D:
^a? ca^tiffe p:cfumc not,tl)at t^ou (Iwlt goe fcotfrw,
JLfjcrfb;? tjoto mil ano 31 toill tone Difpatct) fytc.
Hypocnfic, S^at ^ 31 p;a? ttw Tyranny bnoto f? jft U)l)0 3 am,
fe purblinuco fo(**,Do> coor Ippfi Wuuc pour tftff
Wl^, 31 toas in place long bcfbje ^ou came :
i5ut pou conlD not fdc t!)c tooD foj tftc tree*:
3i5ut in fatttj fatter Auahce 1 toill pa^ ^ou vour fiui;
jfo; t&e great gcotoiU lu|Kct> TU to met bcare,
flno in time topll rcquigljt it agatne tjm not feare.
Content pour Cclfc,gotj maffct Hypocrific. t>e too;oc0 fortnef) 3 (pake 3 tpabc tiwtoare.
Tyranny. i^oloe ttnj tjano H> }x>cn fie, 31 p:av fbcc IjartrIp :
o Irbe a m&D man luitl) r^ rr^nDw Do not fart.
Hypocnfit, i?oi ncrbcr ofyou bott),a put DO 31 care :
Coc $afte rour earcs botf), libe flaw* as ^ou beo,
janu kobe not in four neeoe to be fplpen ofmee.
#arrr f&w BOH JHO n&f&e to be fcept ter^ toarme, .-n rdt
::'? .0 'Aiwricc.
31 ffoeareto rcur matforfl)ip,b? f&e man tn rljc qtoww,
JT&at to tour pcrfon 31 entenoeD no Iwmt: Hypoaific.
'5IBut fbat 3i am toeaBrieJi toouto bolt) row tonga rt>arme
^je ttotu to mp fare ttjcu Oo tnoe oertDr,
31 toil! not tfwfbjcm tour companies abtoe*
Mi4 flw 31 am at one ,bnt oft|wt 2)Barc^ant to,
31 tobe fo; fome ameno^o; els 3 feriil atoap :
Tyranny*. 3Ctje p;efumptuou0 fmk parte fjomn tfwu ooed pla^, Wl^at ^ of t|n? ^aOcr,Dojea n)ou lake fbj obf.pfance,
31 toUt not once tntreate t|p*,tft|w toitt get $et tjcncc,
Hypocrifie. Nimia fnmiliaritas pariC contcmptum,
H5r too mud) fanipliantte contemneo be fome :
<fcnen (0 at fyi* patient t< rn^e tt oettoe :
JFw oflong time Jjftpotrffie i^tt? ruleo as gmoe :
mbttt noto of later oaieitfuoug!) !^rcttkc0 rcfiffaunce
31 retatneD Tyranny to ^ato met aflftaunce.
3lBut t^iiougJ) oner mudj lemjt<e,fie ttjmfcs tjrmfelf cfjeclt
sertfl; ma f)i0 gojo patron, aficr H^pocnfiey (mate Tyranny.
Jlrtt 3? pwp tfja Avance4ioip ti)ts rafrall can p:atc :
0nD tuirb met Tyranny Dotfj ctjalcngc eqaalptte:
515ut tjjou to tjim rict>e0,ano3 ftrcngt!) Do ghic,
^orljat 3f mutt be |ii matter, ttougtr it ootl;!nm0rauc, Auaricc.
jntoo 3^0jj0e5 oftentune0 one tone feoiao fame catc^
Cucn fo Hypocnfie foj ttje pJcbcmtnciueDortf) fnatcfc :
W&icb Tifanny gape0 fi>:,t;c map,percetue :
15ut 5 muft obtame if ,fo: ofm ttjcp retaine
011 lunac of nrt)r,tl)cir ftatc* to tnapntatne, Co satee toma t^erfo^ tl^ iraitt be bott) faine.
Hvpocrific. CCtas ludis Clj:iae0 inaHcr,bcraufc Ijc bare tije purjf
Jia^ rattier of all,be Ioa0 Icaft rcgarDcD,
l.)aue not men onjono:,fetctDarOfl to Difburfe :
011 foci) fummcfi of mon^,U)!)erU)itlj fyep be rijargeD :
|3ct aboue ttjctr mattter t^etc |>ono: is not enlarge*: Cucn (b, tfe* Auancc,mp totctuarO 3 actcunt, SCo pa? fyat Ujfjercto m? charges amonnt
0nD to tljce Tirranny,ttt0 one too.:D j| obietf,
Cdtefycr luajEt loab o;iDauid tt>e Uing ?
ta^cn loab teas glaD !)t* cafe to rcictt :
&$e Ammonyts in Rabah,to confufion to b:mg :
Wfcn Dauid Until Bcthfeba at borne toas Hoping :
^lac not loab fjis fcruant,in toarfarc to figljt,
3no (b art ftou mine,mtne entmtes to qtrigijt.
Tiranny. ^ar rjien at fye bole goo^ttte rou goio m'gltf :
JWj^ Tiwnny to Hypoaifie
in anp point toUw #
Hypoctific. mitb nji5 one tuo;o H iurtl banquift) tfwe qutgi^t :
Z^tjat t^ou ftjalt be glao to gtue nut tbe feeloc:
SCbe cnoc to be p;eferreo all Irarnco men loilo :
<o>tt^ t&erfitte HypociiHc OfTiranny Id entc,
3muft!jaueti)cp;efcrracnf,fb;lut)trt)j|contenw. . ,
31 toill mabew botfi grannt tbat 3 am tfje rfcefc,
j3D) clB tottfi mt Oiwd ?onr Coejr 31 tottl pearce,
Hypocnfie. .
SSSUjicrj being tonutnreD bi? rfce tetf ofdDoos too:De,
S0)c enD0 of ttjeir fpototing is jfa:c and,
25uf ifsou toil nee&s be 4Mefe,fodtpca toelj plou$
31 toill be none t&at ftjall folloto tour trains,
Jo: if3 fl)ould,3! fcnoto tocll tnoug!) :
SD|jat to fl\> ttjc Countriu,toe all fljouto be faine :
JC^en toeremp labour Done but in twine ,
|00U fanoto not fO mutt) as 31 DO Tiranny,
EStjcrfojc 31 aoutfe fou be ruleo b? ma. Tiranny.
Inter amicos omnia funt communia t|et ^?* 0mong frienoes tljcre is reconen no pzopertie,
i5ut tofiat t!;e one Ijatlj of Ijw otone,ti)ott)er mar:
l^aue the tjfc of tlje fame,at bis otone I^bertie)
uen fo among tos it is ofa furette :
Jfo: toi^at tlje oneM of bis otone proper rigtjt,
3tt is ti;inc to We br *W o; b? nio;l)t.
Slnoaoe tou rapftuetktbe enoe is too^tb all, -
KYp ^ucb fyinges as to get t^e enoe are referred, icarned io
$no b? ttjis reafon to pou 3 p^oue Hjall : geres.
SCtjat 31 before Hypocri'fie muft be pjcferrco :
S:^c contlufton ofm? reafcn is tins inferred :
^itb Hypocrifie tons tnuenteo to augment pjiuat gaine,
31 am tlje eno of Hypocrifie, t^is is plaint.
Hypociifie. AOiim eft de Amicitia^lje bargen is DtfpatdjcD,
)3nd toe ttoom frienoOjip,are tjnitco as one.
3n tljc fame knot,toitb ^ou let mx alfo be nmtdjeo :
0nd ofmomj 31 toarrant ^on,tou Qjall toant none :
Hypocrifie. 31 agra,toliat fa^ ?ou * w\\ & e fce cne ^ HYP fecoa Tyran. 3( tnttge|m naoefull in our eompanp to ba:
ftlp for gainc 3nD tt)crfo:c,fo: mp part,l)c is toelcome to ma.
Het bs noto fpgoelg on our bufmcOc attcnoc,
Hypocrific, Ojnt 13 alreaDp bj? nice fajougljt to cnfic:
feo of your preferment ?ou ncroe not to Doubt*.
3nD mp commum bcthei U)<i0 to ftnuc rou out :
JLtjat at mv elboto you m tgljt be in rcamneCTe, i-o feelp if IUTDC lucre in tt)i0 Uaig!)tic buOncOe.
Ho tell 0tt the &to;te it lucre but to tcmou*,
l^oU) ttie pope ano 51 together tjaue Dcutfco,
j? irftlp to tnuegle rip people relpgtoutf :
jfoi grao tncffc of gainc,U)ljo luill be fmne p:cjco ano fo; fcarc teaft Hereafter tjjei? fljoulo be mfpifeo :
)f tljcir olunc frnUjill,U)iIl matntatne Hypocnfic 0o rijat Auahcc a!one,u)aU conquere ttje Cleargie.
/^oto of rtje djiefeft of t)is carnaU CarDinal,
$e Dor!) appoint rertaine, anD gttte r!)em anrt)o;i(ie,
Co rioc nb:ooe in t^etr ponttficalle0 :
To fee if toiti) Auahce^? map hnnne tf?c !lnfittc :
3 f not, t^en to th;eatcn rfjem toitlj open Tyranny :
tabcrebp Doubt not but manr Unll fo^fabe,
J^lje truer!) of ttjc CofpclI,anD our parties tafee.
Tyranny. 1O)U3 Dcuice to p.wtfc \oirtir>t)oto faitt r|jou Auarice<
3 Iffee ft totll if it lucre pat in tut,
^et litle game to ttta,fyaU tl;t5 h^ole p?atfifc :
$o;e ttjen 3 two before time procure :
Hypooifici &$e Hcgatcfi are reaop to rioc 35 am furc :
t&fl&erfoje toe tWD ntoe to make no (mall ftetaR,
SL^et &&P ft* nt? cotmning alonej Dart fh?,
l^otubett t^e Ha^ttie too alo greatly imQtbe,
3tf t^ep u)oluD bnoU) all our porpofc anD intent,
f?ea anD per^apa fomc meane* tljer toouto fHe :
kPur fo; CaiDe bufincdc in tune to p^eucnt :
>aue rfjat in one tfnng,tue Ijao na&e to betoare,
Head tw be lmofocn,tc to^U rou oifgntfe,
<ano Tome graue 0pparcll foj you fopli prepare,
^5ut tour name Tyranny,^ fearc all to^ll marts: i
Itet me alonc,ano 3 topll inucnt,
3 name to vour naturc,if)tc[)e fl^albc conucnicnt:
Zeale Ojall rour name be^otu Ipbe ton bp t^at?
J3no tt)crfo;c,tn officc,rou mutt Dealc fealonflg :
Tyranny. Itet me alonc,3i'totU pa^ them Ijomc pat:
SCijouo^) tfjcn call me Zea1e,ti^ (^all ferleme Tyrranny
Hypocrific. lloe,i)ere t'0 a arment,come o^etTe ton fjantfomlp:
31 man?(quotf) |,c)3l l^kc tfjt0 toer? Uiell :
^oto.ts tije Dett?t CDiace,tou mat fame to gene coufcll
^oti) muft 31 applt al mt Bnuentton, Wat 31 mat oetrice Auarice to ^ioe:
ns name (^albe calletj Carcfull prouifion ,
0no euert man ft; tjiu l^on^olo mat latofullt p;oqioe, 2D!ju0 ftalt t!)ou go cloaheO) ano ncoer be fptoe :
8no toill recompencet^if etier 31 bnotu |ioto.
Ifo; JLfoell lottjc ant time to Delate, ,
. Hvpocrific.
llet tj0 finge before toe go atoa^- Auaricc,
31 am eontent,begtn 3 ton pwt, IBnt to Cngc t|ie jCrebl^toe mufi naoc0 |?aue one*
The Conflift ofConfciencc,
ACtc thyrdc. Sccanc . i.
A SLtK\Dbirt)eMath^tcs DID fo:efe,tol)enlattU)e. lucre in plafr,
Jroi noto(tn Dooe)U>c foric r&e fmart anD fwrible terofurn,
OTjtcbe Kompfl) potoer tnfo to DID ttweaten anD manacc:
<3Iliierfoje,grcat nceDc toe &aue,to call to CDoi> altoa? foj grace :
jfo; feeble fled) ia farre to tocalje,t!)ofe pa^nc0 to tjnoergo:
2Tt)c tol)irt)e all rfjcy tfjat feare ttyc HojD,are noto appoincteD tm,
2St)c negate from rfje pope of Ucnrac, IB come into our
flOfyo Dottj ffje ^ainrtcs of C3oo ecftc toljcrc,toitij Tiranny opp;
0nD in ttjc fame uiott gUupoufi? tjimfclfe fje talunt ano boat,'
t)e mo;e one mourner!) tmto$m& ptrtiettj rfje lefle,
Dut of tjifl cruel! Tyranny^e ilo;Dcf^eauen me blefle:
Jfo; ljirberto,m blcffeD ttate>m^ tut^ole Ipfe 31 twuie fpent:
Cdttt) bcalt!) of boD^,U)caltt) in (Dowies, ai mmoe alloa? cottfira
^CDC5,ofrncnDc0,3ll)aue great Iro^tM^ Dame ft^elpioue,
21 faitt)full \pift anD djiUuen fap^of UXDDDCB ana patture Oo,
W^ictje notuc to be Dfp:aueD off,tooulD grieue tn? (art foil fo^
tsnlcOe 3 iD?li renounce m? fei^anD to rtri^WO|tfe^ Do,tui$out alt Dcubt,mr (bale tot a? i frrlf*
<3nD fjaue begon to ronne tfje coar(e,tbat leaDet^ to falttation^ .
3f in rfte miott rljerof,3l ttap o^ ceafe,t|ie ^criptare fe^, 3lt bffiter!) not ttwt 31 began totffr fo goD wcpaca^, ; . ; : / . ; >
i5ut ratt)er,mafcerf) mudje t|)e mo^bnto mn owi5wn^ria.^v
jfo; lie alone ftjall Ijaue ttjc palme,tol)i(l)e tofyeem Dotfr.ronne,
flofe ilaboureip U)l)td)^^D toerean tfrnearD To: fo mt^Ic,
J3itD IWD rt^ir ]^emj ft; tfieirpa^ne^ taruD all tot^le n
The Confli& of Confcicncc^
jpoj if fIjep teaflfeD [>ao,tu!)en $unne tfjeir fleft) imtjj beat niu b^If,
#no bao oeparteo from t&eir foo$e,tf)e2 ftoulD tjaue toff bp rtgljt,
&\)tvc toagcs pent?: 3 lifeeforife,a)slbe Depjiueo qutgfjt
Dftfwt fame Crotone,tlje ttrfricjje 31 fwuem fa^Q longe to&eo foa,
t ft; fyt* time,3l tocll 9epart,3l tiare Ijere far no mo;e. Exit.
Ade thyrde. Sccaiie.i.
0nD i^ m^ meane*,bot|> Auaricc anD Tirranny crepi in,
Wty in fi) o^t (pace^U mafee men ronne ftje toa? to DcCblatton^
TO)nt DID 3! rap ? m? tongue t>?o tr?p,3! ^OU(D lat,confolation.
Jpo? notu(fojfojt^)tfj0 Clergie mutt into m^ bofome cwepc,
jD; el0>t^ bnoip not,bp fuljat meaner ttjcin feluea al^ue to &eepc
^)n t!jc ot^er fice,tbe llatette.bc tijc? e^t^c ru^e o; pQ3?e, t
3Jf ricfjfxtUn Auarice fcangle t^m^c^aTc-t^e^ U.p!l not late
SDbe loo.:Iol^ toealti)to^ els loe l^auc one fubtilc p;acttfc moje,
SC^at t0,tljat fenfuall ^uggettion,tl)cir ontluatoe man n)a!l pofe,
tt|)0 can full finely in ec^e canfe,!ji0 mmoe to tbcm otfcinfe,
35ut sf tijat nettfjer oftlje(ettoa?ne,can torn?
: ttc po)2c knaue0,fuclje a one as f liifi
We DO not cfteeme;&pm,but mafee u)otf aDm,
3jrt)oiopU not come on,toe Do tj^m not m^flc, 3But to tbe pof,bei fure to goe :
Tirranny Deale fotflj fji?m ano no moe, JlSuf 31 meruaple,Uj^at Dotb ^m^from Ijenre fo longe ffa^f
Ade. thyrde. Sccanc.j:
^ bis tDouttue03 fcar
The Conflia ofConfcicnce,
tQ^o can make Tyranny noto be oiigraceDf Cftttt) a tycaa of biaOe | toill not be oat face*,
15ot toill execute mine office toirt) errretme auettte,
fro ttiat all men tyall fenotoc me to be plapne Tyranny. Auancc.
#ap Rafter Zeale be ruleD bp me, 2To fuc& a0 rcfittjfucl) rtgo: pou ma^ f^oto,
Tyranny. Zeale na?, no Zenle, m? name it Tyranny,
#e ttljcr am 3 a^ameD toljo oott) mn name b'notoe,
Iro; in m^ oeaUngg tlje fame 3 toill l&ctoe, " ''
^one dare repjome me of tt>at a am rare,
fro long as auttwtt? on m? fine encore, X5ut fo t&p tooiDes a tootle 1 toill lift,
31 twoto baue ?oa l^oto rigo; to ftic^u reittfe,
0na fttci) a be obftinate (pare not to kill,
yranny fro marc 3( alfo of maHice oj fptgfjt,
^D) rancfeo; ofm^ne punnifl^ t!?e innocent, ]5ot 31 toilbe coleo b? t^ine arbitrament, 9no toill fauour furt) a0 toill mr fxmo create,
SC^e oeuttw a gD ftlloto ifone can |nm pleafe,
35t to (bllpto
Hypocrific, M!jen 31 Ipe a o^tng 31 twill wn meflenger* make,
l^ou pl?e ?ou fo fntt ^oti are to to otlligent,
ope tioto,flpafter Zcalc to^tter ore ^t bentf
Auaricc, ..- X' '
Tyranny. 31 foouto it foere
H>j>oajfy,Ana.3(t is t&e ber? fattw;
OT^at Spatter Hyprcrihe ft; ^ou 31 Ijauc fought,
Styte ^oto^ o> ttoo bnt conto ton not 8noe
Hypocrific. 2C[jat 10 no meruaile it tanot foj nought,
et mat ttje learneD note ijerctn a m^ttert,
SE&at ncitljer; Auar. can find* oat Hypoaific, 3l9ut to^at earneft bufines twue ton ui dprge, SDiiat ixiif^ fo great fpdeoe rnnff p;efentlB be fintu)en*
Tyranny. ^part fee ^ere.Hip.tofjat IB itfTyran.a eommtfffon larsji
JFrom m^ ilozo negate t)im felfe antttjo^^eo,
SEfje effect to^ereof mutt pjefcntl^ be p^acttfeo*
. Hypocnfie. . .
tHUtwt id $e tenure 3 p:ap ^ou let me fenoto.
Tyrannyc. Auaricc Ijarf? ceo tt',not |,let ijtm u)otne*
^e baft firfflp in charge to mabe inqnifition,
fO^etlwr aulterfi be reeuifico totjetljcr cljalice ano bo!t^ HaeCmenf fo; Jg)>aflfe
? fdcranicnt0 anD pjofeffton,
3l5e prepared agatneufnot I)c matt Itnhc,
0no finoe out fucfj fcllotucs a tl;cfc cannot bio^cr ^InD to nnj 3Lo;o Jtegatc fuel) sp<irel;ant0 pjefcnt,
SCtjat ft; tljetr offence tfje^ mat [jaue fonutgn puniu)mft;
3fanp toe taite tar^ Tyranny tljcm t[);cat,
Wat ft; their negligence ^e totli tfjem parent, 0nD 31 ucfirous fome mone^ to get,
3!foug^t tjje^ toill giue me,tljetr cuill tnill p;euent,
^ea fomtimc,of purpofe,fuclj I^tfta Uie tnuent.
. Hypocrific.
The Conflid of Confciencc.'
this nefarif be gat me lope,
-Mr t5 a0 Itfftjr OB ay me tocno,gif ttjat po tool me trctb,
jfar ncto aycn totttnn atoer tono mftatleft IB the Jdopc,
CClbcfe ILcgat lu autl)o;itie ttjapatoatot ato^ cutr^ got^,
janD charge before tjim fat tc tom,D p^ctta era) lemen baffi,
5far te fpap atot'gif tt)at [je mea, ttjefc ncto fp:ang aratapbe0, tClbilh DC Difturb atoi Ijallr Utrbc,latk a fart of(apQnatapbtt.
atu 2 gtlDcn CDoC0 ar bwagt)t a^en tntea aU); fetrfes ilk
JTtjat Dnte tljam ato; ^art(^toncr,ma afftr t^ar gnDclDiII,
jfar tjallp Sftaffic in ilhc plare,ncU) ttjca airtcrg 5c prepare,
l^allr U)attcr,par,CroOc,5iBannfr,Crnfeitr ant) Canoill,
4trcam,CnQnato;^,ljallT? )IB:eD,rt;c reft otnit ap luill,
tsatjilt Ijallr jfat^crfl DID tratent frc atotj flntiquitir,
iBe nctu rcccuco tnte ato; iairh ,lut:!i cp:eat (blcouhtte.
i3ap ttjcfc ttKitigf? Icmen bent app;cft,t!)c Clarrrp faV ftct gean,
Jfar te ato; JfccntB tbcis aflfcr vtfu nil Icfnlb toe fall rcrcruc,
$to; ijallp ^ade, ttjatu tbca bap Dcrc,tljca oe it but in ta^nc,
5far t^ato ther frcnos frca purgafo:p, tc help tf>ea oca bcUtir,
pet af t'ncr bopc,gifncnc rctoba^jc it toatoD t|)cam all occeuc,
CUl)ilU far ato; gcpn intc ato; lairb ar tuaugftt in far ttjc nones*
5far U)cll a ncre tufjat tear ato; tenths f tartbes rbat gro in flto,
CCltjat gif toe t)an ofglebeo iono ene platotoark bap rbe peate,
^ito; affrtng DcaB DC tara laptcll ar netting re tB rclo,
jato; iScaD^jll geancB,ato; ctjjilbm clett#0 DC lavtlc mem) ato; fore
Otfatot af t^iB toe pea fat tjale,toe lactic mare can (pate,
jSIfotolncaf,litrbingB,13ancafbing ano iucoutngB.
SE^e ^acranwntB,gif toe motot fcii,toar better rbcn tfjea all,
jrar gif tlje JC\KCB gaue rfj/artp pencc,te bang Cbwrtt on a trie,
(Duoe ct^ftia folfe $;a?(e t^att^ pence toatoo emit a p;tce but fmal
The Conflift OfConference.
$eto of tlji0 tying Dclauerance,ne man ran mafe but to*,
>c ttjat tjic market in tljia punt,toe p^ceffa taU)t> ban at brill,
#no Uittf) t[je mone? toe fotoo pet, atoj pojctjea toe fotoo fill
31 tmll goc ana falotot t}un,go>D nio^rotu Gr 3Jo!jn,
:. Cacqn.
^ato ba^ ma^ P^&Me <^K) ginc re ten far ene,
. .Tyranny,. :.;. .
31 (jane a comtOlon ^our ijoufe ant) C&ttrcf) to Caehe,
^o fearctj ifrou an? fcottioua JSojfecfi DO berpc.
^2H!jc a^ toell a nearc ap (tuer bat? tf?e ^arrament,
jat tmo rather i)an ircap af nale tljeu a SDeftamtnt, <
Hypoaific. ;,
..; Cacon.
31 i* fyt lead tying a? car far bat? mat $arg*,
Jfar fe lang a* t&ea l)an 3(mage0 tD^aron te lufce,
Mlfjat neDe tfjea be fttftructep
aU>t afa *5ufce. ,
Hocrifie. , n n 1
; ; .
00 toell a Deao image as a Dumb joole 31 niafec <Don atoli> .Cacon.
iat,a mt? fen,bay crpcrientc tljot con (^ofec,
JFar in ma^ pp^tace tfje tongue a^ oe nat bnoU)e,
^et lutjcn a^ fee ttje great gilDeo letter,
^ hen it Tea toetl* nea man fecit better: / . . <
00 far Crampl^on ^e oagofCfuaiftes jjiatruitic,
0? fee a 15ab in a ^anger,anu ttoo Beaftea ftanimtg by
i5at? tbc paicture oftye Circuntcifion a^f^iiD
The Conflict of ConfcienccI
3? feefcc ba^ (^c marbe of tyc rtuee binges ofColon.
35ap ttjc BDctrill tenting Ctuaift,ai? fatno whadraeefuna,
15ap Ctj^aift on tfje Croffe,ai? tierct) out guoe frayday: Pafch fo j ty0 mathe,bat|) the Kcfirrcttton,
japenft Hnlly Thurfdny,u5 pcnteD C()2atffc0 aOenfton,
Et)u0 m ma'rn oiunc buftc, at? w a gate Clatbc, iSti t gvf tt)c &cnt0 tear conc,ttc Cat fjau rate m? mark
>e ttjc fano: ^ matraclc0,lrt)illi ilk feent twue Done,
X3a^ ttjc ]Dwtturc0 on ttjc luallcfl fal appeere to tt)em font
23a? the totnih ttjca at irrnco tn cucrp otftrcfle,
ca^at tocnt tlica mun p:ca te far fuccour ooubtltf :
&ca ttjat all Lepers te Syluefter muff p^ea,
Cfjat tjc toatDO free t|jam,rt)er Difeafe tatte atoap.
LarklDatg,tt?ca tfjat |wn tftc falling fatrbntf,
e be cafco ttierfrc,tl)ca mun pjca to &t. Comclis:
3n contagions atcr,as in plague o: peffilenre,
JCe IjaUp feent Ru kc,ttjea man call for affiftance.
jfra parill of DjaUming vfeent Carp btepe ttje $ar?ncrf jpra oa^ng in toarfarc,feent George garo tlje ftiolDters,
0ent lob (jealc ttje pore,tl)c flgetD^toent Germayne, jrar te cafe tt>e ta>t&artje,cf.U te ^cnt A ppoll) nc,
if that a tooman tar barren ano eijitolea,
ffe tjelpe tier l)etein,u)e muff pjea tc feent Nicolas.
5far toemcn in trana?le>cail to feent Magdalene
jfar Iatolt?ne0 ofmmie,call te &rnt Kactieryne^
Ibent Loy lane roar ^o^J&ent Anthony pour tyra, Tyranny,
miiafntj(0 13arfon',fcemet!) conmmg to fee,
0no a0 farre a0 3 Cae,ui a jjtoo tmifb^nptie:
^ea,tje w tuell reD,in t|)at goloen Jiegeno.
SBat?ma^tro)tt),inrcaDtng an^ ot^er, ne ta^m DO 31
^art5jata^ben,ba^ general raufell,uicanoni}eo 53nD bap ttje (jel^ pope (njmftUe to aor^o;<jeo:
SOjat ISnfce fartt^r,i0 fe$oU? pemrptteD, t23!)ara0,t^ SBa^ble in part tf pjotHbitet*
B( allofo bis Btoagemnet before Ambrofe f Auftin^ 0na fo; Hypocnfie, a mo:c conuemsnt Caplq>n,
Auahce. ^ -
ft greeoetf) me murtj t|>at no faatt toe can fjnfo
j?o: note offane b;tbe DtfappotnteD am 3f ,
S*et tjappiir tje mar ttU t offome
Tiranny. 30 ttjerc . patfat in ?'our pad^ no
53 at mara is ttjer a tara bufp boD^e,
93%e toill ted totttj me ana call me taleam 01ft fete I)t0 Haw tc fpotot latin a^end me, 25ot a? fpofc ttjen ferity Deparfundis Clam aui,
0m) oftentimes]* toil rtfon toitfj me of tfce feacarmenf, 0nD fnr $e can p:ous ba? ttie neto STattamenf,
Cfjat C^apffgs boo? IB in l^eaafn placet 5at ars not belrue t^im,a^ tooU not be atot faofi,
fee fe?0 befapt tyat ttjc ^ope is anticraiff,
ifugereD ofJohn bap t|^ fenen tjeDteO beaft,
0no all afeue religion is but mon0 mumttort, 0nd tD it[) Cow toarft is at btter oilfcntion,
0m> a plaguy oeel mare af Cnjk la^b talbc,SW a* oar not far ma? nar0 ba? ^(0 pate toatte, afrit a? loatoD be toer b:nnt t^at a? to^aiet,
Tiranny. l^e mua.fjaue a coler tits tongue ramies at rfat
?a< fir tfwt at feen |je to depeo Phailclegooj.
Tyranny. dlilt $ou go (ftoto l|i0 boofe tofcre (e otioetk
fc - * - .
Tyranny^ ^Hivoq i
Ksou 30 Ijenec 31 toili nut here tars*
Hypocrifie, '
0toav ffra in \?our bi$nea in a co*nertoo not lur&e,,
SDIjat m? iloja ^legate, to&en# cqm* maj NUC tu^Uc,
Tyranny. Com* ? 14 wjjo together Cr 31ol)n.
wttyaii.^'!^!* Hip.flsljoHeanunas.
JCljts geare goe0 rounp if t^at toe tian a ncDle:
^ar,31 muft fing to>,l)ci$ Der? per? oer?,
31 can DO but lauj*m? l)art t* fo mertt,
31 toilbe minttrel mv fclfeljeigt) DiDle DtDle Dtolr
$But la^ t^ere a ftrafoe 31 began to be toers :
15ut|>arfee 31 tjeere a trumping of fete, u- 3 -
But Cap on tjeatj lpoBgfc-aD ti)at in a
3; appointed fo fjaue ben here tbjoe &oU)?e0 ago,
3jn mt confitto: t fo fjaue fct in ^uDgement,
2>f tljat fo?efctjco >ctfmatifce fljat Dott) trouble t (b>
M&at Ijaue ton caugfjt but one ano no moe?
3jn fat)tf) father Auarke,)?ou tjaue plteo tour clwpa lucll*
31 mutt neeto confeOe t^at 3( am pa$> ftj m^ trauell.
Tyranny. Hotunte foj t[jc p^foner^bijatfrotome on ccl) Ijano,
D? 3 u)all make fome out of t|)e tua^ fo? to ftano*
3lo l)arc(mt> 3lo;D)t0 tfjat fcDiftons ^ctfmatiUc,
jELfjat toe fjatic lauo toatte fo:,an arrant l^erettke
3f tljanfe pour Ho2Du)tp fo; ^onr courteous beneuolence*
31 totlbe tlje ^OOD)?,3I fljouto fa^ ttie^otarp,
So u^ig^t before mp ILo^b negate totjtctj is ComiCTatE*
SClje iutjolc ettate of our fa?tt> Catijoltfecf
0rt tt)ou To expert in ODS Iatuc0 an* tooJD,
2Dl)af no man mat learnc fy& tfjou arrant l^eret&e :
15ut tbts is ffjc nature ofeuert ^cifmat^e :.
315e Ina errors neuer fo faUe SBDortrine,
l^c iuiU fatjbt <^otis too;t>,l)e Dare it cramme
Philologus Wtf) ljumble fubmiOlton to tour autl)o;itic,
31 parocn crane ifougtjt amiffc 31 fate^
5foj being tyus fet in ^erill
arm ertreamitte,
KG me tnaquainteo, mt tongue fome trip mate, ?Kil!)crefo;0 ewufe me, 3 oo tour Hfl;ou)ip pjat^ ^InD 3; IjotU anftoeare to euert Demaunu,
jacco^Dins to mt conference, ^ODDCS \o^e being mt Warrant)*
JJCo begin thctfo; c o;oerl?,&oto faiH tljou Philologus* $aue 31 aurljojitie to call n)e me bcfo;c?
i>* to be fyo: t,3l toill obicct it thus :
together (Kin) the pope toljtcl) is Peters fueceflbr.
Ktyn all other ofctfyops pictjcmtncnce mo;e? 31 f not, then it folloto ttjat neither he,
#; 3 fe>!>ict) am ^t0 lLcgatc,to accompts mar fall$& Philologus.
Efjc qucffion 10 petillpuB fo; me to Determine,
d)cefcli? toben rtje part)? is juoge in ttjc caufc,
&tt if ttie Uiljoll courfc of Scripture )?e ejranunc,
flno toilbe trpco by CDoo0 Ijolv Iatoe0,
frmall bclp (^all ^ou finbe to oefeno ttje fame caufc,
25ut ti)e contrary ma^ be pzouco mamfeftty :
00 31 in fl^o;t Ii)o;oe0 Uitll pjouc to pou b:afel^.
ICtje fur eft grouno to^ron vour pope D otfj ffanD:
3(0 of Peters being at K0me a ffrong imagination, flno t[ie fame Peter.^ou DO tnDerftano,
flDfall ttje Difciplc0 tjau tljc gubernarion,
^urmifing bod) toirjjout gtoD approbation :
anleCTe ?ou ibtll b^ n)e name of iSnbrlon,
j?rom tuljence Peter U);ote i0 tnoerftanocD Kome; 00 inOfto Diuer0 of ^our to^iter0 ^lue^flfirmcD,
Uecittng leromy,AuQinCiPnmalius anO Ambrofc,
SEIjat Kome 10 nelo Babylon 31 ma? it not glofc,
iBut it toere better fo; ^ou ttjc^ toere Dumbe 3 fuppofe,
5Fo: ti)e^ labour to p:oue Ktcme b^ tljat deception :
Qe to^e ofBabilon fpohe ofm tbc Keuelation,
S5t graunt tljat Peter in Koime CetlcD toaa,
^ct that lie ioa0 d^efe,it rema^n0 tou to p;oue;
jro: in m? Huogement it 10 a plapne cafe,
SLbat if anr amongtt n)em to rule it oio beljcoue,
liW U)oulo be c|)ccfe tp^om Cfj^tft moft DID loue :
2:0 toipm he bequetteD his mother mod lucre*
A totem mrcue(a$wnCfeW DID alO apjwrc, 3 mean
imeane IohnEu^eljft(bBbirt]i)Ca)0ngermame, 2Co our feautour CJmft a0 fto;^e0 Do t)0 tell,
jfrom fofjofe fucccDTton if ttjat ^ou fljoulD dayme ^npcTOttte,vou u)oulo meno ^our caufc tuell,
|fo? ttjcn of tome lifcety&otf) of trutlj it fyoulD fmeU, SKUijcre none Co often a0 Pe et<? toa01ep;oueD,
$02 from tteufatt faptfc fo often rpme0 remawcD ,
i5tit grannt all fcpcre true herein ^ou DO fa^ne,
^aritc one proper UflPon of a <Dmbe ^atour: .
As a eood child^ ofhi^ fether$:vyelth is inherjtour,
So ofnis fathers vertues he rauft be polr^ilbur,
$oto Peter fotolu0 Ctmtt anD al U)o;lDl^ jjcDD0 fo:fatic3
3i5ut t[)e pope Icauetl) Ct??Uf, i [nmfelfe to glo^ tafee0 :
0nD to be u)o?t C^ift ^mfelfe refufeo to be a Hinge, #nb tbe feruant aboue fye spafter ma)? not be,
TOjtc!) being botf) true it 10 a ftrange tijing, /
l^oirj t!je pope can recetue tyis pompe anD Dtgnifie,
0nD i?et pjofefle fjimfelfe Clj;ifte0 feruant to be,
Cf^id iuiibc no liitng,ttje pope tutlbe mo;e, S^tje pope 10 Cl)^fte0 Staffer not t)if feruant t^erefo;r.
, : Cardinal!.
0!l tfjou arrant ^eretibe 3 totU tljde remember, 3 am glaD 31 hnoto fo mucl? a0 3( DID,
3 bane toa^eD tfj? rcfone ano f^ane fount) tfjem Co flenoer
SDtjat 31 t^in^e t|iem nottpo^p to be anftoeareD:
loto fa^ )?on cpu8er ;Hjpocrifyf HIP. 31 alfo tljinbe (b,
Iftit let t)im go fojlvarDe anD totter big conscience,
0nD foe totli atoljtlE longer bere fum tottf) patience. Cardinall.
jfeat on tfjou ^eretibe oftljc !jol? Sacrament, >f tfjc boov anD btouD ofC|jjift,;U)bat 10 tljine opintonf
Philologus. 3 fjaue not pet fimtfjeo mv former argument.
Cardinal!. . ^^ on a0 31 biD tfjdc,ftou art a ttoute pinion :
PhiloIogilSi /,:;:
[)G '
Che tuhicli fhotttoatmflmo tgClmfttarts among, SChat one fyoulo loue anot|)er all our life long:
Jro: as the b:cao to of man? Cornells compound, 0no tije CClinc from tfoj'iuce'oftoan? 47jftp& DO aife&HD..
&o IDC luljtii) into (Ltoift our ttocfee are w^ounaeo: 0s into one i_cmple,fyouu> cpnfr to content) :
itcaft br our co ntnUron the Cfair cl) toe offend,
:On0 foas not tljc Icatt raufc nmong man? moje,
vZlbidj are noiu omitteo tfjsf this Sacrament luas gcuc" foi?
cijc chfcfcft caufe to|n tb'isr feacranwnt toafi oinantco,
tQas the mfirmttte of our cnftoarce man :
ca&ereaB tuition to alt men tuas p:ocla^meD.
Cljat toith true fa^tlj app^cr/enn tljc fame can,
33? tt)c tjeatl) ofJcfiiB Ctpitt rtjat tnmtaculare 1Lambe, 2Ct)at t^e fame migbt tbt rather ofall men be Ijelctico.
SCo the tuo:o to ad a &acrnmrMt<Dniff noting greueo 0nD as toe tt)e Corner bclccuc tljat ttjmg true,
5?o: ttjc trfall U)hcrcofwoje tuitncOcB luc ftnoe,
^o b? the meanes of tljc $ffcrament man? 0ruc
J5eleeuing ttcatonfftAptt befb^t!)e? toere bl^nor, ! -' -
5Po: oar fences fome fauour ofour fartf) rioto oo finue,
HBecaufe in the &>aenunwt rfjcre in tt)ts Analogy :
S^fjat C|j;ia feDe0 our foules as tfje b;ean nottj our boo?* , Cardihall.
0!) tfjou foul ^"eretifre,i0 r^erc b? catj in tl&e feaeramentf
caijcrc 15 C^ttte'0 boo$f$en fetjic^ fjc bi& tis giuef
31 Unotu to t^e fa^rull rccciucr it ui there pjefent :
i5ut ?ct t\)t bjcao rcmainctl; (til Bl uWaftt? bclccue
. Cafdmall.
513ut tljat toe ma? u)o:tl? ro'fome tffire come,
3(n llJ^at fence fa?D C^itt,Hoc eft Corpus mcuntf
Philologus. nen in tfjc fame fcnce that he fa?D befo;e :
Vos eftis fall tcrnr,vos cftis Lux munch: -
Eo furn oftmm : ano a ijuntJ^ fudj.^;c, -
: :
;<! n ...... 3lBut tljat 31 ma? tte Cmple fo>te eouj$ aoa < H
Were Cimft oftte bjeao lapo : tptefc mptaoogt**?-*' ' ' F*J
jfo; anftoere fjerem,31 ^flitf$ou lijte qutfftoo^ : !
* . ; -
r.j.j ,
j2D; to be a Wme mtys bop)? tfjen cbangw / r
3|fnot tljcn, tu^ojitbtt(lain0^rtWWftp^S ,t iwn '!' j'C^dJnall. ,-j ; t , -ooq / i i
i3C toijat Co f)c iDtllctl) Dotl) fewrae topatlttf ; -T'/ !ot cl u-r: rr.
Philolpgiw, . r ftcgwnq ^ c dDod beepc me anp aHmen from fucft.a frentre, oanw
00 to ttnnke an? t|im0 C^iUcs potoer to fttrpaffr,
Wfycn l)U5 totil to ^10 potuer to^neD toaa,-r.-o: ,'.'; i
#s Cljjtft can be no.
&et ootone tt)erefo;e fome p^cofe of tna lutll, O u . ^ r.,; <
10 l)t0 toil!j
PhibloUS,." .;b;r r
^a^ ifttoti inttt obfttnate i tutU by tto mo:c.
l^aue Ijim Ijcncc to p;tfmr ami jte^Jwiwfu^;ir"t;C : ,. vUrr.
3 tUl make !)im fet b^ 3IButl)ereft ttjou Zenle,go
-, . ;r,t r,-v n
Hypocrific. 2t tfiy returne^yng better Scnfuall Suggestion.
Head that both 3,an& Careftill prouifion,
2pjc fcale of Philologus,ma)? not full? rcfiff.
33ut tjc in IJIB obftinacic Dottj ttyll perfiff,
Co put ijtm to oeattjttooalo accufc tis of Cirramt^: '
25ut if Uic coulo torn !)im,tic tyoulo DO t)0 mucf) tjoncap.
Tyranny. 31 locate tjou,anD Uj'rU fulfill four toojoef fpetel?.
H)'pocr) f fic. Exit Tyrraiu
CojD Raider Philolo'gu,3( pittie ^onr cafe,
Co fee voti fo fol^u)^onr fclfe to tmoa:
3 ourlt yet p:oniv5 to ptirchafc you grace,
3f rou'tooulo(at length) your errours fo:goc:
Cl)crfo;c9| p:ay you,bc not your otunc foe.
Philologus. Call t?on tljofc Crrouns,tol)icf)e tfjc Cofpcll Defen^
3 fenoU) not tl)cn,tL^cncc true JDorinc Defcenw.
jl.iy^a^ttcr Hypocri fie, you fperm tymc in tafrw.
SEo rcafon toiti) ljim,i)c toill not be remaneo, Auarice.
V)aD 3( fo mud) to line by an f>c hart) ccttayne,
31 tooulo not tofc rljat tobictj 31 fo loell loneo. - .
^c ffanus in Ins reputation,!* toill not be rep;oueO:
0no tlja 1 10 the caufe rtjat be 10 co obtttnate?
i3ut 31 fyall toell enough ttjr co;age abate.
^ou fitUe not ofpurpofe my blctio fo.: to fpill-.
5fo.: if 3i Iwnc DifplcafcD tour aotljojitie,
3n reafonablc cauft* rcD;etfe it 3 tpitl,
irut in ttt0 rcfpcct $ fearc 31 u)oulo hill
Pr fouli Go; euet ; ifagainft OTB confcience
The ConfliaofConfciencK
Hypoqyfe. Ceace from tfjofe foo?De0,tftoot fafette #ro lone:
#0 tyrngb no man fjao a foulc mo# tfjcn tow $a$e nips (perc&anee)m 3Lo?D0 patience fcgll moroe :
2Lfcen toouto von plcafc ijim,if tfjat t?on toot l;olD t
3 toill oo ttjc bed fierem taf 3! can :
3Cccaufe ^on feme to be a goo Gentleman* Auarice.
Mere it not better fo? rou to l#ne at eafe/
0nD fpenft tfjat mcrcl^,lyf)trf)e carft ^ou tjauc got,
2Lfjcn fcp ^our oUnic fbtlte^our felfe to DtTeafe^
#no b:iu0 rou to troubtc,U)f)uJ)e cttjcr men feUc nof >
ai)iche tovU not be queitci,ec,but tutn) tour fjart bfcD,
3fJ uiei-e fo jealouc,3l tpoulo fljinUe mg fclfc fewD.
3Rnto tlic toUmc.ant. !t}re,afii(fancc crane,
l^ts l^bufc fo; to enter,anD fjis Cous foj me fane:
ILeaft,tul)en ^10 icii'c imoto,rtmt tfiet be conftfcafc,
into Otter meMS japvn0: rf)c fame 0)e notf; Dtttipatc.
^on fpeafee terp toi(e!t,m mt fiwtple Bfndgement, ljerfo:c,ou lucre btft to fente |jim atuat.
CardinalL <IDo tOjCarefull Prouifion,uepart incontinent,
3nD fulftil flie fcuoj&es,toljidjc 3( to ton fap,
Dfparoon herein,5 uo fcur ilo^rp p;ap, i^ou poubt
not 5 ftBff,ofmp toplltng mmoe, Hlfjiclje bercm moa reot,t?oa altoar fl^ali finae
^fo; Ut>o us nwtf ret5r>bp ftatooe to purlo^ne,
_ _ "^fli *3ut lead fome man at ma Ojoulce ctjauntt ftfata*,
0nD hill ma at owe 3 ucratteDc ftare,
Auaricc. "' '
Clwt boti) life anD pcoocs are in m? Lo:o0 frill,
SCtjcrefojc you toere bed to fue fo: fome grace, 3nt) be content tjt0 UJ02DC0 to fnlftlll:
3|f poii neglect t!)i0,fjcnce flmig^t toap 31 tutfl,
^nD all rour gooe* ^ luill fure confifcatc>
K\)m Utill ^oti repent , it to(;cn it us to late*
PhiloloJnts. '
00 load Sufanna bettoijt tluo fuf10 placed,
Cither to confcnt to finne moft abhominablc:
Ji),: eI0 in ttjc U)o:loe0 figbt to be tttetlv DifgraccD :
15ut a0 u)e her ri>aftitie at ttiat tune nnbzaceo,
$o toill 31 noU) fptrttuall UrtjoiDom retift,
3nD hope nice a true Utrgin to mp loutns fpoufe C|)2 iff,
Milt tfnm fticn neglect ttje p:outfton of tfo? Jjou^olD f
Cfjou art tljcrfojc Uw;de ttcn an 3lnf^Dell 10.
Philologus. S3f?at rou abufe CoD0 too?D\ to fay 31 Dare be botoe:
3no ttje facing of Panic ton mterp;ct amide Cardinnll. .
31 neuer fato tip UUc [jctettck tfjat rfn0 itc:
0toa^ Carefull Prouifion, about ?our bufineflc,
Philologus. Exit Aitt.
. .. >.
H5ut m^ Confd^^^^mifcaimjbittoiwtt^SW' 1
: - '- 8ttfi
^Co loue m? Jo :D dDofi aboue all eartl;^ gain
Mfjerbp all tljw U>lnle,3i ftanoe in great DjcaD,
Etiat ifI fyoato d5oD0 ftatotcs biftjaine,
2Dbu5 crtetti mt ConCcience^to mee continually
iD^icl; tf^ou wn fia^ , 3fWl ^eeloe to pou glaol^
31 can fa? nomo&tipn 31 fmue Done afrcaDp,
2E3jou ijcaroeit ttjat 3 caHea flje j;crettek ant fole:
fttfj a neto mailer,!fan 0)alt goe to frf)otej
SDf)ou l)aff no mo:c foit, Bl fee t^en t!it ffala,
Jfarrct3nfittqoit^te,o;reafonUttf)m?iLo^D0t '
^e can fubDne tijce,toittj fire f fUio k2D,qoig^t t6 one too^D
Ty|iny. Come, folloto apace, fenfuatt Suggeftion, l el0 J| Ml Icaue ^o to' come all a&ne : .
^ap, ifton runne (o raw 3( tDil^m^ '
Wi litle ionrnav^iH ojoka we to gwme : ; t -Jirf l
31 tfe not to trouble mp felfe in ttjis lu tfe,
e,3i^notaDuife:' ;
;:o '
Tic Cort&abfConiHencc, Srf thB pjcpareD fyt* gentleman to neceluef
lc uiill rotte a JFagot,oj ct*De me oeeetue.
Tyranny. 3n 0mple manner ) toill him cntcrtaine,
3?et mutt he fake it all in got parte :
flm> though &i0 Diet be (mall, tie may not mOwinc, #o: pet contcmnc the UmocncB ofm? heart,
Jfoj though H lacfee inftrumcnts, to put htm to fmart,
f^ct fljatl he abtuc in a tjellifl) blarbe Dungeon :
^s fo; Olocfes,aocUg irons, 31 toarrant $im Uiant none*
Hypocnfic. ^tdl,fareU)el Philologus, ^ou Ijcare ofrour lotting,
3 Uioulo ^et DO vou goo, if tfjat 3! Urfff fjoloe.
|^ou |jaue Don to much fo: himj make CDoo abetoe*
Hypooifit. frrape, fo:
Come on lafp itubfcr,Toumabe but ftnall ^atte,
^4D pou ftateD atomic logcr,^our coining hao ben toafft .
l^ou fenotu ofmt (elfe, 31 am not feert quirhr,
S3ecanfe that m^ boov 38 DO Jo mutt) tcnDer,
jpo; (^enfuall Suggeflion, trill quufeelp be ficbe
Ift^at h clone eafe be CboulD not remember :
fChtw one caiue ofm? tariaunceto pou 3 DO renter,
another 3 &ao, at 3 came bt rbelwife :
^ahift) DID me t^e longer from pout company date.
Hypocnfie, zeftion, 3 P^fe th to tj totter,
a certatne gentletDoman^ DID momror^nD matter,
0nD fo^ grafe ofminoe, her har;e 0)e DtD tcarc :
&^ee toill at laft ftiU fwr felfe, 31 greatly DO feare,
Hypocnfie. 10
ll&r rinlcjen alfo about !jet bio ffanb,
obbmg,anaCgt)tng, ana mane lamentation :
y&V ttie mcancs of tljeir faftjers lutlfuU p joteffation,
W[)ofe goOeB tljcp fa^c, arp alreaftp confifcate,
DiBecaufe fje boti) tt)c popes )atoe0 btoiatc,
0ntj moeco 31 fatoe Auaricc GanDtng at tbe Dcoze,
0no a company offtufffen* aflftfting inm there.
0'as ala0, tljts ptnc^et^ hrp fjeart full fo:e,
Sprne cirills ^e bott) occlare,mt>ne olone too, 3( bo Ijearc,
from teares, 31 cannot fojbeare,
Hypocrific* '
|?on neebc not fjaue l)at> it, being rulnc b? U0.
OTjrf toljat w l)e, tint*, Rafter Hypocrifie,
SCfjat taberf) fuel) (ojroto at t^e Iw^oee ioljict) 3 fpafee, ;
Hypocrific. tiDne rf>at 10 tafeen,ani) conutnceb of ^ercfie,
Snu 31 feareme muctj, ioill borne at a (take,
|?et to recla^nie Ijtm, murb parnes iuoulo 31 tafec,
0nb fjauc bon alreatnj? ^otobett in tiat?ne,
31 tuoulo craue tyinc afftffancc, toere it not to $? pa^ne,
31 foill to tf;e
beft ijerein ttjat 31 cam f^et go tl)ou tDttl) me, to fjclpe at a neefte,
Mtti; all my fccar r, dDob faue yon, goA gentleman, 2Eo fe your great teoU),my Ijeatt uoetf) toelnig^ bleebe4
iI5ut toljat 10 rije wufc of your trouble am) D;aocf SDiftaine not tome your fecret0 to tell :
^ tuife man fomctime,ofa fol may take counfcll
Philologus. mod lamentable,
JFo> 3! am but &eaae,te&jc& encr fitoe 3 tafte,
CCtrtib goto- asuirc mine election tt make 2
SDje too;fe to re:ufc,ano t|te bcff fo: to tafee,
gpy Spirit rouitcs t<beonc,toit alas fittce pro
J9y flefl) leases my fpirit tterfroe by Violence*
jfoj at tJjis tune, 3 b*tng in great ertremttie,
Citijer my ii o:a <2?oa in tyart to rejed, . .
C : els to be oppjeflco by tl;e Hegate0 autfjoi^tie :
^no in t|)t0 too.zlD coimteD auabtect :
ipy lunties,U)ifc ana Ctjtliuen alfo to neglect:
Qi0 later part to tabc,my Spirit 10 in reaotneflfe,
H3ut my j?lcO) oottj fub5ue,my Spirit imtbtteffe. '
n* rattier bccaufc you tjauc not bene bfeo : '
l^otobeit ofttoo euil0,t!)e leaft muff be ctyifea :
jj>oU) tohtet) is t^e Icaft euiU,toee totll u^Oitlpe cramine,
jtfjat tobicb part to-tafte,ywr felfe awp Detcrminje*
Dn y rigt)t l)anD you fay ,you fee QB&B iuft luDgment,
0no mftocDeofrfjctoyesofi^eaucnjeuerpermroient, . ,-> iiu-.,
Philologus. '
: arrti
STfjat i0 if mueeaeyto&uij i feare moff rfan :
Jfo; iHjjiff faio,feare not t^em,toljic|i tip boop can 5nof,
^utfcarcbim,tol)icl)t|>ebo^an8fi)ulfcaiioe(lro^: 'on. ^
0nD on t^e otjjcrOOfcmafec t^e lykc inqnifftion,,
5fon ttie left fide ycu falljt^en fljall you not mtffe, .
IBut to b:ing ^our boDy,to Wter perDitton :
/ro; at mans rjanu,you bnotu rljerc is no rtmtflton :
i5e0i>e your Cfcilojen fattjcrletre,tottt iDoiffe uefolate, .
|*0ur gmoesano pou~effww,to^ .
^e rfjct neucno man^tuH equmolence : :* .-
Cannot counteruatle tljofe fjeaucnl^ glo?iet
mt)tci) toe u)al tjanet^oaci Ctjztft t)t0 p2opittato.mi
3) nlfo accompt t^c rebukes ofour ^auiour, Greater game*tojn^^Qwl et> Ijoofe foil oftreaftnt*
. SuRjgcflion.
^ctt[)eri)oubt3l,ttmt3IWlfuffiertlii0mtjame. , SugglHon. , ; ,
^pat rou are fo fiire^to attainc to (aluation5 fr?^
31 DO not t|juib fo.bnt my faitf) 10 fuH pt$t:
Bin tl;c mcrnes ofdDou,bp C^jtfts mediation : .
3IBB tofcom-3 am fure ofmp pjeferuattotu
Suegcftion. SEiien to ttje fattfjfutCno ijurt can accrete,
Philologus. ^Dur ^autour Cfotft,tuD fa? to tt)e tempter,
Mt)cn Ije oto perfloaoe i)tm,from ttje ptnacie to fall,
0no faios,|)e mtgbt fafei^that danger aouenture :
25ecaufe ttjat <SoD0 ^lngeI0^om Ijutt fiim fatie Qall :
)at tfre llo^D dDotj,tt)ou tempt not at all:
tljowgfj pcrfVuaDct)3 ofmr finne0 free remution,
9a? not commit 0n>fcpon t^i0 p^efumptton. Cardinal!,
The Conflid ofConfcicncc.
till if!) tljat frotiMroc bcrcticit ,3 toill tfjen afoa?,
3f ?ou toiUtnnc to bcarc all MJS p:atteljmg: toe tooulD fur cly Uccpc poti mod part oftfcc Dap :
3 1 10 note Ms!) Dinner time mp ftomacb ootb fa?:
flnD 31 toill not lofc one meale ofmp Diet,
EJjougli tljc rcon DID tang an IjunD^D men0 quiet.
Suggeftion .
i3r ^ur llo;Du)tp0 patience, one tooiD tuittj ^im mo;e, ilno ttjcn if be luill not,3 geue [rim to Tyrrany.
515ut feu toer'e not bed to truft to t)t0 curtefie :
31 1 is eutll ttuhing of a E>og ti)at ootl) fleepe,
^Ctljtlc rou Ijaue f)i0 frtenDu^ip^ou lucre bett it to bape. Cardiiull.
31 piomife tlja Philologus,b? mr tiolucD cljaCitie,
31f tfjou UJtit be uilco bp tin? fricnDe0 tljat be [jecre,
JOjou fljalt abouno in tpeaitb
anD p:ofpcrttie :
0nD in t!)e Countrie cfjiefc rule tfcou tyalt beare,
^inD a tjunDicD pounD0 mo.:c tbou ujalt |>auc in tfje r&re:
3lf tfjou luill tljis curtefie rcfufe,
Cfjou fyalt Die incontinent,the one of ttjefe cftufe.
SuggeAion. taell fitlj it i0 no timc,fo; ts to Debate,
3(n fo.jmcr maner tupat is in mp minDc:
2 \Dtll at once to ttja ffraigljt Demonftratc,
Cl)cfc tuo:lD!y icpe0,tot)icf) fjncrc tl;ou u) finDc :
<ur,D foi hnraufc tfiou art paillr tlinDe,
3n tljis rrfpttt lobe tl)?ougt) t^i0 mir;our,
0r,D tbou u)alt bciiolo an tmfpeabeable pleafure.
Ob Uc;fi'v U calit],c!i paUaces go;0iou0>
-b fane Cl)if3:en,Dl) U)ife ntott ampable:
>'.i plL^f-int paftimeiOt) pompe To g!o; IOUB,
&>b oclicatc Diet,ob l^fe Iafciuiou0:
ThcConflid ofConfcienaC
m^ftl^itiefromm^iafeeato^ !''--<
3|n tbcfe Ddt!$te0 to tsfce mj? topple foiate,
0no to^at pame fo cuer liereb^ 3! urcurre ? - .- *..-*
mijtctbcr fatten oj &ell,tol)etjierCODS fo#tfj oj grace,
SDjtfi glalTe ofDdtg^t 3 totil fner tmb^ace :
5l5uf otte f[?tng mott d)0^W^ troublema Spy /j^ctgijbo^ tnconffant totU compt met 3 feare,
H)pocrific. ^ct!)atU)illIafeeefi)e man to content*
^Ijall p >ojue ^tm felfc at laft mott bntoife,
^our feife to fauc OarmleOe tfiinb it fuffirient:
0no luatgl) not tljc peoples clamorous ontcrie0,
^ct ttjere moutf)c! to ftop 3! fanToie oetifte:
^a? tyat f&e rcaumg of tfje U)o;be0 of$>.^elfloue, ^nd Doctor ambition oio ?onr erronre remone
0no Ijarfte in m^ne eare ftela? no mo;e time, n? famer t\)t better in enne ^on twUfa^, ?ICiel)auenotfauglittjtma03IBirijeu5inittte, ; :
Tyranny. :>
Come on 0r0 Jwue i? none, Bl toonlo tout* *twn?
Philoiogus IjaQ D^unb fuci) a ojaugf* ofHyppcrfff^; Wat lie mtno0rtot to uie t?et,lje tuil matter t!)i0 maia^.
* Cardinal!; '*
Philoiogus. -
3lf tt pleafe ^ur JLo^t^,J farenen tiibaf foo fe^ 8m> confer^ ^our regionJo be ittbttWtoitoabfe,
^etoierWl3i^amfe?^wifflom^la^ 3^p former ftll^c0 31 iJtterlr renotonce, Wat ror felfe ^er
The Conflift ofConference,
$ap Suffer Philolos^s, goe foir& ma to mp pallace flna 3f fljall fct ptonc tjje frame ofrecantation, OTjtcl) pou fyall reaoc on >onoap nejrt,m open place: SOns Done,pou ffjall fattffie our erpectatton, 3nt) Ojall be, Jet fir&,fronf-all moleffation:
3nto the bofbim of tye tiurc!),lue totlt ton take, 8no fome fjigfj offw,r|)crem \uill t?ou mafee.
'Philologus, 3 mutt firff rcqucff rour llo^iptf fauour, SCbdt 31 mav goe ljomc,nn? iwife foj to Cee,
^no 3| imll attcno on rou.toitfjin t[)i0 ljolu;c.
^a? 3 map not fuer,?ou alone to goe fro* tanleOe one ofttjefe,roiir furettc toil b:
Suegcition, 31 fenfuall Suggeftion,fo; l)im totll tjnoertaHe,
ifterie toell tafee Ijim to po,pour p;ifoner 3t ^tm mafte.
Come i?ou maitter Hyppcnfic. ano beare mee company &2 eld 3 am fare no mcate 31 H)oulo rate,
3nD goe before Zcalc,to fe ec^ tlwig reaop :
Cljat tufjen tue once rome,foc ffa^ not fo; meate:
Hypocrific. CCl iti) Qnall fute fjdercfo^ou fl>all ma uitrcate.
Cardinal!. Exit Tyn. 5?nrcli)cll Philo!ogus,anD mabe (man Deta?,
perijapB ofour omnertfjfo^ t?ou 3 toill ftaie, Exit
Suggcftion. Car.& Hyp i)ao not von bene a Urife man^our telfe to ijaue loift,
nu b : oujjbt pour loljolc family to te^etdjeD cftate,
W)?re note of ponr bIetteDncffe,peur fctfe pou map boft:
^int) of all tljc countrieiaccompt pour fclfc fo;tunate>
i3ut tuf)at DO toe ffap,fo long in tyw place,
31 (tail not be toell, UJJjiUJ 31 am toitij mp 3lo?oe0 grace.
. .
tt time take &eeDc,goe not to farrr,tofee foell tf)? flep0 twfo, '
ilef not Suggeftion oftft? aef&,ttn? Confidence t&ee betray
mt)o Defy conouct tbee in fye pat^,ti)at ieaoetf) to all tooe :
Watgij tuett tljts tuarnins giiten from (25oD,befo^e ({jou farther 0oe:
ilntj fell not euerlafttng to^e0>fo^ plcafurea temporal!,
jlfrom tofjicl) ttjon fconc ffjnit goe,oj tjje^ from ttjee bercaueD ^alL
l*8,ti$at tjoice to t^ut 31 iprcMbtwtefull? fa foanue,
3|nto mine eare0,ano tuarnetf) mce,ttt time ret to betoare,
mit)? ftaue not 31 tfce pleafant pat^,oftoojlol? pleafurea ftunoe,& ioalt? therein foj m? Dcltojt,no man fl^all me oebarre^
Suggeftion/ ilohe in tin*<2DIafle Philoloo;us,foj nought elf DO tftou care,
tElljat Dojft t^ou foe irnt&in t^e fame?10 not t&e Coaft all clearer
$ang{)t eld but pleafure,pompe,ano toealt^i^ein to mec appeare*
<2Diue mce tty fjanoe,?! toill be gui&e,ano leaoe tfjee in t^e ioa?,
^Hf)at Doift t[)ou 0);inb Philolcgutftuyere H oare goe before *
Spirit ;
|^ca,fl)?inU0 Co Ifill time tnrne back 31 fa?,
Bin fenfuall Suggeftions ttcppes/ec tljat ttjou tread no mo;e:
0no tl;,ougl) tl)e fratltie ofQe fle(l),tatl) maoe tfje fall full fojc :
0nn to oent>e luttb outtoaro ltpfit^ ILo^o ano (IDoo mod ueare,
2Dt)e fame to ftabiity toitt) confent,ofConfnente,ffano in feare :
JCtjou art pe t free Philologus,all torments ttjou matft fcape,
>ncl^ tlie pleafttrefi of tfc tuo?te,t^ou fl^alt afetytle fo^beare,
Kenoiuuce f!)v rrtme,ano fue fo: grace,anu 90 not capttuatc
&by Confctence Vinto monall finnc,f!)c i?obe of Cfjnft DCD bcarc,
^btit tip ihefe iuo -5CS iyittjin tl;v b;eft,U>i)irf) founo fo in tljtne earet
&[K outuiavoe man f^tf) caufeo ti^^us enterpjife to tafee,
The ConfliflfbfConfcicncc,
*Befoare Iratt toicfeeane&e of fpirtt,fyc lame DCD perfect mafce. . Phjiolbgus..-'
flp bart aotf) tremble fo; DtftreB,mp conference pjicfeam fo>c
fln& bioma ceafe t&arward in tme&bify SI toouto glaDlp runna E:ije U)?attj of (2>co it Doty ma teH,DOt[j OanD m? fart before :
MIl)erfb:e,]3I IjolD it bed toteafeltwt race 3 fjaue begun,
011 U 021^5 to^p0to&e in tfjp (DlaOe ano tell me toljat it t^oto5 SDtHHi toitt notcreoit ottjer men,befb;e tfy telfeJ troto.
Philologus. . .. $^ glaafome ^affc,of) nurrour b?ifffjt,olj criftall clcarc as (nn
tores cannot be t)ttercD,tpinrt) herein 38 bctiolDc,
f)ercfb;fJiWl nottf)afo^Iic:Ujl)atcururoeuer come. .
3Kneoen tljou tuite t^ felfe tm&D,faj? not,bnt tfjou arte toloe :
^ap,tt)at bap to^IIJ Unit not faofe tbefc pleafures man^foloe take
. : . Suggeftion. SCftat fcnfuall SuggdHon Doth leaoc l)im bnocrttano,
ACtcfourth. Sceapc.g.
A iLa.ala8,t1joti foofall tDtg|)t,tDl)at rurie &o>t& tfj6e motte f
^V^o fotHtnglv to caft flip felfe into confuting f^je,
OTjat Circes f)afl) betbitcfjeo tf)dp,tln? 1t>o?lDl^ tpealti) to lone
a^o:e ttjen tfte bleffcD ttatc of$>ou(c,tWs one tt-ing 3 Defee :
taaf$j luel tlje caaCe tutftj 0ncere Ijart, t^ Cofcience ttnx require 0nD fell not cucrlafttn^ io^ci,foj pleafured tcmpo^ill, Kefift
Su^geftion oftljc flcft>,U)^o fabe0 tfra fo: to fpoile:
Jprom lu^id) tljou ftnne ft)alt goe,o^ tljep from tfjee bereaueD u)aU:
^anu^He from $fc totjtt^ CDop e(ert,true euerlaffing fo^Ie,
. The Gotiflift of Confcience.
fe># fofrere confufion Dot Ij atfcno,to ratcfc ft)ee m fjw frwre,
m\)Qte iwnoefcift&at tbou goeff on fttU,tl)ou Ojalt no toat? efrfjefo
Wfyat tui$)t art tijou*foi)fcg fo: mp Ijcaltkocaff take fur!) ear;
Confdence, (neff care #
Qp crafeo Confctence,tlnd) fo;fee,tt)c plagues $ fo.imenfs Due,
aaijtcl) from mft |uDge,toijom tijou Denied u)al fa^ and b^ mfue :
Snijou Ijaff goto triad oftlje fait^tuljici) 31 to tftce DOJ brarc,
Commit f^ fafctte to mp ct)arge,tt)cre is no Daungcr nare,
tt mat? not oefcrt'e,
flD? fee tfic perrils tuljicl) tl;c ^>oule,t0 reao^ to incurve :
&no martj ttie lefte,our otunc cflrates, tue can our felueg efpte:
Bcraufc Suggeftion in our fjartes/uclj fancica often fltirrc :
tzailjcrbg to luojlDl^ tanitte0,tDe cleaue a0 fafi a0 burre :
CDtfccmwg ttjem uittb |)eatienlv tot>c0,tn gcoDnefTe comparable,
fet be ttjep moftlg tjerp p?tcbe0,to finne nbt)om^nable.
jro: p;o)fe tuen^oe no further 0oc,rl)en to t|)i0 p;cfcnt niun,
tieifjc b? ttjc bieCfinc; of tije lo^e,of ruftc0 ijaumg ffoie,
WSl^en toiti) 1120 Ijart to fancy fljcm,tl)w tucilolvng once began: 0nn Ijao tt)i0 cDlnffe of tjanpties efpteD,t)t0 e^es before,
l^c dfotj fo;fivke,tDt)erea0 be ougt)t tmue loueD ijtm tne mojc :
0nu cfjfflfett) rather tottt ijus g(SDe0,to be t^olune Doumc to ijell,
2Tt)en b^ refufing oftip fanieitott!) COD in Ijeauen to DUielL
C-are iuo^neg, from licence rcafan o: trueti; none enfue,
^{jall mabe Philologus to btti mee atuc.
Wfyzt fl)all tljcrc no rtci) man Dtoell in Cr-auss InngDome ?
toljere 10 tljen AbrahamJob,ano Dauid becomes
3 fpeafee not largel^e ofaHtljen^iut)^ bauc fljis tuo:!t
crcaturc0 af tfce Jlc;r
ThcConflift of Confidence?
Cfctyicfrof tf)cmfclue0, are gam ecfj one, as Salomon t0 feller^ flno are apporntcD to Do goD luittjall, bp OODC ofotte U)O:D,
13ut toljcn.ttjci? let fos from ttje ILojD, t&en oug&t tfcep be al^ojo :
minrl) raufeD Cljnft fnmfelfc to fap,tljat twt& mucf) leffer papne, ^fjoulD Camel potte tinougf) ndeDles ep,tl) rtctj men |eauf obtain,
fc)crcbi? Htclj inen,<t|);ifi DID not mean,ed) one tutjtcli lucUlj cntog 515ut tijofc tofjtcl) faftntD tjaue tljeir loue tpon fyis loojlDlv Duff,
flCUjercfojc another (r^e0, anD faptf), pi; Deattj,ljolu grcat~ano?e Doctt tbou procure tonto ttjat inan,\utjicb in t)i0 goDDcs ootij truff?
Cbat tljoii cocft tl;is Philologus, tt)ou naDcs acfenotxjlcDgc nir.ff,
caiiercbr erf) one ntnv 1 caQv fee, tfjou tabcft mo:c Dcltgbt,
3n Mundian to^eB, tljen tlion effameff to be uiitt) 0ngcl0 b?tg[it>
Philoiogus. Cfjis toncbctf; v quicUc,3( folc
(' iuotinD,tofjtf lj if tl;ou canff not cure,
^0 inaimco in Itnimes 3 muff rct^jc, 31 can no further go.
is is tlje grccf toljifl) Conrdencc taUe0 againff t^ee 31 am fore,
XSetanfc tfjou tfeff tt)ofe Deltgt)t0,U>[)tc|) Confciencc map not Do,
0nD tljcrefo:e Ijc pcrfuwDctl; ieaue tt-c.famc a!fo :
0c DID tljc Jforc, VDbtclj caugbt in fnare,anij frapt tuittj lofle of fagle,
Co cut off tl;c trs ; as but tbenou0, DID all tije reft ccun (aril.
Confcienc c.
3(n DceDe J cannot tfc, tljofe fono anD fm!;(t) banitie0
3(n vufnel) tbc outiuarD part ofman Dot!) taftc fo great Dcliafjt,
jjlo,ncit^er iwoulo 3i,ttougb to me lucre geuen tfcat liberty i5ut rather tooulD confume tljem all to nought, if t^at 3 migl;t,
ftfi if 31 ffjoulo Dcligfjt tfjerein,it tuerc ns goo a fvgljt,
fls tfa man of perfect age, ftoulo rioc tpon a fticbc :
>z plapc toitb comptcrs in tljc ffreet,U)l)ici) paftime cbilD?en Ipbe,
15ut all mp iope0 m l^eauen remapnc0,io[jera0 3 long to be,
nD fo teoulDeff tljou, if tf;at on Ci);tff tf^fapti) full faffneD toere,
5?o : tljat affection, tuns tn Paull tlje apoffle, toe map fir,
E(;e firft to tljc Phibppians Dotf) tottne0 fjcrein beare,
its tuojDs be tfjefe : of) tuculD to dDoD pifoluco tljat 31 lucre,
3nD lucre luitlj Ctuift, another place fjt0 mrnte in tljofc too.2D0 tell,
We ore but ffraunger0 all from OOD/U [>ile in tljis too:lD>c trliiell:
The Conflift ofConfciencel
#ofo marfoe, Ijofo far from Iji0 requeff, DuTentmg is tbv m^nte,
$e toifyt fo; Deat^but mo;e t&en tjcll,rf)ou Docft tfje fame Deteft.
Suggeftion. She caufe tu^ Paul DID lott; l)is lrfe,ma^ eafelp be affignDc :
OBccaufr tfje lewes in cucr re place,DiD fabe fnm to moleflr,
)!5ut ttjofe UJhtci) in tl}t0 U)o;to,obtainc fccuritie anD reft :
'o take Dcligbt to line ttjeretn^ea nature Dotf) tnoue,
Ccb letting creature Uufy a fcarc,lcaft nratb u^oulo frjcm accrue,
^ca tf)c fame Paul at AntiochcfDuTemblcD to be Dcao,
turtle t[jet lucre gone Vuljo fought rji0 l^fc, toit^i (tones fo; to Deftrog
Elms fo; to faue ijifi l?fc,to Horcb Itirimfe flcD,
^>o DID Ittng Dauid flee^tu^en Saul DID feeHe trim to anno? :
|?ea Cfctft ljitnfelfe,U)hom in our DeeDe0,to folloto toe ma^ iop,
E>tQ fecreatl^ fonuatgl? lj(nifclfc,from Iwes fo full of&ate,
iD^en ttjer fyougt)f from the top of fcfMtfm to precipitate.
Mi)erefb;e)tt 10 no Gnne at al(,a man fo; to DefenDe,
^nDtbeepe Wmfelfe from ocat|j,fo long as nature giues turn ieaue,
, f Confcicncc.
it0tl)emfclue0foimealone,a0ec[)manmappercetue> .
5fo; torjcn tixtt Paul IJAD run fjt courfe,tje D iD at (aft recehte:
iuitl) tjarte0 content, tije final Deat^lrtjicf)
toas &tm put \Jitto,
$>o to^'cn Crjjift rjaD perfourmeD bis too;b,l)e DiD oeatb bnoergoet '
jano toouft to goD,tl)ou toouloeit bo ft torjidj ttjcfe men toere contff,
5fo; i^^ Dtfpifeo