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  • 1. Colours and numbers Teaching unit


  • The unit is created
  • for teach to the children
  • the main colours and introduce
  • the numbers in english language

3. Objectives of the unit:

  • identify and name the colours of the rainbow;
  • ask and answer the question:
  • whats your favourite colour?
  • know that rainbow colours are seven
  • identify and name the numbers from
  • 1 to 12 in english


  • We start with a new ryhme about the rainbow,
  • which is shaped by seven colours:
  • Red,
  • Yellow
  • Pink,
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Violet


  • The teacher reads the ryhme and wonder children
  • to repeat
  • Colours
  • Red and yellow, pink and green, Orange and violet, and blue, I can sing a rainbow, Sing a rainbow, Sing a rainbow too. Red and yellow, pink and green, Orange and violet, and blue, I can see a rainbow, See a rainbow, See a rainbow too.


  • To explain the colours, we can use
  • flashcards to show to the children
  • for learn the colours names;
  • We can put on the blackboard some flashcards,
  • ask to children the name,
  • repeat the name in english,at first slowly, then quickly and write the name near the flashcards


  • For focus the colours
  • we can use some charachters
  • who children know and
  • we can give them the charachters
  • to put on the exercise book

8. What is this colour? Lighting Mac Queen is RED 9. GarfieldisORANGE 10. TweetyisYELLOW 11. Shrekis GREEN 12. Smurf is BLUE 13. Teletubbie is VIOLET 14. Pink Phanter isPINK 15. We can introduce another colours:white, black and brown

  • CalimeroisCasperScooby Doo
  • BLACKisis


  • In the exercise book, children
  • link the right name to the right colour
  • and after
  • they colour the photocopies
  • with the right colour


  • We can teach how to say:
  • whats your favourite colour?
  • We write the phrase on blackboard
  • and ask to repeat;
  • Then we wonder to repeat the answer:
  • My favourite colour is, for example Blue
  • Then they work in couple to ask to
  • the colleague the question


  • We can go to courtyard or gym and play to
  • witch color commands?
  • to evaluates that children have learned
  • the name of the colours and so they have fun


  • In another lesson we can repeat the rainbows
  • ryhme and we can teach some numbers asking:
  • How many colours has the rainbow?
  • The children could say Sette
  • How is it in english?


  • We can use flashcards and say the name and repeat:
  • One, two, three,
  • Four, five, six,
  • Seven, eight, nine,
  • Ten, eleven, twelve


  • The game:
  • The children are divided in two groups,
  • teacher has a chest in which there are some cards with the name of the colours.
  • The child leader catches the card and reads the name,
  • the team guess the colour and put
  • the card with adesive tape on something that are in that colour,
  • in the classroom, or in the gym, or courtyard


  • This game
  • is a possible evalutation,
  • with the bingo
  • for verificate the numbers.