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The Choice The Extraordinary. Everyday. Be cause. Insights If you are contemplating participating in The Choice and want to be sure what is the value of this program - try some of the exercises & ideas in 'Insights'. You may get a sense of the value of The Choice. Also do have a conversation with any of our associates. For registration & more information, write to: [email protected]

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The Choice

The Extraordinary. Everyday.

Be cause.

InsightsIf you are contemplating participating in The Choice and want to be sure what is the value of this program - try some of the exercises & ideas in 'Insights'. You may get a sense of the value of The Choice. Also do have a conversation with any of our associates.

For registration & more information, write to:

[email protected]

Try this.What's noticeable about these numbers? 145, 647, 394, 742, 488, 346, 649,534

Now try this. 643, 919, 115, 786, 390, 555, 854, 340

No prizes for the right answer. But yes, the number 4 is common across the set of numbers. When something is present - like number 4, it's easy to tell. Just as it's easy to tell you are happy, when you are or sad when you're sad.

Now what's peculiar about these numbers? Notice, that you first looked for a common number - you learnt that from the previous exercise. Here there is no common number. Here there is a missing number. All numbers from 0-9 are in one number or the other except the number 2. It's difficult to find something which is absent. Just like it's difficult to say what's missing in our lives.

What is unseen in our life, runs our life. The Choice brings that to the forefront so that

the 'unseen' doesn't run our life and WE DO!

What's missing for you? Look at your major challenges, in major areas of your life. If that 'something missing' was present how would your life be different?


Life! a game a game, something has to be more important than something else. Otherwise, there is no game. The choices you make show what's important. In a game: where you are is not where you want to be. There is always somewhere to go. Where are you going? a game

a ga



is a


e a game


What you say is important to you

What your actions show is important to you

What's missing

What people in your life say should be important to you

A game can be fun, a game can be serious and it can be both. A game can be played for the extraordinary or for the mediocre. A game can be a burden without freedom and affinity, a game can have abundance. How we draw our version of the diagram (on the right) is our game. Pick an area in your life where you have a challenge or want to create something, keeping that in mind draw your version of the diagram. What's your game? What's your purpose? Is it a big game, a comfortable game? Do you design it to win or learn and discover? For fun or frustration? What are your design principles?

The way people choose reveals how they view their power to impact situations in their life. Below are eight common ways we avoid or undermine our real power to choose. In important areas of your life, what determines your choices? Choice by Limitation: choosing only what seems possible or reasonable Choice by Indirectness: choosing the process instead of the result Choice by Elimination: eliminating all other possibilities so that only one choice remains Choice by Default: the choice not to make a choice, so that whatever results happen seem to happen without the person making a choice Conditional Choice: imposing preconditions on choices Choice by Reaction: choices designed to overcome a conflict Choice by Consensus: choosing by finding out what everyone else is willing to recommend and following the results of the poll Choice by Adverse Possession: choice based on a hazy metaphysical notion about the nature of the universe

Avoid. The Eight common ways we avoid or undermine our real power is just another theory, nice to read, gives an understanding but makes no material difference to you, UNLESS.... You use it to look at your situations.... Stay with this exercise for a few days. Let it run in the background of your everyday activities. Watch how you make or avoid choices. Look for compulsions, repetitive behaviour, what are the consequences, the impact on the situation, on people... What's the payoff? In the evening spend 10 minutes to record your insights. This is the most important part of the exercise. Don't skip it. If you are at this exercise seriously, you will find more question & insights opening up for you. You will also begin to steadily experience an emerging abundance of choices. Possibly, with some courage, more freedom too.


The New Education

Learning ABOUT swimming doesn't leave you swimming. Learning about happiness, doesn't leave you happy, learning about effectiveness doesn't leave you being effective. Yet that's what traditional education focuses on. In The Choice, you may or may not be more

knowledgeable about the topics that the Choice addresses (effectiveness, personal productivity, communication, relationships, building an ecosystem) but you WILL BE more effective in all the areas. That's a BIG difference.


Others insights are merely information for us, doesn't make much of a difference, no matter how interesting, exciting or motivating it is: unless we make it ours through action.

Insights come from thinking-in-action not thinking about action.

How much of your thinking in key performance areas is 'about thinking' versus 'thinking-in-action'? How come?

Being Unstoppable!

When we take a risk we know what's unknown. In uncertainty we don't know what we don't know - we don't know what to expect. On thing is certain about risk & uncertainty - they come with dangers and opportunities. You live a great life when you walk the 'wild side', you live a boring, uninspiring life when to avoid all risks and uncertainty, your performance suffers eventually. Often our past successes are our biggest shackles as much as past failures. We are just not fresh, available to dangers, risks, opportunities and possibilities. It's misery to live in fear. Just imagine the little mouse. Is that you?

Insight.Try this 3column linking

Where do I get stopped - what situations, people, topics?

What's it costing me?


Love & Affinity

Peace, Health, & Wellbeing

Wealth & Riches

Benefits?Be Cause

The Choice

Any result you want. The Choice is the science of action in action!



Big Results


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