The changing face of retail in Australia

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Transcript of The changing face of retail in Australia

  • 70% are using a smartphone 44% have adopted a tablet, up from 30% AUSTRALIANS Technology is now part of the process 17 Million smartphones by the end of year
  • 72% are looking via their phone 62% want to pay with their phone CONSUMERS 25% have made a purchase on their phone 57% want to be directed to relevant info 20% use social media to research
  • Currently using mobile for operational tasks 6% have mobile checkout BUSINESSES 47% are using social 78% of paper-based catalogues dont work Large disconnect between consumer
  • Linked to the growth of mobile 70% use multiple channels to shop OMNICHANNEL 36% shopped with the same retailer Tablets are rising very fast
  • Demands are high - always connected Path to purchase can be tech-heavy MOBILITY PATH Can be completed all online Repeat or add-ons are made easier May use in-store to validate
  • 95% of under 40s access the internet 72% of 40+ access the internet NEXT CUSTOMER 79% used their phone to nd products 38% researched their retailer 25% had made a purchase
  • Mobile is highly inuential 51% have changed their purchase IN STORE Loyalty programs are low Dont underestimate social
  • Free WiFi was highly desired Improve in-store experience STORE SERVICES Few want marketing messages
  • Facilitating training and rostering Improve customer service OPERATIONS Biggest opportunity is the relationship
  • Its the digital word of mouth 67% of access from smartphone IMPACT FROM SOCIAL Less than 1% had negative impact 25% of usage is to a brand 20% used it for search
  • It all starts with the customer Serve up Apps as part of the experience FINAL WORDS Online and ofine are intertwined Collect data and test your theories Never forget the post-sale stuff