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What are the most successful books and authors in Brazil? An overview of the PublishNews's bestselling charts is the perfect way to start understanding what kind of book can become a bestseller in Brazil.

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  • 1. The Brazilian BestsellersFrankfurt, October 12by Carlo Carrenho

2. The Brazilian bestsellers on the last week of September*1.Fifity Shades of Grey, E. L. James, Intrnseca,11. Diary of a wimpy kid Cabin fever, Jeff Kinney, Vergara & Riba2.Fifty Shades Darker, E. L. James, Intrnseca 12. Agapinho, Padre Marcelo, Globo3.Nada a perder, Edir Macedo, Planeta 13. Nunca fui santo, Marcos Reis e Mauro Beting,4.A queda, Diogo Mainardi, RecordUniverso dos Livros5.Mentes brilhantes, Alberto DellIsolla, Universo 14. A dance with dragons, George R. R. Martin, LeYados Livros 15. The choice, Nicholas Sparks, Novo Conceito6.Bared to you, Silvia Day, Companhia das Letras 16. As melhores receitas do que marravilhas, Claude7.Safe haven, Nicholas Sparks, Novo Conceito Troisgros, Globo8.Desperte o milionrio que h em voc, Carlos 17. Game of thrones, George R. R. Martin, LeYaWizard Martins, Gente 18. The servant, James Hunter, Sextante3 millioncopies!!!9.Casamento blindado, Renato e Cristiane Cardoso,Thomas Nelson19. The wedding, Nicholas Sparks, Sextante10. No way out, Kevin Maurer, Companhia das Letras 20. The little prince, Antoine Saint-Exupry, Ediouro* Source: PublishNews 3. The Brazilian bestsellers on the last week of SeptemberThere was only oneBrazilian writer among thetop 20 fiction books onPublishNews bestsellingchart for the last week ofSeptember: Mr. Paulo Coelho 4. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)AgapinhoAgape for KidsBy Father Marcelo Rossi 1Category: ChildrensPublisher: GloboAgent: Seibel Publishing ServicesSales: 630,000 since Apr 2012A childrens sequel to the megaseller gape, thatsold 8 million copies in Brazil in two years. In thisbook, the TV-famous Father Marcelo writes abouttruth, justice, forgiveness, trust and solidarity toyoung readers. 5. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)O X da questoThe X FactorBy Eike Batista 2Category: Non-fictionPublisher: SextanteAgent: Seibel Publishing ServicesSales: 160,000 since Dec 2011With a fortune over US$ 20 billion, Eike Batista isthe richest man in Brazil. In his book, he tells theadventures that took him to the top, including histriumphs, failures and challenges thatcontributed to his growth. All his companiesnames include the letter X. 6. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012) tudo to simplesEverything is so simple 3By Danuza LeoCategory: Non-fictionPublisher: EdiouroSales: 200,000 since Oct 2011Brazil-famous journalist Danuza Leoteaches how to socially behave in ourmodern times. With charm and humor,she helps us in the very simple situationsof daily life and claims: To be chic is tobe simple and joyful about life! 7. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)A privataria tucanaThe privatization of the SocialDemocrats 4By Amaury Ribeiro Jr.Category: Non-fictionPublisher: Gerao EditorialAgent: The own publisherSales: 130,000 since Nov 2011 | 90,000 in onemonthA very controversial book that denounces thecorruption that happened inside the federalprivatization program carried during FernandoHenrique Cardosos presidential term. AmauryRibeiro is an award-winning investigativejournalist. 8. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)gapeAgapeBy Father Marcelo Rossi 5Category: Self-help | ReligionPublisher: GloboAgent: Seibel Publishing ServicesSales: 8.8 million since Aug 2010This megaseller sold 8 million copies in Brazil intwo years, and was written by Father MarceloRossi, a priest and also a TV celebrity. He writesabout truth, justice, forgiveness, trust andsolidarity based on biblical texts. 9. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)Guia politicamente incorreto da histriado BrasilThe politically incorrect guide toBrazilian history6By Leonardo NarlochCategory: Non-fictionPublisher: LeYaAgent: The own publisherSales: 350,000 since Nov 2009Leandro Narloch prefers to adopt a differentapproach that goes beyond the established goodguys and bad guys when it comes to history. Hetries to review some concreted concepts of theBrazilians history in this book. 10. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)Guia politicamente incorreto da histriada filosofiaThe politically incorrect guide tophilosophy history7By Luiz Felipe PondeCategory: Non-fictionPublisher: LeYaAgent: The own publisherSales: 100,000 since Abr 2012Luiz Felipe is a Brazilian philosopher and apessimist. Here, he uses his well-known irony totell the history of the politically correctnessthrough the works of philosophers, scientists andwriters such as Nietzsche and Darwin. 11. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)Mentes ansiosasAnxious minds 8By Ana Beatriz Barbosa SilvaCategory: Non-fictionPublisher: ObjetivaAgent: The own publisherThe author, a psychiatrist, tries to makeuse of his clinical experience to explainwhat happens when anxiety and fear gobeyond normality and how to overcomethe disturbances this may cause. 12. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)As esganadasThe strangled WomenJ Soares9Category: FictionPublisher: Companhia das LetrasAgent: Rogers, Coleridge & WhiteSales: 200,000 since Oct 2011Total author sales: 1.2 million with 4 titlesJ, how he is better known, is a humorist, TVhost, visual artist, playwright, theater director,musician, Brazilian actor, and yes, a writer. Full ofhumor, this fiction is about a dangerous killerwho kills young, beautiful and fat women. 13. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)Mulheres inteligentes, relaessaudveisSmart Women, HealthyRelationships 10By Augusto CuryCategory: Self-helpPublisher: PlanetaSales: 250,000 since May 2011Total author sales: Over 15 millionThis book aims to present different personalitytypes of women, showing the positive andnegative of each of them. 14. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)A vida sabe o que fazLife knows what it doesBy Zbia Gasaparetto 11Category: Fiction | Self-helpPublisher: Vida & ConscinciaAgent: The own publisherSales: 350,000 since August 2011 (author hassold over 16 million)The author is a Brazilian spiritualist writer who isalso a medium. In this fictional book, a story takesplace between Brazil and Italy after the II WorldWar, and the author tries to prove that,depending on our attitudes, things can change,but at the end of day, the wisdom of life willalways prevail. 15. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)18081808By Laurentino Gomes 12Category: Non-fictionPublisher: PlanetaAgent: Jonah Straus StrausSales: 1 million since Sep 2077How a mad queen, a fearful prince and a corruptcourt deceived Napoleon and changed the historyof Portugal and Brazil. This subtitle says a lotabout the book which is the result of ten years ofinvestigative journalism to tell the history of thePortuguese court in Brazil. 16. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)Desperte o milionrio que h em vocThe millionaire inside youBy Carlos Wizard Martins 13Category: Self-help | BusinessPublisher: GenteAgent: The own publisherSales: 50,000 since May 2012This book presents the 7 golden keys forprosperity. These keys work to change thereaders mindset offering him a new way to think,believe and act. The author is a successfulentrepreneur in Brazil who has developed severalcompanies into high profitability. 17. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)Feliz por nadaHappy for nothingBy Martha Medeiros 14Category: Non-fictionPublisher: L&PMSales: 200,000 since Jul 2011This book presents a collection of more than 80chronicles about several topics and a diversity ofeveryday issues, including love, family, friendshipand femininity. According to the author, to behappy for nothing is to choose a life consciouslyand lightly lived, not less visceral. 18. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)O que realmente importa?What does really matter?By Anderson Cavalcante 15Category: Self-helpPublisher: SextanteSales: The author has sold almost a million copiesof his books in Brazil.This book offers a series of reflections for thereader to discover and live his own truth.According to the author, a life without purposedoesnt allow freedom and growth, sinceeverybody is born to accomplish a mission. 19. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)A fascinante construo do euThe Fascinating Constructionof the IBy Augusto Cury 16Category: Self-helpPublisher: PlanetaSales: 150,000 since Nov. 2011Total author sales: Over 15 millionThis book shows how to train our mind to controlour memory formation and our storage ofunpleasant memories allowing us a happier andbetter life. 20. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)Encantadores de vidasLife EnchantersBy Eduardo Moreira17Category: Non-fiction | Self-helpPublisher: RecordAgent:Villas-Boas & MossSales: 60,000 since Apr 2012This autobiography shows how the authors lifechanged after suffering two serious accidentsthat allowed him to meet two people who helpedhim to restructure his life: a horse tamer and aphysical trainer. 21. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)Tempo de esperasTime to wait18By Father Fabio de MeloCategory: Fiction | Self-helpPublisher: PlanetaSales: 380,000 since Aug 2011Written by a priest who is also a famous singerin Brazil, this book brings discussions onphilosophy, love, friendship and happinessthrough the exchange of correspondencebetween two fictional characters, Alfredo andAbner. 22. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)O livro do BoniThe book by Boni19By Jos Bonifcio OliveiraCategory: Non-fictionPublisher: LeYaFor 17 years, Boni was the vice presidentof operations of TV Globo, the mostpowerful media company in Brazil. Thismemoir brings together a series ofprofessional and personal stories, whoseprotagonists are very famous people ofcommunication. 23. The 20 Brazilian bestsellers(Jan 1 Sep 27, 2012)A quedaThe fallBy Diogo Mainardi20Category: Non-fiction | MemoirPublisher: RecordAgent: The own publisherSales: 75,000 since Aug 2012A well-known