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Internet Marketing RecommendationThe Blog blogAmine Mounir07/25/2012MKTG 404The blog

Who uses social media?

There is a large market in Canada that uses just Facebook

A large majority of people 18-34 use social networkingSocial Media statistics

An increasing amount of people are getting things such as news, horoscopes and weather from FacebookThe importance of brands

There are a wide variety of brands that are liked and followed on Facebook from many different industries.A blog about blogsStarted for people who, like me, are new to blogsEvery post, blogs are rated based on content, color scheme, comments section and overall aestheticEach section is rated out of 5 with an overview of each blog and the URL for the blog on the top of each post

OverviewCollege/University student23 years oldCreativeFunnySuburbs PartiesVideo gamesMusic


Blog posts


I was unable to get enough likes to receive Facebook InsightsStatistics

Best source of traffic is Facebook as most promotion has been done on itBusiness Review

Visitors mainly from North America although some from Great Britain and Asia

Almost 2 pages per visit, 95% are new visitors

Average visit duration has gone up over the semester

Bounce rate has gone down slowly

The majority of visitors were new and acquired through social media

Most of the traffic is referral traffic (social media, ads)

More than 10% is direct

Very few searched for the Blog BlogTwitter

There was a major increase in Twitter followers followed by a sharp decrease

The amount of followers is directly related to the amount of activity on the Twitter page

Activity spikes when a new post is put on the site

Site Traffic

The most effective traffic sources were Facebook and Blogger

Direct traffic was generated through Facebook referrals most likely

Every post on Reddit generated visitorsA clear cut focus and definition for the blog

Find related blogs and advertise through them

Widen social media exposure by using as many social media sites as possible

Possibly changing the topic of the blog

Broadening the scope of the blog to include ratings for a variety of thingsRecommendationsOther blogs (relating to Video Games, Fashion, Etc) were able to attract much more followers with the same social media exposure

Very hard to define keywords for a blog about blogs

Blog topic was not very interesting, is not marketable

Not very viable for a businessRationale