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  • T E BIG BOOK O H F MIND-BENDING PUZZLES OFFICIAL MENSA PUZZLE BOOK T E R R Y S T I C K E L S mJ A I C O PUBLISHING HOUSEA h m e d a b a d Bangalore B h o p a l C h e n n a i Delhi Hyderabad Kolkata Mumbai
  • Published by Jaico Publishing House 121 Mahatma Gandhi Road Mumbai - 400 001 Terry Stickels Published in arrangement with Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. 387 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10016T H E BIG B O O K O F M I N D - B E N D I N G P U Z Z L E S ISBN 978-81-7992-859-2 First Jaico Impression: 2008N o part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic ormechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publishers. Printed by Anubha Printers B-48, Sector-7, Noida - 201301
  • I n t r o d u c t i o nThis collection of puzzles c o m e s from four previous books, witha sprinkling of new onesall emphazizing the fun of thinking.Youll find everything from word to spatial/visual puzzles . . .from math to logic. I picked the puzzles I thought would offeryou the best challenge and still put a smile on your face.I took the mission seriously. There are puzzles for the n e o p h y t eand for the v e r y best puzzle solvers. With ten different cate-gories, no o n e will be shut out of enjoying his or her favoritepuzzles.Now, its your turn. Approach this v o l u m e in any manner that iscomfortable. Skip around if y o u like. After, all this w h o l e effortis to entertain you.Let me know what you think. Send m e a note through mywebsite at fun. Terry Stickels 5
  • 1For the uninitiated, the first three puzzles are calledcryptarithms or, more precisely, alphametics. Puzzlecreator J. A. H. Hunter coined the term alphametic todesignate words that have meaning, rather than therandom u s e of letters found in cryptarithms.The object of this type of puzzle is to replace letters withdigits. Each letter must represent the same digit, and n obeginning letter of a word can be zero. If properlyconstructed, alphametics can be d e d u c e d logically.In the first puzzle, my verbal arithmetic leaves somethingto be desired. Assign a number to each letter to correctmy addition. Hint: Make a box or chart to consider thepossibilities of different values. ONE ONE ONE +ONE TEN NOON MOON +SOON JUNE 9
  • This third alphametic is more difficult than the first two, and there is more than one correct answer. Hint: create more than one chart of values. THIS IS NOT +WITH WHICHU If B + P + F = 24, what are the values of Q and T? Hint: Consider whole numbers only. A + B= Z Z + P= T T+ A= F F + S= Q Q-T = 7 VN > / < r 0 X 0 0 00 X0 X A X X X 0 Q 0 X 0 0X 0m is The s u m of the infinite series + A + l k + . . . equals 1. What is the sum of the infinite series y4 + Vie + Ye4 + /jse . . . ? 15
  • i 19 This puzzle requires analytical reasoning. Determine the relationships b e t w e e n the figures and words to find t w o solutions. o o o = LAG RAB = o o 0 0 = LEB 0 0 0 0 = ? REG = 0 0 REBRAG = ?( 20 Heres another opportunity to u s e analytical reasoning, but this puzzle has a slightly different twist. In a foreign language: "Kafnavcki roi" means "Take three pieces." "Kir roi palt" means "Hide three coins." "Inoti kaf kir" means "Cautiously take coins." How would y o u say "Hide pieces cautiously" in this language?I 2 1 Seventy-eight percent of all p e o p l e are gum chewers, and thirty-five percent of all people are under the age of fifteen. Given that a person has been selected at random, what is the probability that the p e r s o n is not a gum chewer and above age fifteen? 16
  • What is the next letter in this series? A B D O P Q ?< 23 A. B. (2 64 + 263 + 2 6 2 . . . 22 + 21 + 2) In comparing the values of A and B, which of t h e s e state- ments is correct? 64 B is 2 larger than A. 64 A is 2 larger than B. A and B are equal. B is larger than A by 1. A is larger than B by 1.i 24 Classic puzzles are fun to revisit now and then, especially if theres a new twist. In this puzzle, s e e if you can be as successful as John in retrieving water for his mother. The new twist? The buckets are different sizes. Johns mother told him to go to the river and bring back exactly 9 gallons of water in o n e trip. She gave him a six- gallon bucket and a five-gallon bucket to complete his task. Of course, Johns mother told him shed bake his favorite cake if he came back with the 9 gallons. John had his cake and ate it, too. Can you? 17
  • 125 1881:1961 - 6 0 0 9 : ?i 26 In the world of physics, s o m e t i m e s things that appear t o m o v e forward are actually moving backward. Knowing this, can y o u complete this analogy? EMIT : STAR :: TIME : ?il 27 What is the next number in this series? 1 9 18 25 27 21 ?I 28 Nine men and s e v e n w o m e n pick as much corn in five days as s e v e n men and eleven w o m e n pick in four days. Who are the better corn pickers and by h o w much?i 29 Puzzles 29 to 35 are all c o m p o s e d of numbers, but that doesnt necessarily mean that the numbers contained in any given problem are mathematically related. Your mind will have to be flexible to determine what type of relation- ship the numbers in the series have with each other. There are n o holds barred, and e a c h puzzle may have a solution more obvious than you realize at first. What is the next number in this series? 1 2 4 13 31 112 ? 18
  • >JU 30 What is the next number in this series? 1 4 2 8 5 7 ? Hint: This might be just a fraction of what you think. What3 the missing 12 9 is 15 7 number in this13 5 series? 17 11M 32 What is the next number in this series? 0 2 4 6 8 12 12 20 16SS 33 What is the missing number in this series? 16 21 26 26 12 ? 19E S 34 S What is the next number in this series? 3 4 11 16 27 36 ?US 35 What is the next number in this series? 224 1 8 30 5 ? 19
  • No puzzle book would be c o m p l e t e without at least one anagram. Here is a phrase that, w h e n unscrambled, spells the name of a famous person. The phrase gives a small hint relating to the persons identity. BEEN IN STAR LITEjgJK < / B D 22
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