The beautiful life story

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A story dedicated to everyone who played or whose life was changed by the sport of Soccer.

Transcript of The beautiful life story

  • The Beautiful Life A Story About Soccer By Jordan Hegel
  • Soccer as a sport canchange peoples lives.
  • It breeds curiosity at a very young age.
  • First you learn to dribble the ball.
  • Then you learn how to kick the ball
  • Then you score the goal!!!!
  • You play this game with your friends.
  • In the streets.
  • Or in the back yard.
  • And you make friends.
  • Before you know it,youre playing for a team.
  • Sometimes you fall down.
  • But then you learn to get yourself back up.
  • You become really good and you play in high school.
  • Then in college too.
  • And sometimes you win championships.
  • And other times you dont.
  • But that is life.
  • You may playprofessional soccer too. First as a rookie.
  • Then as a legend.
  • Maybe one day, youllcoach too. Sometimes a little excited.
  • Other times not.
  • And then sometimes have no emotion at all.
  • And then maybesomeday, you can coach your children.
  • . On the beautiful game that gave you a beautiful life.
  • The end.