The Atmel AVR Microcontroller: Mega and XMega in Atmel AVR Microcontroller: Mega and XMega in...

download The Atmel AVR Microcontroller: Mega and XMega in Atmel AVR Microcontroller: Mega and XMega in Assembly and C, 2012, 817 pages, Han-Way Huang, 1133607292, 9781133607298, Cengage Learning,

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Transcript of The Atmel AVR Microcontroller: Mega and XMega in Atmel AVR Microcontroller: Mega and XMega in...

  • The Atmel AVR Microcontroller: Mega and XMega in Assembly and C, 2012, 817pages, Han-Way Huang, 1133607292, 9781133607298, Cengage Learning, 2012


    Offering comprehensive, cutting-edge coverage, THE ATMEL AVR MICROCONTROLLER: MEGA ANDXMEGA IN ASSEMBLY AND C delivers a systematic introduction to the popular Atmel 8-bit AVRmicrocontroller with an emphasis on the MEGA and XMEGA subfamilies. It begins with a conciseand complete introduction to the assembly language programming before progressing to a reviewof C language syntax that helps with programming the AVR microcontroller. Emphasis is placed ona wide variety of peripheral functions useful in embedded system design. Vivid examplesdemonstrate the applications of each peripheral function, which are programmed using both theassembly and C languages.


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    Make: AVR Programming Get Under the Hood of the AVR Microcontroller Family, Elliot Williams,Sep 3, 2013, Computers, 250 pages. Atmel's AVR microcontrollers are the chips that powerArduino, and are the go-to chip for many hobbyist and hardware hacking projects. In this bookyou'll set aside the layers.

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    download The Atmel AVR Microcontroller: Mega and XMega in Assembly and C Han-Way Huang 817 pages

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