The Art of Disciplined Creativity

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Ideas and practices for regularly gathering sources of inspiration, eliminating blocks to more easily access creative states, prolong them, and leverage their power to develop and execute great work.

Transcript of The Art of Disciplined Creativity

  • The Art ofDisciplinedCreativity Denise R. Jacobs Web Afternoon / Atlanta October 2011
  • The Art of Social Media The Artist: @denisejacobs The Medium:@webafternoon #webafternoon The Subject: #creativityhabit
  • The Artist Still Known as Denise Jacobs Speaker, Trainer, Author, Pan-Creative
  • On Creativity
  • Whats the point?Concepts, ideas, tips to help you instillpractices that will encourage you tobecome even more conversant andbetter able to collaborate with yourcreativity.
  • We are alchemists
  • Always delightful
  • Structure, Discipline, Path
  • Three Facets of The Way
  • Three Facets of The Way1. The Path of One2. It Takes Two3. The Way of Many
  • The Path ofOne
  • The Path of One1. Eliminate2. Incorporate3. Train your brain4. Gather and document5. Gamify it
  • EliminateCreativityKillers
  • Communication addiction
  • Multitasking
  • Banish you inner critic
  • The evil voices in your headFEAR (false evidence appearing realor f*ck everything and run) causesunnecessary inhibitions which obstructthe generation of new ideas on abiochemical and neurological level.
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Comparisons
  • IncorporateCreativitySupporters
  • Show up everyday
  • Habit fields
  • Sprint
  • Delegate
  • Think with your hands
  • Lo-fi time
  • Train YourBrain
  • Get your alpha on
  • Balance your brain
  • Get physical
  • Be Willing
  • Be Mindful
  • Gather andDocument
  • Collect and Curate
  • Get it down
  • Sketchnotes, mind-mapping, etc.
  • Voice
  • Tools Evernote Diigo Delicious Flickr
  • Gamify it
  • Be heroic
  • It Takes Two
  • It Takes Two Externalize Invite
  • Externalize
  • Genius
  • Genius? (yes.)
  • Your inner GeniusAs opposed to being a genius, considerthat you have a genius a mystical spiritthat accompanies you and inspires andhelps you to create fantastic work.
  • Genius? (yes!)
  • Muses
  • Who dat?The muses were thought to be the truespeakers for whom an artist is merely themouthpiece. Muses inspire people to dotheir best.
  • Memory (Mnene)
  • Voice (Aoide)
  • Practice/occasion (Melete)
  • Ideas
  • We are avatars for ideas
  • Extend anInvitation
  • Make it clear
  • Engage in a dialogue
  • Youre Doin It WrongMy f*cking book wont tell me its name!Well, if youre going to talk to it like that, its not going to tell you anything.
  • Sweet talk your ideas
  • Be ready for them to show up
  • Youll get love
  • The Way ofMany
  • The Way of Many Collective Ideation Learn. Teach. Master.
  • CollectiveIdeation
  • Incubate to Generate
  • Ideas are a network
  • The source of great ideas
  • Avoid
  • Diverse environments
  • Invite others to wonder with you
  • In praise of slowhunches
  • Co-work to collaborate
  • Plus it
  • Reframe #fail
  • Share mistakes
  • Learn. Teach.Master.
  • Leaning? Always!
  • Learn from the masters
  • Teach what you know
  • Reach Mastery
  • Discipline is Victory
  • What do you get?
  • Expression
  • What you produce is unique
  • Doing you = Awesome Singing your song in your voice Creating what you want to see/use Getting your remix on: gather like an aficionado; repurposing like an artist
  • Productivity
  • Productivity through little betsThe process: observe suggest tinker review apply feedback reiterate
  • Flow? Found.
  • The stage is set for Flow Cleared space work area, time, head Concept in mind: know what you want to achieve and what it looks like Necessary materials on hand Distractions eliminated Practice in place Willingness in place
  • Creative Confidence
  • Was ist das?the confidence that, when given a difficult problem, we have a methodology that enables us to come up with a solution that nobody has before.David Kelley, Ideo
  • It does work
  • Last outcome
  • The end?