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The following prequel to the new sci-fi action adventure series: Into The East provides exciting and valuable insight into a world that was violated by an alien race bent on subjugating its inhabitants. We hope you enjoy The Arrival.

After the prequel be sure to read the excerpt from The Razing followed by a synopsis of the series.

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Dear Dr. James Abraham,

Thank you for taking my call earlier. As I mentioned, the following included scroll fragments have come to my attention from a colleague of mine who wishes to remain anonymous. Since he was aware of some of my previous work, he felt that I might be able to proceed without any, shall we say, academic conflicts. Apparently, my penchant for “things of an alien nature” has become quite the topic of conversation around the water cooler.

Anyway, a mutual friend of ours, Bill, referred me to you. He believes them to be portions of a much larger work; possibly pieces of an ancient scroll. Unfortunately, he was unable to translate the text. He did however state, and I quote, “If there ever were a root language, I cannot help but think you have found it.”

I understand you are an expert in ancient Sumerian, Semitic, and Ugaritic. However, I also understand your time is valuable and, as a scientist myself, I’m fully aware of the demands placed upon you and I by our

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respective universities. I will gladly compensate you for the time required to provide a translation, if it is possible.


Dr. Geoff Seegertun

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Journal entry - One

My son, where shall I begin? It’s been over six hundred and fifty years since

the beginning as I write this unto you. You are but a mere hope in our hearts; a promise waiting to be fulfilled. Your mother, Rachab, has pleaded for the day of your arrival. She longs to feel you move within her barren womb; to hold you in her arms as you nurse upon her breasts. To see you walk the streets as a testimony to all who speak against the great one.

My eyes burn as well to see the day when our reproach is laid at the enemy's feet. Even now, while they laugh at us, I offer up sacrifices like our beloved forefathers, day and night, giving thanks to the one who sees all things. Unfortunately, it is not for us to know the time of your arrival. But once it has been declared, it is as good as done.

Unfortunately, not all believe as your mother and I. For the others in our village rail against us while Shemesh makes her effortless trek across the sky. Your beautiful mother, however, bears the greater brunt. They chide their wicked imputations against her, proclaiming a curse has laid waste of our home; yet we know the

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truth. I guard her form with my life, but their words rush past me and thrash at her heart. She is strong my son, but she can only take so much before fear and doubt find a resting place in her mind.

The lies among the wicked flow like the river Idekel. Wisdom is no longer present in the gates or in the streets. It is locked up and hid away like the gold of Avila. It is smothered by a darkness that is thicker than the pitch that seeps from the forest floor of Tarshish.

This world that you will soon find yourself in began with so much promise, so much hope. But with the arrival of these ostensible gods, I fear that the path to redemption for this world can no longer be discovered, and all that is left is the inevitable razing to come.

Therefore, I, your father Yarin, wish to keep a true record for your edification. For if the days are dark now, what then shall they be when you are born?

To begin, you must diligently study the ancient scrolls that have been passed down to me. For within them you will find the way that is right, the truth of why we bear such burdens, and the path to life unending.

My son, I fear for the coming day when all who possess the ancient wisdom will find their heads swiftly

Page 7: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

removed from their shoulders. Therefore, guard them. Bind them to your heart and to your mind. Wrap yourself in them from head to toe. For without them, you are like a rudderless ship on the great Erythraean Sea; tossed to and fro by the mighty winds that sweep down from the mountains.

Secondly my beloved son, beware of the Ayim, as so many call them; if only they knew their true identity. Liars they are, from the top of their golden heads to the bottom of the bronze like feet. Their stature is, needless to say, impressive but, filth and guile fill every morsel of their being. They make promises they cannot keep, and offer knowledge which was to never to be given. The same lie of old, in which they pander, could never be told if it wasn’t for the same wickedness that rules in the hearts and minds of the people.

Beware of these detestable women who fawn over these heavenly exiles day and night; longing to be touched by their horse like privies. It is a shameful thing to see husbands, fathers, and brothers so easily offer up their wives, daughters and sisters to these reprobates. They break through to this world through their portal to copulate and educate in exchange for what, their worship? Only a fool would enter into such a covenant!

Page 8: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

If only these foolish masses could understand the true freedom that has been offered. But I digress.

Forgive me my son. If I may keep one thing from you that is of me it would be my temper for the detestable. But I believe that I shall fail you in this for your mother also has a spirit that cannot be pacified once it is unleashed. Hence, your seed is doubly tainted.

Therefore, seek after peace and be joined with it. Do not allow it to leave your side for even a moment. For I know what lies ahead for you. The ancient one has declared it unto me. But fear not; for in time you will understand these musings that I’m recording for you as the maker moves my heart to do so.

One more thought before I cease this entry. I will speak of this further once it is made clear to me. In your later days, you will be called to serve in such a manner that requires you to speak, but without words. To teach, but without articulation. I do not understand its meaning, but in time, I believe you will understand.

Page 9: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Journal Entry - Fifty Seven

In this entry I so much desired to continue my discussion on the need for you to learn the ways of the land, but, I must digress and speak of another matter entirely. One in which I believe you will be faced with not too long after you enter this den of iniquity.

With the so-called Ayim continuing to wreak havoc across the land, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to go about our daily business. For example, it has been reported that a tribe filled with beings of massive proportions has been seen feasting on the animals throughout the forests. Some of the tribal members are three to four times the size of a normal person.

It’s been said that these creatures (I prefer abominations) are the offspring of the Ayim and the females who worshipped them. They are unstoppable and no one dares to approach them or to, dare I say, fight them. If they continue to breed then we would become extinct if it were not for the mercy of our creator.

If I had not been warned that dark days were ahead, I would do, as others have and continue to do;

Page 10: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

thrown away my scrolls and bow the knee to these so-called “givers of great knowledge”.

While refraining from articulating their malevolent doctrine, I will enumerate some of the knowledge they have exchanged for selfish exaltation.

All things have been given to us by the creator, but not all these things are to be used by us. Each living thing has a purpose that we are not fully aware of, but who are we to question? For example, one of the Ayim has taught many how to divine roots and plants. From them they’ve been able to create such concoctions that stagger the imagination.

I’ve heard some say that after consuming these abhorrent brews from the foliage, they experience sensations of transcendence; as if their soul actually left their body to dawdle about Araz like a wandering star. Who could have ever imagined such a thing? Only death can separate the soul, and once complete, there is no return.

Another reported that they were able to pass through heavenly portals and enter new realms not meant for our eyes to see. Others, however, tend to lose all inhibitions and just speak whatever comes to mind. I’m not condoning such action, but I can see the benefit

Page 11: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

of such a potion; especially when your mother’s sisters come to visit.

The worst part however is what happens to them when they are cut off from said potion. They exhibit strength like that of an ohema and will stop at nothing to get hold of these deadly poisons. It’s as if every desire they had is now focused upon that one thing. They will steal, kill, lie and beg to get it. It’s as if it turns a normal person into a tyrannical elder. Maybe they should call it ass in a bottle. Forgive me son, but levity is the only concoction I allow myself to consume, much to your mother’s chagrin.

Continuing on, another Ayim is said to have taught the movement of the stars, along with that of Shemesh and Evla. What can one do with such knowledge? Do they wish to travel among the hosts of heaven? Do they want to walk among Caseel, or dine with Kema? Who ever heard of such a thing! It is sacrilege to try and bring down the heavens and walk among them as if it were Araz. Our feet were not meant to tread upon that far off soil. To think otherwise is to invite a swift invitation to the pit.

And then, yet another teaches the husbands and the sons how to prevent their wives, concubines, or some

Page 12: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

random lovers from bearing a child out of a selfish desire to maintain their beauty. And to think that your mother and I have borne the shame of not yet having a child while these infidels are doing the very thing that seems to come naturally to us. Who are they to decide when and where a child is to enter this world? I know this goes against the divine mandate, but maybe it’s best these halfwit imbeciles cease from pushing out any future progeny. Seems the problem would clear itself up in just one generation.

But the worst I’ve seen, so far, is their attempt at mingling seeds of different kinds. It’s one thing for them to come into our world and mingle themselves with our wives and daughters, but it’s another to teach the same abomination to their devotees. Thankfully, they have not yet achieved success; but in time, I’m sure they will bring about their wicked desires. This will most assuredly bring about our destruction.

Aside from all that I mentioned, now many of the tribal leaders want to form themselves into various kingdoms. Whenever was it a good thing for us to consolidate power into the hands of the few? And who will get to rule, may I ask? From what I can see, the strong will be the ones to rule, leaving the weak to serve.

Page 13: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

I know not if this is a device of the Ayim, or if it’s an outgrowth of their abominations, but I can assure you son, this will not end well.

I can’t help but feel that if you could read these entries while in your mother’s womb you would never choose to exit. I might even want to crawl inside and wait for the storm to pass. I’m sure your mother, however, would like to cast her vote before we dwelled together.

Son, I know this entry has strayed far from my previous ones, but I felt it necessary to just give you a taste of what we are experiencing. I know not of your timing, but I do know, because of the prophecy given to me, that you will be here one day, and I will hold you in my arms. And when that day arrives, the world may have forgotten of what the Ayim and their offspring (or ambassadors, as some call them) have done.

Because I’ve seen truth turned into a lie time and time again, I think it best that you know the truth of the Ayim before it too becomes a myth covered in lies.

Page 14: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Journal Entry - One Hundred Twenty

It is with much sadness my son that I once again write this entry. How much longer can these vile abominations wreak havoc across the land? For now they are far from us, but word has come that they are on the move; pillaging and plundering everything in sight.

It appears these monstrosities are no longer satisfied with consuming the beasts of the field, but they have now raided small villages across the region; consuming the very souls that worship them. Entire houses - fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters - are devoured like fruit picked from the branch. These detestable offspring of the Ayim move about with impunity.

Some Arazians have declined even deeper into depravity by offering up their precious newborns as sacrifices to the Ayim. They do this in the hope of appeasing the soulless offspring of the Ayim! How could one ever consider such a thing?

These so-called gods would never move a finger to succor their devoted followers, unlike the merciful one, but they will demand an endless supply of sacrifices

Page 15: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

unto them. Who would ever serve a god that demands you damn your own soul to the pit for their pleasure? A fool is the answer you are seeking!

Once again, I have wandered into documenting the way of the idiots. But as one wise prophet said; "Even a fool can serve as a bad example."

Having said all these things, my desire is not for you to engage these reprobates. Instead, do all you can to avoid an encounter with them. I believe that if you remain on the path like I spoke of before, then you will have no need to confront them. It is clear that any confrontation with them will not end well. Your only hope, if you do encounter them, is to lean upon the maker for guidance. You will be found wanting if you try to fight them in your own strength.

On a much lighter note and one I take great joy in; word has it that one monument of stone and one of brick is being built by our forefathers as a testimony to the one whose line can never be broken. It is that ancient promise that we look to; and as I've enumerated extensively on this topic in previous entries, I will refrain from doing so here. Not only will it be a

Page 16: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

testimony to this generation, but in the generations to come. Maybe even to those who lie beyond the razing.

However, having said that, I do want to comfort you over the issue of the destruction that is to come. Do not think for one moment that the benevolent one has decided to play out a dark comedy against his creation. For what is to come did not find its way by his intent but by our own choosing. Even though our enemy, a name I do not wish to speak, sought, or shall I say continuously seeks, to destroy all that is good, it is within our own hearts the blame can be found. Therefore, guard your heart and your mind against their doctrine.

Hopefully my next entry will be more productive.

Page 17: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Journal Entry - Two Hundred Eight

Well, it appears the inevitable day has arrived. We must move away from the ground for which our forefathers lived and died. These wretched abominations have decided to enter into this region, making it no longer safe for us to abide as we once did.

Some have suggested that we move to that den of thieves they call a city, built by that murderer’s son, but I have no desire to live in such tight quarters. The forest is our place and in it we will find refuge. Much to your mother's delight and to my demise, her sisters have decided they must come and live with us as well. It is much better for me to reside on the corner of the highest roof or dangle from the weakest limb than to spend time in their presence.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the maker made it so, but when these cackling feather dusters get together for an extended period of time, their “days of rage” seem to align. Yet as I write this entry, I believe the maker has given me an epiphany. What if it is actually an act of mercy? Can you image a house filled with a never ending supply of pointless arguments

Page 18: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

and bottomless blaming for something as simple as an idle word spoken years prior?

Apparently, a husband must pay the toll for a few moments of bliss. However, you won’t need to know about this for many years after your arrival.

As I write this, it’s now been almost fifty years since I made that first entry, and the world upon which we find ourselves has only ran further into debauchery. For example, a few of the tribes have gathered themselves together, appointed a king, and declared themselves a kingdom. Now, like that of the Ayim, they wish to rule over the people! They have levied taxes on the land, proclaiming that it is good for the whole. They’ve moved boundary markers and exiled people from their homes, all in the name of their "so-called kingdom".

I say to the pit with them! I was born free by declaration of my maker and free I will die. I feel, however, the day will come when they will enslave us all. They may do whatever they wish to this mortal coil, but my spirit and soul they cannot have. Neither will they have my loyalty.

However, on a more encouraging note, I have heard there is one of pure blood that is feared by the

Page 19: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Ayim. For the life of me, I cannot remember his name, but it’s been said that he walks among the stars and does so with the maker’s blessing. If I find out anything more, I will be sure to record it for your sake. This may very well be the returning I have been praying for. But then again, it may only be the calm before the storm or the last stop to gather supplies before heading out into the deep forest. Time will tell.

I must, however, end this entry. I need to walk a few days' journey to purchase some rare herbs that will help this nagging pain that plagues me from time to time. I believe it to be nothing out of the ordinary though. I jokingly say it’s your mother’s cooking, to which she just laughs. Then again, maybe it’s those tale bearing sisters of hers. Either way, I must be off.

Page 20: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Journal Entry - Six Hundred Seventy

Your mother is resting peacefully this evening with you nestled inside her womb. I cannot believe that it won’t be long now before I see you. For almost two hundred years I’ve waited to see the fulfillment of this promise.

The other wives in our village have been encouraged by her witness. No longer do they chide against her, but sing songs of praise to our maker. A few cretins, however, want to give thanks to the Ayim, but I am quick to declare the truth.

I must say, it is, at the same time, a joy and a disturbing feeling, for me to feel you move inside your mother's belly. As I speak your name, you kick for joy. Which is, of course, why your mother asks me to refrain, for it causes her to leak a little here and there.

However, my reason for writing at such a late hour is not due to the continual pain that has been radiating from my midsection, like so many nights before, but due to a disturbing dream I had tonight. One in which I believe was meant for you.

It began with that wonderer known as Kyin. I will refrain from the details about him for now, but you

Page 21: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

can learn of him more in the ancient scrolls. In my dream, as I laid my head upon the bed, I could see one of his progeny born of a concubine in his later years. This progeny would rise to such a place as to rule the entire world. He was surrounded by his brothers and they ruled from the shadows.

I then saw you standing in his house. You were a servant, but not to him. This is somehow joined together with the previous prophecy that was declared to me of you. It was there after many years of struggle that you found peace and purpose. It was also there that you were to lead another, just as I have lead you. The irony, however, is that I have lead you with words, but you will lead with action. This is all that I was able to see. I pray that it will give you strength in that day.

For now, I will crawl next to your mother and see if I may cause you to give her a bit of a kick. Better yet, it would be best if I don’t or I will find myself in a small puddle.

Page 22: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Journal Entry - Seven Hundred

Hello my son.

You cannot yet read these writings, but I know that you will cherish them for years to come. On the day you were born, our hearts leaped with joy. All the village came to see the promise made to us over two hundred years prior. As I read through these pages, I can see the maker working not only in me, but in you as well.

Even now, as I look upon you in your crib, I feel overwhelmed with great joy, coupled with great sadness. When your father held you for the first time, he said that he no longer felt the pain that ate away at this body. Even in his last days he knew that he would hold you in his arms; for he believed the promise given to him.

Your father was a wise and faithful man. I thought it strange that he wanted to record his words to you long before you were born. He ever so gently dried the leathers needed to make the scrolls that I am writing upon this day. He picked only the best and spared no expense. I now know why he took such care.

I promised your father that, even now, I would read them to you. But even more so, he made it clear to

Page 23: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

me to read the ancient scrolls that told of the one who never breaks his promise.

I will always remember the day when he stood for the last time and held you high for all to see. He said, “This is my son, Loha!”

Page 24: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Excerpt from: The Razing

Aaranon continued, “I know the pain, the anger, and even the fear you feel right now because, frankly, I feel the same. I know it isn’t appropriate for your High Commander to admit he has fear, or concern over what will happen, but I want you to know you’re not alone in your pain. So, rather than go over this report from the UAC about our mission, which you already know, I wanted to tell you a story I heard when I was attending the academy. It was told to young cadets by some of the instructors to get us fired up and excited about going into battle with nothing but our might, our

Page 25: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

strength and our will to win and then returning home with great glory and honor.

“The story goes like this…there was a mighty warrior, named Loha, who lived hundreds of years ago. He was supposedly just an ordinary udam who tilled the ground, raised his family, and followed the ancient ways. It was said that a group of heboram came through his village and killed everyone, including Loha’s family. Now, if you know about the legends of the heboram, you know they were anywhere from ten to twenty ama high. That’s the equivalent of two or four good sized udamé standing one on top of another. The heboram looked like udamé but were mighty and fierce. No udam could or would ever challenge them to a battle…except for Loha.

“With the head of an ordinary iron plow, Loha not only killed those who destroyed his village that day, but he went after as many as he could find, slaughtering them one by one. It’s been said the ancient gods looked down and saw how mighty Loha was and decided to bring him through the

Page 26: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

heavenly portals and make him a commander of their armies to do battle with the dark forces that opposed the gods. And now, when a cadet goes into battle facing an enemy bigger than himself, he can cry out the name of Loha, and he will have victory.

“Now that’s how the story ends. It’s meant to give young cadets like yourselves courage in the face of great fear; to give you the feeling that if Loha could face insurmountable odds, then so can you. But I want to ask the question, where did Loha get such strength and courage?

“I prefer to think Loha did not fight for glory, honor, fame, or even to be recognized by the gods; I think he did it for those he lost. Not just for his family, but for other families as well who were put in harm’s way because the heboram were still free to do as they pleased; to take what they wanted and to kill whomever they wanted. I believe Loha said to himself…No more.

Page 27: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

About the Series

Into The East: The Razing is a “Star Wars meets 300” novel series – part one of a trilogy. It’s an action adventure / sci-fi / supernatural thriller detailing the adventures of Aaranon, an affluent yet humble nobleman on the forest laden planet of Araz, home of the udamé people. He is destined by birth to one day rule over the vast kingdom and empire of the Quayanin family – but only if he can prevail against an ancient evil that longs for his demise.

Over one thousand years ago on Araz, a race of beings known as the Ayim came from an as yet unknown realm by opening a portal into their world, changing their simple agrarian lifestyle into a technological marvel.

Page 28: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

After many years of war and aggression, the udamé eventually succumbed to the Ayim and worshipped them as their new deities. They abandoned their old gods in exchange for advanced technology that would one day allow them to achieve immortality and to consummate a divine singularity.

In their quest to traverse the heavens, like the Ayim, the Unified Araz Council (UAC), a coalition of former competing kingdoms, decided to annihilate a mysterious group known as the Apostates who destroyed over four hundred temples to the Ayim, killing millions of udamé in the process. According to the UAC, if the Apostates remain, not only would they continue to threaten the peace and safety of all Arazians, but also jeopardize the UAC’s aspirations of becoming gods like the Ayim.

It was up to Aaranon, leading the most elite fighting force, to finally destroy the last vestige of these ruthless killers who bitterly cling to an antiquated way of life. Through the utilization of the MSS, or Mingled Surface Soldiers, who were created by the Ministry of War through a process of mingling the seed of udamé, various beasts, and foliage, Aaranon set out to engage in

Page 29: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

a battle that many believed would be a straightforward “clean-up” mission. It soon became evident that the true enemy of the UAC was not the Apostates, but the truth itself.

As Aaranon battles against an insurmountable mountain of lies, he discovers a truth that will forever change his life. Not only is his life about to crumble down around him, but Araz itself is destined for a major cataclysm that will not only impact every Arazian, but would impact everyone man, woman, and child on the planet Earth.

The milieu of Araz is fraught with age old traditions and new world technology. Along with genetic modification, wireless energy, quantum communications, and anti-gravity flight, Arazians still practice arranged marriages, polygamy, forced slavery, sorcery, idol worship, a caste system, sacrifice of their own people, and the continued subjugation of their females. It is also a world that is plagued by an ancient evil that is greater than the Ayim.

Page 30: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars, March 6, 2014 Review by Professor James Powers - Caltech University

Although truly distinctive the narrative strikes on...“The Foundation Series” of Isaac Asimov, CS Lewis’s “The

Space Trilogy”, “Ben-Hur” by Lew Wallace, glued together with a touch of ‘Jules Verne’.

Excellent!!5.0 out of 5 stars, March 25, 2014 Review by cle

Must Read!! Story line is well written and you can't put the book down. Characters are well developed and you

feel like you know them. Although this is a fictional story, it reads like a non-fictional history book. That is

Page 31: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

not an easy thing to do with sci fi subjects. I really enjoyed reading it!!! Can't wait for the second book.

Very Good read - recommend highly.

5.0 out of 5 stars, March 7, 2014 By Neat-nick (Indiana)

I started this book looking for something different and found it! I did not want to set it down, ask my wife, it is engaging and moves along at a good pace. Very good combination of mystery, intrigue, sci-fi, scandal and

even a little romance. What a ride!

Excellent Read5.0 out of 5 stars, March 6, 2014 Review by earl

A wonderfully written book. It runs the full gamut of the emotional spectrum. You'll fall in love with Prince Aaranon, Rohu, and Dihana and there's a bad guy,

Ravizu, you'll love to hate! I'm looking forward to the next installment to see what happens with them. You

won't be disappointed!

Page 32: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Good Reads Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars, March 22, 2014 Review by Jared Stanley

I seriously cannot wait for the next book! I picked The Razing up at the Indianapolis Comic Con and started reading it as soon as I got home. I love the way the world is laid out and the characters are each very

distinct. The conclusion is amazing and sets up the series incredibly. The only downfall is that I have to wait for the next book to come out to continue the adventure.

Focus Group Reviews

“Excellent book!!! I really enjoyed the storyline and the

references to technologies and ancient customs. The book is well written and easy to read. Can't wait for the next volume!! A must read for anyone who likes sci-fi

and adventures......” Chris

“...the author's writing style is unique...and the storyline is original..." Black Rose Writing

Page 33: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

“WOW!! I want MOAR! Clearly the hook is set with me & I can't wait to read the whole tome! Very well done!”


“I only read the first book out of courtesy, now I NEED to read the others” Amy

“I love Dihana! She’s funny and reminds me of me. I do however want Ravizu DEAD! Make sure he never

sees the light of day.” Sydney

“...your characters...they're great. ...The story flowed great too and had me trying to figure out their plan right

along with them. You did great!” Kurt

“This is an exciting, action packed, enthralling read!” Amanda

“I did not see that coming (the end).” Rita

“It reminded me of a James Michener novel” Steve

“This is truly an original storyline.” James

Page 34: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

Coming soonPart II - The Returning

Part III - The Rising

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J.A. Davis and his wife meet years ago while doing standup comedy in the Indianapolis area. It is that same sense of

Page 35: The Arrival: A Prequel to The Razing

humor that has carried them along life’s, sometimes, bumpy road.

After attending Rose Hulman Institute of Technology for Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University for Aeronautical Technology, and Liberty University for theological studies, along with currently being employed as a Senior Systems Analyst and IT manager for the world’s largest diesel engine manufacturer, Mr. Davis decided to employ his love of technology and ancient discoveries into his other love of telling stories.

When he is not at work, or spending time homeschooling his two daughters, with most of the burden being shouldered by his lovely wife of eighteen years, Mr. Davis spends time reading through technical journals, ancient archaeological discoveries, biblical texts, or just sits next to his adopted greyhound to watch a few episodes on the SyFy channel.