The Appendicular Skeleton

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The Appendicular Skeleton. Allows us to move and manipulate objects Includes all bones besides axial skeleton: the limbs the supportive girdles. Humerus: Anterior. Clavicle. Acromion process. Greater tubercle. Coracoid process. Lesser tubercle. Scapula. Glenoid fossa. Humerus. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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    Coloring sheets, Study guide one, Study Guide two, due at the beginning of class

  • The Appendicular Skeleton Allows us to move and manipulate objectsIncludes all bones besides axial skeleton:the limbs the supportive girdles

  • Humerus: AnteriorHumerusScapulaClavicleRadiusUlnaClick R Button for SlideshowGreater tubercleCoracoid processLesser tubercleAcromion processGlenoid fossaDeltoid tuberosityMedial epicondyleTrochleaLateral epicondyleCoronoid fossaCapitulum

  • Scapula

  • Shoulder Girdle (IR)

  • Humerus: PosteriorFor Slideshow Click R ButtonRight Arm, PosteriorScapulaSpine of scapulaGlenoid fossa of scapulaHead of humerusDeltoid tuberosityof humerusHumerusUlnaOlecranon process of ulnaRadiusGreater tubercle of humerusMedial epicondyleof humerusAcromion of scapulaLateral epicondyle of humerus

  • Elbow (posterior view)

  • Which arm? What Position? View?RadiusUlnaHumerusLateral epicondyleof humerusMedial epicondyleof humerusCoronoid processof ulnaHead of radiusCoronoid fossaof humerusCapitulum ofhumerusTrochlea ofhumerusRadial tuberosityStyloid processof ulnaStyloid process of radiusClick R Button for Slideshow

  • MnemonicforLearningCarpalsShe Likes To PlayLunateIn the moonlightTriquetrumThe third T BonePisiformPea-shapedTry To Catch HerTrapezium:Its by the thumbTrapezoidIs by its sideCapitateHamateA hamboneWith a hookScaphoidA boatClick R Button for SlideshowHand? View?

  • Bones of the Wrist (Which hand? what view?)

  • Bones of Wrist (which hand?)

  • Hand QuizCDEFGHJKABAnswers: Next Slide; for Drill Click Back & ForthRight Palm

  • Hand Quiz AnswersC. TrapeziumD. ScaphoidE. LunateF. TriquetrumG. PisiformH. HamateJ. CapitateK. TrapezoidB. MetacarpalsA. PhalangesRight Palm

  • Lower Limb

  • The Pelvic GirdleHipbones Innominate BoneMade up of 3 fused bones:ilium ischiumpubisAcetabulum - hip socketmeeting point of ilium, ischium, & pubis on the lateral surface of the Innominate articulates with head of femur

  • The PelvisConsists of 2 innominate bones, sacrum, & coccyx

  • Childbearing ModificationsEnlarged pelvic outletBroad pubic angle (> 100)Less curvature of sacrum and coccyxWide, circular pelvic inlet

  • Femur: What ViewTibiaFibulaFemurWhich Leg?Lateral condyleMedial condyleLinea asperaGreater trochanterLesser trochanterPelvisFor Slideshow Click R ButtonHead of femur

  • Lower LegFemurTibiaFibulaTibial tuberosityTalus (tarsal bone)Medial malleolusLateral malleolusMedial condyle of tibiaLateral condyle of tibiaLeg? View?Click R Button for SlideshowLateral condyle of femurMedial condyle of femurPatella

  • Lower Leg2FemurTibiaFibulaTibial tuberosityTalus (tarsal bone)Medial malleolusLateral malleolusMedial condyle of tibiaLateral condyle of tibiaRight Leg, Anterior ViewLateral condyle of femurMedial condyle of femurKnee cap

  • Mnemonic for Learning Tarsal Bones: Medialcuneiform (1)Intermediatecuneiform (2)Lateralcuneiform (3)NavicularA boatIt sails on the CsTalusCalcaneusCuboidTiger Cubs Need M I L CClick R Button for Slideshow

  • Foot QuizAnswers: Next Slide; for Drill Click Back & ForthWhich Foot?

  • Foot Quiz AnswersWhich Foot?

  • Wrist MRI

  • *Hand, Palmar SurfacePush slide show button at bottom RProximal row then distal row, both lateral-to-medialAnother Version: Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can't Handle"

    *Hand, Palmar Surface*Hand, Palmar Surface*Superior View of FootMnemomic is for tarsals only; does not include metatarsals or phalangesPush slide show button at bottom R*Superior View of R Foot*Superior View of Foot