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  • 1. by Ben ClavinandChris Conlan

2. Chapter 1 You awake in a darkened room with no memory of the nightbefore. Your head is pounding and your stomach churns. Youknow it was a New Years party but what year it is remains ablur. Stuck to your face are bits of torn up newspaper fromthe day before. Assemble the paper to figure out the currentyear: c| |c cc 3. Chapter 2Having determined the year, you attempt to figure outjust how much you drank. You stumble to the kitchenand approach the freezer. A note is stuck to the freezerdoor:0MSc in Creative Digital MediaBA in Arts PhD in MusicHow cold is it inside the freezer? 4. Chapter 3 Success! You open the freezer to see the damage. Itsnot good empty! A disturbing image flashes briefly inyour mind. Was I drinking with bears? How many did Idrink?You and the two bold bears bought three bear beers each. Oneof the bold bears drank one bear beer. The other bold bear hadonly two bear beers. How many bear beers must you drink toleave the freezer bare of bear beer? 5. Chapter 4Oh well! Your phone beeps and you receive a textmessage from an unknown number:Hey Gene! You lost something last night. If youwant it back, go to my house on Woodmill Lane,but you must fix this equation if you want me totell you my house number!Resize a number to make the equation work.9 23 = 1 6. Chapter 5 You leave your house and walk to Woodmill Lane. Upon arrival atyour destination, you are greeted by a bizarre looking dog sittingon the porch. Maybe its the remnants of the Bear beer, butsuddenly the dog appears to speak. Hello Gene! Youre looking alittle ruff around the edges this morning. You have to answer twoquestions to get into my house! First, what is my name? 7. Chapter 6Correct! Didnt think youd solve that one so fast. Thisone might take a little longer. Let me throw you a bone.I love to walk but the dog warden wont let me goalone. I received this flyer in the mail last week. You cannot go on walks without this county of Ireland!What does our canine companion need? 8. Chapter 7Correct again! You may enter the house! However, I mustaccompany you. My master wouldnt like you heading inalone!You approach the front door but theres a keypad attached tothe handle. You must enter the code to enter my house!However, my master is not too smart so its only one digitThe number can be found by finding the biggest key at the top of akeyboard when it is turned upside down, then taking the firstsyllable of the name of that key. Finally, take the last syllable of thename given to people who go there. 9. Chapter 8You enter the hallway. Bosco runs ahead into the livingroom.I know you came here to find what you lost. I believe thefirst of your clues is in here!You follow the dog. The room seems normal enough, tables,chairs, bookcase and a couch, however the floor is bizarrelymade up of tiles with letters of the alphabet on them. Eachtile has its own letter. This room is a bit of a mystery! Youmust stand on the correct tiles to open a secret passageway!Heres your clue:"This word is to perform and follows the imp to collide?" 10. Chapter 9 You step on the correct letters and suddenly the bookcase revolves toreveal a passageway. Without hesitation, you enter and arrive in a smallroom. The secret room is totally bare apart from a painting on the wall,and a keypad underneath. The painting depicts a zoo filled with animals.On the frame of the painting is a plaque. It reads, The number of seals,will the secret reveal. Before you can inspect any closer, Boscoannoyingly jumps in your way. I can see 20 animals. There are lions, elephants, penguins,ostriches, seals and giraffes. There are 8 animals with feathers. There are two of the heaviest animals, and 2 of thetallest. Altogether, there are 48 legs. How many seals are there? 11. Chapter 10Success! The painting swings from hidden hinges to reveal a smallalcove in the wall. Resting in the alcove is a small box. You attemptto open the box but its stuck hard!Im afraid brute force will get you nowhere my friend. This box isclosed with magic. Only speaking the special word will allow it toopen. Perhaps the bottom of the box will help you out?You turn the box around to reveal a cryptic message: Sounds like you breathe it to inherit whats yours, followed by a machine for weaving What word should you say aloud? 12. Chapter 11 The box opens, and the thing you lost is inside. Its yourgrandfathers fob watch. A very important heirloomindeed! However, to your dismay, you realise itsbroken. Bosco walks over to you.Sorry it broke! Im sure that wasnt on purpose. Thenagain, I doubt fixing this will prove a hard task forGene Rein, considering your occupation!What is your occupation? 13. The End! ContactBen Clavin: clavinb@tcd.ieChris Conlan: