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  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders


  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders


    Samsung has developed this new l ine of

    camcorders to target a wide range of consumers.

    While each camcorder comes equipped with its

    own unique features and benefits, they have all

    share three characteristics: easy-to-use features,

    portability and stylish, ergonomic design. Even

    though their chock full of the most advanced

    technology, theyre all so simple to operate. The

    combinat ion of these benef i ts a l lows the

    camcorder to become used more often, and not

    just on special occasions.

    One component that cannot be overlooked is the

    built-in flash memory. Its essentially the heart and

    soul of the new Samsung camcorders. These

    small, yet powerful, flash memory provides the

    camcorders with the power to operate all of the

    high-performance features in an efficient manner.

    And because the built-in flash memory is so

    smal l , the camcorders are compact and

    l ightweight which makes them extremely





  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders



    Durable When it comes to durability, Samsungs flash memory sets the

    standard. Compared to tape- or disk-based camcorders, flash memory

    contains zero moving parts and thus have far fewer parts to wear out, resulting

    in a longer lifespan. The lack of moving parts also ensures that video files will

    resist being damaged by everyday mishaps such as spills, falls and bumps.

    Low Power Consumption The low power consumption of the flash memory

    allows the Samsung camcorders to run more efficiently while operating. That

    translates to longer battery life and enabling longer recording times.

    i-Check The New camcorders come enabled

    with i-Check. This intuitive feature allows the

    consumer to check remaining battery life and

    available memory space at the touch of a button

    even when the camcorder is not on.

    Expandable Memory Each camcorder comes equipped with SDHC /

    MMC+ memory card slot. This enables the consumer to increase the

    camcorders memory capacity as they see fit.

    Unique Swivel Handgrip This proprietary Samsung feature allows

    consumers to comfortably hold the camcorder while shooting at normal

    shooting angles. The Swivel Hand grip is also designed to rotate up to 150

    degrees so that the consumer can shoot at lower angles without bending or


    Advantages of Flash Memory :

    Unique Selling Points Common to All New Flash

    Memory Camcorders:

    Quick Start Recording Samsungs powerful, built-in flash memory provides

    the camcorder with the power and faster performance time to enable the

    Quick Start Recording feature. The new camcorders will be ready to shoot in 3

    seconds or less, which is 4times faster than a standard DVD camcorder.

    1, 2, 3 Seconds, Shoot!













    Battery Time








    Swivel Handgrip

    150 degree

    Quick Access

    Instant Power On

    Never miss an opportunity

    Compact Size & Light Weight

    High Portability

    Always with you in your bag


    Mechanically Tough

    No disc, no tape, no moving parts

    Lower Power Consumption

    Longer Battery Life

    Record and play longer than ever

    * available in SC-DX10 & SC-MX10A

  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders



    Value Proposition

    The SC-HMX10C is the worlds smallest and l ightest

    Progressive HD camcorder. It delivers the highest level of HDTV

    picture quality at 720 Progressive scanning at 60fps. This new

    camcorder is designed to be easy to use & is very stylish to

    complement consumers lifestyle.


    Target Consumers

    High life seekers who enjoy latest technology while are very

    style conscious individuals. These consumers either own, or

    plan on owning, an LCD HDTV thus making this camcorder the

    perfect choice for them to truly enjoy their HD experience.

    Key Sales Features

    Natural HD Movie Recording The SC-HMX10C uses the latest 720

    Progressive scanning technology at 60fps, which captures exceptionally-

    detailed videos. So when played back on any HDTV, the camcorder produces

    true HD quality video images.

    2.7 Touch Panel LCD screen The 2.7, high-resolution LCD screen that rotates

    up to 270 degrees for multiple viewing angles. The screens 16:9 aspect ratio is also

    perfectly designed to match every HDTV display. The easy-to-use Touch Panelallows you to instinctively navigate through the onscreen menu.

    Easy Editing With the built-in editing capabilities, consumers can now easily edit their

    HD videos without having to transfer the files onto a PC. The camcorder comes with an

    intuitive cut & paste feature that transforms the camcorder into a handheld editing suite.

    HDMI CEC To transform the

    consumers viewing experience

    into a truly HD one, the SC-

    HMX10C comes with an HDMI

    CEC port which also supports

    Samsungs proprietary Anynet+

    technology. The HDMI CEC

    output allows for full digital

    transmission of audio and video

    signals from the camcorder to an

    HDTV through a single HDMI cable. Samsungs unique Anynet+ technology allows

    the consumer to control functions of the camcorder using a Samsung TV remote,

    which provides the ultimate control with minimum interfaces.

    Docking Cradle The supplied docking cradle affords the consumer the

    convenience of easily recharging the battery or connecting the camcorder to another

    AV device through the USB port. This convenience feature ensures that the

    camcorder is ready whenever the consumer is.


    One Remote, One Cable

    Recording Time 4GB 8GB

    HD(1280x720/60p) Super Fine 45 min. 90 min.

    Fine 60 min. 120 min.Normal 90 min. 180 min.

    SD (720x480/60p) Standard 150 min. 300 min.

    Economy 360 min. 720 min.

    Battery Time 90 min.

    720 Progressive Scan

    1280 x 720x 60fps = 55.3M pixel/sec

    *The camcorders Natural Search capability allows for consistently smooth,

    clear images even when videos are played back at 8x the normal speed.

    60 frames0 sec

    1 sec



  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders



    Value Proposition

    The SC-DX10 camcorder provides the consumer with the bestof both worlds: built-in flash memory and built-in DVD burning.

    For the consumer, that means its just as easy to record their

    memories as it is to share them.


    Target Consumers

    The SC-DX10 is ideal for those consumers who are looking for

    the best value when it comes to camcorders. In particular,young families are a perfect example. As a young family, theyre

    careful of how they spend their money, yet they want to make

    sure they dont miss lifes precious memories, like a babys first

    step. They may also not be the most technically savvy

    consumer hence tend towards buying conventional

    camcorders, but with the New SC-DX10 now they can enjoy all

    the advantages of Flash memory camcorders along with the

    capabilities of DVD camcorders with Samsungs new built-in

    DVD burning.

    Key Sales Features:

    Built-in DVD Burning Now with the SC-DX10 you can easily transfer

    your footage from the primary 4GB flash memory to a DVD disc by using

    the built in DVD burning function without having to transfer footage to PC

    or DVD burner and all this without using any external power supply source.

    With this unique feature you can now share your memories with friends &

    family on the spot & easily using only the camcorder.

    Dual Zoom & Rec. Button The SC-DX10 comes equipped with Dual Zoom

    & Rec. button. Conveniently located on the top and front of the camcorder,

    these buttons provide an easy way to use either function without fumbling

    around or taking your eyes off the action. Additionally the button located at the

    front of the camcorder enables easier recording & zooming at lower shooting

    angles without disturbing the shot.

    2.7 Touch Panel LCD screen The 2.7, high-resolution LCD screen that

    rotates up to 270 degrees for multiple viewing angles. The screens 16:9 aspect

    ratio is also perfectly designed to match every HDTV display. The easy-to-use

    Touch Panel allows you to instinctively navigate through the onscreen menu.

    Scneider Kreuznach Lens Samsung Camcorder use high performance

    Schneider Lens which have improved distortion aberration and astigmatic

    aberration fornatural images. Schneider is one of the most famous and high

    quality brands in lens design and processing.

    Advanced Noise Reduction The cutting-edge Advanced Noise Reduction

    (ANR) system reduces sensor noise dramatically while preserving the original

    scene, which produces a more vivid and life-like video. ANR allows the

    camcorder to produce sharper images and vibrant colors during playback.

    Hyper Image Stabilizer Hyper Image Stabilizer is a powerful anti-shake image

    stabilization technology that uses an advanced anti-shake S/W algorithm. It

    offers the best defense against small hand shakes and other body movements

    while shooting.


    Easy to Shoot Easy to Edit Easy to Burn Easy to Share

    Recording Time DVD-R (1.4GB) 4GB

    720x480/60i XP 20 min. 60 min.

    SP 30 min. 90 min.

    LP 60 min. 180 min.

    Battery Time 65 min.

  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders



    Value Proposition

    The extremely compact and stylish design of the SC-MX10Amakes it a camcorder that can be used as an everyday fashion

    accessory and comes in a variety of colors: black, white and

    purple. Plus its easy to upload / transfer feature makes it a

    perfect product for UCC uploads to sites and sharing contents

    on the net.


    Target Consumers

    The SC-MX10A is the perfect camcorder for the younger, more

    fashion-conscious consumer who is looking for an easy and

    affordable way to complement their trendy lifestyle. The ability to

    transfer video files / UCC to a PC and then share it through the

    Internet is also an important feature for these tech savvy

    consumers who want to express their creativity.

    Key Sales Features:

    Powerful Battery Due to the benefits of a powerful, yet extremely

    efficient flash memory media, the camcorder is able to record over a

    longer period of time (120 mins), as compared to conventional DVD media

    (20 mins).

    2-Hour Rechargeable Battery The SC-MX10A's battery gives you

    enough power to record up to two hours of video in case of a 4GB flash

    memory option or in normal recording mode more than 2 hours of batterylife ensuring that you will not have to worry about running out of battery

    charge while capturing your favorite contents.

    34x Optical Zoom SC-MX10A

    comse equipped with a powerful 34x

    high-ratio optical zoom, F1.6 bright lens

    delivering greater amount of light to the

    image sensor. Plus, the non-reflective

    coating reduces flaring and ghosting.

    Scneider Kreuznach Lens The SC-MX10A comes with a professional grade

    lens from the world renowned German optical manufacturer Schneider

    Kreuznach. The use of this high performance Schneider Kreuznach lens has

    allowed Samsung to enhance the performance of SC-MX10A with improved

    distortion aberration and astigmatic aberration for natural images.

    EmoSync: Easy PC Connectivity This intuitive feature provides consumers

    with an easy way to connect their SC-MX10A to a PC through the USB port.

    Once the PC detects the camcorder, a pop-up menu automatically appears to

    guide them in easy steps to quickly transfer video files to their PC and back

    them up with Samsungs

    EmoSync feature. These files

    can then be easily uploaded

    onto the Internet to form aperfect UCC platform.


    Recording Time 4GB

    720x480/60i Super Fine 120 min.

    Fine 180 min.

    Normal 270 min.

    352x288/30p Super Fine 180 min.

    Fine 270 min.Normal 540 min.

    Battery Time 120 min.


  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders


    What is the advantage of the flash memory used

    in Samsung camcorders?

    The flash memory used in Samsung camcorders

    provides you with the power and flexibility you'd

    expect from a Samsung camcorder. First, the

    high-speed flash memory allows you to start

    shooting video in a mere three seconds with itsQuick Start function. The flash memory enables

    the camcorder to transfer data at a high speed

    without any delays. The advanced flash memory is

    also very efficient so it consumes less power,

    which translates to longer recording time. It also

    does not contain any moving parts, making it

    durable and resistant to the wear-and-tear of

    frequent use. This reduces the chance of losing

    precious moments from an accident. Finally, the

    small size of the powerful flash memory is the key

    to the camcorder's light-weight, compact design,

    which allows you to take the camcorder wherever

    you want to go.

    Can I expand the available memory in these new

    Samsung camcorders?

    Yes. The flash memory on the new, next-

    generation camcorders can be expanded via the

    SD/MMC card slots which are also SDHC /

    MMC+ compatible. That means that you'll never

    run out of memory and there's no need to replaceor upgrade the built-in flash memory. You can

    then take your expandable memory card and

    easily transfer the data from the camcorder to your

    PC, ensuring that you will always have enough

    memory on your built-in flash memory. The best

    part of all is that you control how much more

    memory you want to add.





    FAQs 1. FAQs 2.


  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders






    FAQs 3. FAQs 4.


    Can the SC-HMX10C HD camcorder convert

    H.264 HD codec videos and then burn them onto

    a DVD?

    Yes, the process is very easy. First, connect the

    SC-HMX10C HD camcorder to a PC via the built-

    in USB port located on the docking cradle. Once

    the camcorder and the PC are connected, youare now ready to transfer the data of the video file

    from the camcorder to the PC. By using the

    Power Director 6 software, which comes with the

    SC-HMX10C camcorder, you can easily convert

    the video file to an AVCHD or burn it directly onto

    a DVD.

    What is HDMI? What is HDMI CEC?

    HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is an

    al l-digi tal audio/v ideo interface capable of

    transmitting uncompressed streams of data. A key

    benefit to this is that a single HDMI cable replaces

    three cables for video and two for audio. This

    makes connecting devices simples whi ledelivering high-quality digital video/audio signals

    with minimal data loss. HDMI CEC (Connection

    and Easy Control) al lows you to control the

    camcorder through any Anynet+ enabled TV

    remote control.

  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders


  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders






    FAQs 7. FAQs 8.


    What is the EmoSync feature on the SC-MX10A?

    EmoSync is a proprietary feature that comes

    exclusively on Samsung's SC-MX10A camcorder.

    EmoSync automatically detects, transfers and backs

    up files from the SC-MX10A to your PC within the

    least amount of steps. As soon as the SC-MX10A is

    connected to your PC, EmoSync automaticallydetects the device and a pop-up menu will appear on

    your PC's monitor. This intuitive pop-up menu will

    help you easily and quickly transfer and/or back-up

    your video files, thus freeing up memory on your

    camcorder and backing up the files on your PC.

    With the new camcorders, am I able to divide a

    video file into two, as well as merge any video file

    with another?

    Yes. The camcorders' easy-to-use features allow

    even a novice to take advantage of the high-

    performance capabilities. For example, the Easy

    Editing feature on the SC-DX10 and SC-HMX10Cenables you seamlessly divide and merge your

    video files right on the camcorder. There's no

    need to connect your camcorder to a PC to

    perform these highly-advanced functions.

    Currently, the SC-MX10A does not come

    equipped with this capability.

  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders








    FAQs 9. 10. FAQs 11.

    What is i-Check?

    i-Check provides you with a quick and efficient way

    of checking on the camcorder's battery life and

    available memory with the touch of a button.

    Simply swing open the high-resolution LCD screen

    on the side of the camcorder. Then, press the i-

    Check button that's located on the side of the LCDscreen. The screen will then clearly display the

    amount of battery life and available memory

    immediately. What's more, the camcorder doesn't

    need to be turned on to perform this function.

    How does i-Check measure the battery life? How

    accurate is this measurement?

    The i-Check feature shows you remaining battery life

    and memory quickly and easily-without even turning

    the camcorder on. When the camcorder displays

    the battery life remaining on the screen, i-Check

    recalls the stored data of the electrical power and

    calculates the time available for functions such as

    recording, playback and standby. Checking thebattery in this fashion is 97% accurate.

    What can I do with the Swivel Handgrip?

    The unique Swivel Handgrip available for all of

    Samsung's new camcorders provide you with an

    easy way to hold the camcorder. Its ergonomic

    design allows camcorders to sit comfortably

    within the palm of yours. The Swivel Handgrip also

    allows you to shoot video in a wide array ofangles. In particular, you can shoot video at low

    angle positions without having to bend down or

    kneel. With the user-friendly design of the Swivel

    Handgr ip, you can now shoot your v ideo

    comfortably from any shooting angle-all with one


  • 8/14/2019 The advantage of the flash memory used in Samsung camcorders


    SC-HMX10C SC-DX10 SC-MX10A

    Sensor Image Sensor 1/4.5 CMOS 1/5 CCD 1/6 CCD

    Gross Pixel 1.56M 1.3M 680K

    Effective Pixel (Movie / Still) 1M / 1.56M 690K / 1M 340K / 340K

    Lens Lens Samsung Schneider Kreuznach Schneider Kreuznach

    Optical Zoom / Digital Zoom 10x / 20x 26x / 1200x 34x / 1200x

    F number F1.86 ~ 2.3 F1.6 ~ 3.4 F1.6 ~ 4.3

    Focal Length f=3.2 ~ 32mm f=2.5 ~ 64.7mm f=2.3 ~ 78.2mm

    Camera Function Image Stabilizer EIS Hyper IS EIS

    Minimum Illumination 15 Lux 4 Lux 3 Lux

    Video Light LED LED X Strobe Flash X X X

    Wind cut O O X

    Viewer LCD 2.7 (230K pixel) 2.7 (112K pixel) 2.7 (112K pixel)

    Touch Panel LCD O O X

    Viewfinder X Yes (Color) X

    Storage Media Storage Media 1 8GB Flash memory 4GB Flash memory 4GB Flash memory(MX10A only)

    Storage Media 2 SDHC / MMC+ 8cm DVD disc (-R/ RW, +R dual) SDHC / MMC+

    Storage Media 3 - SDHC / MMC+ -Recording Format Video Format (Flash Memory) H.264 (Main Profile) MPEG2 MPEG4 ASP

    Audio AAC (Stereo) AC3 (Stereo) ADPCM (Stereo)

    Still Picture JPEG JPEG N/A

    Resolution Video(NTSC) HD : 1280x720/ 60p 720x480 / 60i 720x480 / 60p

    SD : 720x480 / 60p 720x480 / 30p

    352x240 / 30p

    Still Picture Resolution 3M (2048x1536:Interpolation) 1M (1152x864) N/A

    1.5M (1440x1080) 480K (800x600)

    340K (640x480)

    4GB 8GB 4GB 4GB

    Recording Time Flash Memory HD / Super Fine (12Mbps) : 45min. 90min. XP (9Mbps) : 60min. Super Fine (4.5Mbps) : 120min.

    HD / Fine (9Mbps) : 60min. 120min. SP (6Mbps) : 90min. Fine (3Mbps) : 180min.

    HD / Normal (6Mbps) : 90min. 180min. LP (3Mbps) : 180min. Normal (2Mbps) : 270min.

    SD / Standard (4Mbps) :150min. 200min.

    SD / Economy (2Mbps) : 360min. 720min.

    DVD disc (1.4GB) N/A XP (9Mbps) : 20min. N/A

    SP (6Mbps) : 30min.

    LP (3Mbps) : 60min.

    I/O interface USB O (USB2.0) O (USB2.0) O (USB2.0)

    IEEE1394 X X X

    AV O (output only) -Multi O (output only) O (output only)S-Video O (output only) -Multi X X

    Component O (output only) X X

    HDMI O (ver1.1 / Anynet+) X X

    External Mic. input O X X

    PC camera X X QVGA / 30fps

    Battery Model Code IA-BP85ST IA-BP85SW IA-BP85ST

    i-Check O O O

    Battery Time 90 min. 65 min. 120 min.

    System Power Consumption 3.8W 5.1W 2.6W

    GUI Language 18 21 17

    Bundle Accessory Remote Controller O O X

    AV Cable O (Multi) O O

    Component Cable O X X

    HDMI Cable (option) X X USB Cable O O O

    Cradle O X (option)

    Battery O O O

    Video Editing S/W Power Director 6.0, Power Producer, Power DVD Power Director 6.0 Power Director 6.0

    Dimension 61.5(W) x 67.5(H) x 120.5(D)mm 53.8(W) x 89.2(H) x 121(D)mm 60(W) x 62.5(H) x 121(D)mm

    Weight 310g 380g 280g

    Product designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.