The 69th World Science Fiction · PDF file 2018-04-12 · The Long List of World...

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Transcript of The 69th World Science Fiction · PDF file 2018-04-12 · The Long List of World...

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    The 69th W orld Science Fiction Convention


  • Contents

    Guests of Honor Ellen Asher A little bit about Ellen 2 The hidden places of Ellen Asher by Tanith Lee 4 Clubbing by Ellen Asher 6

    Charles N. Brown For some people, there are no categories 10 Charles N. Brown: a memory album 11

    Tim Powers An appreciation by Jim Blaylock 22 The Secret History of Secret Histories by John Berlyne 25 A brief bibliography 30

    Boris Vallejo The light – and heavy — fantastic! by Bob Eggleton 34 Collaboration and partnership by Anthony and David Palumbo 36 Art portfolio: selected works 37

    special Guests Tricky Pixie: Gypsy celtic folk rock for naughty punk faeries 54

    Bill Willingham: About the iBill by Mark Buckingham 56

    fan funds All about DUFF by Janice Gelb 58 The fez from down under by 2011 DUFF delegate David Cake 59 DUFF winners since 1972 59

    Just talkin’ about TAFF by Chris Garcia 60 Still relevant in an online world by 2011 TAFF Winner John Coxon 61 TAFF winners since 1952 62

    What I’m going to do on my summer vacation 64 by Helen Montgomery

    HuGo awards Overview 68 How the Hugo Awards ruined my life by Jay Lake 69 The Hugo Award nominees for 2011 72 Hugo Award winners since 1953 78 Campbell Award winners 101 Special Worldcon Committee Awards 102

    wsfs Materials The Long List of World Science Fiction Conventions 104 Notes on the Long List of Worldcons 109 How others see us 118 Constitution of the World Science Fiction Society 120 Standing Rules 130 Business passed on to Renovation from Aussiecon 4 134

    Renovation staff list 140

    Renovation members & map, etc. 145

    Special appreciation 155 Art credits 155 Advertisers index 155

    In memoriam 156

    Front cover: BorIS vALLeJo “rIderS From the PASt,” 1970s (undAted)

    oPPoSIte: BorIS vALLeJo & JuLIe BeLL “Poker FAce,” 2008

    BAck cover: BorIS vALLeJo “ArrIvIng In the cIty,” 1992