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The 39 Steps 1935 Movie Script

Transcript of The 39 Steps 1935 Movie Script

The 39 Steps 1935 Movie Script

Stall, please.

Ladies and gentlemen...

with your kind attentionand permission...

I have the honorof presenting to you...

one of the most remarkable menin the world.

- How remarkable?- He's sweating.

Can you be surprisedat that, gentlemen?

Every day he commits to memory

and remembers every one of them.

Facts from history, from geography,from newspapers...

from scientific books,millions and millions of them.

Think of the strain involvedby his prodigious feat.

His feet ain't half as bigas yours, cully.

I'm referringto his feats of memory.

Test him, please.

Ladies and gentlemen,ask him your questions...

and he will answer you,fully and freely.

Mr. Memory.

I also add, ladies and gentlemen,before retiring...

that Mr. Memory has left his brainto the British Museum.


A question, please.Ladies first.

Where's my old man beensince last Saturday?

- On the booze!- In quod!

Out with his bit!

A serious question, please.

What won the Derby in 1921?

Mr. Jack Jool's Humoristwith Steve Donoghue up.

Won by a lengthat odds 6 to 1.

Second and third:Craig-an-Eran and Lemonora.

- Am I right, sir?- Right.

What won in 1936?

Come back in 1937,and I'll tell you.

How far is Winnipeg from Montreal?

What won the Cup in 1926?

- Cup? Waterloo, football or tea.- Football, silly.

- When did Chelsea win it?- 63 B.C. in the presence of Nero.

- What causes pip in poultry?- Don't make yourself so common.

Our fowls have it,haven't they?

How many racesdid Mick the Miller win?

How old is Mae West?

When was Crippen hanged?

Who was the last Britishheavyweight champion of the world?

- Henry Vlll!- My old woman!

Bob Fitzsimmons.He defeated Jim Corbett...

heavyweight champion of Americaat Carson City, Nevada...

in October, 1897.

He was 34 years of age.Am I right, sir?

How old is Mae West?

I know, sir,but I never tell a lady's age.

Next, please.

What causes pip in poultry?

- How far is Winnipeg from Montreal?- Miss Winnie Who, sir?

How far is Winnipeg from Montreal?

A gentleman from Canada.You're welcome, sir.

Winnipeg, the third city of Canadaand the capital of Manitoba.

Distance from Montreal:

- Am I right?- Quite right.

How old's Mae West?

How old's Mae West?

Hey, you!

How old's Mae West?

Gentlemen!Please, you're not at home!

Hey, you!

What causes pip in...

causes pip in po... po...

Hey, come on!

For God's sake,play something!

Stop them from running!

Here we are.

May I come home with you?

What's the idea?

I'd like to.

It's your funeral.Come on, there's a bus.

- You don't stay here always?- No, I've taken a furnished flat.

I'm only here from Canadafor a few months.

By the way, am I allowedto know your name?

- Smith.- All right.

Do you want to know more about me?What do you think I do for a living?

- Actress?- Not in the way you mean.

- Chorus?- No.

- I'm sorry.- I'm a freelance.

- Out for adventure, eh?- That's right.

This way.My sitting room is all upset.

I haven't decorated.I'll find the switch.

Not yet.


Mr. Hannay, would you be kindand turn that mirror to the wall?

You'd be happier if there werecurtains over those windows.

- Yes.- I'm sorry.

There's the telephone.Just a minute.

- Don't answer the telephone.- Why not?

Because I think it's for me.Please don't answer.

Just as you say.

- Won't you sit down?- Would you kick that footstool to me?

You needed that.

I did. Thank you.

- I owe you an explanation.- Don't bother about me.

- I'm nobody.- We cannot talk here.

All right.

Just a minute.

- Okay?- Mm-hmm.

- Cigarette?- No, thank you.

- There's our friend again.- Take no notice.

Would you think me very troublesomeif I asked for something to eat?

- I've had nothing all day.- Sure.

- You like haddock?- Yes, please.

I suppose your nameisn't really Smith.

It depends on where I am.

- You may call me Annabella.- Annabella Smith.

A clergyman's daughter,I presume.

Hello. Nervy?Upset by those shots tonight?

I fired those shots.

- You what?- Yes, to create a diversion.

I had to get awayfrom that theater quickly.

There were two men therewho wanted to kill me.

You should be more carefulin choosing your gentlemen friends.

- You don't understand.- You don't make it easy for me.

Beautiful, mysterious womanpursued by gunmen.

Sounds like a spy story.

That's exactly what it is.

- Only I prefer the word agent better.- "Agent"?

- For what country?- Any country that pays me.

- What is your country?- I have no country.

Born in a balloon?We'll let that go.

I suppose you've come here...

to dig upsome great big state secret.

I am here to save a secretfrom being divulged.

A very important secretfor this country.

Not because I love England,but because it will pay me better.

- Thank you.- The very brilliant agent...

of a certain foreign power...

is on the point of obtaininga secret vital to your air defense.

I tracked two of his mento that music hall.

Unfortunately,they recognized me.

- That's why they're after me now.- That was too bad.

You ever heard of a thingcalled "persecution mania"?

- You don't believe me?- Frankly, I don't.

Go and look downinto the street then.

You win.

- Are they there?- Yes.

I'd hoped I'd shaken them off.

I'm going to tell you somethingwhich is not very healthy to know.

But now that they havefollowed me here...

you are in itas much as I am.

How do you mean?

- Have you ever heard of the 39 Steps?- No. What's that, a pub?

Never mind.

But what you were laughing at is true.These men will stop at nothing.

I'm the only personwho can stop them.

If they are not stopped, it's onlya matter of days, perhaps hours...

- before the secret is out.- Why don't you phone the police?

Because they wouldn't believe meany more than you did.

If they did, how long do you thinkit would take to get them going?

These men act quickly.

You don't knowhow clever their chief is.

- Clever and ruthless.- Who is he? What's his name?

He has a dozen names,and he can look like a hundred people.

But one thing he cannot disguise:this.

Part of his little finger is missing.

If ever you should meet a manwith no top joint there...

- be very careful, my friend.- Thanks. I'll make a note of it.

Meanwhile, what are you going to do?

First, I'll eat my haddock...

then, if you are not going toturn me out onto the street...

- have a good night's rest.- You're welcome to my bed.

I'll get a shakedownon the couch.

Anything else I can get you?

- A map of Scotland.- Why Scotland?

There's a man in Scotland whom I mustvisit next if anything is to be done.

Are the 39 Steps in Scotland,by any chance?

Perhaps I'll tell you tomorrow.

Clear out, Hannay.They'll get you next.

What you were laughing atjust now is true.

These men will stop at nothing.

There's a man in Scotland...

whom I must visit nextif anything is to be done.

It is only a matter of days,perhaps hours...

before the secretis out of the country.

The police will not believe meany more than you did.

I tell you,these men act quickly.

Quickly. Quickly.

Good morning, sir.You're up bright and early this morning.

Could you use a pound note,brother?

- What's the catch?- I want to borrow your cap and coat.

- What's all this? What's the big idea?- I want to make a getaway.

- To a bunk?- Yes.

- What have you been up to?- I'll have to trust you.

There's been a murderup on the first floor.

- By you?- No, by those two men out there.

I see. I suppose they're waiting therefor a copper to come and arrest them.

It's quite true.They're spies, foreigners.

They've murdered a woman in my flat,and now they're waiting for me.

Come off it.Funny jokes at 5:00 in the morning.

All right.I'll tell you the truth.

- Are you married?- Yes, but don't rub it in.

- What's the idea now?- I'm not. I'm a bachelor.

A married womanlives on the first floor.

- Does she?- Yes. I've just been paying her a call.

- Now I want to go home.- What's preventing you?

One of those men is her brother,the other's her husband. Now do you see?

Why didn't you tell me before?I only wanted to be told.

Trying to keep me with talesabout murders and foreigners.

Here, put this on.Put on my hat. There you are.

- Take the pound.- No, sir, you're welcome to it.

You'd do the same for me one day.

Lead the pony around the corner.

- So long, old sport.- Good-bye. Thank you.

Oy! The empties!

Papers, magazines,chocolates, cigarettes.

There he is.

For one thing, they're much prettierthan they were 20 years ago.