The 2nd BNG Newsletter

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It's our 2nd!

Transcript of The 2nd BNG Newsletter

  • Cover by Legolover

  • About usWhat is Bionicle : The Next Generation?

    Bionicle The Next Generation is a Fan-made project founded by Lord Jampot to make all the Bionicle Story into Movies. It was first formed on the Biggest Bionicle fan forum of Bzpower. Later B:NG moved to their own forum site where so-far over 200 members have joined. Sadly only about 50 are active. The current leaders are Lord Jampot and Lewa Krom.

    Who can join B:NG?Anyone is free to join? Just Pm Lewa Krom on Bzpower. Please however do not join just to spy out on us. Spies will be booted from our forum site.

    What is this Newsletter about?It is for followers of B:NG to learn more and here about our progress. Also contest will be held and the winners may appear in B:NG's films

    Will Bionicle wiki's recognise this project as canon?Sadly no. Angel Bob and The 11th Doctor were unable to persuade Bs01 and the 11th Doctor has had no further progress with any other Bionicle Wiki.

    Who is making this Newsletter?The 11th Doctor is putting it all together but lots of different people are doing different things.

    Will the Contests in this count as canon?Probably not but they may appear in B:NG's films. I'll try my hardest to make them appear.

  • Teaser Trailer Review

    As you know our Teaser Trailer came out not long ago and it is up to The 11th Doctor to Review it

    So this trailer was released in early December about a week later that it was meant to. It can be viewed on our Bzpower page. The animation its self was made by Renddslow. It was rendered by a couple of BNGers and then put together by about 4 or 5 editors.

    SummaryIt starts in a Metru Nui street. A statue of Nidhiki is at the end, holding Lhikan's mask. Suddenly a strange Portal appears and a white toa wearing grey armour falls through it. Looking around he sees the statue and wonders where he is.

    ReceptionSome Bzpowers received it with great interest. But the general view was disappointment. This was due to it being rushed out. Red Star Studio is sorry about this and will make sure the Film won't share the same fate.

  • Takanuva's StoryAs you know we decided to have 2 Takanuvas in the Empire. This month we will see the story of the Post-Makuta virus Takanuva.

    Progress on Omega's Takanuva.

    Final Version by 00dude00

    Concept art by Omega

    Progress on Omega's Takanuva.

  • How to Write ScriptsBy Legolover361

    It was during Bionicle: Next Generations humble beginnings that a peculiar issue came up.

    There were plenty of jobs available then, from modeling and animating to voice acting to even composing music. Yet not many people applied for those jobs. Instead, they all appeared interested in writing scripts.

    Now, being one of those numerous people (and one of the several to actually get the job), I cant complain. I only want to dispel the notion that script writing is the easiest job in BNG.

    So, Ive compiled a list of things to consider greatly when applying as a script writer. I suggest you keep these in mind; following these tips is essential to getting the job. And who knows -- perhaps when youre done reading this, youll see that script writing isnt as easy as some people make it out to be.


    1. Be considerate of your audience.If youre writing for a ten- to sixteen-year-old audience, you shouldnt throw in corny lines aimed at eight-year-olds. Many teenagers on BZPower complained about such lines in the official Bionicle movies; that, in fact, is one of the things we want to improve on relative to those official movies.

    2. Write clearly and concisely.Seeing as a script writer writes scripts, not books, dont worry about throwing in paragraphs full of prose. Going into a characters thoughts in detail is not a good idea; its best to only write what will show up during the movie (dialogue, expressions, etc.).

    3. Make sure dialogue sounds natural.Whenever you write, strive to make scenes believable; this way the audience can emotionally connect with the characters, a hallmark of any good story or movie. Unnatural dialogue will only take away from that effect.

  • 4. Have the plot in mind at all times.This is especially important because BNGs script writers are not coming up with plotlines on their own. Make sure your script matches the official, canon Bionicle story as well as possible (barring exact dialogue).

    5. Be able to limit your script to a set number of pages.The modelers and animators of BNG dont want to work on a three-hour movie -- and I doubt the concept artists and voice actors think differently! For movies, try to keep the number of pages between fifty and ninety. For episodes, aim for a script of twenty to twenty-five pages.

    6. Be able to meet deadlines.We cant wait a year for you to finish your script! The ability to finish scripts quickly is prized greatly, because the sooner your script is finished, the sooner the voice actors, concept artists, and everyone else involved with the project can start working.

    7. Describe camera movements.I dont mean you need to describe every single camera movement throughout the movie; however, for certain scenes that you feel need a certain touch, you can describe where the camera will be and when, so the storyboard artists can easily change your script into a storyboard.

    8. Grammar, grammar, grammar!If you cant type well in English, its doubtful you will get a chance to write scripts. Use dictionaries and thesauruses to help with this. In addition, if you use Microsoft Word, try to ignore (for the most part) the green squiggly lines underneath so-called grammatical errors; many times Word ends up being wrong, except on simple matters such as word use and capitalization.

    9. Characterization is key.Unfortunately, this isnt your own little fan-fiction story. You have to take the official characters already-defined personalities and use them. Make sure each character acts recognizably.

    10. Be creative!Yes, were sticking to the canon Bionicle story. No, you dont have to hang onto it like a lifeline. Feel free to stick in your own, small twists on the story occasionally -- slightly improved wording, more of a spotlight on a certain character, etc.

  • Member Spotlight

    Today we are interviewing Cherixon.So Cherixon what do you do for B:NG? And Do you enjoy it?Well, I co-lead the editing department with Krayce-- I'm film editing and he's sound editing. I'm also head web designer, a canon correspondent, and a sound editor. I love my jobs here, and am very grateful that I have had the chance to receive them.How did you come across project?BZPower. I started off as a concept artist (when I thought I was half-decent at drawing).When do you think the empire will be done by?This year...hopefully in time for a big LEGO event...Brickfair, perhaps?Which Person in B:NG do you admire most? And Why?Lewa Krom. He's gone through so much crud to get us where we are today. He answers so many noobish questions, he handles members who want to become BNGers, and leads the project. He's a really, really awesome guy.Thanks for coming and doing this interview Cheri.Thanks for the interview, 11th Doctor.

  • Quiz time and we have our 2 contestants.

    Lego Lover Golden Tahu1 Who Made the Toa Mata?

    Lego Lover: The Order of Mata Nui. (Wrong) 0-0Golden Tahu: the Great Beings (Wrong) 0-0

    Correct answer was Artakha. 2 Where was Lewa's Mask of Speed Hidden?

    Lego Lover: Under water in Le-Wahi. (Wrong) 0-0Golden Tahu: In the ocean off the shore of Mata Nui (Wrong) 0-0

    Correct Answer was an Underwater Cave.Notes: Both answers were too vague.

    3 What are Fohrok?Lego Lover: Imitations of Bohrok made by the Brotherhood of Makuta. (Correct) 1-0

    Golden Tahu: Some type of ice-related Rahi? (Wrong) 1-04 What Mask does Dume wear?

    Lego Lover: The Kanohi Kiril, Noble Mask of Healing. (Correct) 2-0Golden Tahu: The Noble Mask of Regeneration (Correct) 2-1

    Notes: LL's answer wasn't exactly right but it was close enough.5 Who killed Sidorak?

    Lego Lover: Keetongu (but Roodaka lured Sidorak to his death in the first place). (Correct) 3-1

    Golden Tahu: Roodaka- he got burned. (Wrong) 3-16 Which Toa Hagah wears the mask of Rahi Control?

    Lego Lover: Bomonga. (Wrong) 3-1Golden Tahu: Kualus does. (Correct) 3-2

    7 When asked to open a safe, what did Vezok do?Lego Lover: Use his laser vision to cut it open? (Wrong) 3-2

    Golden Tahu: Blasted it open! (Wrong) 3-2Correct Answer was He smashed the safe. (Wrong) 3-2

    8 What is Darknesses Job?Lego Lover: To kill any Dark Hunters who are captured before they give away

    information. (Wrong) 3-2Golden Tahu: To watch the Shadowed One for any sign of weakness, and then kill

    him. (Correct) 3-3 Continued on next page

  • 9 Which Piraka used the Spear of Fusion on Vezok to create Vezon?Lego Lover: Zaktan? (Wrong) 3-3

    Golden Tahu: Hakann (Correct) 3-4 10 Who was Varian's best friend?Lego Lover: Norik (Correct) 4-4

    Golden Tahu: Never read that story... (Wrong) 4-4 11 Who made the Klakk of Karda Nui's swamp?

    Lego Lover: Mutran (Correct) 5-4 Golden Tahu: Makuta Mutran (Correct) 5-5

    12 How did Guardian die?Lego Lover: The ground opened beneath him, he fell down, and then it closed in on

    him. Makuta did it soon after he took over Mata Nui's body. (Correct) 6-5Golden Tahu: Killed by Helryx's tidal wave? (Wrong) 6-5

    13 Which Bara Magna tribe is the Largest?Lego Lover: The Rock Tribe (Correct) 7-5

    Golden Tahu: The Skrall (Correct) 7-614 Which race lives on Xia?

    Lego Lover: The Vortixx. (Correct) 8-6Golden Tahu: The Xians, Roodaka's species. (Wrong) 8-6

    Note GT's answer is to vague.15 Name another member of Sidorak's specie?