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T h a t c h a m C o n n e c t i o n s T h a t c h a m C o n n e c t i o n s T h a t c h a m C o n n e c t i o n s Business Business Business Directory Directory Directory Community Community Community Pages Pages Pages ‘Small is ‘Small is ‘Small is Beautiful’ Beautiful’ Beautiful’ Competition Competition Competition Locals Who Locals Who Locals Who Launch Launch Launch Woolhampton Woolhampton Woolhampton Meet and Greet Meet and Greet Meet and Greet Day Day Day Delivered free to 6000 Homes and Businesses February March 2009 Issue 19 T h e C o n n e c t i o n s O u r F a v o u r i t e L o c a l M a g a z i n e

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Issue 19 - Local information

Transcript of Thatcham Connections 19

  • Thatcham ConnectionsThatcham ConnectionsThatcham Connections

    BusinessBusinessBusiness DirectoryDirectoryDirectory

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    Small isSmall isSmall is BeautifulBeautifulBeautiful


    Locals WhoLocals WhoLocals Who Launch Launch Launch

    WoolhamptonWoolhamptonWoolhampton Meet and Greet Meet and Greet Meet and Greet

    Day Day Day

    Delivered free to 6000 Homes and Businesses

    February March 2009

    Issue 19

    The Connections Our Favourite Local Magazine

  • Helens Hairy HoundsHelens Hairy HoundsHelens Hairy Hounds

    Mobile Dog Grooming Service

    Pamper Your Dog In

    The Comforts Of Your Own Home

    Trimming/Clipping Brushing/Bathing

    Turbo Drying / Ear Cleaning /Nail Clipping

    Friendly Reliable Service

    City & Guilds Trained

    Tel 07766 303476

    PROFESSIONAL CHIMNEY SWEEP Established 1895 N.A.C.S. member


    (01635) 45175 (Call at any time)

    Telephone Extensions S u p p l y & I n s t a l l a t i o n s e r v i c e s Professionally fitted to BABT regulations anywhere into your propertyProfessionally fitted to BABT regulations anywhere into your propertyProfessionally fitted to BABT regulations anywhere into your property

    * Extension telephone points * Broadband ADSL telephone points

    * Sky Digital telephone points * Telephone line faults repaired * All work guaranteed * Free estimates/Competitive prices

    0118 984 5184 0778 793 4883 0118 9744294


    Baby Massage Classes

    Email: [email protected]

    01635 867300



    For all your soft furnishing and sewing needs

    Curtains, blinds, pelmets and

    alterations. Fabric choices and advice avail-able


    Judy Connolly

    07747 634556

    Innovative, stylish products for your baby or toddler.

    Host your own party &

    enjoy great discounts.

    01635 41230

    Innovative, stylish products for

    your baby or toddler.

    Host your own party &

    enjoy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy oy gregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregregreat discounts.

    01635 41230

    Small Ads

    The school offers a range of dance classes for adults -

    Ballroom, Latin American and Sequence Dancing. All abilities welcome from two left

    footers with little sense of

    rhythm to those who wish to improve their technique and style - up to, and including, competition standard. Classes in Cold Ash & Newbury

    01635 580930

    School of DanceSchool of DanceSchool of Dance

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 3


    Dear Readers


    to our first issue in 2009.

    I do hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday and the

    shock of being back to nor-mality isnt now too great!

    It is most encouraging to know that many of the adver-

    tisers in this magazine feel that you are actively support-

    ing them - thank you. I notice this particularly in this eco-nomic climate, when I receive

    positive comments about the magazine. If we continue to

    think positively and keep it local, we will all ride out the


    An additional warm thank you to all those people who sent in their completed slip with

    name and address to be en-tered into the Waitrose ham-

    per draw. We had over 60 entries and congratulations to

    Mr. Benham who was our lucky winner! It was really

    good to see such a great re-sponse.

    My Home (see page 37) have

    very kindly supplied this months prize - a house clean worth 75! To be included in

    this draw, please will you return the slip below by 1st

    March to me (address oppo-site.)

    With all best wishes

    e: [email protected]

    Stable 5, Gravelly Bridge Farm-

    house Grazeley, Reading. RG71LG

    Telephone 0118 9886070

    Printer: Newman Thomson

    Copy deadline for next issue

    6 March 2009


    Ursula Aitken


    Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that data in

    this publication is accurate, neither the publisher nor its

    editorial contributors can ac-cept any liability to any party

    for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting

    from negligence, accident or any other case.

    Thatcham Connections Maga-

    zine does not officially en-dorse any advertising mate-

    rial included within this publi-cation. No part of this publi-

    cation may be reproduced, stored in any retrieval sys-

    tems or transmitted in any form, without prior permis-

    sion of the publisher.

    Contents Page

    Music, Movies and More 20

    Small is Beautiful 28

    Book Reviews 33

    St Valentines Day 35

    Gardening Pages 44/45

    Wordsearch 48

    Challenge Page 50

    Woolhampton Meet and Greet

    Day 51

    Community Pages 52/53

    Index 54

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    Please note - next latest copy date : Mid-day Friday 6 March 2009

    The front cover photograph has kindly

    been supplied by Maria Dobson, a

    member of the Thatcham

    Photographic Club.




    (VALUE 75)





  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 5

    With our straight forward casting process we can save precious moments in your life to touch and hold forever.

    We can cast anything from a babys tiny finger to an adult torso or a dogs paw.

    We can present your memory in a wide range of finishes including our popular choices of Bronze resin, Aluminium Resin and Marble plaster. We also cast in solid metal or

    simple plaster to suit your requirements.

    To find out more on how to keep a unique record of babys hands and feet or preserve the tender touch of a loved one forever, please contact us for a free consultation in your

    home or at our studio.

  • All Aspects of Plastering

    Skimming / Rendering


    Partition Walls & Ceilings

    Suspended Ceilings

    For Free Quotes & Advice

    Please Call on

    07827 669080


    0118 9418008

    B B Cedar Ceramics

    Professionally trained, domestic & commercial, wall & floor tiler.

    Experienced, reliable, courteous, competent and friendly!

    Free no-obligation estimate at a time to suit you.

    Discounts on the tiles you choose,

    and free delivery to your door! For more information, other

    services, photographs and recommendations see my website :


    Contact ROSS on

    01635 299372 Mobile: 07790 226089

    T i l i n g S p e c i a l i s t

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 7

  • I am often asked What should my ideal

    weight be? This is such a difficult

    question to answer. I feel that too

    much emphasis is put on weight and

    not enough emphasis on being healthy.

    The first consideration is body shape.

    Unless you go under the knife, there

    are certain factors that wont change.

    If you were born a pear shape (small

    waist and large thighs), no amount of

    dieting is going to change that. In fact

    you could end up looking really ill. And

    as you get older there are body

    changes that are going to happen -

    come what may. However, a healthy

    body, of whatever age, will make you

    look great. Well toned muscles give

    good body shape and a clear skin

    achieved by a healthy diet makes a

    person look well at any age!

    How do you achieve this? The answer

    is surprisingly simple, but difficult to

    follow! Eat a healthy diet, drink water,

    take exercise. What could be easier?

    Eating a healthy diet means avoiding

    processed foods, saturated fats, re-

    fined sugars and grains. Processed

    and refined foods are very addictive.

    There is an advert for a certain type of

    crisp snack which says You just cant

    pop one! Too right, you end up

    munching the whole bowlful because

    once those chemicals hit your digestive

    system, your body craves more! Re-

    fined grains (white flour products) are

    quick to digest and are far less satisfy-

    ing than unrefined grains (wholewheat

    products, oats and rye) which take

    longer to digest and therefore stay in

    the stomach longer keeping you feeling

    full. This is why you often feel really

    hungry half way through the morning if

    all you have had for breakfast is a slice

    of white toast. In fact if you have a

    white bread sandwich at lunchtime too

    you are going to

    have a serious

    blood sugar drop

    in the afternoon

    and that is when

    all resolve goes

    out of the window

    as you grab the

    nearest chocolate

    biscuit to appease

    those lowered

    blood sugar crav-


    Drinking water is good for you. It keeps

    you hydrated and therefore keeps your

    organs healthy and your brain working.

    A 2% drop in hydration causes difficulty

    with simple maths problems and fuzzy

    thinking. A little alcohol goes a long

    way Im afraid all the calories in alco-

    hol are empty which means that they

    just go to building fat. Both tea and

    coffee are dehydrating and can induce

    stress as caffeine increases the heart

    rate. Try white, green or fruit teas - all

    of which are tasty, light and will help

    with digestion.

    Exercise is not so hard either! We live

    in one of the most beautiful parts of

    Southern England. Get out there and go

    for a walk! Join a local dancing class,

    even better go with your partner and

    make it a fun night out! We are well

    served with local swimming pools, riding

    schools, badminton, tennis, squash,

    rugby, golf and football clubs. There

    really is no excuse. The Catch 22 is that

    you feel too tired to exercise, however if

    you made the effort to exercise you

    would have so much more energy!

    Theresa Wright

    Health Therapist

    0118 9710255

    e-mail [email protected]

    Feature Our Health Therapist - Theresa Wright

    See page 31

    Want more Energy?

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 9


    For a personal and dignified service

    at all times

    * Personal Service - 24 Hours * Private Chapels of Rest

    * All types of Memorials, supplied and fixed

    * Pre-payment Funeral Plans available

    * Enquiries welcome


    48a High Street Tel: 01488 686830


    Churchgate, The Broadway Tel: 01635 868444


    48 Bishopswood Road Tel: 0118 9814420

    Lady Painter Jackie Cleaver

    07771 636990

    Nightingales Swim School

    Small, friendly classes

    for all ages & abilities.

    Sunday morning lessons at

    Downe House School,

    Cold Ash, Thatcham

    We have some spaces left

    for this term .

    Call now for availability!

    Telephone 01264 771043 or email [email protected]

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 11

  • Bookings being taken for lessons at Brockhurst School and Downe House School, Thatcham

    Call 0845 094 1575 (local rate) [email protected]






    s sn





    We are looking for ASA Level 1 and Level 2 Swimming Teachers

    Small friendly classes Beginners from 3years




    16th-20th February

    Only 6 children per class

    Beginners, Improvers, Snorkelling & Diving

    ASA recognised Award Scheme (term course only)

    CRB checked

    M O N K E Y L O O K S F O R W A R D T O W E L C O M I N G Y O U !

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 13


    Padworth Common, Berkshire, RG7 4JD

    0118 9701600

    Fun French

    Music and





    Early Years

    Foundations Stage


    Fantastic Outdoor play facilities

    Animal Care

    Arts and Crafts

    Woodland Adventures

    Healthy home cooked meals

    Ofsted Registered

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 15

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 17



    07875 386490

    [email protected]

    NAPIT registered

    Free no obligation quote

    Fully insured


  • Specialists in plumbing and heating. We

    are registered to install and

    service all systems.

    We offer many other maintenance

    services, including:



    Installing bathrooms and kitchens

    We always offer free quotes for our services

    and free call outs.

    Call us now on 01635 826770 or 07771 653289


    plumbing / heating

    electrical / carpentry

    Small Building

    email: [email protected]



    Thornford Road Crookham Common Newbury RG19 8EL

    Good Homes required for Ex-Racing Greyhounds

    All Dogs Walked Daily Professional Care and Attention at all times

    Viewing welcome by appointment For further details please ring

    (free to suitable homes)

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 19

    Since 1894 we have been subject to tax on the transfer of

    wealth on death. What was once known as Estate Duty has

    evolved over the years to become Inheritance Tax (IHT). This

    tax is now becoming more common and, at a current rate of

    40%, is rather expensive. So what can we do to save our hard

    earned money, which has already been taxed through our

    lifetime, being charged more tax when we die?

    Any assets left to a spouse or civil partner will be free of IHT.

    You will also be able to use the nil-rate band. This is the

    current tax free allowance and anyone can leave up to

    312,000 to the beneficiaries of their estate, via their Will, free of IHT. This allow-

    ance rises to 325,000 in the 2009/2010 tax year and to 350,000 by the

    2010/2011 tax year.

    You can actually give away any surplus income free of IHT subject to a few basic

    rules. Children and grandchildren will welcome this in these tough economic times. If

    you really dont want to give the income directly to the child then why not consider

    paying into something longer term for them such as a pension?

    Have you thought of considering a PET not a dog or cat but a Potentially

    Exempt Transfer? At any time you can give away property, cash or other invest-

    ments. Survive for seven years after you gave them away they and will be deemed

    free of IHT. Also, beware! If you make a gift with strings attached known as a gift

    with reservation, it will still count as part of your estate, no matter how long you

    live after making it. A common mistake is if you give your house to your children and

    carry on living there without paying them a full commercial rent, the value of your

    house will still be liable for Inheritance Tax.

    Dont forget to use your annual gift exemptions. Theres a 3,000 Annual Ex-

    emption plus you can also give away 250 to as many people as you like each tax

    year this is called the Small Gifts Exemption. Each parent can also give to any child

    5,000 each on marriage with Grandparents able make gifts of 2,500.

    Finally, give to a charity - gifts to charities and political parties are completely

    exempt from IHT.

    Inheritance Tax is only for the wealthy, isnt it?

    please see page 25 Simon Claxton can be contacted on 01635 202001

    Feature Our Financial Expert, Simon Claxton

  • New releases are a little thin on the

    ground at this time of year, but there

    are some fine things around. Save your

    pennies for an 11-CD set of Led

    Zeppelins albums in a mini-LP style

    box; metal band Saxon return with a

    new studio release, Into The

    Labyrinth complete with DVD too;

    London songstress Lily Allens latest

    album is Its Not Me, Its You;

    Crosby, Stills & Nash issue a

    compilation of anti-war material,


    Meanwhile Steven Stills solo

    album Mannassa receives a smart

    new re-mastered release; fresh from

    his big 2008 hit, Kid Rocks latest

    album is Southern Rock Tribute.

    Scots rockers Franz Ferdinand

    return with their third album the

    excitingly titled Tonight: Franz

    Ferdinand and finally, if you love the

    Eurythmics, all their albums receive a

    new release in re-mastered and

    expanded formats all at budget


    On the movie front there are some

    interesting new releases. The Spirit is

    a fine film based on Will Eisners iconic

    comic-book this is a live-action

    version, directed by Frank Miller

    starring Samuel L Jackson as a dead

    detective who returns from beyond the

    grave; The Soloist is a true-life tale of

    a homeless musical prodigy who

    befriends a local journalist it features

    Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey


    Kate Winslet and Leonardo

    Dicaprio star in a story of the ups and

    downs of married life in 1950s

    Connecticut Revolutionary Road.

    The famous David Frost interviews with

    former US president Richard Nixon are

    reprised with Frost/Nixon starring

    Michael Sheen as Frost and a highly

    believable Frank Langella as Nixon;

    and Valkyrie, the movie about the plot

    to kill Hitler during WWII arrives

    directed by Bryan Singer and starring

    Tom Cruise, Kenneth Brannagh and

    Bill Nighy.

    On the DVD front, some cult TV

    shows appear at long last try

    Tripods, the BBC science fiction serial

    based on the John Christopher novels;

    Sutherlands Law a Scotland set

    crime series starring Iain

    Cuthbertson as the eponymous

    Sutherland; catch the complete set of

    Auf Wiedersehen Pet in an Ultimate

    Box Set; the recent BBC hit Little

    Dorrit receives a DVD release as does

    the excellent HBO series about one of

    the first US presidents, John Adams.

    Alan Dorey

    Essential Selections

    Leonard Dicaprio appears in new film Revolutionary Road.

    Feature Music, Movies & More - News & Views with Alan Dorey

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 21

    For all Ages Very Competitive Prices

    If We Dont Stock It We Can Get It All Your Crafting Need In One

    K n i t t i n g m a t e r i a l s H a n d M a d e P a p e r D e c o u p a t c h

    114 Bartholomew Street Newbury Berkshire RG14 5DT

  • Hermitage based

    Thatcham based

  • Concrete Pumping Services

    278A Benham Hill Thatcham

    Berkshire RG18 3AJ Mobile Concrete Service For many jobs including beautiful patios For style For inaccessible places Trade and DIY

    Mobile: 07515 154722 Telephone: 01635 865069

    Email: [email protected]

    Est. over 20 years

    Service & Repairs of most makes Free site survey without obligation

    Professional advice given

    Visit our showroom: Unit 1, The Old Mill, Reading Road, Pangbourne, Berkshire, RG8 7HY

    Supply and fit hardwood flooring Restore and repair original floors

    Free Quotes Personal and Professional Service

    Competitive prices Fully Insured

    Tel: 01488 684078 Mob: 07931330310


  • Locally based

    Tel: Mike Charlton

    on (M) 07895088910 (H) 01189 714034


  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 25


    Having trouble understanding your computer?

    Using e-mails,

    Internet browsing, creating address books/labels or

    invitations/cards, digital photos, or just not the

    faintest idea where

    to start! Need to set up a wireless

    network, converting

    to broadband or any other hardware


    Im here to help. Contact Sarah Sladen

    07979378408 or 01635 299429

    L E T S F A C E F A C T S :

    Fusion Financial Management is a trading name of 2plan Ltd 2plan Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. It is entered on

    the FSA register ( under reference 461598.

    With people living longer,

    the strain on State benefits growing,

    and 1 in 9 baby Boomers forecast

    to live to 100 ...

    Call Simon Claxton at Fusion Financial Management

    on 01635 202001

    First meeting is free to establish

    whether I can help!

    Would you like :

    The Truth about what you should and shouldn't do with your money?

    To get a f irmer idea of where you

    are heading f inancial ly?

    To check that your ex ist ing

    prov isions, such as l ife assurance

    or pensions are rea lly right for you?

    To take control of your f inances

    without necessar ily be ing sold anything - and see your l ifesty le


  • Bruce Bamber Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling

    Member of the British Association for Counselling

    and Psychotherapy (MBACP)

    Who said life was easy?

    Whether as a last resort, to get things back to how they used

    to be, or to make things better than they ever have been, counselling may be able to help. depression - stress - bereavement

    relationship difficulties - anxiety - self esteem - guilt - sexual issues - confidence - anger - self-harm -

    coping - life choices - abuse

    t. 07769 783424 Based in Newbury

    Confidential Counselling ServiceConfidential Counselling Service

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 27

    12 Lamb Close Thatcham

    Berkshire RG18 3UE

    01635 872285 07849078204


    Install laminate flooring

    Flat pack assembly


    Garden Tidying, shed building

    Any jobs that need doing around the

    house or garden

    I am reliable and honest.

    Reasonable costs

    References available

    Fully insured

    Having worked for 27 years within the

    construction industry and with a love of outdoor work, it is not surprising

    that Pete is now launching his new

    business as a Handyman.

    Pete can do most things around the

    house and garden. (See below for a

    selection of tasks.) He is equally happy to tackle both the small and

    the not so small.



  • The key to success is to take care of your customers, give them excellent service whilst being efficient and cutting out unnecessary costs.

    The gloom and doom of financial markets and the media of

    late, suggests that much of the world appears to be heading for recession at the moment. Some may be over-reacting to

    the current situation.

    You might want to think about the following:

    Loyalty Customers are only interested in being able to get from you a product or service with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of convenience - their convenience. Any or-

    ganisation that can consistently deliver good service will win

    both gratitude and loyalty - and thats surely what we all


    Costs. Customers dont give a monkey about your firms costs so remember that that if you are only giving them what they need, they are not paying for what they dont


    Be waste conscious - What can you avoid? Its the little things that soon add up!

    Size doesnt matter. Big and remote is the mantra of the

    past, the driving principle of General Motors and other beached whales of the industrial world. SMALL AND LOCAL is

    the most efficient way to deliver most services, and plenty of products too.

    What do you do well? Stop worrying a about the scale of your business and think more about the flow. Concentrate

    on what you can do well with your current customers. An organisation that acts efficiently from receipt of order to

    delivery will have lower overall costs and faster throughput.

    Finally worry less about competition and build co-operation. The parts of a system - which includes customers and sup-

    pliers - have to work together. A system can only be opti-mised as a whole, to a recognised aim and purpose. Of

    course it competes with others in the marketplace, but the aim must be for everyone to gain - owners, employees and

    society - over the long term. And satisfied customers are the most important part of your system.

    Taking care of customers you serve the companys financial goals, while the reverse is not the case.

    Local businesses - now is the time to get out there and be


    Its no go my honey love, its

    no go my poppet;

    Work your hands from day to

    day, the winds will blow the


    The glass is falling hour by

    hour, the glass will fall for


    But if you break the bloody

    glass you wont hold up the


    Louis MacNeice in

    Bagpipe Music

    Feature Small is Beautiful.

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 29

    Meeting on a monthly basis in groups of 10 - 25, at

    The Regency Park Hotel Thatcham RG18 3RP

    Connections Coffee Connections Coffee Connections Coffee offers all business people

    a professional

    (though very friendly) opportunity to network together

    5.00 monthly.

    For more details of dates & times

    ring Ursula Aitken 0118 9886070

    email: [email protected]

    What some of our local business men and women say:

    We recycle as many pc parts as we

    can and try to keep even the older

    machines working so avoiding cus-

    tomers buying new if there is still life

    left in their old machines - Thatcham

    PC Doctors

    We have grown our business slowly

    over the past years which has allowed

    us to keep control and guide the busi-

    ness towards success. - GR Swimming


    Outsourcing IT, compliance and re-

    port writing has enabled me to con-

    centrate my time more efficiently on

    what I do best - advising clients-

    Fusion Financial Management

    Providing a personal and flexible ap-

    proach - an individual service for

    each one of our customers- My Home

    I have used networking successfully

    since I started. The camaraderie in

    these difficult times keeps the spirits

    up. A smile goes a long way with all

    my clients. - Health Therapist

    Theresa Wright

  • Organic beef, lamb and chicken home produced

    on our own farm which has been certified

    organic since 2000

    Rare breed organic pork

    organic vegetables

    As a family we are increasingly aware of how important it is to

    know exactly where our food is sourced and what it has been

    subject to before it ends up on our plates. The use of fruit and

    vegetable box schemes and meat boxes are a very economical

    and convenient way to buy organic produce. We aim to provide

    you with a very high quality frozen meat at an affordable price.

    Eling Farm, Hermitage, Newbury, Berkshire RG18 9XR

    Tel: 01635 200021

    Email:[email protected]

    Eling Farm is located between Hermitage and Yattendon or between Hermitage and Hampstead Norreys just off the B4009

    Opening Times

    Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9am - 1 pm

    PANG VALLEY ORGANICS Organic Produce at an affordable price.

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 31


    The Green


    RG7 5NX

    01189 01189 01189


    Four Star Inn

    AA rating

    Proprietors: Glynis & Chris

    CAMRA Pub of the Year West Berkshire Branch

    Campaign for Real Ale

    Meals served

    every evening

    and lunch-times


    Traditional Sunday Roast


    Real Fires Cosy Atmosphere

    Try one of Chris Famous Home-made


    Real Fires Cosy Atmosphere



    T 0118 9710255

    M 0777 5708431

    E [email protected]









    has her own

    exclusive private gym and clinic

    - so you can be assured

    of total privacy

  • Bernies Hair & Beauty Barn

    Kennet Holme Farm Buildings, Bath Road, Midgham RG7 5UX Telephone: 01189 713 562

    Kim Jones

    With 8 years beauty experience, Kim delivers a high quality service in all of her treatments. This is supported by extensive product knowledge including Dermalogica, Bio sculpture, Jessica manicures and pedicures, Fake bake tanning, Crystal clear microdermabrasion and Hot stone massage.

    For more information and bookings please call 07717507839

    Martin has over fifteen years of international experience as a professional hair stylist. He has worked extensively throughout Europe, including West End London.

    Martin brings special flair and passion for hairdressing. Maybe he can inspire you to have a great hair cut or hair up?

    For a free consultation please call me.

    Stay beautiful!


    Martin-Roman Karlsson

    Jill Wolstenholme

    Whilst many see a massage as a luxury item, Jill believes it can

    benefit all. Whether its ability to combat stress, ease aches and pains or just for relaxation purposes, she is keen to promote it as part of our everyday lives.

    Her range of treatments include Swedish and Indian Head Massage, Remedial, Pregnancy and Hot Stone Massage - or a luxurious Ayurvedic Facial. For more information, please call Jill 07786 415177

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 33

    With Valentines Day creeping up on us,

    love is in the air and what better way to

    get in the mood than with a good romance

    novel. Here is the best of the bunch, both old and new.

    Wuthering Heights by Emily Bront P e r h a p s n o t a conventional romance,

    this is a dark gothic

    tale set on the

    Yorkshire Moors where were told of our hero,

    the mean and moody Heathcliff (no, not Cliff

    Richard), who shares a love with the spoilt,

    a t t e n t i o n - s e e k i n g Catherine. The games

    they play and the feelings they have for one another are so

    strong, they form a cloud of destruction which looms over two generations.

    Supernatural, beautifully written and raw its the finest Bront work and one that will

    appeal to both sexes.

    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Another of the same era, but this one is a

    clean and tidy tale of high-society romance and a love thats warped by arrogant looks

    and crossed-wires. Austens work is a timeless and beautiful story that gives

    hope to single ladies everywhere - however, theyll have to use their

    imaginations when it comes to Mr Darcy strolling out of the lake in a wet shirt...

    A Walk to Remember by Nicholas

    Sparks There isnt a romance

    section in the country without one of Nicholas

    Sparks novels on display. This story tells

    the tale of Landon

    Carter, the cool kid who ends up roped into

    playing the lead in his school play opposite

    g o o d y - t w o - s h o e s , Jamie Sullivan. Despite

    the bullies taunts, the unlikely pairing fall in love and Landon

    learns some vital lessons in life.

    The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough This epic shows what happens when a

    handsome clergyman who is destined for

    the Vatican falls in love with a young

    girl. This book is now regarded as a classic

    due to its powerful portrayal of love

    d e n i e d a n d

    McCulloughs brilliant

    descriptive writing of Australia.

    A p h r o d i t e s

    W o r k s h o p b y Marika Cobbold NEW RELEASE D u e o u t o n

    Valentines Day, this is not so much a soppy classic, but rather, a look at love in

    an age of cynicism and too many

    options. The plot revolves around

    Rebecca Finch, a bestselling romantic

    novelist who finds herself disillusioned

    by the r-word. Meanwhile, up on

    Mount Olympus, Aphrodite is in

    turmoil: divorce rates are soaring and

    nobody takes her seriously any more. Even Cupid isnt

    bothering to look at who hes hitting with his arrows. A clever, sharp story which,

    unfortunately, were all able to relate to.

    Random Acts of Heroic Love by Danny Scheinmann If youre after something with a bit more woe than woo, this book entwines two

    stories of love and loss, with one taking

    place in the modern day and another in revolutionary Russia. Beautifully written,

    both tales are told with a focus on the male lover in the romance, which makes a


    Feature Book review - Top Romances by Vicotria Poolman

  • Mothers Day Package

    Available during March

    Aromatic Facial


    Back Massage



    Special price of 95







    Mon-Thurs 9am-8pm, Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 9am-4pm Call to book on 01189 303747

    Valentines Package

    Available during February

    Eyebrow shape

    Neck, Back &

    Shoulder Massage

    File & Paint on Toes

    (French polish extra 3.50)

    File & Paint on Fingers

    (French polish extra 3.50)

    Special price of 60

    Treat the ladies you love!!!

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 35

    St Valentines Day, 14th February, has become one of the most commercialised dates in the calendar. We all know it is designed for people to declare their love for one another and usually involves sending of cards, flowers, chocolates or other gifts.

    But its origins are shrouded in

    mystery. The day itself is named after at least three martyrs called Valentine, yet no romantic elements are associated with any of them, however hard anyone tries to rewrite history to fit our modern beliefs. The first suggestion of this day becoming affiliated with lovers is a mention in Geoffrey Chaucers poem Parlement of Foules, a poem written in 1382 to celebrate the loving marriage between King Richard II and Anne of Bohemia. Even so, it is unlikely that the Valentines Day Chaucer referred to in his poem was even in February.

    More likely is the suggestion that

    a festival celebrating love was a much older event, dating from Roman times. In those days, February was a month dedicated to rather rowdy festivals honouring various gods and goddesses, many of whom signified love and fertility.

    Regardless of the historical

    origins of Valentines Day, the date has long been the subject of n u m e r o u s t r a d i t i o n s a n d s upers t i t i ons pert ain in g t o discovering whom you are likely to

    marry. It is said that the first bird a girl sees on Valentines Day will predict her future husbands personality. For example, if she sees a sparrow, she will marry a poor man but will be very happy, an owl would mean she wouldnt marry at all, a goldfinch would foretell marriage to a rich man while a flock of doves symbolise a happy, peaceful marriage.

    In Wales, wooden spoons were

    lovingly hand-carved and presented as gifts on February 14th, a tradition that is still marketed. The symbols on the spoons are generally hearts, keys and keyholes signifying you have the key to my heart. The beautiful Celtic love knot is also a popular design as this unbroken and continuous knot symbolises a love with the same attributes.

    Somewhat more modern is the

    idea that the first male name you hear on the radio or TV will be the same name as the man you will marry.

    Among these superstitions there is one in particular that is accurate and charming: to be woken up with a kiss on Valentines morning is considered lucky. This makes a lot of sense as, if this happens to you, you are most definitely lucky to be with a partner that loves you.

    H o w e v e r c o m m e r c i a l i s e d

    Valentines Day has become, the underlying sentiment remains the same: expressing your love for someone in whichever way suits you best. But if you do send Valentines cards, it is still considered unlucky to sign them!

    Feature St Valentines Day

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 37


    Hate Housework? We Love It!

    Local Resident, Phil Ryder, has recently taken on a

    myhome franchise covering the Thatcham area.

    Phil recognises that time is precious and that everyone needs to spend valuable time at home - sometimes, without having to do the cleaning! Phil heads up a team of highly-

    trained, fully insured, cleaning professionals who have undergone a strict vetting process, including police checks.

    myhomes cleaning service is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, so

    before Phil can prepare a personalised quota-tion, he will visit the client at their property to assess their requirements and discuss any special requests.

    Phil explains Most customers opt for a fort-nightly clean as the service is so thorough. But our service is flexible and our one-off cleaning services are also great for people in

    a variety of situations - moving into a new home, vacating rental accommodation and undergoing the dreaded inventory check - or in emergency situations such as after parties, before family

    are due, or after the builders have been in.

    01635 873911

    [email protected]

    As Spring is nearly here, why not make

    a head start and let us make Your Home Sparkle!

    Win a cleaning voucher for 75! See page Win a cleaning voucher for 75! See page Win a cleaning voucher for 75! See page 444 for details.for details.for details.

  • Free Security Advice & Estimates

    01635 868 318 101A Park Lane, Thatcham Berkshire

    To ALL Types of Doors

    Windows and Garages

    UPVc Door and

    Window Maintenance Specialists

    All makes of Locks





    Professional Family Run Business

    NEED AN MOT? Cars, Mini Buses, Light

    Commercial Classes 4, 5L and 7

    01635 876777

    Free Collection/DeliveryFree Courtesy Car on all servicing and repairs. Subject to availability


    BIG VALUE FIXED PRICE SERVICE WITH FREE MOT Price includes service parts, labour &

    VAT. Offer only available on 4 cyl cars up to 2000cc




    HALFWAY GARAGE Unit 7 Pipers Court, Berkshire Drive, Thatcham




    * FREE




    Wood Venetian


    Vertical Blinds


    Plantation Shutters

    Conservatory Blinds

    Keenest Prices - Best Service

    We are a local family business

    Call PAUL or SUE 01635 866600




    Business Accounts

    Self Assessment Returns

    VAT Buy-to-Let

    CIS Payroll

    Meetings at Home/Business

    Fees fixed in advance

    (01635) 582829

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 39

    Promises, promises

    The time of New Years resolutions has come and

    gone and so I am going to talk about diets. A diet is

    a way to lose a few pounds, right? Or is it a pro-

    gramme of self-enforced deprivation prompted by

    feelings of dissatisfaction and guilt usually leading to

    failure, disappointment and more guilt thus creating

    a vicious circle leading to dashed hopes and battered

    self-esteem? In some cases, yes. The diet industry

    is massive and grows fatter on the perpetuation of

    feelings of personal inadequacy.

    I cant afford the legal fees if I get sued for slandering the diet industry so Ill move

    swiftly on to counselling. I dont promise to make you thinner or more attractive or

    more successful or younger-looking or to fill you with vitality or to make your skin glow.

    If you want someone who makes you these sorts of promises youll have to look else-

    where. Youll find there is no shortage of promises waiting to be made.

    But maybe you are you sick of these promises? Perhaps you have invested time, en-

    ergy, money or even love in promises or those who offered them. A chocolate truffle

    looks very attractive to someone on the lettuce and bean sprout diet. Perhaps you

    have a suspicion that there is a way of living that does not rely on a constant, unre-

    lenting quest for an idealised perfection the kind of deceitful perfection that taunts

    you that youll never be good enough.

    Every person has his or her own promise and by this I mean that you have your own

    potential and do not need to be someone elses idea of what is good or desirable.

    Counselling seeks to realise more of this promise in the here and now. Find your own

    and live it!

    Every person has his or her own promise and by this I mean that you have your own

    potential and do not need to be someone elses idea of what is good or desirable.

    Counselling seeks to realise more of this promise in the here and now. Find your own

    and live it!

    Bruce Bamber can be contacted on 07769 783424 Please see page 26

    Feature Our Counsellor - Bruce Bamber

  • Seona Myerscough is a family lawyer and

    in this article she examines the options

    available for those experiencing a break-down in family relationships.

    Sadly for some, a relationship breakdown

    can lead to bitter disputes, irreconcilable differences and breakdowns of communi-

    cation that the way forward must be de-cided by a judge. Some would argue that

    the divorce process itself is responsible for creating such discontent, and couples

    who begin with a mutual and amicable decision to split, will emerge bitter ene-

    mies by the time a settlement is reached.

    However, not all relationship breakdowns have to involve lengthy court battles.

    These days there are other options that are far less stressful, much more digni-

    fied and which allow you and your part-ner far greater control over the eventual


    One such option is Mediation. Remaining impartial throughout, a mediator can

    help you and your partner to work things

    out together by identifying the issues of conflict. They will then help you both to

    resolve them. Once you have a proposal

    you both find acceptable, a lawyer will

    convert it into a legally binding document and carry out any necessary


    Collaborative Law is another option. This a relatively new way of dealing with fam-

    ily disputes, whereby each person ap-points their own lawyer, and negotiations

    are conducted at four way meetings. The aim is to resolve family disputes without

    going to court. Each of you will have

    your lawyer by your side throughout the

    entire process, so you will benefit from legal advice as you go. One of the bene-

    fits of the process is that it is not driven by a timetable imposed by the court. As

    such, the process can be built around your familys individual timetable and


    At Gardner Leader, we have a team which has a vast experience in Family

    Law. When you phone to make an ap-pointment you will be put in touch with

    the person who can best meet your needs. You can ask to talk to the person

    before you make the appointment if you think that will help. You can find out more

    about each team member on our website. All options, including mediation and col-

    laborative law will be explained at your initial meeting, which we call a fixed fee

    interview. The cost of the fixed fee interview is 120 inc VAT and provides a

    full hour of advice leaving you knowing exactly where you stand. We offer legal

    aid, which is means tested. If you think you might be eligible then please ask

    when you make the appointment.

    Further details:

    Seona Myerscough, Gardner Leader LLP Tel: 01635 508080 (for both Newbury and Thatcham offices) E-mail: [email protected]

    Gardner Leader Divorce options where no-one loses

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 41


    10 London Road,



    RG18 4LG

    Tel: 01635 868382


    Old Kiln House,

    Silchester Road

    Tadley, Hampshire

    RG26 3PX

    Tel: 0118 981 5500

    24 Hour Emergency Service

    Clinical expertise

    Full facilities including hospitalisation

    Friendly and helpful staff


    Donnington Grove Surgery, Oxford Road

    01635 47170 (Small Animals, Farm and 24 Hour)

    01635 39039 (Equine)

  • Berkshire AquaticsBerkshire Aquatics

    Wide range of Koi and pond fish


    Pond Design & Build

    Paramount Pools LtdParamount Pools LtdParamount Pools Ltd

    01635 201854

    01635 201623

    Newbury Garden BuildingsNewbury Garden Buildings

    01635 2000 00

    01635 202232

    See p 47

    01635 202300

    The Energy Warehouse LtdThe Energy Warehouse LtdThe Energy Warehouse Ltd

    Renewable Energy Showroom & Consultancy

    01635 203344

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 43

  • Weather permitting, now is the time for

    you to venture outside to do some real gardening after the winter downtime. Use

    February to finish off any winter work and prepare as much as possible for the rest of

    the gardening year by pruning, digging and tidying.

    First signs of spring will be making their

    appearance with bulbs waking up and peeking through the soil, buds starting to

    form on trees and shrubs and catkins waving in the breeze.

    Beware, however, of frosts and snow. February is still very much winter in most

    parts of the country, so dont plant out

    anything new just yet. Instead, prepare as

    much as possible for the coming growing season.

    Finish off any winter digging to allow the

    weather and probable frosts to help break down large clods of soil. If possible, avoid

    walking on the lawn as the sodden ground

    will quickly compact turning it into a kind

    of concrete and you will ruin the grass for the rest of the year. Why make extra work

    for yourself?

    If you intend to create a new flower bed, now is the ideal time to prepare the

    ground. Mark out the shape of the new bed using string, a hosepipe or a trail of

    sand as its very easy to get carried away with your digging so you end up with a

    much larger bed than you intended. If your new bed is located in existing lawn,

    resist the temptation to just turn over the turf. Grass grows best where you dont

    want it, and youll end up with a grassy flower bed for years to come. Remove the

    turf and either reuse it elsewhere, or compost it. Dig over the soil as deeply as

    you can, incorporating plenty of well-rotted manure as you go.

    Snowdrops will be coming to the end of their flowering period so to get even more

    Getting Ready for Spring...

    Feature Gardening Pages

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 45

    of these gorgeous blooms divide the plants

    after the flowers have faded but while the leaves are still green. This is known as in

    the green and snowdrops will only propagate if you transplant them like this.

    You may have bought many snowdrop bulbs in the past, yet have none of these

    beautiful flowers to show for your money. This is because snowdrops really only grow

    well when planted in the green.

    Trim any excess old foliage on hellebores.

    These low-growing plants are susceptible to a leaf disease called hellebore leaf spot, so

    keep them tidy which helps encourage healthy plants.

    Cut back ornamental grasses to about

    12cm above the crown. Theyll grow quickly

    and be even healthier than before. Pruning

    stimulates vigorous new growth and many plants require this to flourish. Dogwood is

    another that will benefit from a good cut-back. Now that youve had the pleasure of

    the stunning colour they provide through the winter, prune the stems down to

    ground level ready to shoot again. The

    brightest colours next winter will come from

    the new growth.

    Summer and autumn flowering clematis

    should also be pruned back hard. The speed of growth during spring is incredible

    and will mean you will have a spectacular floral display later in the year. Winter-

    flowering jasmine should also be cut back once the flowers have faded. Other plants

    to prune now are ornamental vines such as

    Virginia creeper and ivy. Its a good idea to

    feed any plants that have been pruned as they will use a lot of energy producing new


    Towards the end of the month, you can start feeding your entire garden with an all-

    purpose fertiliser to boost the spring growth

    spurt. Mulching is something that should

    really wait until the soil is a little warmer so Ill talk about that in detail next month.

    2008 Rose Henfrey

  • Office 01635 866546

    Ian Douglas 07725 819 652

    Mark Lissenden 07742 078 026

    [email protected]

    Garden Thyme Garden Maintenance and Landscape Services

    Garden Thyme is run by Ian Douglas and Mark Lissenden.

    Ian and Mark have over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge in the gardening sector, maintaining and developing private and commercial gardens to a high standard. They have won 2 National BALI awards. They pride themselves in offering a reliable and professional service.

    Their services include: patio laying, pressure washing and lawn treatments (with selective weed killers), garden clearances, hedge cutting, tree pruning, fencing, winter digging, vegetable planting and af-tercare. They offer one-offs, weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits. No job is either too small or too big.

    Please ring for a very competitive quote.

    The photographs below show their work :

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 47

    Tracey Mobile Hairdressing

    07770 823283

    I offer quality, personal, affordable hair-dressing in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you.

    Based on Dunstan Park, I can travel to you in Thatcham and the surrounding villages.

    Please call if you would like to make an appointment.

    Tel: 07770 823283

    Email: [email protected]

    Discounts available for double and group adult bookings.

    01635 202232 Hillier Garden Centre

    Priors Court Road - Hermitage



    For all domestic electrical work

    Property Maintenance

    Part P Registered Electrician

    Emergency call out

    Free Estimates

    01635 860126

    07786 846 367

    [email protected]

  • Thatcham Connections Card Game Word search for

    February and March 2009




    Versatile London Tourist BoardVersatile London Tourist BoardVersatile London Tourist Board Registered Blue Badge Guide givesRegistered Blue Badge Guide givesRegistered Blue Badge Guide gives entertaining Talks to gatherings, be entertaining Talks to gatherings, be entertaining Talks to gatherings, be they Art Societies, AGMs or Lunch-they Art Societies, AGMs or Lunch-they Art Societies, AGMs or Lunch-eons. Varied subjects range from eons. Varied subjects range from eons. Varied subjects range from w o r k i n g f o r J o h n B e t j e m aw o r k i n g f o r J o h n B e t j e m aw o r k i n g f o r J o h n B e t j e m a nnn t ot ot o Hysterical History eg why Hysterical History eg why Hysterical History eg why Charles 11 Charles 11 Charles 11 keeps popping out of his keeps popping out of his keeps popping out of his



    For more informationFor more informationFor more information please contactplease contactplease contact

    SUSAN HOWE: SUSAN HOWE: SUSAN HOWE: Tel: 07761 102923Tel: 07761 102923Tel: 07761 102923

    Email: edwinaEmail: edwinaEmail: [email protected]@[email protected]

  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 49

    A local charity

    for local people

    providing support, care

    and information

    The Trust offers support to cancer

    patients residing in West Berkshire.

    We provide an equipment loan ser-

    vice, small financial grants, volun-

    teer drivers who escort patients to

    hospital for treatment and we also

    fund the following services:

    Aromatherapy, Physiotherapy,

    Hydrotherapy, Overnight Nursing

    Care, Bereavement Counselling and

    the 14:21 Time to Talk Youth Coun-

    selling Service.

    For more information

    please contact :

    01635 31542

  • Feature Thatcham Connections Challenge Page

  • Woolhampton


    Meet and Greet Day

    At the village hall

    March 7th 2009

    12:30 - 15:00

    Representatives from the School,

    Churches and various groups who

    use the Village Hall extend a warm

    welcome to all visitors and in

    particular to all NEWCOMERS! Photographs, old and new, courtesy of Jenny Campbell and Sarah Ward Thank you also to Terry and Cathy Vallis for the information.

  • Useful local phone numbers: Emergency

    Thames Valley Police 0845 8505 505 British Gas Emergency 080 111 999 Thames Water Emergency 0845 9200 888

    Southern Electric Emergency 0845 770 8090

    Travel Rail Enquiries 08457 484950 Newbury Buses 01635 567500

    Council West Berks District Council 01635 42 00 Thatcham Town Council 01635 863592

    Police Station 0845 8505505 West Berks Street Care 01635 519080

    Post Office Broadway, Thatcham 01635 8623223 Woolhampton 0118 9713729

    RSPCA 08705 555999

    DVLA Swansea 0172 782341 Victim Support 0845 30 30 900

    Health Thatcham Medical Practice 01635 867171 Doctors appointments 01635 871117 Appointment cancellations 01635 295445

    All other appointments/calls 01635 295445 Burdwood Surgery 01635 868006 Newbury Hospital 01635 273300

    Vet OGormon Slater & Main 01635 868382 GKG Veterinary Surgeons 01635 868047

    Library 01635 866049 Mon: 9.30-5.00

    Tues 9.30-7.00 Wed - not open

    Thurs 9.30 - 5.00

    Fri 9.30 - 7.00 Sat 9.30 - 12.30

    West Call





    0118 9787811

    Some of the Thatcham Team


    COMMUNITY RESPONDERS 0800 587 02070800 587 02070800 587 0207

    We are waiting to hear from you!

    Feature Community pages

    A group for Lone Parent Families meets monthly on the 1st Sunday of the month between 2-4 at Thatcham Childrens Centre

    Lower Way, Thatcham

    Gingerbread Mel Wilder 01635 826650

    Photographed by Maria

    Dobson, this is a Lanner Falcon, named Hughie.

    He belongs to Ray Prior, who gave a display of

    Birds of Prey on 21 Feb 08 at the Thatcham Discovery


    Photographed by

    Norman Jones, this photo shows

    Madam Mayor, Jenny Weaving, with

    one of the reindeer before Christmas

    when she visited Newbury Christmas

    Tree Farm.

    See for many more interesting local photographs.

  • The project works to support adults with

    learning disabilities to build on Work/Social skills and Education with an aim to

    possible future employment in their own communities.

    Volunteers are needed for exciting pro-

    jects at Link-Up. The project works to support adults with learning disabilities

    to build on Work/Social skills and Educa-tion with an aim to possible future em-

    ployment in their own communities. We need volunteers to help in our sheltered

    work skills unit at The Slater Centre,

    New Greenham Park.

    There would be opportunities, after train-ing, to join our Job Coaching team sup-

    porting some of our service users 1:1 in the local community at work placements

    encouraging employment and independ-ence.

    We are also keen to recruit volunteers to

    help with our exciting and varied on-going therapeutic gardening project

    Growing4all at Cottismore. CRB check. We can offer you:An opportunity to work

    on these unique projects. Gain work experience in this field.

    Relevant training.

    Great references for future employment/university etc.

    Contact:Helen Anderson (01635) 500852 [email protected]

    Volunteers needed! Make a difference!

    Not many people can say they started their

    career playing Judi Denchs son, went on to be a Munchkin for the Royal Shakespeare Company, and travelled the globe as an Irish dancer all before the age of 21. Jamie Read has a voice which is just as at home singing jazz standards in a cabaret as it is singing big tenor roles at the Theatre Royal. Now Director of Theatre at Read Dance & Theatre Company, Jamie is delighted to be returning to the stage for one night only to help raise money for the Thatcham Mayors charity.

    Saturday 28th March, 2009 at 7.30 pm St Marys Parish Church, Thatcham

    Tickets (5) available from The Family Bookshop,

    The Broadway Tel: 01635 871777

    in aid of Home-Start, West Berkshire Thatcham Town Mayors Charity 2008/2009

    Forthcoming Concerts .

    An evening with West End Vocalist

    Jamie Read

    on Saturday 28th March

    Jazz and the Musicals


    Cr Meibion Morlais Traditional Welsh Male Choir performing in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support on Saturday 25 April 7pm at Arlington Arts Centre.

    A 40 strong choir from the Rhondda Valley performing songs of all kinds, from all cultures. Made up from all age groups and featuring choristers from all walks of life, Cr Meibion Morlais uphold everything about the rich history of choral Music in Wales - from its very ethos to its incredible reputation. Tickets 10 - on sale now 01635 244246

    on Morlais Traditional

  • Baby Massage Just the 2 of us 2 Baby Products Bambambaby 2 Bathroom Installations Corsair 26

    Blinds Smart Blinds 38

    Boarding Kennels Foxhold 18

    Book Reviews 33 Building Society Newbury Building Society 10 Burial Ground Acorn Ridge 17 Car Maintenance Halfway Garage 38

    Charity The Newbury & District Cancer Care Trust 49

    Childrens Challenge 50 Chimney Sweep Wilkins 2

    Cleaning My Home 37 Community Pages 52/53 Computers GIGTEK Ltd 24 Sarah Sladen 25 Thatcham PC Doctors 2

    Concrete 24-7 Concrete 23 Counselling/Coach Bruce Bamber 26/39

    Craft Shop Kreate & Make 21

    Curtain & Soft Furnishings Indigo Designs 2 Dancing & Drama Schools One Step Ahead 2 Read Dance 14 Stagecoach 14 Tiny Theatre School 11

    Decorator Lady Painter 10 LMC Decorator 24 Tony Fegan 6 Dog Grooming Services Helens Hairy Hounds 2 Electrical & Property ABC Electrical 47 Thatcham & Newbury 18 Maintenance Services

    Electrician Mace Solutions 17

    Financial - IFA Simon Claxton 19/25

    Flooring Oaktree Floors 23 Stone Partnership 22 Florist Buttercups & Daisies 47 Funeral Directors Geoffrey Church & Co 10 Garden Centre Hilliers Garden Centre 42 Gardening Feature 44/45

    Gardening Services Garden Thyme 46 Green Thumb 43 Newbury Garden Buildings 41 NPT Paving Specialists 43 Tree Surgeon 47 Golf Club Sandford Springs 55 Golf Club Open Day Bradfield College 9 Handyman Peter Kirkham 27

    Hair & Beauty Bernies 33 Kaven 35 Tracey Mobile Hairdressing 47

    Health & Fitness Club Bradfield College 3 Health Therapist Theresa Wright 8/31

    Home Cinema Vivid Research 21

    Homes for Overseas Students OISE 15 Locksmith Cap Security 38

    Marketing Consultant Marketing Genie 29 Music & Dance for Children Monkey Music Stagecoach 12 Nursery School Jubilee Day Nursery 13/14

    Organic Foods Pang Valley Organics 30

    Paving Specialists NPT Building Services 43

    Personalised Gifts 24

    Photographer Henwood-Fox Photography 49

    Piano Ben Wheeler 48 Picture Framer Inner Piece 49 Plasterer B&M Property Solutions 6 Plumber Anthony Bosley 16 Thatcham & Newbury Maintenance Services 18

    Printer Thames Print Room 3 Restaurants The Coach and Horses 18 The Lamb 7 The Six Bells 31

    Sculpture Casting a Memory 5

    Snowdrop Park Welford Park 45

    Solicitor CLM Law 36 Gardner Leader 40/56 Speaker Susan Howe 48 St. Valentines Day 35

    Swimming School s GR Swimming School 12 Nightingales Swim School 10 Tax Advice Tax Assist 38 TWD 18

    Telephone Extensions Webb Telecom 2

    Tiling Cedar Ceramics 6 Vet OGorman Slater Main 41

    Water Softener JM Softeners 23 Woolhampton Meet & Greet day 51 Wordsearch 48


  • [email protected] 0118 9886070 55

  • Tha


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    la A









    y B


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    8 9