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Transcript of Textuallineage

  • What is your textual lineage?*Identifying books that help us make meaning of our world

    Textual+Lineagehaving to do with books or writing those people/things that came before us and help define who we are

  • TEXTUAL LINEAGE is........those books that have a significant impact on us because they: connect to our liveshelp us understand ourselves and others; and/orcreate a roadmap for where we want to go.

    *Textual lineage is a term coined by Dr. Alfred Tatum, Dean of University of Illinois Chicagos School of Education, to describe those books that help an individual make meaning of his/her life.

  • Lets look at some examples.....

    I saw that the best thing I could do was get hold of a dictionaryto study, to learn some words.....I spent two days just riffling uncertainly through the dictionarys pages. Id never realized so many words existed! I didnt know which words I needed to learn. Finally, just to start some kind of action, I began copying.from The Autobiography of Malcolm XI can remember accurately the very first set of books that really impressed me. I have since bought that set of books and have it home for my children to read as they grow up. It's called Wonders of the World. It's full of pictures of archeological finds, statues that depict, usually, non-European people.

    from The Autobiography of Malcolm X

    "I liked the books I read that said things like 'I shan't'," Cisneros says. "I would try to find a way to say in my life, to reply, 'I shan't do that, mother.' That was so far away from my barrio world......

    The first book she owned was Alice In Wonderland. Its highly stylized storytelling, along with that of other fairy tales, made lasting impressions.

    from Intersections: When Languages Collide, National Public Radio.I liked to read everything, but I especially liked stories of times that were different than my own. Maybe it was a sort of escapism, I dont know. But, I especially liked to read books that were in a sort of curious English British English.....I would say that authors like Hans Christian Andersen and Lewis Carroll were big influences for me when I was a young person. I think theyre still big influences in my writing now.

    from A Conversation with Sandra Cisneros, Miambiance

    Tupac read this book when he was about 17 years old and living at the home of his manager, Leila Steinberg. This is a compilation of reflections on what the authors called the ancient wisdoms.

    source: Thug AngelTupac read this and other books that he considered too narrowly focused on the white perspective; and his lyrics often challenged the dominant cultural narrative.

    source: Thug AngelTupac met Maya Angelou during the filming of the movie Poetic Justice. His song honoring Angelous poem was released in 1999, after his death.

    from: Maya Angelous Conversation with Tupac Shakur, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, CBC Radio

    Now.....What is your textual lineage?