Terrible Tudors

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Terrible Tudors. By The Horrible Historians. Next. Kings and Queens. Click on the section you would like to learn about. Food. Sports. Punishments. Gallery. Jokes. Made By. Terrible Timeline. King Henry VIII. Lady Jane Grey. Queen Elizabeth I. King Henry VII. Queen Mary I. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • King Henry VIIKing Henry VIIIKing Edward VIQueen Mary IQueen Elizabeth ILady Jane Grey


  • Name: King Henry VII

    Age (2013):556

    Born:28 January 1457

    Died:21 April 1509

    Reign:22 August 1485-21 April1509

    Reign Lasted:24 Years

    Wife:Elizabeth Of York

    Children: Arthur, Margaret ,Henry and Mary

    Back This is Henry VII signature

  • Name: King Henry VIII

    Age (2013):522

    Born:28 June 1491

    Died:28 January 1547

    Reign: June 24 1509 January 28 1547

    Reign Lasted: 38 years

    Wife: (1)Catherine of Aragon (2)Anne Boleyn (3)Jane Seymour(4)Anne of Cleves(5)Catherine Howard(6)Catherine Parr

    Kids:Mary,Elizabeth I and Edward VIBack When Henry got older he was so fat he had to be hauled into bed!

  • Name: King Edward VI

    Age in 2013:476

    Born: 12th of October 1537

    Died: 6th of July 1553

    Reign: 1547-1553

    Reign Lasted: 6 years

    Wife: None

    Children: NoneCrowned at the age of NineBack

  • Name :Lady Jane Grey

    Age in 2013: 476

    Born: Unclear either 1536/1537

    Died:12th February 1554

    Reign: 1553-1553

    Reign Lasted :9 Days

    Husband; Lord Guilford Dudley

    Children: NoneThis was her signature:Back

  • Name: Queen Mary I

    Age in 2013: 497

    Born:18 February 1516:

    Died:17 November 1558


    Reign :Lasted:5 Years

    Husband : Philip II of Spain Children :None

    Mary I was nicknamed Back

  • Name: Elizabeth I (Frizzy Lizzy)

    Age: (2013)480

    Born:7 September 1533 Died: march 24 1603


    Reign lasted: 45 years

    Husband: None

    Children: None

    To raise money the queen put a tax on mens beardsBack

  • The Tudors ate a lot of fresh food because there was no way of storing it. They ate with their fingers ,knifes and spoons.Instead of water with their meals,they often drank ale and the rich drank wine. Water was often unfit to drink because it was contaminated with sewage .Back

  • Football-football was played different than it is today. Lots of people were allowed to join and the goal posts were placed about a mile apart. And they could kick throw or pick up the ball to put it between the opponents goal posts.

    Hunting- Only the rich were allowed to hunt deer. Yeoman farmers could hunt foxes but, the poor were only allowed to hunt hares and rabbits.BackBanned Sports- A law was passed in 1512 that banned ordinary people from a whole range of games including tennis, dice, cards, bowls and skittles .This was because the Government wanted people to work more and play less.

  • BackWhat did Elizabeth 1st do when she burped?She ordered a royal pardonWhy did henry have 6 wives?Because he wanted to chop and changeClick when you want to know the answerWhen did henry VIII die?A few days before they buried him

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  • Beheading (death by axe):This was a punishment that resulted in your head being chopped off! The heads were sometimes placed on spices along London Bridge.Beheading was considered less degrading than being hung and it usually killed more quickly. Noblemen (rich) who committed crimes were more likely to beheaded than hung.

    Hanging from the gallows: A piece of rope was put around the neck making it hard to breathe. The person would be hung from the rope until he/she had stopped breathing and was dead. People were hanged for crimes such as stealing, treason, rebellion and riot or murder. Back

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