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  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    Term paper


    Front office

    Topic: Handling Group & Airline Crews Preparation,

    Registration, Room Assignment, Rooming, During Stay

    activities, Departure.

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  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    Guest registration procedures

    1. Receive the guest with a smile, a wish according

    to the time.2. Check if he/she is holding reservation3. If there is a reservation, then no problem,otherwise check for

    availability of rooms4. Get he guest registration card and fill it up5. Fill up the key and the welcome card

    6. If the guest is a foreigner, get the C form and fillit up.7. Allot the accommodation8. Fill the arrival register

    9. Make information slips and send them totelephones, room serviceand housekeeping (if the hotel has PMS then do

    not required10. Open guest folio11. Incase of VIP, CIP etc inform all the

    departments12. Lastly inform the bellboys to carry the luggageand escort theguest to the room and wish a comfortable stay in

    the hotel.

    Registration begins when the front desk agentextends a sincere

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    welcome to the guests. Warm greeting sets thetone for everythingthat follows. The front desk agent moves to the

    registration processafter determining the guests reservation status.To a great degreeregistration relies on the information contained in areservation record.Front office personnel will find registration simplerand smoother when

    accurate and complete information has beencaptures during thereservation process.

    The registration process can be divided into

    six steps

    yPre registration activity

    yCreating the registration record

    yAssigning the room and the rate

    yEstablishing method of payment

    yIssuing the room key

    yFulfilling the special requests

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    Pre registration activity

    Through the reservation process, a guest providesnearly all theinformation needed to complete registration. Inother words, guestswho make reservations will likely experience amore rapid check in.Pre registrations activities (registration activities

    that occur before theguest arrives at the property) help accelerate theregistration process.Typically pre registered guests only need to verifyinformationcollected by reservations agents during the

    reservations process.Typically pre registered guests only need to verifyinformation alreadyentered onto a registration cared and provide avalid signature in theappropriate place on the registration card.Pre registration involves room and rate assignment

    and creation ofguest folio apart from producing registration card.However in someproperties they are reluctant to do roomassignment as if there are

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    some last minute cancellations then may create animbalance in thestatus of vacant rooms.

    Pre registration tasks are done in non-automatedand semi automatedfront office systems also. But in many of suchproperties the preregistration services may be limited to speciallydesignated, VIPs orgroups.

    Pre registration helps plan for special requirementsof guests as well asof the hotel. For example, frequent guests mayhave specialrequirements of guests as well as of the hotel. Andguests withdisabilities may need rooms outfitted to their

    special needs. By preregistering these guests, the front desk agent canbe sure to satisfythem. In addition pre registration help asmanagers when they knowthat the hotel will be in full occupancy in nextseveral days.

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    The registration record

    After a guest arrives at the hotel, the front deskagent creates aregistration record, a collection of important guest

    information.Registration cards facilitate the registration processand require gueststo provide his/her name, address, telephone

    number, companyaffiliation and other personal data. The registrationcard usually

    contains a space for guests signature. Generallythis is a legalprerequisite to establishing guests relationshipwith the hotel. In

    automated properties the registration card can bepreprinted wherein

    the guests can verify and then sign. At the time ofcheck in. the frontdesk agents needs to reconfirm the pre assignedrate and the planneddeparture date. The registration card is either filed

    in the room rack orattached with the guest folio.2

    In an automated system the details willautomatically get

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    communicate to the required departments wherein otherwise it needsto be passed on so that the guest is able o do

    credit purchases againstthe room account.At check out, the information captures on guestregistration card maybe used as the primary source for creating a guesthistory record. Thisrecord may then become part of the data base to

    be used in the futureby the hotels sales and marketing efforts. Theinformation containedin a guest history database can be analyzed toassist management indeveloping marketing strategies, marketing listsand detailed reports.

    Guest registration card

    As the name suggests the registration is done inthe card form.Normally three copies are made with carbon

    papers. The original copyalong with C-form is send to the police, second

    copy is for hotelsrecords and the third one is kept along with theguest folio.

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    But many times C-form is a

    separate document.

    C-formUnder the rules C-form has to be filled up for all foreignresidents ofthe hotel. The purpose of C-form is to furnish certain

    information tothe police to check on the movements of foreign

    nationals visiting thecountry.The C-form has to be filled in duplicate for allindividuals including

    husband, wife and all the children. Nationality, passportnumbers, dateand place of issue, purpose of visit, address, duration of

    say are all

    main details found in C-form.When a group is staying only one C-form is made forthe whole group.The groups rooming list, which consists ofall groupmembers name

    along with their nationality, passport number, date andplace of issueare printed. The group rooming list along with the C-

    form prepared forthe group is sent to the police.

    c-forms have to be sent to the police within 24 hours ofarrival of theguest.

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    Guest Registration CardNo_____________________Date____________________Time___________________Name Of The Guest___________________________________________

    Address(Permanent)_________________________________________Telephone No________________________________

    Arrived Form___________________Proceeding To______________Date Of Birth_____________________________________________For Foreigners Only For Office UsePassport No_________________Date And Time Of Arrival______________Date Of Issue____________________Expected Date OfDeparture___________Place Of Issue____________________Time of Departure__________________

    Valid Up To_______________________Type ofAccommodation_____________Type Of Visa____________________Noof Pax________________________Date Of Issue____________________RoomNo________________Rate______Proposed Durationof Stay In India____________________Plan__________BookedBy___________Registration No If Any_______________Billing Instructions_________________Date Of Registration_________________

    _________________________________Place Of Registration_________________SpecialRemarks____________________Valid Up to_________________________Advance ifany_____________________Whether Employed In India___________Date Of

    Advance___________________Address In India____________________Recipt No__________BillNo___________________________________________

    The Management Does Not Take Responsibility for Loss Of Guest Valuables,LockersAre AvailableI have gone through the terms and conditions of my stay in the hotel and i agreeto abidethe same.Receptionist S Signature Guests Signature

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    1. Name Of TheHotel________________________________________________

    2. Name Of TheGuest_______________________________________________3. Nationality_____________________________________________________

    Arrived From_____________________________Proceeding to___________4. Passport No____________________________________________________5. Date of Issue___________________________________________________6. Place of Issue__________________________________________________7. Valid Up to_____________________________________________________8. Date And Time Of Arrival In Hotel___________________________________9. Date And Time Of Arrival In India____________________________________

    10. Type Of Visa___________________________________________________11. VisaNo________________________________________________________12. Date OfIssue____________________________________________________13 Place Of Issue__________________________________________________14. Valid Upto_____________________________________________________15. Whether Employed In India_______________________________________16. If Yes Address in India__________________________________________17. Proposed Duration of Stay in India_________________________________18. Proposed Duration of Stay in Hotel_________________________________19. Registration No if

    Any_____________________________________________20. Date OfIssue____________________________________________________21 Place OfIssue____________________________________________________22. Valid Upto______________________________________________________

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    Room and rate assignment

    Room assignment is an important pat of the

    registration process.Room assignment involves identifying andallocating an available roomin a specific category to the guest. When the guest

    request isambiguous, or when a room is unavailable to theguests preferred

    category, a front desk agent may conduct a surveyof all roomcategories to identify an acceptable availableroom.

    On the basis of reservation information, specificrooms and rates maybe pre assigned before the guests arrival. Pre

    assigning a specificroom depends on the rooms forecasted availabilitystatus and how

    appropriately the room meets the guests needs.Room assignmentsare finalized during the registration process.Determine the guests needs by room type are

    often insufficient.Hotels typically offer a variety of room rates forsimilar types of rooms.

    Room rates or rooms with identical roomconfiguration may vary based

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    on room size, quality of room furnishings, location,amenities andother factors. Front desk agents must be aware of

    each rooms ratecategory, current occupancy status, furnishings,location andamenities, in order to best satisfy guest requests.The front desk agents ability to determine roomstatus and anappropriate room rate is critical to an effective

    registration process.

    Room status

    Effective room and rate assignment depends onaccurate and timely

    room status information. Changes in roomshousekeeping status

    should be communicated promptly to the frontdesk in order tomaximize room sales. Maintaining timelyhousekeeping statusinformation requires close coordination with

    housekeeping department.A room status discrepancy occurs when the

    housekeeping statusinformation differs form that of front office. Roomstatus discrepancies

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    can seriously affect a propertys ability to satisfyguest needs andmaximize room revenue. Room status

    discrepancies should beidentified and resolved as quickly as possible.A tremendous aid to the registration of earlyarriving guests is theprompt relay of housekeeping information to thefront desk. This isespecially true during high occupancy.

    Room rack

    In non-automated and semi-automated systems,

    the front desk mayuse a room rack to track the current housekeepingroom status. Room

    rack slip containing the guest name, departuredate, room rate andother information normally completed during the

    registration processand placed in the room rack slot corresponding tothe room numberassigned to the guest. The presence of room rack

    slip indicates thatthe room is occupied. When the guest checks out,a departure card is

    kept and once the room is ready for sale card isagain changed.

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    For computer-based systems the interface betweenthe twodepartments can be taken care by property

    management systems ortelephonesIn many properties front desk agent is responsiblefor producing adaily front office report called the occupancyreport. it simply mentionthe status of all rooms of the hotel. The

    housekeeping departmentprepares a housekeeping status report based on aphysical check of allguest rooms. It should be compared with the frontoffice report, andany room status discrepancies should be broughtto the attention of

    the front office manager for further action.In a computerized system, the status of the roomscan beautomatically updated at every check out and onceit is cleaned andready for sale, the housekeeping can change it inthe system.

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    Room rates

    A room rate is the price a hotel charges for

    overnightaccommodations. Room rates are often confirmedas the part of thereservation process. Assigning rate for the walk in

    guest is left to thefront desk agent according to the hotels policy.

    Room locationsWhen assigning guest rooms, a front desk agentmust be aware of thecharacteristics of each room type. Differencesbetween the guestrooms lie in their furnishings, amenities and

    location. Front deskagents should be familiar with the guestroom

    configurations as well ashotels floor plan.Individual guest or groups may specify certainroom locations in hotelas part of their reservation requests.

    Method of paymentRegardless of whether the guest intends to pay bycash, cheque or

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    credit card or other acceptable method, the hotelshould takeprecautionary measures to ensure payment.

    Effective accountsettlement depends on the steps taken duringregistration todetermine the guests method of payment. Theestablishment ofproper settlement or credit authorization at thetime of registration will

    greatly reduce the potential for unauthorizedsettlement andsubsequent collection problems. The registrationprocess plays animportant role in front office guest accountingsince front desk agentsare responsible for gathering information at check

    in on the intendedmethod of payment.

    Issuing the room key

    By issuing the room key the front desk agent

    completes theregistration process. For security of both the guest

    and the property,room keys must be very carefully controlled. Forsecurity reasons front

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    desk agents should never announce the roomnumber while handingover the keys. Front desk agent should introduce

    the guest to thebellboy, hand him the guest room keys, and askhim to show the roomto the guest. On the way to the room he shouldexplain variousfeatures of the hotel to the guest. . Once inside theguest room he

    should explain the various facilities.

    Fulfilling the special requests

    Part of registration is that any special requestsmade by guests are

    acknowledged and acted on. They may be:yLocation


    yBed type


    ySpecial furnishings for disabled

    yExtra bed

    Selling the guest room

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    Front desk agents will not have the chance to useefficient orinnovative registration techniques if the guest is

    not convinced of thevalue of renting a hotel room. Part of the frontdesk agents job is tocreate consumer acceptance of the hotelsproducts: guestrooms,facilities and services.Front desk agents should practice sales techniques

    specific to theirwork. The registration process, for example mustmove throughcertain stages to ensure quick and carefulregistration. But withinthese stages front office staff frequently has theopportunity to make

    8individual sales presentations. Up selling to allguests including walk ins often holds the best opportunity to create morerevenue for thehotel.

    Special programs and groups

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    During registration, guests may present vouchers,coupons, or specialincentive awards from businesses, airlines, or

    other authorizedagencies. Front desk agents must be aware ofhotel agreements tohonor such vouchers and know how to properlycredit the bearer. Frontdesk agents too must use care while handlingspecial programs

    vouchers because they may differ in value,conditions or terms.Front desk agents must be careful whenregistering group guests to besure that their special needs are handled.Registering guestsassociated with a group is different from

    registering individual guests.Guests arriving at the hotel to attend corporatemeeting often havetheir billing arrangements pre-established. In somecases the guestroom and the fax charges are direct billed to themaster account.

    Other charges such as telephone, food andbeverage, laundry, are theresponsibility of the individual guests. In this casecredit must be

  • 8/8/2019 Term Paper Earnest Anand


    established for each member of the group.However when the groupagrees to pay for all the charges made by its

    guests, it is importantthat the guest not to be asked to establish credit.For example, VIPs orinvited speakers for a groups meeting should signtheir registrationcards, verify their departure dates, and be issuedtheir room keys. And

    also in these cases it may not be appropriate toprint the room rats onregistration cards.


    y At the occupancy stage, the front office department shall

    coordinate guest services in a timely and accurate manner.

    Moreover, front office clerks should encourage repeat guests

    by paying a great attention to guest complaints.This is ensured

    by placing complaint and/or suggestion cards in every public

    place and revenue centers in the hotel. Moreover, the hotel

    shall, at least on a daily basis, collect comment cards, proceed

    with their analysis, and provide positive feedback to guest as

    soon as possible.

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    y At the departure stage, the guest shall be walked out of the

    hotel. Moreover, front office clerks shall create guest history

    record. Finally, cashiers shall settle guest account outstanding

    balances [i.e.: balance the Guest account to 0]

    yIn general, a proper checkout occurs when the guest:

    a)Vacates the room

    b)Receives an accurate settlement of the guest account

    c)Returns room keys

    d)Leaves the hotel

    y At departure, checkout personnel should encourage guests toconsider returning to the hotel on any future date.That's why

    cashiers should act like a true sales person, and might

    eventually accept guest future reservations. That way, the

    stages of the guest cycle become really a cycle (i.e. start from

    where it ends).

    y If at departure, the guest account is not fully settled, then late

    charges accumulate. In such an undesired case, the

    responsibility of collection lies within the accounting

    department, however the front office department shall provide

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    all necessary types of information to make this collection

    easier, quicker, and feasible.

    yAt departure stage, cashiers should settle each guest account's

    outstanding balance and get room keys back from guests.

    Moreover, cashiers shall notify the housekeeping department

    that the room is no more occupied (i.e. room status change) to

    let this very department clean the room and prepare it for new

    arrivals. In addition, cashiers shall remove room rack slips fromroom racks to indicate departure. Lastly, these very rack slips of

    departed guests shall be filed in a cardboard box to serve as a

    guest history record

    y At this very stage, cashiers shall relay room status information

    to the housekeeping department. Moreover, they should place

    registration records of departed guests in propertys guest

    history files.

    y At this very stage, cashiers can automatically produce bills to

    be sent to various guests with direct billing privileges and

    create electronic guest history records.

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    Departure activities:

    a)Credit card vouchers

    b) Cash vouchers

    c)Personal check vouchers

    d) Transfer vouchers

    e)Guest history records