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Teradata BTEQ reference guide

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  • 1. Basic Teradata Query Reference Release 13.10 B035-2414-020A February 2010
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  • 3. PrefacePurpose This book provides information about Basic Teradata Query (BTEQ), which is a Teradata Tools and Utilities product. Teradata Tools and Utilities is a group of products designed to work with Teradata Database. Teradata BTEQ software is a general-purpose, command-based program that allows users on a workstation to communicate with one or more Teradata Database systems, and to format reports for both print and screen output.Audience This book is intended for use by: Anyone who uses BTEQ to access Teradata Database on a regular basis System administrators Database administrators Anyone responsible for creating and maintaining operational scripts and macros.Supported Releases This book supports the following releases: Teradata Database 13.10 Teradata Tools and Utilities 13.10 BTEQ 13.10 Note: See Determining the Current Version of BTEQ on page 24 to verify the Basic Teradata Query version number. To locate detailed supported-release information: 1 Go to http://www.info.teradata.com/. 2 Click General Search under Online Publications. 3 Type 3119 in the Publication Product ID box. 4 Under Sort By, select Date. 5 Click Search.Basic Teradata Query Reference 3
  • 4. PrefacePrerequisites 6 Open the version of the Teradata Tools and Utilities ##.# Supported Platforms and Product Versions spreadsheet associated with this release. The spreadsheet includes supported Teradata Database versions, platforms, and product release numbers.Prerequisites The following prerequisite knowledge is required for this product: Because much of this book is devoted to client channels, networks, and channel- and network-attached computers, you should be familiar with the operations of your channel- or network-attached clients and the systems installed on them.Changes to This Book The following changes were made to this book in support of the current release. Changes are marked with change bars. For a complete list of changes to the product, see the Release Definition associated with this release. Date and Release Description February 2010 Support on the MP-RAS and z/VM operating systems has been Release 13.10 discontinued. Updated syntax diagrams for LOGON and LOGOFF Added an example of how to use .OS to change the console window title when using Windows BTEQ. File names must be enclosed in quotation marks when text follows the file name. Added a table to the REPORTALIGN command to help explain the effect of the command. Encoding controls for Unicode sessions have been added. The effect of EXPORT RESET on WIDTH has been clarified Support for IPv6 has been added. An example of changing the window title has been included. An example of suppressing title text and dashes for an exported report has been included.4 Basic Teradata Query Reference
  • 5. Preface Additional Information Date and Release Description August 2008 Included the following for BTEQ Release 13.00.00: 13.00 Updated and corrected examples in the TDPcommand.