Technology Lifecycle Recycling Challenges

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Dan Feeney is Senior Vice President at EWSI, and has over 30 years of international experience with rapidly expanding companies through organic growth and acquisition. Mr. Feeney has a distinguished career in Business Development with responsibilities in the areas of Technical Support, Life Cycle Management, Logistics, Supply Chain and Manufacturing. At BusinessLand he constructed over 60 computer centers covering every major metro area within 3 years. While an Executive with Mitac (Taiwan) and its Synnex (US) subsidiary, he developed ODM and OEM manufacturing programs for Fortune 100 companies, reaching annual revenues exceeding US$1.2b. As VP & GM for SMTC, he coordinated a diverse customer base, in multiple locations, manufacturing electronic products for the commercial and retail markets with full P&L responsibility. He is formally trained in the disciplines of ISO, Six Sigma, and PMP.

Transcript of Technology Lifecycle Recycling Challenges

  • Confidential Technology Life Cycle Recycling Challenges 1 Dan Feeney 13th March 2014 Green Drinks Shanghai
  • Confront the Challenge! E-Waste is the fastest growing waste stream, driven by: Rapid advancement in technology Greater adoption of electronics Very low current recycling rates Growing data security risks Environmental legislation and CSR Hi value component materials Volume (Million Cu. Ft.), World Markets Source: Pike Research 2
  • Ewaste Categories The WEEE directive sets a total of 10 categories of WEEE for reporting purposes. 1. Large household appliances 2. Small household appliances 3. IT and telecommunications equipment 4. Consumer equipment 5. Lighting equipment 6. Electrical and electronic tools 7. Toys, leisure and sports equipment 8. Medical devices 9. Monitoring and control instruments 10.Automatic dispensers
  • Impact of CRT Waste Materials qAverage TV contains 5 Kg leaded glass and additional leaded based coating Lead coating is Water Soluble! 1 Kg of lead oxide (PbO2) per TV qAdult Health concerns raised when PbO2 blood levels reach 300 g / litre. One TV can raise health concerns in 606,000 people qChild Health concerns raised when PbO2 blood levels reach 100 g / Litre. One TV can raise health concerns in 1,800,000 children
  • Impact of CRT Waste Materials
  • CRT Disposal Estimated (US Only) qThe US EPA has projected CRT Device Management as follows: qCurrent stockpile of collected CRT 330,000 Tons qReaching End of Life 2013 ~ 2023 5,900,000 Tons qReaching End of Life 2023 ~ 2033 1,000,000 Tons qThe EPA figures only account for USA estimates qThe EPA figures are for CRT/TV volumes sold since 1980. qThe CRT disposal of leaded glass began to accumulate in 1950. qThera are no estimates for the previous 30 year period.
  • Landfill Challenge qLandfill locations have expected lifecycle of 50 years qMany landfills have been in operation for longer than expected lifecycle qConcentrated waste materials can be accumulating at the lowest levels of the landfill and will eventually leach into the soil and water table qMonitoring of the early use of landfill was not a consideration qNatural disasters have complicated the landfill problem. Flooding River systems have contaminated significant areas surrounding the Landfill. Earthquakes can rupture the landfill insulation linings
  • Landfill Challenge
  • New Marketing Phenomenon EOL End Of Life Once meant that a device no longer worked Once meant that a device no longer performed the required function for user Discarded only for Recycling or Trash delivered to Landfill Heavier, Slower Technologies
  • New Marketing Phenomenon OOS Out of Style Still Fully Functional Still meets the requirements of the User / Consumer Maintains High Resale, Reuse Value Maintains Social Reuse Value Offers Recycler significant Return On Investment
  • New Recycling Processes Old Recycling Methods Separate Components at Collection Point Key boards in one pile Power cords, Etc in one pile for reclaiming copper Separate Monitor into one plie Laptop Power Supply in one pile Remove Battery for delivery to Battery Recycler New Recycling Practices Maintain Components together for initial review of Resale, Reuse, & Repair Inspect Equipment for Functionality Maximum Return of Value Maximum Value to Society
  • EPA R2 Recycle, Reuse, Repair R2 Ready to Reuse Product ready to reuse with no further action Data Wiped Fully Functional Software Loaded Quality Assurance Plan Product Return Plan Equipment Meets requirements of User No Majpr Cosmetic Defects R2 Ready for Resale Product is function tested and ready for Reseller to make ready for User Data Wiped Key Function Tested No Software Quality Assurance Tested Product Return Plan Equipment meets requirements of User Disclose in writitn to User failed or missing components R2 Ready For Repair Has market value and potential reuse to be sent to refurbisher for testing and repair Data Wiped Not tested / functioning Quality Assurance Plan Due Diligence of Downstream Refurbisher Equipment meets requirements of refurbisher
  • Data Destruction Integrity Old Recycling Method Document Hard Disk information Secure handling of Hard Drive during all methods of transportation Remove PCB Shred Hard Disk chassis, and all internal components Unsuitable for any further Reuse Minimum Return on Investment Minimum Resale Value New Potential Recycling Document Hard Drive Information Secure handling of Hard Drive during all methods of transportation Use Remote Cloud Based Software to Wipe Data Use DOD 7 Standards in Dada Wiping Software compliance and Standards tested (ie. Blancco
  • E W S I E-Waste Systems, Inc. (EWSI) E-Waste Systems, Inc. (OTCQB:EWSI), through its subsidiaries and affiliates, offers customized end-to-end solutions in IT Asset Recovery, E-Waste Management, and Electronics Reverse Logistics. Our Focus: 1. Leadership in safe, compliant, and ethical e-waste disposal 2. Global delivery of services 3. Application of state-of-the-art technology and engineering
  • E W S I EWSI Affiliate Network EWSIs corporate offices are located in Los Angeles, London, and Shanghai Services provided worldwide through growing network of affiliates Research and Development associations with 4 Universities Technology Development Agreements on 3 Continents
  • World Respected Certifications EWSIs network includes every major credential and certification: R2, RIOS, and e-Stewards ISO 9001, 14001, or both OHSAS 18001 National Association for information Destruction (NAID) Manufacturer-authorized service providers (e.g., Lenovo, Toshiba) Microsoft Registered Refurbisher PAS 141 (pending) Federal & State Registrations: US EPA; California SB20/50; WEEE Authorized Treatment Facility (ATF) PAS 141 (pending) 16
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